more round and firmer

12-11-05     more round and firmer

Hi again!! I'm going into the 5th week and I have started to become more round and firmer. I'm optimistic that within the next couple of months I will increase in cup size thus getting me closer to my goal. I have a friend that I've convinced to give your product a try also instead of having surgery; which she was planning on having in January. I was also wondering if you had any tips you could give me. I've been taking the liquid fullfillment and the pills for about 1 week now and I think it's making a differences combining the two. The first two weeks though I just doubled the liquid dose and did not take the pills. By taking the liquid alone without juice or water would this help?? The taste is a little bitter so I've been taking it with juice to kill the bitterness, however I could tolerate the taste if it would be more beneficial. Let me know what you think or suggest. Thanks again!