half inch during 9 days

01-11-06     half inch during 9 days

I have been meaning to ask you a very different question for a while now, Quickster, about the whole reson I am trying to enlarge, it's a biggie so be prepared. I have 2 friends who always had small breast. I knew them through high school, but we split up in collage. I havent seen them for practicaly a year. I had talked on the phone almost every day, but for the past year I haven't seen them. While in Calafornia, the big busted state, they had been in a competition to see who can grow the larger breasts. They found your site almost right off the bat and have been ordering pills, cream, fufilment, and they both have custom made breast pumps. I have not been drawn into this untill 3 months ago when I saw them again. AAAAHHHHHH!!! They were huge! Seriously they went from beraly a size B to almost a size E , in such a short time, and they weren't slowing down. The show stoper was when I went on vacation 2 weeks ago for only 9 days and they increased to a full E. I am serious, they hadnt gained for those 2 monthes and then they shot out another half inch during 9 days! I thought I was blessed with large breasts, almost a full D, but they make me feel flat chested when I am with them. Could you give me a scheduel so I could keep up with those 2. I probably cant catch up, but I want least keep up. I think I can because they never doubled up on the stuff.