Bloussant is 5 times more expensive then our products.
Here at Natureday, we investigated Bloussant first hand. Our products work better, faster and are cheaper then Bloussants.

Fulfillment offers 5 highly potent herbal ingredients, while Bloussant offers 10 ingredients diluting the formula and delivering the herbs at lower doses.

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Fulfillment offers 5 highly potent herbal ingredients, while Bloussant offers 10 ingredients diluting the formula and delivering the herbs at lower doses.

Bloussant has the same main ingredients as Fulfillment breast enlarger.

Bloussant: This is how soon you can get results from Bloussant:
There will be some firming in about four weeks,
but most growth will be three to 6 months months.

Natureday:This is how soon you can get results from Natureday:You can start to notice a change in your breasts in a week with Fulfillment, there are no other products on the market out there that offer results that fast. Most growth will be in the first two months.

Bloussant is 5 times more expensive.
Side by side comparison:
............Bloussant................................ Fulfillment:

2 Month Supply $ 229.95 ...........1 Month supply $ 28.00
4 Month Supply $ 344.95............2 month supply $ 53.00
6 Month Supply $ 517.95............3 month supply $ 78.00
8 Month Supply $ 689.95 ...........6 month supply $ 144.00

Fulfillment is the only breast enlargement product that offers
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Information on Bloussant's company. Bloussant in the news

Marketers of Bloussant Breast Enhancement Product To Stop Making False and Unsubstantiated Claims FTC Settlement Requires the Defendants to Pay $3.2 Million in Consumer Redress ......

August 11, 2006
Former Bloussant Employee Warns Customers
Filed under: Infomercial Blog — Justin Leonard @ 8:47 pm

We received this email from a man who used to work for the company that made the Bloussant breast enhancement pills. The product ended up being shut down by the FTC for fraudulent claims. But our insider warned that the original Bloussant manufacturers may be operating under a different name. Read the email below:

“my name is [] and i used to sell bloussant for a company called ynot productions which was run by a man named tony hoffman. Let me be the first to tell u that yes the company was a scam run by an actually quasi-intelligent man who preyed on the poor and ignornat to buy his product bloussant

The company hired the most drugged up transients i have ever seen to answer your phone calls and sell u a product that didnt work. We as outbound operators were given classes on how to "sell the sizzle not the steak" meaning that we were to hype up the product so much that eventually the customer would feel that the product was the answer to all their problems. The company was intrested in making a quick buck and burned as many customers as it could careingless if they took advantage of the customer. The company wellquest international and ynot inc had to eventually take the product off the market because of an ftc investigation that ultimately led to a 3 million dollar lawsuit in which the defendents lost and had to pay. Many people continued to call and ask for info on bloussant, but because of the lawsuit we were instructed to tell the customer that "we had no information on bloussant and were simply a call center for placing orders and if u would like info we could take your name and number and someone from our corporate office will call u back with info" we simply took those names and numbers and threw them in the trash at the end of day. This was a about a year and a half ago, ynot productions eventually took a financial hit and fired everyone until it finally had to close down its california location. Dont get me wrong, not everyone that worked at this call center was a scumbag, they were simply just college kids trying to pay for their tuitions. The reason i am writing this is because i just googled bloussant tonight and saw that there is a new website and location for the product which worries me that this scam is still going on. i have no idea if ynot productions is still selling this stuff or if someone else has taken over the product name, but i felt that i should atleast tell my story so that if anyone thinking of buying this product may stumble upon this review and think twice.
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