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Date: 12-04-06

hello, i have been taking your product for almost 2 months, and as strange as this sounds, my breasts have seen 1/2 of growth. i have been taking 3 pills a day before each meal and 1 dropper of the liquid at night (i've missed a few days though) what do you think i should do next ?

Date: 12-03-06

Hi, ami, just wanted to tell you I just finished taking the bottle of liquid I bought and noticed my breast firmer, not any bigger yet, but firmer and I wanted to know how I can get my hands on some more. lol

Date: 11-29-06

Hi Amy, I gotta admit, I was very skeptical about trying breast enlargement pills. Since I was 18 (I'm now 21), I've wanted breast augmentation, but the idea of going under the knife is scary, and really expensive. My husband is totally supportive about whatever I decide, but then I was thinking about the opinions of my family and my in-laws about surgery and they probably wouldn't be as supportive, but I still really wanted bigger breasts. I wear a 34B, but I've never been able to fill it out. So I figured I'd take a shot at this, I mean, if it doesn't work out then I could always go back to the idea of surgery, but if it did, I'd save $6000 and I'd have natural breasts instead of fake ones. Well, I've now been on the oil for about 2weeks, and for the first 5 days, I took 2 dropperfulls of oil, and then after that I've just been doing 1 a day. It's only been about 14 days, and I've already gained 1/2 inch, and I fill out my 34B bras now. It may seem like a really small difference, 1/2 inch, but when you've been waiting for your boobs to grow for so long, it really means a lot and makes a huge difference. The best part is I still have so many more months to go and I can't wait to see how they turn out. Thanks Amy! Best thing I ever took a chance at. I reccomend this to anyone considering going under the knife. It a shot worth taking. It doesn't hurt to try and save a bit of money and pain. Erica

Date: 11-25-06

Hi, Amy! I am seeing that I am filling out my 34B bras which used to gap before at the top sides toward my armpit. I am so thrilled because it'll be just 4 weeks this Wednesday of taking Fulfillment, and using the cream and pump. My mom and sister just noticed some cleavage that I never had. My mom thought I was using a special push up bra but I assured her that it is the same one I always use. Now my sister is placing an order tonight to get started! In showing my mom and sister the fabulous products you all provide I am very ecstatic about the results I am experiencing! Thank you!

Date: 11-17-06


Date: 11-14-06

Thanks Amy. Oh one more thing if I measured correctly I grew an inch, and I am anxiously waiting for future growth. Yea!! Thanks again for all your help.

Date: 11-13-06

Hey Amy I've been using fulfillment Liquid for about 5 months now and I've seen great results, I went off and on with taking my liquid and I cheated a little bit by having cafine sometimes so I think that might have slowed down my growth a bit. But I have a bra thats a 32A that I can fit anymore, and Im started to burst out of my 34A's nows. So now that Im back on track and staying away from the coffee I should be a 34B in no time, I love this product. ..............Before..................................After 5 months .................. After 6 months

Date: 11-06-06

Hi i want ti thank natureday for the the best product ever my breast have grown really well it the best here a pic of me in my push up bra they look great i am using the enlargement cream it working great i just hope they keep growning ordering more soon thank you Jane

Date: 11-05-06

Hi Amy, First let me say I am so glad I went with you! I am already starting to see some results, I just need to be patient. :) PS did I say how happy I am with my purchase? I can't wait to see my before and after pictures w testimonial on your site!

Date: 11-02-06

Also, I am about out of the pills. I took 3 droplets of liquid a day, and once that was done, I started to take 3 pills a day. I have just started noticing my breasts are larger and fuller, but it is very gradual. What would you recommend from here, stay on just the liquid, or reorder both liquid and pills?

Date: 11-01-06

I am going into my 9th month with Natureday liquid, pills, and cream and I was thinking about adding the breast pump to my routine. I have grown 2 1/2 inches during this period, but I am still another inch and a half away from my goal. Do you think I will be able to reach this goal?? I have a friend that tryed the breast pump but only had just the slightest change. If you could offer advise or comments regarding using the breast pump.

Date: 10-26-06

Hi there! I have been using the Fulfillment liquid extract for about 10 days now and have already seen some growth -I was very surprised! It's hard to say exactly how much I have grown, because everytime I measure myself I never seem to do it correctly. Anyway, I am noticing the growth because I am definitely filling out of my bras. I was wondering if you guys recommend the soap?

Date: 10-25-06

Hello again Amy! I have a new testimonial for you! :) I've been on Fullfilment for 5 weeks, and for awhile I was discouraged because I couldn't tell if there had been any growth, but I could tell that my breasts had become firmer. Well, I recently sent some before pictures of my breasts to my boyfriend and included some recent pictures, and he says there's a noticable difference! It made me so excited to hear that! Thank you for all your help! I love the customer service I receive!

Date: 10-23-06

So should I order the same as before and take the liquid and then the pills or should I just order the liquid....which would get me the fasest results and the "largest" results? I am very pleased so far, I have went from a 34 to 36 1/2 inches already I am still in a 34B - 36B bra (depending on how they are made)..I am so excited. I would love to reach a C cup size.

Date: 10-20-06

AMY I got my order 4 days ago and ALREADY seeing some growing. So far I'm happy as HELL with such a fast reaction -maybe I'm one of the lucky ones who this works on. B.

Date: 10-17-06

I may sound like I am crazy or something, but I have been on the liquid and tablets now for about 13 weeks and I apply the cream once a day after my shower and I have only seen about 1 and a 1/2 maybe 2 inches of growth. Should I not be in such a hurry, or is this normal Please advise, thanks.

Date: 10-11-06

HELLO AMY, all is well. I am glad to say that my fiance' is very pleased with my breast growth. He saw them on my web cam while out of town, He said, "your breasts look nice." I said " thank you" if I sat just right, i actually had some cleavage, how wonderful! I am going to send you some pics next week @ 9 weeks. (you may publish them on the web.) My Fiance" is so pleased that he is thinking of ordering from gigp.com because he wants a natural remedy that will enlarge his penis, since this works so well for me! We will both be so LUCKY!!! SHER

Date: 10-05-06

hi amy. i ordered my supplies on AUG 10 and received them by AUG 15, Within a week I felt a differrence. I see the most recent descriptions from the other women is "thickness". I completely agree. I am almost done with my 3rd bottle of liquid. I am not sure my measurement change but my bras are tight. I had originally asked about the effect of the product on my contraceptives. my OB-GYN was not concerned that i was taking your product. I have been taking one FULL dropperful ( doing 2 half-full if necessary) every am before i eat and one capsule, then 2 more capsules before other meals every day for a bit over 6 weeks. I am very pleased with my results. I hope to send you pics. I work for a plastic surgeon- i was going to get implants at THANKSGIVING since i was so floppy and inverted nipples etc... now i dont feel I need surgery...!!!! Should I continue longer with the liquid- I used 3 bottles in 6 weeks and 1 1/2 bottles of capsules? I also was reading that night time is when others are taking the liquid, so i switched to nights last night. talk soon, Sher

Date: 10-04-06

Hello again! First off, I'd like to say that I'm loving your product! Within the first week I started using it, my boyfriend and I could both tell that there was a difference in firmness! :) I'm already out of my first bottle of drops (gone in 2 weeks!), and I am feeling a little impatient about my actual growth. Is there any way to speed up the process? I'm doubling and sometimes tripling the amount of drops, and I'm also using the breast cream 1-3 times a day. I'm trying to be patient, but your product really is amazing! Thanks!

Date: 10-03-06

Hi Amy, Thank you for your advise about taking 3 pills in the morning and 2 droppers of the liquid at night. Since I last e-mailed you I have seen a difference, I am starting to have fullness. I received the cream last Friday. I've been using it only on my right breast because that side is smaller. I think it is making a difference. I read on another website that putting a heating pad over the breast with the cream for about an hour would help speed up the growth. Is this true? Well, I just wanted to say thank you for your help. You told me it would take about 4-6 weeks to start noticing a change. It's been about 5 weeks and I think from here on it should go good. Thanks, Cindy (Answer: Putting a heating pad over the breasts for 15 min. will help speed things along)

Date: 09-29-06

Morning Amy, I was so happy at 36C but now that I have blossomed. I want to be bigger. Your products work so great! I still used the breast pump twice a day but now it is time to order a 3 month supply in hope of reaching 36D Love Ronda

Date: 09-28-06

Just wondering...I started the liquid on the 8Th of September and was taking 2 droppers full a day and I finished my last of it last night and I have only seen 1" of growth and that was within the first week and I was wondering if this seemed right? I was hoping it was going to be faster growth (was hoping for 1" a week since that is how it started off...lol) I know some people see results differently then others. Also is there certain things I should or should not be eating? I thought I read on the web site with the testimonials that they were not having caffeine? Thanks, Heather

Date: 09-28-06

I have been taking 2 droppers full for over 7 weeks now and I can honestly say I maybe grew half a cup size if that. I missed a few days here and there but I do not think that it is anything major. I only have 1/2 a bottle of the liquid left and I am not sure what else I need to do........

Date: 09-27-06

I was just wondering. I have been taking the liquid and pills for almost 3 weeks now. I'm seeing amazing results but I was just wondering if I were to order the cream the second time around would it make the growth process a little faster? What exactly does the cream do differently from the pills and the liquid? Thanks!, Kim

Date: 09-26-06

I am completely out of the liquid and the pills. What day do you think I will receive my second order. I am starting to see results! I am still using the cream, will my not taking the other stuff for a few days stop the growth?

Date: 09-20-06

This Friday will make 2 weeks I have been taking 2 droppers of the liquid and I am almost half way through the bottle, I have the pills and was wondering what would be the best way to take the pills? Are there any dos and donts with taking the medicine to make it more effective? I have grown 1" and am excited to start seeing more growth!! I am waiting to see it in the bra size, in getting tighter, right now I think they are just firming up some and maybe getting a little wider instead of expanding outwards.

Date: 09-18-06

I wanted to check on my expedeint order, it has been 5 days and it is not here yet. Can you give me an update on my order? Everything in my bra is doing great if you were wondering. I think I am about 1 inch wider then last month, thanks for your help in tracking my package. B

Date: 09-12-06

I have been taking the liquid and pills for a month now. I have been taking 3 pills a day, 1 at each meal, and then 3 droppers at night . I have noticed some thickening of my breast in the upper areas. I dont know it seems to be taking a little longer. I have at times had tingling in my breast and increased sensitivity. I am happy that there are changes and am hoping to avoid an augmentation and thought this was a safer alternative. Thanks.

Date: 09-11-06

Its almost been two months since I started using fulfillment. As I said in an earlier email, my husband has noticed that there is something differnt about my breasts. He says they feel thicker. Which is good. I myself have noticed that my breasts feel thicker, I can feel them more in my armpits. But they have yet to fill outward? Can I still expect this?

Date: 09-07-06

Hi Amy, I got your e-mail. Thanks for your help. Sorry I'm impatient. I ran out of the liquid a week ago so I'm just anxious for it to get here. I've already seen results in just one month. This product is awesome. Thanks again. Amanda

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