I'm in the middle of the growth

11-13-08     I'm in the middle of the growth

I will continue to use your products like you suggested: liquid 1-2 droppers per day, cream 2-3x per day, and soap at bath time. Also, remember that soreness/tenderness, then growth, then little "shrinkage" (at period time) I described? Well right now I'm in the middle of the growth (va va va voom!) I love it! I'm going to continue with your products because I'm still getting such great results! It's just that the little "shrinkage" at period time is maddening! But I know that the return to the fullness followed by soreness/tenderness then growth again will follow since this is the start of my fourth month on your products. Gotta tell you again that I love your products and your service... and you, Amy, are so sweet and helpful it makes going through all this exciting and a pleasuable experience all at once. Love you, Natureday, and my body!My breasts are like they were when I was 26 years old (I'm now 47)! I compared myself now to a picture taken when I was 26 and my breasts are just as dense and "perky" now and perhaps bigger in size!: