My breast are looking absolutely great

01-17-06     My breast are looking absolutely great

Dear Amie, Hi how are you. I thought i would write to you an tell you just howexstatic about the results i have after taken the three month course. I was very skeptical at first considering i had a size 10b an my breasts were very empty, saggy an flat after breastfeeding three children. I was going to go overseas an have a brest augmentation, very costly. My husband an i came across your advertisment an though we would try this as an option. I ordered the three month course which gave me thetwo bottles of liquid an one of capsule. I was absolutely blown away when my breasts started to tingle an after the first week there was a difference, it wasnt really much at first but considering the state that my boobs were in but i didnt expect to much. After the third week the improvement was incredible. I kept dropping the liquid twice a day. My breast have become fuller, rounder an much much firmer. I am absolutely satisfied. My breast no joke have gone from a size 10b an now i am in a GUESS!!!! I am now in a 14a-14b. My breast are looking absolutely great. I love looking at them now, They are perkier an actually got alot of firmness to them an actually a full weight they no longer droop. I am that satisfied that i have gone back for another three month course. Yes i finally have my before baby breasts back. Im stoked... Here is a photo of now. When i have finished the next three month course i will send in those photos. AK. lin