12-23-10     Teri

Amy: Wow! This really does work! The past couple weeks I've noticed my breasts were looking different, especially when I lean over the sink washing my face, etc. They seem to have more mass and actually seemed to hang a little. But I thought it was just my optimistic imagination at work.Then yesterday I measured myself for the first time in a month...and measured myself 3 times to make sure I was doing it right. When I started the NatureDay program I measured 37 1/2 " under the breast and 39 1/2" across. Yesterday those numbers are 37 3/4" and just slightly over 40" across the top!!! And that doesn't include the 1/4" my nipples stand out (they seem to be almost always erect!). I just finished the third bottle of liquid; am still working on the second bottle of pills (taking 3 a day), and second jar of cream (I really love how it makes the skin on my breasts smooth). If you want to send me complimentary liquid for this testimonial I would very much appreciate it. Thank you for your encouragement. I'm hoping I can add at least another 1/2" - 1" and continue to add mass by Valentines Day. Teri