we actually noticed

10-19-05     we actually noticed

Hi, I have grown quite a bit, as you can see from the before and after picture I have sent to you. I wanna let everyone know that is looking to see if your products work, that they really do- well it is obvious hu? THanks Amy for helping me, and answering all of my questions throughout this year. Wow, it has been a while hu? . (10-10-05) i just wanted to let you know that i have been taking the pills and liquid, and noticed a difference in my breasts since i started taking your products. i am 26 years old, and have always been self conscience about my breasts, because they were barely out of a training bra size. consider it flat. i am now into a 32a with some cleavage, and expect to get to a 32 or 34b size (i want out of the a's for sure). funny thing...out of all the different things i have tried to make my breasts grow, nothing worked. my b-friend found your website, and we went through everything together on the website, and i decided to give it a try. when i started taking the products, for the very first couple of weeks, my b-friend would say, "lemme see your boobs". we actually noticed (of course he would) that it is working! i am proud to say that you are awesome! thanks a lot, and i will keep on ordering until i am fully satisfied with my size. i will definitely send others your way (since i do know a couple of other girls that want to find something for their breasts that will work as well).