2810 Testimonials and Growing
10-06-09     i'm so amazed with your natural products

Hi to the supporting staff of Natureday, I've been using your top notch products for nearly three months which would be on Oct 20th and I've reached up to nearly a 34-36C, i'm so amazed with your natural products!!! I wish I had bigger breast along time ago, I've been small chested all my life, now I don't have to feel jealous of the bigger natural breasted women no more now that i'm so happy with my newly breast maybe i'll go a CCC and that's all, Thanks Shannon:):):) (P.S. I'll still let you know next year about my update)

10-11-09     the liquid tastes AWFUL

I took the pills and liquid for a few months a couple years ago and had about a half inch of growth. Unfortunately I had an accident that caused me to loose about 20 pounds and even after gaining the weight back I'm back to my barely filling a 34A. So I'm back to try it out again. This time my goal is a 34B... we'll see if I can stick with it :) After reading through everything again just have to set one thing straight-- the liquid tastes AWFUL, even in a glass of juice I could taste it! What worked for me was taking a shot glass of water and the liquid and chashing it with a few gulps of strong juice. In my mind it's a small price to pay for larger breasts. Taking some before pictures & I'll give you the update in a few months! Good luck girls!! & guys :)

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