01-05-11     TA

Hey OMG I dont have grand results but I do have very small breasts and Ive been on natureday only about a month and a half, well I had been on it before but not as religiously as Ive started to use it now. I started on Nov 23 just putting the liquid on my breasts and around Dec 15 I started using the liquid and the cream I had ordered. I stopped putting the liquid directly on my breast because it was giving off a weird smell, so Ive just been sticking with the cream which smells great. So I dont really know how much bigger they have gotten but these are the pics, and they are definitely rounder and fuller. OH and I was just putting the cream and liquid on my right breast, because it was a lot smaller than the left one, and as you can see for yourself my right breast has gotten really round around the arm pit area...I'am super excited about continuing this until I reach about a B cup...Iam currently wearing about 34 A bras. Thanks so much!