06-27-12     dia

Hi everyone! I was looking for a long time on internet on natural ways to grow my breasts since my weght loss. I used to weight 170 lbs and had full D's, but biking a lot to go to work made my weight drop to 132 lbs (last time I checked)and I lost the fullness. I started using Natureday on the 21st of May and started feeling some more roundness after two weeks of rubbing it in my breasts twice a day. I also use pressure, kind of like a deep tissue massage but softer, enough so that my chest muscles would feel it while I applied the cream. Now, today 26th of Jue, I have grown an inch of "boobline" and I have to say that they feel heavier and more "in the way" of my arms. I used one full jar of cream and now I'm thinking I should've bought 2! Thanks Natureday, because of you I am more confident. Please don't show my e-mail address.