change is there.

10-11-16     change is there.

Hello Tina! I started natureday 2 months ago, just the liquid and pills. I have only noticed one change, nonetheless, change is there. I dont measure my breasts or anything but they have gotten heavier/ bigger and I suppose that indicates growth? I have not experienced any major growth like other clients but thats ok. Now to the next question. I live in Germany, that means shipping is expensive. I would like to just keep ordering only the liquid and pills and grow my breasts with just those two products because i am not able to order the cream and soap on top of that plus the added international shipping...because then i wouldnt be able to afford it. Can i still grow my breasts to their fullest potential with just the liquid and pills?? I am guessing yes...but since i have only noticed a very small change in 2 months, i am a little uncertain. Thank you so much for your support!! Kindest regards,