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I'm very happy with the increase of the

12-12-16     I'm very happy with the increase of the

First of all, like always, my package arrived safe more than a week ago. Thank you! I wanted to ask you if you would have some advice/suggestions. I'm very happy with the increase of the size of my breasts. But... Starting from a very flat chest I now have a two inches left breast, with a nice shape (to me:-)). The last spurt (don't know if the term is appropriate) was amazing. so long I thought it would never stop :-) But, my right Breast was 'lazy', and still looks smaller. I have now, since weeks, used the cream only on my right breast. I assume this is part of who I am and what my body is. Maybe there is something I could/should do in order to balance the shape of the two of them? I thank you in advance for the support you could bring to me (if possible). Very kind regards.