going up 5 inches

08-20-16     going up 5 inches

Hello so I'm still measuring at 35 inched across the bust with measure tape before natureday I was 30 inches. When will the perkiness and lift come and gain in cup size? Been using for a little over 2 months so I know it takes time and I would think by going up 5 inches I would be in a different size bra by now because 5 inches growth in a lil over 2 months is awesome. I really want to gain 2 cups. Do I have better chances taking this for 9 months to a year max instead of 6 months to gain the size I want? Just want to be a small rounded firm lifted and full small C. Thanks and be blessed and about how long into using natureday is it good to send the before and after pix for the 3 month free supply for letting y'all post my before and after pix? And I told u a couple weeks ago that when I was shorted one pill only had 89 when it was supposed to be 90 which ain't too big of a deal but me taking 3 pills a day then i would shorted one. Know u said my next order y'all would send extra pills Thank u Tina and Natureday thank u for a awesome product.