my breast feel more round and firm

07-04-09     my breast feel more round and firm

I love your product! I have tried a few other products in the past but never achieved any major results. I have only been on the pills, liquid, soap and cream for just a month and my breast feel more round and firm.As far as the results I've noticed, I'm actually surprised it worked as well as it did with me only double dosaing for a month. Even my husband thinks so too and loves it. In my last order in June, I ordered two bottles of the liquid and just started taking at least 2 dropper fulls a day. Will that be enough to go faster with the increase of the breast? I want to speed up the process. I do put some liquid on my breast and then follow with the cream. I'm just looking for confirmation on what I am doing.Your suggestions will be greatly appreciated, but I do love the results so far. Do you have a price for just ordering 3 bottles of liquid? I know that I will need to order again probably at the end of July. Thank you again for such a great product. Finally, there is a product that is natural and a woman does not have to go through such evasive surgeries to achieve great results. (Please do no use my e-mail address or full name) Thanks Natureday!