My breast was spilling out

09-22-16     My breast was spilling out

Yes that's what I'm confused about because my breasts fluctuates even by measurement by the tape and the looks I'm trying to get the tops of my breasts to fill out and I don't know how to do that of course I put cream up there and massage it in but it's been over 3 months and at first I was seeing great results I seen good results about 4 times. my bras was at one time getting smaller and my breast was spilling out but now they are not growing at all any more. I know y'all do not recommend it and I asked this before but from what I read about natureday women said they would use that and fenugreek capsules and flax seed, etc. ... I'm now starting back at 3 droppers now and it says one 1 to 3 droppers. I was on 2 droppers but I think my body needs more do you think I also need the pills with it or just take the fenugreek from the store I got here Is there any more forums you can give me links to or reviews for suggesting? The forum you gave me only had one page and didn't say much at all to help and I tag reviews and before and after pix went through every natureday fulfillment I could doc and there basically all the same. Not much info on this product but the same things I looked up over and over. I'm not going to give up will keep trying for another 3 months which so be 6 months. Is it possible that slow growing women may need to take it the whole 9 months? I read where a lady had to use 1 year to get the maximum results took her that long to gain any type of cup size. Thanks Tina and for dealing with me this long lol. I do think natureday is a great product but maybe it won't work for me after a certain amount of time.