2972 Testimonials and Growing!

11-10-13     Thanx NatureDay it is wonderfull
Thanx NatureDay it is wonderfull and i am please all the way with your soap. I am male and completly flat before i try the soap. I always wanted breast and i made up my mind when i.saw your products. I used the soap fro three weeks and waaaooo i got some difference in my breast size. I used to ne flat chested.with a little definition beacause i work out, and now! After tbeen using the soap and massaging my breast i have to tell you i have grow! I couldnot fill a A34 bra, now i am al most a full a34 and i love my breast so much i want them to keep growing for that b34!

11-08-13     Highly recommend
I would love to have that pic posted. My testimonial is I have been using natureday liquid off & on for several months. Primarily to enlarge my nipples. I rub the liquid on nipples & have had great results. Highly recommend. Please use my email Thanks for a great product.

11-08-13     Tif
A friend of mine who has used your products before she had raved about the progress she had with it. She knows I crossdress a little bit and always teases "when you going to get something to fill those bras". Mind you I'm not a feminine person by any means just one who enjoys the feminine fashions. And pardon the email its the only discreet one I have and have had it for awhile from my online role play days. Anyways I decided to go with the Breast Soap. Its cheap and seems to have enough reviews on amazon to base it off as a good sale. I have frequented with the products before but always returned them off fear basically. What if they grow too much, or whatnot, pools, gf, etc. Well all that went out the window when they did in fact begin to grow. I was completely flat a month ago and the soap is getting down to its most lowest end it seems in about a week it will be done :( but I would like to try the cream afterward. Now though I have ordered before and always returned I have never used the products till now or product I should say. I am currently a 34a and fill it quite nicely, especially when I do the boob trick of pulling the breast in the cup to give me a lil cleavage :) Unsure what the gf will do once they develop as I am keeping this my secret, but thought I'd send in some pics of how they are looking now. In HOPES that it is enough to get me a free supply of soap cream liquid pills whatever I can get for this wonderful product of yours. Without Natureday my chest would not be growing breasts and the sensitivity level is outrageous. Be careful to those who wish to use these products though I thought maybe a lil growth if it works and thats it, but now I'm hoping to be like Jayme one day (see page 16&17) I want large masses under my shirt bouncing and causing back aches and just hanging off my chest :) This is me after 4 months of soap and liquid. Thank you so much for your amazing products.

11-06-13     Sincerely
Thank you also I'm transgender and just started on hormone replacement therapy and you product has helped me start to blossom nicely I'm sure with in a year ill have very lovely natural breast. Sincerely

11-04-13     erik
oh natureday, i am starting my 6th bottle of liquid and my boobs wenth through a big growth spurt. i mean im bigger now than my most recent picture i sent. can i expect more spurts of this kind in the future? erik . please post name. am i now permanent at 6 bottles.? if i loose weight around my big stomach, will i loose my boobs? or will they show up more because my stomach not big anymore?

11-02-13     I love you guys!
Hello nature day and thank you for your dedication to your product. I have used nature day on and off for some years now and have just gotten really serious Lately, I love my breast and it is fun having them when I have to go shopping, some just look quick and others stare while walking by. I have gone from less than an a to a b cup and my bras fit nice and tight, and hug them making me love them even more. I deep inside want to be a women but know that I cannot be, but love being the women I am even only half way there. I am going to see how far this will go for me and want to some day be a large c cup. you people are great and thanks again, giving you an after photo but please don`t show name or email thanks again and I love you guys!

11-01-13     G. [...]
My body is thin, strong and active. I am 67. I have seen great results but it has taken a year and my very feminine breasts are still not quite filling an 'A' size bra. I want to be just "popping out of that bra"! That's my goal. Now, can I order the liquid in a multiple bottle order at some discount or do you only provide the product ratios in the order format I see you display? I have and use your soap, cream, pills and liquid, only use more of the liquid than your order forms offer. I am sure open to your suggestion. THANKS, G. [...]

10-30-13     53 YO Male
Hi, 53 YO Male I have been growing my breasts since July. I started out as a fairly manly 42 AA. I have developed into a more feminine 42 A. Though I am excited about the progress I am hoping for more. I have looked at many product and have been impressed with the testimonials about your product and the results I have seen others make.Since I have seen decent results with the previous product what would you think my results would be with yours vs. theirs? Any information or guidance would be appreciated.Thanks for your response

10-29-13     I am hooked, period.
Tina, I received my package today. I just want to thank you 'Big Time'. I must say, I have added Fenugreek to my daily drops and cream. When I massage my breasts I guarantee, if one were standing behind me and reaching around, there is 'no' way they could tell if I were man or woman. I am stunned and grateful for my growth. I find myself researching breast growth. I am hooked, period. I bet I massage them five or six times a day minimum. Anyway, thank you again, I wish I'd started this many years ago. With thanks,KO

10-26-13     my boobs are still growing
Hi Ms. Tina this is Sn in TX. and my boobs are still growing and I am starting to see more of of a definite nipple which I adore so much and I was wanting to order the complete package of cream, pills and liquid and soap-can you please let me know how much to send as I will be sending a money order? Thank you--SN

10-25-13     I felt my breasts moving as I walked
And Thank You - I was shopping today and realized I felt my breasts moving as I walked. I am 'a d d i c t e d'!!!

10-24-13     I woke up one morning and felt the weight on my chest
Almost completed my two bottles of liquid, this whole time I was taking the product twice a day. Two bottles just about empty, at first I wasn't seeing or feeling any difference for about two weeks, just last week I noticed and felt a huge progress. It's almost like I woke up one morning and felt the weight on my chest, thinking nothing much of it. After my shower and seeing in the mirror and seeing a lot more shadow under my breast, I stepped back to take a better look at me chest. I waited a very long time to see and feel the gain I got, I can really lift my tit up and watch and feel it drop back down. This has given me a new feeling, I was so exited I went for a good long jog and wow it sure felt nice to have them bounce around. Can't stop now, this stuff is amazing. Thank you,

10-21-13     Ste
Hello Tina)) Thank you! I have been aggressively using all the products since 10/14/13 Only 6 days. Wow the feeling I get when I rub the soap, liquid, and cream gently in circular motions is unbelievable. Feelings I have never felt. I feel emotional and was short with both my baby's. My nipples are incredibly sensitive! Either from to many messages or rubbing the liquid directly on to my nipples and breasts. A feeling that is truly out of this world! I had a couple of friends over today to watch football tried on a shirt my breasts were tight against my shirt. I put two shirts on)) When I very slowly, and gently rub my nipples writing you)) WOW Thank you for making me feel this way, along with all your positive feedback Tina very much))

10-19-13     I fully recommend these products as they are fantastic and they do work
went out today and brought a new bra from primark, my boobs fit it perfectly (34C) I have used the products on and off this year due to having money issues which has prevented me from being able to buy more of the cream etc, however I fully recommend these products as they are fantastic and they do work, does require patience though you will see results you just have to use it every single day, I use the cream 2x daily and the soap 2x daily and then I take 4 drops of liquid in juice afternoon and evening after meals. Using the products has helped me a lot, honestly can say that three years of it is worth fabulous company!

10-13-13     from 34 flat to 34B
I went from 34 flat to 34B since may thanks Ml

10-13-13     They were actually bouncing
First of all, I don't think there is ANY question the product is working. I am 68, so I do have man boobs already - the last couple of days while in the shower and washing my scalp I felt them bouncing. I coaxed a peek trying not to get soap in my eyes. They were actually bouncing! Love the feeling! I am using the liquid, three droppers at least twice a day and the cream in the morning after my shower. Good stuff!!

10-10-13     my flabby man boobs are now full, sensitive, and amazing
I just had to take the time to thank you. Your product has changed my life. my flabby man boobs are now full, sensitive, and amazing. You have helped turn an embarrassment growing up into something I am very proud of. To all of those who say this product doesn't work, I say try it...you will see for yourself that it works. Have a great day and thank you again....

10-08-13     I love the new size
Tina,I do have a question, I used to feel the product working really well like my breast area feeling a little tight while on your products. I notice not so much of it feeling like that while on the product, is it because my breast are larger in size so it takes longer to plump up more? I am still not sure what a good size is to stop at, once I am done using the product for a month I love the new size. But after a little while I get use to the feeling and start up on your product again. Loving this stuff! Loving the results! on

10-08-13     Y.
I just bought a bottle of cream works great makes your nipples and breast firm Thank You

10-08-13     it all depends on my body how fast it will give results
Hi,Tina thank you for answering all my questions I understand now it all depends on my body how fast it will give results..I am happy because I am getting big :)

10-07-13     K.
i have been ordering your breast enlargement cream with great results. the product does everything that is stated it will do to give the breasts that i want.

10-05-13     Randy
Hi my name is Randy and I always wanted female type breast and now I'm getting them in a few months. They have a female shape not like man boobs and my nipples are more sensitive. When I shower feeling the extra mass really does something for me. They aren't huge and I don't want them to be but it's a great beginning better then I ever thought. I just ordered another two month supply and will send more pic's as they grow. I was also on a diet and lost ten pounds but my breast grew anyway. Great stuff Thanks for making my dreams come true

10-02-13     McK
I just finish my 2month supply. My measurements were 39/40 when I started. They are now 40/42. I can feel and see the difference. My tee-shirts are fitting tighter and I love it. My breast do jiggle more as I walk. My spouse doesn't know or if she does, isn't saying anything about it. I will order more but, have to wait another month due to funds being short. NatureDay is the BEST product on the market. [...]

09-30-13     This product has helped me
This product has helped me so much, I can't wait to use it some more.

09-26-13     H.
Wow!!! Totaly Awesome, I have been using your products for the last 2 years, and I love it! With working out (free weights). I put two inches on my breasts, cool! Can you send me a form to reorder? And Product list. Thank you. H.

09-25-13     Houston
Dear Natureday staff, Like always please email me the tracking # once this order has been shipped, my order # is: 9920130925123711. Your product is amazing, I just can't stay off it long enough. Can't wait to start up again and see what another two months being on the product can produce. My chest or should I say breast feel and look amazing, hoping to gain another inch of growth. One more inch will be much more noticeable. Thank you, Houston

09-24-13     mi
I sent ya message earleir bous how well your product works n i just found my phone it has my before pic n i just took my current growth. I noticed a diffrence in weightn bounce when i run or go down a bumpy road its fun i think cus ive only been using product for 3weeks. Thank you so much for a good product

09-21-13     Hugs Alicia
Hi I just got my order so glad i ran out couple day ago i dont want to stop my breast are growing very well i am going on 10 months i am filling my bras now my girlfriend and boyfriends really love them i am so happy i could cry i tryed everything i could and only natureday is doing the job thank you so much Hugs Alicia

09-17-13     randi
Dear Tina, wanted to let you know that i am coming up on a year of using your products and am very happy with what we done . i have increased six inches and love having breasts. i in no way try to hide them because i am to proud of them. I have used the fullfillment and pills and things could not have turned out better. you service is the best and natureday is the best. i would like to try the soap and see if i can get the tops of my breasts to fill out my bras some more. thank you again and look forward to hearing from you in the future and more orders,sincerly randi

09-16-13     Ste in Shelbyville
Hi and good morning Ms. Lisa this is Ste in Shelbyville and I was wanting to oder some more liquid and cream and perhaps one or 2soaps and would like a to know wahat package deal is available especially on cream and liquid and it has been almost 4 weeks since I have started using your products and my breasts and nipples are definitely growing and looking better and have already been complimented by a couple guys that have enjoyed playing with and sucking them-thanks to your products and please feel free to publish my words-Ste

09-16-13     Nigeria
Of atruth this product works,my breat area is gradually becoming puffy not even up to two weeks just cant imagine what it will look like in a month's time.Matureday,good job

09-14-13     Really feels strange to feel them grow
Please do not use my name or email address. I have been using a combination of the liquid, pills and cream for two months. Went from flat chest to bra size A breasts. Really feels strange to feel them grow. Combination of breast skin stretching, dull ache and itching. As others have said, this stuff is addicting as far as not wanting to stop growing breasts. As others have said, what ever breast development you get, will most likely not regress. The only way to get rid of excess breast tissue is through surgery (breast reduction or mastectomy) There are medication that will stop further growth but will not reverse growth. Occasionally you read testimonials about men on this web site who did not stop soon enough and over did their breast growth. I can see how it would be very easy to make that mistake. I hope I don't make the same mistake. Wife is not sure what is going on and I have not told her other than telling her I developed some mild gynecomastia (common in older men). Thank you for this amazing group of products that work.

09-06-13     Bz
Tina, I just ordered one jar of breast enlargment cream and forgot to put in my e-mail address. Please use this e-mail address to notify me when it ships. I am very plesed with the reults that I got from the first jar of cream. I was a skeptic that this would work on a male. When I play with my breast now, I get a rise between my legs that I never did before. Thanks for a great product

09-06-13     I deffentally noticed a difference in size, and bounce
After one month on nature day fulfillment both liquid and cream form. I deffentally noticed a difference in size, and bounce. I would deffentally recommend this product to anyone looking to gain some hefty cleavage.

09-05-13     Houston
Natureday, Just completed another bottle of the liquid two days ago, I wish I didn't run out so fast. My breast have more cleavage then ever, now that being that the breast are larger and I am really use to having them I don't really notice as much of movement when walking. They do still bounce around, but now I am so use to it, I just don't notice as much. I am going to order the cream on this next order, I want to focus on enlarging my nipples more now that my breast are very noticeable. As a strait man it sure does feel good when your girlfriend is sleeping next to you and holding your one breast in her hand while sleeping, my breast fits perfect in her hand. What an awesome feeling. Thank you, Texas

09-04-13     I was so impressed with the growth
Just finished my first bottle of fulfillment this weekend and must say I was so impressed with the growth. I am a male in my twenties and finally took the plunge. I was nervous but knew its just something I needed to do. It worked fast and by the 2nd week (which is all it took for me to go through the bottle) until few days ago I put a shirt on and the top of it was so tight. Its not much but it definitely pushes my shirts out. I don't use a bra though I may soon with the soap I just ordered. Hear it works well for shaping. My gf has no idea I'm doing this and I am certain she would leave me if she knew.

09-04-13     charlotte n.c.
do you like these? 9 bottles liquid and growing bigger. oh it feels good. fuller and on sides very thick. my nipples do enlarge and point out and up. i cant feel my ribs under my boobs. i am going to keep going on the liquid indefinitely . i want to really see them harder to hide through my shirts. i am a b cup. please post my name erik v.

08-26-13     ww
I have been using your products for a while now and my breasts are increasing and so are my nipples and i was wondering if i used a nipple pump would that help increase the size and sensitivity of my nipples? (i am a male). p.s outstanding products you sell!

08-26-13     DD
I am now on my last bottle of pills. Since my last test. to you the girls have grown in size, fullness and sensitivity. I am very pleased with these results and hope to my new 6 months supply of your products. My current measurements are 40/45, with a lot of firmness of the breast tissue. So please send the products as soon as possible. Your products really do the trick on males as well. Thanks Natureday. TDO

08-23-13     randi
Dear Tina,randi here just wanted to let you know that i am coming up on 9 months of using fullfillment and things could not be better. My breasts have increased 6 inches and are filling in very nicely. i love the comments i get from females and males. i never try to hide them, they make my day with every bounce i just love them. To all that ask how i got them i tell them of Natureday. i have written many positive testimoniles for you on other sites and just cant say enough great things about natureday.i want to try the soap and see if i can get the tops to fill out abit more and plan on continuing using the fullfillment for a long to come. your service is the best and overall company caj not be beat! thanks again randi

08-17-13     your product has worked wonders on me
I don't want to complain, your product has worked wonders on me in the past. I stopped using it years ago when I felt like my breast stopped growing. My guess was my body was used to the ingredients that it was a new normal. so I stopped for a long while. All that time my breasts have stayed much the same. I started again recently, and while the first month was absolutely amazing (I would say orgasmic even). I don't remember my nipples feeling so good and sensitive the last time. I am halfway through month 2 and I have not experienced any growth, beyond the slight swelling I had the first couple weeks. I have been following the best results advice of pills and liquid once a day. Is there anything I can do to help more? Perhaps a better time of day. mornings, afternoons, or pills and liquid separate times? Is it possible your stuff just wont work any further :( and I should refund the last two bottles?

08-15-13     zz
Hi thanks for my order. I must say I am very surprised as the cream seems to be working, when I was sure it wouldn't on a male. I am very excited to see my breast growing. I was at your new site yesterday and it is nice. The only thing I noticed was it doesn't explain how to use the products. Like the liquid extract, how does one use it. What will it do for me that the cream wont do. Can I achieve what I want just using the cream. Thanks.

08-12-13     [email protected]
It has been about 10 months that I have consistently been using all your products. Progress was initially fast, but then slowed down for a few months. Now it appears to be going fast again, which is great. I wish I had taken a good before photo so you could really see the difference. Thanks for the great products and you are welcome to pass on my email address if anyone would like to ask questions regarding my success [email protected] Best wishes!

08-07-13     fan
I started on the 27th of July and didn't take it on July 29th because I didn't know if it was ok or not to take it with Zoloft and the next day I got the ok from my doctor and resumed that day it's been almost two weeks and not much has happened I can see its working because when I lift up my shirt I see improvement but it is like nothing is there when I put my shirt back down is there anything that I could do to make the results happen more quickly Sent from my iPhone=

08-02-13     erm
i had good big boob plump up from first bottle of liquid. do you think my boobs will get even bigger on bottles 2 3 and 4? thank you, erm

08-02-13     rapid growth of my nipples and feeling within
08-01 13 Thank you for the reply. Regarding that and that my concern was due to the rapid growth of my nipples and feeling within. Already I love the stuff, am sure that additional growth is eminent, and intend to use the entire products you have for as long as it takes. I took a pic that we will call "before" although I am no longer flat as a board.( I really doubted that this would work but wow I am growing bonkers) I'll send the before and after pics that I am sure will impress you as my chest is doing me! Thanks!!!! G.

08-01-13     Houston
Amy and Staff, Another update, now going on my 9th year since I first started using your products. This past month and half I have been using the liquid twice a day every day without missing any time in between. I never in the past over the years stuck to it, I used your products off and on. This time around I stuck to it and have seen a very big and noticeable change in weight, size and mass. My nipples have been a lot more sensitive, perkier, larger and a lot more wider. I have also noticed my breast have become Boobs, they are not small anymore. I'm learning from the hard way why it is very important to wear some kind of support bra for breast. I play a lot of tennis and after each game I feel the pain and my nipples are very sore from rubbing against my shirt. My mind says to buy more products from you-all once I finish this order up but my body (Breast) say I should take a break and enjoy the size I have now. My girlfriend loves to massage my chest, she use to not but since this last month she has been doing so a lot. She's thrilled on how good they feel in her hands. Freaks me out since she wasn't really on board from the start but she seems to enjoy them more and more these days. Thank you Nature Staff for giving us men the opportunity of having breast that look and feel like women's breast.Houston.

07-29-13     randi
Just checked out the new site and love it you have done a outstanding job really like it. your products continue to brighten my world everyday. the volume continues to increase and fill my bras more and more. the feeling of having breasts for me is out of this world.i want to try the cream and see if i can get the tops to fill out a little more. if you want to increase your breasts this is the product for you, it works . the product and company are the best. i just cant say enough about natureday and how much you have changed my life for the better. randi

07-29-13     from a fatty flabby chest to a small but firm pair of breasts
From the age of 15 I, like most other guys my age, was fascinated with the female form and breasts in particular. But mine was a little more then the normal curiosity, I wanted a pair of feminine breasts of my own to fondle and have fondled by others, Your product has begun to give it to me. After ordering the 8 month package I went from a fatty flabby chest to a small but firm pair of breasts. I want to continue the program untill I hit a C cup. I do not care if people notice or laugh, I will be fullfilling MY dreams and MY fantasies. The only person who's opinion matters to me has already given her consent and looks forward to playing with my tits. The images included show my progress to my hopefully not so lofty goal. Feel free to use my name but not my email.

07-24-13     randi
hi tina, randi here just wanted to let you know your products are the best! the growth has been great and i love to show them off every chance i get. i want to try the soap and see if i can get the tops to fill out some more. i will be ordering in next couple weeks. thanks again randi

07-18-13     my breast today are very noticeable and feel great
my breast are growing very nice. Hope this time around they keep growing larger and rounder, my breast today are very noticeable and feel great in my partners hand and on my body. a

07-17-13     ton
Hello; this is my first testimonial. I stared using the liquid in June 2013 and I could not take it orally, so I decided to use it as a topical. Then in July I started using the cream and have noticed about a half inch of grow but what really amazed me was the difference in my nipples; they are larger and harder than I could have ever imagined. I have been massaging my breast twice a day with the cream and starting to notice a firmness in the breast tissue. I will continue using your incredible product and when I reach my goal I will gladly send some photos along to show that this product is simple amazing. Again thank for your product...

07-14-13     charlotte n.c.
i have successfully been plumping my boobs using cream for over a year. i have been on the liquid (1 dropper a day) for a week and a half. the liquid is strong. scary. my boobs just really got big and plump fast. and continue to plump up. i am going to stay on the liquid for a nice long time. i'm a little scared of how big i will get. but i cant stop. charlotte n.c.

07-14-13     I love playing with my large nipples
Tina, this is my current report to you since (three months).I have been using the pills 6 per day the cream twice a day,the liquid in my drinks and straight on my breasts massaging it in. Using the soap every day and the results are outstandig.My breasts have filled out quite nicely. I hit my second growth cycle and I love playing with my large nipples as often as I can. I cannot keep my fingers off of them. the measurements I gave you back in april were 40/45. Now my breasts have filled out to where I have clevage by the pictures my wife just took. I am continuing to use all the products as I have been unless you have a better way to getting better results.I have 3 different styles of bras in my drawer and the best one I love to where is the 38B that has a very nice fit and holds my breasts in place very nicely.I would like to send one picture with it on. My T-shirt bra fits just as good, but it really lets the girls be noticed alot!!! The knit bras work very nicely for everyday use esp. at my outdoor work doing landscape work,using heavy equipment and having the girls bounce around in my t-shirts makes my nipples stay hard and erect all the time making me stand up and out and I like that.The size of the knit bras are a 40AB. I fill these bras out very very nicely. So thank-you for the Good product that has given me my breasts that I have at this time!!! I am going for alot more,like a 38C or 40C or a38D.thanks TDO

07-12-13     i have been on natureday products 8 months
well i have been on natureday products 8 months i use pills cream soap and liquid as instructed also use liquid on my breast couple times day it has worked great stared out under breast at 38 and breasts 38.5 now 38 below breast and 44 breast there quite nice as you can see i was almost flat hope to grow more thanks nature day

07-12-13     Voice
Voice Testimonial

07-12-13     Voice
Voice Testimonial

07-12-13     Voice
Voice Testimonial

07-09-13     Houston
Tina, Once again placing another small order, my breast are growing very nice. Hope this time around they keep growing larger and rounder, my breast today are very noticeable and feel great in my partners hand and on my body. We both love what this product has done for me. Houston

07-06-13     I am noticing the lines
I just got the package today and am very excited. Unsure how my gf will react once my chest is obvious breasts, but I guess we all must do what we need to do opposed to living life in the haunting questions of why and what if. I had soap prior to this and what you see is all from that, I had pecs before and while theres nothing much here to show, It is definitely softer. I am noticing the lines near my armpit that werent there before and though I have not used the soap in about a month when it ran out, the tissue continues to harden per say and become more prominent. Also notice that my bicep hits it often and if i lean over or on my side its definite growth, otherwise standing up i think its still kind of "pecish" Excited to try the cream.

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