05-19-12     Yat

Aloha, I am a very small AA and I'm 25. I have always struggled with my breast size, trying to come to terms with it. I thought about surgery but I know my body would reject the implants, so waste of money and not worth the pain to my body. So I found your site and decided to try it. I bought a six month supply of the liquid and the pills. Now I'm not very good at taking things everyday but I do my best. So I've been taking three pills a day (mostly) and one dropper of liquid for about a month now, I have already noticed a small difference in the size. Nothing really measurable yet, but even my boyfriend is noticing. I am happy to keep taking the steps to reach the size I want. Even if I take it for a year and a half it's still cheaper than surgery! :O) I thank you for offering a way to get breast growth safer than most anything else. You've got a loyal customer who is spreading the word!