seen another 1/2 inch of growth

08-02-06     seen another 1/2 inch of growth

I actually have seen another 1/2 inch of growth! Also that lactating feeling I mentioned before is back, but obviously I'm not lactating!!! So my total growth so far has been 2 1/2 inches. I"m starting to feel alot more confident going braless, so I am continueing the cream at night. Got a really weird question though. Yesterday I went out and bought a 32 B bra, and can almost fill it out, but 32 a is getting snug. and when I tried the 34 A bras on, they were too big, does this make sense? and if so why? Truth be told, lately all bras hurt when I wear them, so I am going braless around the house. I am guessing that this is normal, and means that I'm still growing. Let me know what you think. Thanks M