I love the smell of the cream

08-01-09     I love the smell of the cream

Hello Amy, I have been using your products, the liquid and the cream for ten days and at first, I put the liquid on my breast, I couldn't stand the smell, so I put three or four drops in my decaf sprite soda and it masked the taste and I love the smell of the cream!!! And a few days after I started using both the liquid and the cream, my breast started getting sore and I read some testimonal remarks from customers from what they experienced and they were right!!! The sore means my breast will grow sometime in a month or two. I've ordered your soap and used it for a half an hour every night before I take a shower and I love it!!! Also I put my heating pad on for ten mins!!! I will order from you again!!! This stuff is the bomb!!!Please don't use my name and email Thank You!!!