Nipple enlargement

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(10-25-08) Hi Amy, Wanted to e-mail you some news. The growing pains we have talked about are growing pains. What I have really noticed in the last week is a very pronounced rounding of my breasts below the nipple. The area of rounding now is about 3/4 to 1 inch under my nipples. Is this what you refer to as filling out? This seems to be allot of what growth I am getting. Before this started, I could put my finger under my nipple and there was not any distance between protrusion out and the nipples. I'm very excited about this because it proves to me that I truly am developing breasts. I had a lady that I know very well, tell me see thought that male breasts are sexy. That floored me. You see Amy, I had cancer and I do believe that what was man boobs were really a side effect of my meds that I had to take. So when I started with enlargement I told this lady about my growing problem before I started on your products. She said today that she can now tell that I have breasts and that she likes them on me. I told her that my wife refers to my breasts as 12 to 13 year old breasts and she said I will look good as a 17 year old with breasts . What do you think Amy? Anyway, can I mix the liquid with other creams to form my own enlargement cream? Also my nipples and arerolas are finnally getting bigger . I find this very exciting and look forward to more . I have decided that I will continue to do this until I have a out growth. I do love my boobs Amy even if I am all male as I am. My wife likes my chest and that is all I need. I want to respond to your comment about wearing bras. Amy, as a male I never thought I would do this stuff, but now can say that I love wearing my sports bras. They are warm and help support groiwing breast. my breasts hurt after a whole day without support. My last question is this. My wife feels I need only spports bras but I feel I may need regular bras at some time. Where can I buy them? I am a very muscular man and already wear the largest sports bra we can find at Wal-mart. Can you help Amy. Also, could you share other ways to use your products that may speed up my enlargement. I now use cream, soap and just ordered my second bottle of extract? Thanks Amy. I truly like your help and understand why others love you. If you wish you can print my e-mail address to your site. I would be glad to help other males who are all male, like me, if they need help Thanks Amy Hugs John

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