05-03-12     ELY

Hi , I am beyond grateful for your product. I went half size up in just 6 weeks. I had very high hopes for nature day and its made me shine and more confident then I ever been before . To anyone who is interested please keep in mind that it is not one day process, so don't give up in 2 weeks if you see no results. Although, I find a liquid to be very nasty in taste there are way to " work with it " .What i find to work better, is to take mint leaves and seltzer water mixed with liquid formula and drink it before i have any food . Its masks the taste amazingly :) Not 100% better but just enough to be able to drink it..But even so its such a little price to take for fuller breast . Also when using cream and liquid together don't forget to massage your breast at lest for ultimate results. I love this products and any women who are insecure about their breast sizes should at least give this product a try. thank you nature day, with love Ella.