05-13-12     Kez

Hello Natureday! First of all, THANK YOU! I, like many women, have been contemplating breast augmentation...UNTIL I learned the risks. That depressed me, because I knew I couldn't put my body - and my bank account - through all that. I began my journey in December of 2011 at a (barely!) size 32AA/A (that is, 32 under breast, barely 33 fullest part of breast, maybe a little less than that). Nearly 5 months later, I am a proper 32B (32 under breast, 34 fullest part of breast)!! I actually achieved this size relatively early, about 2 months in. My routine is as follows: I begin my day with an application of the cream just before dressing; I follow with one pill with breakfast; I then take 3 droppers of the liquid with lunch; I follow that with one more pill with dinner; I then end the day with one more application of the cream before bed. I avoid caffeine (though I LOVE coffee and tea, so I simply switched to decaf), including dark chocolate (I love dark chocolate, but I have a choice to make). I also make sure that my PMS meds exclude caffeine. I absolutely love the transparency of Natureday, providing consumers with a way to express their grattitude and ask questions. That alone makes this company a cut above the others. But, hey, this WORKS!! I love it! Thank you so much!!