I'm noticing my small breast getting full.

09/17/2017     I'm noticing my small breast getting full.

Also with my small breast that I been having trouble with. I believe my breasts are starting to fill out with an amount of plumpness! It's only been about 13 days but I can tell by looking and feeling them. This is a surprise being nothing ever really worked. I used naturaful for just a little over 3 months which didn’t work. I'm really not starting over because I already been using these ingredients on my breasts for over 3 months so fulfillment picked up where I left off. Now I'm only using natureday products, I think this stuff will really work for me. Maybe it's my imagination but I already been on a cream and using fulfillment liquid and cream and still have that little bit of sample soap I'm noticing my small breast getting full. Nothing would fill that breast so this is shocking because it's happening now. Don't won't to brag too much yet lol. I think this will be the one to give me a cup or 2 and I hope 2 want to be a small c. I hear that after the first growth spurt alot of women don't see any more changes period or after a couple of months. Would you think I would see more spurts if It works for me? Hope so. Didn't know if when the first one comes if the growth stops at that size with some cases. But so far so good. Really excited. Was so excited had to contact you then it turned into a long message sorry about that I know your busy so won't bother you unless I really have to and of course I will in a month if I see more changes. Thanks for letting me get this product Tina I think this is the one. And the pills are liquid gel? And if so is it alcohol based? I know alcohol based is the best as others and dried herbs lose their potency being on the floor for a short time. I will order pills in few days especially if they are liquid capsules. If this works for me well then in a month or two will be sending before and after pics with a great testimony because I tried several different products and nothing has worked. I think this one is going to really surprise me. So excited waking up each morning to firmer fuller breast. And I know it's not my period about to happen because just stopped my depo birth control shot so have not had a period. Thanks and good day hun