He is so happy with the results

11-09-08     He is so happy with the results

I know there have been a lot people on Natureday and many positive stories. On the other hand have you thought of separating the voice testimonials and the word testimonials and the testimonials with pictures? It may give people quicker attention for the product? Also, Guess what? My husband found it strange but he wasn’t sure what was changing me besides the weight gain on the side. I finally told him about Natureday I have secretly using on and off for an year. At first he was saying “uh?” When I showed him the pictures he didn’t believe it was me until I had to show him the background of our home, the difference from the “before” and “after” pictures (06-23-08). He is so happy with the results, and was asking me if I will continue, I told him I will be ordering more as soon as possible. He has been waiting…