In exactly 16 days I grew one inch

01-27-06     In exactly 16 days I grew one inch

Hi Amy, I bought the 2 month package and doubled up on the liquid the first week then took both the pills and liquid normally for the rest of the time. In exactly 16 days I grew one inch. I knew they were different right when I woke up. I just bought two bottles and two of the liquid today. I will keep in touch. I am 120 pounds, have a pretty high metabolism and have had three kids. I've been told by other companies that I would grow much slower do to these facts, but this wasn't the case here. I tried Bountiful Breast before and it was very expensive and after 6 months I think I gained and lost a little bit- very depressing. I didn't even get my money back. Thanks to this wonderful product I don't have to pay very much or wait too long for results. I'm am so excited that I finally found a product that actually works, and fast! This is a real testimonial everybody- I hate deceitful products and people. I'll tell everone I can on the computer to try this product, but at home I'm keeping this to myself. .Ha ha ha. Thank's for all your help Amy. -Carrie