Order By Phone Breast Enlargement Info.


Q: Do you guys have a 1-800 number?
I ordered something off the Internet before and I never received my package?

A: We do not have a 1-800 number right now, but are in the process of getting one by the end of this month.
If you have ever ordered anything on the Internet and you never received your product, you need to contact the better business bureau. In the 3 years this company has been in business, not one package has been lost by the post office. It is a lot safer to order online (using a secure server), then over the telephone. To know if you are using a secure server, at the bottom of the screen there is a lock, if it is open then people can hack your info, if it is closed, then they can not. It is on the bottom left side if you are using Netscape, and bottom right if you are using Explorer. If you see the lock open it is unsecured, if it is closed then it is secure- meaning no one can hack your credit card number.