All the testimonials are what made my decision

01-01-09     All the testimonials are what made my decision

I have been researching many alternatives to breast implants for a few months. After reviewing many forums and reading so many reports of failed attempts on other breast enlargement pills especially on Breast Actives, I finally decided to try Natureday. I had not found any negative feedback on this product so I figured it was worth a try. I was sick of being taunted and feeling self conscious for my small AA breast size. What I loved the most about this site was all the testimonials from everyday women that found help, unlike other websites that only show 4-5 pictures of unrealistic women that look like playboy models. All the testimonials are what made my decision, so I promised myself I would post my results as well to help other women in my situation decide to try this product. However, I never believed to be posting my results so soon. In just 3 weeks I noticed significant size difference. My breasts are now fuller and larger; I no longer feel like a boy. Thank you so much Natureday I cant wait to see what a few months on this product can do for me. Please do not show my name or email address.