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(09-12-05) Hi Amy, I think by now you know me as "Pamela". It seems my girlfriend and all her friends are all very excited right now. It seems that the liquid I've been taking has some side effects to it --IT MAKES GUYS GROW BREASTS!!!!!!!! I know you told me a while back that you would get the last laugh and so you shall it appears that I now have some little mounds that are quite visible. The girls are all standing behind me as I'm writing to you laughing their heads off at me. They already told me that I will be taking the drops for a lot longer now. They took me to the mall and made me buy what they called my first training bra. They plan on tasking me out with them on girls night out. I'm now wearing bras and panties and all other kinds of womans clothing. You were right and I should not have laughed so hard now I'm wearing my laughter. I really do want to thank you though. In all seriousness I think I'm going to like having my own breasts and dressing like a woman so I can go out wit h the girls as one of them. Well I guess I should go now. Once again you were right and I drank my laughter and now I see the results. Take care Amy and thanks for everything!!!!!!!!!!! Just call me "Pamela" now

(09-09-05) Hi Amy, I want to thank you for your excellent customer service. I have finished my Success Package and have received my order for Fulfillment liquid. I did as the instructions recommended and the results have exceeded all of my expectations! Your product has delivered as advertised and I am a VERY HAPPY CUSTOMER. I will be ordering the Perfect Woman breast cream as well as the Natureday Expedient plan. Thanks again. Doug

(09-03-05) Your product is Awsome. They do actually work. Thank you for the Excellent customer service also. My tits are really taking shape. I love them. R.

(08-29-05) I have been looking at myself the past two mornings and, lo and behold, I am a few millimetres short of an A cup! So the stuff must be working. I just wonder how big it will make me and how quickly now. I guess I might need some more liquid some time in the next month or six weeks.

(08-22-05) Hi Amy, Words can't describe how I feel about the new look I have achieved using your Fulfillment product and the breast pump. i have received positive comments about my look from both men and women. My bras are filling out now and I stick out through all my shirts, my breasts are very noticeable. I am now in a C cup bra and beginning to fill a D. It is amazing what I have accomplished using your products. Thanks again for a new "me". Jim

(08-20-05) I did contact you earlier to tell you how my Breasts have filled out, now they really look and feel wonderful, have a distinct cleavage, and they are really full ,and the nipples, stand out beautifully, and are very sensitive, I wear close fitting TO shirts etc, which show off my new shape wonderfully. I can't wait to enlarge them further. I have a friend who cannot believe the change, and is very envious, so am sure he will send an order soon.

(08-17-05) i Hi Amy well it’s taken me a lot longer than most others but the results are really starting to show. After nearly 9 months I still believe your product is doing the job and am about to order more. VP Int.

(08-16-05) I am male and I have been useing your liquid and capsules for 9 days and could not believe how I filled out in such a short time. I am very pleased with the results. I will probably reach my desired size by the time I finish the 3 month supply.I will order again to progress to 36 b if necessary .The pics shown on your web site dated 07_28_05 are probably where I am at at this stage,I am just sorry I didn't take photos before and after to compare.No ill effects except for my blossoming breasts,I feel great.Will write again towards the end of the supply and give my results.Thanks do name published please.

(08-14-05) I was wondering if you are a male using this product and your breasts got real big could you reduce the size and how would you do it? I have used 2 bottles of your liquid and could not believe how I filled out in such a short time. I don't want people to see my breasts through my T-shirts. I really like my larger breasts, but wish I could have them over the winter time when I have more shirts and sweaters on. Can I do this . Can I get them smaller for the summertime? I really like your product. It worked real fast. I Would like to use more of it but I'm afaird I might get to big for my own good. Please don't use my name If you post this. Thanks,

(08-11-05) Hi Amy, As I said in my first submission and testimonial I continue to grow and attain the results I have always wanted. I feel better about myself and my appearance. I can now wear Cami's with shelf bras and not have my enhancers fall out when I bend over. Now all that is there is the real me bigger, softer and fuller. I couldn't be happier. I want to say you have a great product and I would recommend it to any male wanting to have breasts. I hope they obtain the same results I have and hope to continue to have using your product.

(08-10-05) I have been taking a double dose of fulfillment since the 6. I am very pleased with the results. I will probably reach my desired size in another week.Is there a recommended maintenance dosage, or will the enlargement that has been achieved remain? -C

(08-07-05) After measuring several times I have come to a very surprising result. My measurements are very near 33/35 or based on the table a B cup. I was very careful and made sure it was nice and tight and even as I could get the measuring tape, especially after my first measurement that said C cup which I knew had to be wrong so I used a mirror to make sure I was perfectly even. I still can’t believe the size. I was sure I had to be an A cup. Maybe I am misreading the measuring rules.
Well anyways here is my after picture. (there is a before- after picture on the third page.)

(08-01-05) Dear workers of the Natureday org., I am so happy with the results of your pills and liquid. In the beginning I was sceptical but now I can say if you start with the poduct you will have an increase of the breasts. Next to that you also have a nice feeling in the breasts(area). Thank you for your product. A very happy customer.

(07-30-05) Firstly I must say how much I have enjoyed your product. My nipples are now thicker and my areolas are protruding nicely like a woman in puberty, The softness of my slightly mounded chest is wonderfully touchable as well. My growth however has seemed to have reached its peak, I worry that I might not get past this stage of development, I have only 10 days left of my two month supply. Maybe I just want too much the pair of mounds I have are very nice where can I get that flexible tape to measure them with? I want to know just weather these twins are A or AA, still guessing. I will probably buy just a few more then give up if I don’t reach my goal to have visible cleavage.

(07-28-05) Natureday, I recieved your shipment on July 1st and am using both pills and liquid. It's amazing the differenece in my breasts they are very much fuller from side to side. Plus have gain size outward and roundness filling very nicely.They hurt alittle due to growth in my tissues , fat cells and milk duces,but were worth the pain. Again to have gain two full sizes and and went from 40 a to 40 c in size in leass than a month !!!. Simple adore them and want them bigger can't believe how they fill so wonderful to touch and sexy looking too! My girlfreind loves how they look and diffently loves suckling them . Again hope you use this testiment ..P.S. please change my name if you can to keep my identy a sceret please!!!!.

(07-23-05) I have been on the pill and pump for over a month , they are nice and soft to the touch. I love it please send three months worth of your strongest stuff and Ill be back later with a great review and hopefully C cups which would be pleasantly voluptuous on my body type. I can believe how great these feel in my hands. Thanks a lot. -Brett

(07-21-05) Just wanted to drop you a line and let you know that the pump works. I have been using the pump along with the perfect woman cream and it has proven to be great. I have increased to almost a B cup and have to buy new bras today. My aeroles have grown from a dime size to a quater size also.If anyone has any resevations rest assured this works. Thank you so much. Jamie W- CD/TV Omaha, NE

(07-16-05) Dear Amy, Just felt I must write to tell you, it is exactly one month since I started your course,, and I am amazed at the results, after about two weeks, my breasts started to fill out and firm, worried that they would become too obvious, I stopped for a couple of days, then decided, that was what I wanted, so continued, now they are really beautiful, swing, feel great, and the nipples have become more sensitive, cannot resist fondling them. Love to see them under a tight T shirt, a TV friend lent me a medium Bra, which I now fill, and wear occasionally. Am going to take a break, then continue, obviously my body reacts well to the formula.Thanks again, Tony South Africa.

(07-15-05) Amy, I love your product... I love the results and like many others, I want bigger. The feeling of seeing them grow is just wonderful. I always had great hopes and optimisum from seeing the other before and after pics and just knowing this product works is the best part of getting up in the morning. I wear a sports braw now but hope with a few more weeks I can and must wear a bra full time. And even above the great product I want to tahnk YOU for your patience with all my questions. You have never failed to asnwer any concern. Steve

(07-14-05) I was very skeptical at the outset, the first two weeks did not seem to give the results I had hoped for, but the last three weeks have been phenominal. I have seen an increase and feel bettet about the bra's I used to wear with enhancers. Now I fill out those bras with the all natural me. So as they say the proof is in the pudding. I am fuller and softer, I Love the look and feel. Rich, Sacramento

(07-01-05) Hi Amy, I am really amazed with breasts have become more firm and rounder after two months of using it. I have gained an inch since I started and now I am fitting in to a 38C. Words can't describe on how pleased I am with your product and the results I am getting...I am going to continue using your product until I achieve fitting in a D cup. They are sticking out thru my shirts now and people are noticing them. I am at the point now that they are no longer hidden, they are there for all to see. Thanks again for a great product. Jim

(06-25-05) Dear Ami, Your male testimonies started to convince me that your stuff did what it did. I am almost on two weeks with two eyedroppers a day and three pills plus breast cream. No side effects. Only breast growth and that very noticeable. Your cream is very soothing. Your program works well and your website testimonials were accurate and powerful. Thanks, Sam


(06-24-05) Thank you for your message. The last order I received has gone a real long way and my breasts are definitely v. much more plump an jiggle a lot... wow ! what a turn on! but now I want to go all the way an get me breasts that need a heavy duty bra. I cannt wait to get the next consignment an get on with the enlargin. so excited by my bust developement....summertime so im wearin v. thin t-shirts....tits is tits right ? an the stares I get ...oh my ! Thanks a MILLION - its what I alwiys wanted. Do you have any linked companys or weblinks that can advice on how to make my nipples fattir and more like girls ? Any info on that be real gratefil...many many thanks again

(06-22-05) I am very please with your products, my breast have gone from an A to a full B in just a few weeks. I was very sceptical at first, but I figured I had nothing to lose trying it. I couldn't believe the results and as fast as it works. I have breast that really look like breast now! I can't wait to see what another few months will do. I will keep in touch and let you know how things grow! Thank You!!! Thank you again for your time and such a great product. Sincerely, Bob

(06-21-05) I just ordered a two month supply as my original bottle will be finished after about two weeks of double 3/4 droppers morning and evening. I have been on it for ten days and the results are remarkable. Within a couple of days I could sense continuing small waves of tingling in my breasts and an increasing sense of fullness and heaviness. The increase in nipple sensation can only be described as exquisite. I have a sensation of tightening across my chest, with a dull ache of desire in the entire breast. My wife is delighted with her ability to excite me and practically bring me to orgasm by nipple play alone. Our sex life has never been better and the process I am experiencing has produced a combination of both serenity and erotic anticipation. This stuff is really transfomative and I hope the next two months will prove to be as productive as the past ten days. Thank you. Al in Baltimore

(06-13-05)Your free three month supply was sent out several days ago, on Thursday:) Amy-
Thanks Amy this is so exciting growing breasts. Looks like I will be a natureday customer for quite some time.

(06-09-05) Amy, Once again I just placed another mail order for one more liquid bottle. I love the feeling of my breast now that I have an a cup. I was just about done on the last bottle when my breast were starting to round off more. Now I have to get one more bottle and then I think they will be perfect, not to big and not to small. Please email me soon as you send out my order. Once again you have a great product and service. Thanks

(05-28-05) Dear Amy, Thanks for your product, at first I didn't think my breast would grow, but after taking liquid fulfillment for two weeks, I'm surprise how my breast have grown. I am now wearing a size B cup. I so satisfied with your product that I just ordered a 28 day supply of liquid fulfillment. I want to get to a c cup

(05-28-05) How is everything working for you? Are you starting to see results? Amy-
Hi Amy. Everything is working just fine. And yes i'm seeing results Big time, your product is working great. I'm between an A and B cup. Thanks B

(05-21-05) I tried several products before I heard about Natureday. In just 2 weeks I am amazed how my breasts have taken on a new look, firmer, rounder and more fem looking. My B cup bras are now showing cleavage and pretty soon I will be filling a C cup. The wife is noticing and enjoying the new look too. Thanks for a great product Jim

(05-19-05) Hi Amy here are a before and after photo for you to show my progress so far. You can see in the photos how there really starting to hang more like womens breasts. I so love my new breasts and can't wait to grow larger yet. your product really works I can see it and feel it. Thanks so much.
(05-18-05) Dear Amy I have just finished my third week and already have filled a b cup how much more can i expect. Also if I stop using the liquid will that slow down the progress or stop it? What is the difference

(05-15-05) Hello I first would like to say your product works very well its actually amazing how fast you feel a difference. My first bottle of fulfillment started to take affect right away and I could feel it working so when it was almost gone I hurried to order my next bottle. Now comes my question

(04-29-05)I just wanted to thank you for a wonderful product, I have been using the Fullfillment system for only 10 full days and have already seen an increase in my breast size. My breasts feel and look great and it's all due to this wonderful product. I will continue to take the liquid and capsules to acheive my maximum growth, what I've seen so far I am very pleased with and I look forward to having bigger breasts.....The women I know absolutely love the idea of me having bigger breasts...... pictures will be coming soon! Thanks again!!!! Shawn in CA.

(04-21-05) Hi Amy thank you. Before I started with Fullfillment I was flat chested even when I wore a bra there was verry little to show. I was useing another product called Quick bust for about 6 months with no movment. I saw your produced on the net and read some of the testermonials and after talking to wife desided try it out. It works. I am not heavy set man so it took a bit longer than i expected to but we are happy with the resuilts so far. I were a12B fill cup. I am going to keep going for a little longer.
Thanks again Kerry & wife.

(04-19-05) Thanks for getting back to me Amy. To my utter amazement, I have seen results. I have been taking the product (liquid and pills) for 11 days. I am not very good at measuring, but as far as I can tell, I have gained about 1/2 inch. I definitely notice some cleavage developing. My nipples have grown a little over an 1/8th of an inch in width and length. I have yet to experience any sensitivity change. All in all, I am happy with your product so far. I did take pictures from when I started and then again at 10 days. I have to get them developed. It will be interesting to see if the results are visible. Thanks again Amy. p.s. If you would like to use this as testimony, feel free. Just leave my name off.

(04-17-05) You have a very good service and product. I have been thinking if I should stop or keep using it. I love the results and like many others, I want bigger. The feeling is great too. Just knowing this product works is the best part of getting up in the morning and seeing the deffrence. When I go jogging in the morning, I can feel my cheast bounce. I have to wear a sports braw so people won't notice. I never thought it would work as fast as it does and when I am off the product for a couple of months my breast don't lose any size. I do have to say it is getting harder to hide this from my roomate.This summer I will have to give up going to the beach, but it is well worth it. You may post this if you want but please leave my name out of it. Thank you, T.

(04-12-05) Dear Natureday, It's been 3 weeks so far and I thought I'd send a couple pics showing my development to date on your plan. Aside from what growth I've noticed, I find my nipples have become about 500% more sensitive than they used to be and, like some have commented before, I might have to file a restraining order soon against myself to keep my hands off me! ;) Whatever balance you found in your herbs, I definitely think you've hit upon the golden recipe, keep up the good work. I'll be ordering more soon, I'd like at this point to see how far I can go. Thanks,J

(04-05-05) just want to thank you again i cant keep my hand off on my breast and nipples. They feel so much fuller and i can fill a b cup now and when i don't ware a bra they bounce all the time and my nipples stick right out all the time. and my nipples look more like woman's now, thanks craig

(04-03-05) i just wanted to say that the pump, pills and the liquid are incredible. i am noticing a lot of changes in my chest/breasts. i have a lot of jiggle, and the nipple sensation is downright mindboggling. with a simple touch my wife sends me to the moon. i am hoping that these qualify me for the free supply. i am hoping to get some after my three months are up. i am one month in. E. ps. i have told a few close friends who are like me and they have told me they are/ or already have ordered their supply. i told them it would change there lives for the better. they can't wait.

(04-03-05) I have been using the liquid express package for off and on. At times I feel that my breast are growning really fast so I skip some days to keep the growth slow. I really don't think I want to have a big chest, maybe a size AA or A. At this point I have really small boobs and I love the feeling how the tip of my nipples are pressing agaist my shirt. At first I thought I would see if your product would work or not, and I do have to say it sure does work. I am really happy with your servise as well.

(04-02-05) have gain about 1 1/2 "around my bust line and my breast are fuller. thanks agane.. c

(03-27-05) /i> hello natureday, As of yet i have achieved about 3/4 of an inch of growth, and i want to keep going. my wife wants to use your product to firm up her already 38c, after child bearing. we would be willing to send pictures, if we could just get them to transfer to our computer. please to respond. thank you kindly. j & j


(03-07-05)Customer service , I ordered just 2 more bottles of the liquid should I have ordered the pills? Also I have to tell you I have been taking it since thrusday, my penis is all ways hard what is in that stuff, WOW. Thanks ROB

(02-24-05) Hi Amy, So far I am very pleased with the results, my body even surprises me sometimes. I have already grown in just one week over two inches across my breasts. Even my wife is amazed at the results. I eventually would like to reach a C-cup, but my wife doubts this is possible. Will be ordering again from you in a week or so. Thanks Jim

(02-21-05) I have taken the product for two six month periods with a slight gap from the first six. What I did gain from the first use did stay with me and I had an increase in size and sensitivity after the second six month period. I have to say I have enjoyed taking your product every day knowing that I was growing my breast. Watching my breast mass increase and fill the suction cups more and more as time went on was so pleasing. My girlfriend notices and comments on them all the time and I love the extra bounce I now have. I wear a bra every day now to help support and shape what I have acquired from your product. I can't get over the way my chest has gotten so much more sensitive to the touch when my girlfriend squeezes a handful of my breasts it sends a wave of arousal and pleasant sensations straight down between my legs. My whole body takes on a glow from her touch like I have never known before. When I described this to her she said that's how she feels when I play with her breasts. I think it's wonderful to have sensations like a female and hope to increase this pleasure with further use of your product. Love Darla

(02-14-05) Dear Amy, just thought I would contact you and let you know about my progress. Anyone that thinks your product won’t work , I dare them to try it. I have been on the Fulfilment for 3 ½ months now, I started out a 38A and now I fill out a 38B , they even jiggle when I walk, The liquid seems to work better for me , could be because I am older as I am 60. I have wanted breast for a long time and I now am getting there , thanks to your product. I did”t have much faith in these products but you made a believer out of me, I am impressed, I want to get to a 38D , the growth has slowed down now, but I will keep taking your product in hopes that I can reach my goal. All I have to do now Is find a lady that will like them as much as I do. Thanks for the boobs.

AND NOW WOW! Now how big can I GO!

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