I just grew from a 34C into a 34D cup

09-16-09     I just grew from a 34C into a 34D cup

Hello to the staff of Natureday, i'm on my eighth week of using your popular best products!!! I just grew into from a 34C into a 34D cup, wow this stuff is something else, it's very powerful!!! At first, when I first discover your website, I didn't believe it until I read the men and the women's testimonial remarks!!! They were telling the truth!!! It's seems like every time I get my time of the month, my breast grow or before it comes!! My breast feels heavy now!!! I will continue to use it until my desirable size grow to a 34DD or 36DD than i'll stop next year!!! Your product should be the top 10!!! (Thank You) Please don't use my name and email!!!:):):)(09-15-09) Hi Amy from Natureday, I writing to tell you that I just grew a quarter inch from a 34C and into a 34D and I will still let you know about it in six months to next year about my desirable size to a 34DD or 36DD, Thank You!!