04-19-11     R=

Hi, I have just had the fulfillment liquid for 2 weeks, and it works quite well so far. I am really surprised and thank you for providing this product to the market! However, right now I am in the period and so I am wondering whether or not I can take the liquid as usual at this time. Can you help me with this question? Besides, I am a little bit concerned that if I stop using it for a week at the start of my progress, my breasts will shrink back to what they were like before. And so if I have to stop using the liquid, can I know some method that might help prevent my breasts from shrinking? Thank you very much! R=

Response: Most women stop taking the products while they are on their period, and it is completely fine to stop, or use just a small amount for those 4 to 5 days. You shouldn’t loose your growth, don’t worry. We are happy to hear your first growth spurt was so fast.