inprovement after only three weeks

07-07-05     inprovement after only three weeks

I never thought i will be writing in to tell you how pleased i am with the product. i simply dont know what to say. i see this inprovement after only three weeks of using the product. when i first ordered i never used it for a week because i thought is not going to work like the others i have tried with not results at all but i thought to myself well why not if it doesn,t work at least i tried. i am so happy i tried. the attached images are the improvement over two and a half weeks to three weeks. imagine how it will grow if i continue to use the product. as i speak i am feeling tinglings in my breast and is still growing. this morning i looked in the mirrow and i thought oh shoot it grown even bigger than the pics i have got. i hope by the end of taking this product more results are seen and more pics will be sent for you. i will be ordering soon. thank you so much a uk london user