such a difference maybe a little to much

09-11-03     such a difference maybe a little to much

There is such a difference maybe alittle to much. Is it normal to be really tender around the breast?I really cant believe this and I will be ordering more this week.I went back to work this week after my vacation and everyone was wondering why I was wearing this big button up shirt and I said it was the only thing clean I had to wear but one of the girls that I work with knew something was up because she kept starring at my shirt(or my new shape) and kind of giggled at me every time she looked at me.Do you think she knows because if I'm not to carefull you can see whats new with me even with a big shirt.I really think I need a bra now thats for sure but I'm nervious about wearing one all the time.Its a good thing I work with mostly girl because I think now everyone knows thanks to that other girl.I write this sitting here in a large tee shirt and you would not believe that when I look down all I see i! s these 2 things sticking out of my shirt and thats all I see.Compared to other girls I would be concidered flat chested but not to me.Now I'm staying at home until I can decide if I need a new job or not cause I'm suposed to wear a uniform at my job and the shirts I wear will be revealing thats for sure.If you have any advice please feel free to write back,because now I need all the help I can get.Thank you and thanks to your product,I love it. Merrel Bloussant