2810 Testimonials and Growing

07-16-11     what a joy it was putting on my bra knowing that thanks to natureday
just a normal guy but i have always wanted to have or grow nice round tits i would like my tits to be a very large d cup or dd cup started on the natureday program a few weeks ago starting to see results as aureolas are getting bigger and darker and my tits are just starting out fuller and hope to get much bigger today i put on my first bra and what a joy it was putting on my bra knowing that thanks to natureday that soon i will have even bigger tits and wearing a bra fulltime everday just the same as a woman wears her bra michael aka michelle ps in closing i just like to ad that it is fun and nice feeling just going bra shopping and i like to tell all you guys who are thinking about a bra just get yourselves to a bra fitter and get measured for a bra it is that easy and after a short time of getting used to you will find that it is a very good feeling wearing a bra as it is you just have to get used to the band going around your back and the straps going over your shoulders and remember a good fitting bra is what makesthe tits happy

07-14-11     aka michelle
just a normal guy but i have always wanted to have or grow nice roundtits i would like my its to be a very large d cup or dd cupstarted on the natureday program a few weeks ago starting to see resulys as areolas are getting bigger and darker and my tits are just starting out and hope to get much bigger today i put on my first bra and what a joy it was putting on my bra knowing that thanks to natureday that soon i will have even bigger tits and wearing a bra fulltime everday just the same as a woman wears her bra michael aka michelle ps in closing i just like to ad that it is fun and nice feeling just going bra shopping and i like to tell all you guys who are thinking about a bra just get yourselves to a bra fitter and get measured for a bra it is that easy and after a short time of getting used to you will find that it is a very good feeling wearing a bra as itis you just have to get used to the band going around your back and the straps going over your shoulders and remember a good fitting bra is what makesthe tits happy

07-12-11     GP

07-11-11     Anthonny
Hello Amy! I am Anthonny, of Brazil. I am using the 4th glass of Fulfillment in 30 days, and taking 6 capsules a day. I use the cream all nights. I feel already firmer the base of my futures breasts. I have been having some soft pain around of the nipples. My wife, when it sucks my nipples, she says that they are already different in the texture of the skin and in the turgidity. She is liking the idea of seeing me with breasts and using bra for her. I wait that in two or three weeks it can order the pictures of the "then", once the one of the "before" sent already to you. Don't lose them, please, because they were deleted of my machine and I don't have them more. I am satisfied with the results, even if are small. They can publish this deposition, without mentioning my e-mail. Thank you. See you soon. Hugs Anthonny

07-11-11     After losing everything due to prostrate surgery it is a delightful return to sexuality
A month ago I ask Tina at Natureday if stimulation of the male breasts could lead to orgasm and she was not sure. The answer to that question is yes and they are a OMG intensity. It isn't easy and it takes with a lot of mental concentration and a massage vibrator. After losing everything due to prostrate surgery it is a delightful return to sexuality. Nothing worked for me including blue pills and pumps. If getting big boobies is the price you pay itís well worth it. Now that I have feminine breasts I really have gotten like the ďgirlsĒ and wouldnít go back even if everything worked down there. It only took a month of Natureday liquid to develop girls large and sensitive enough to do this.

07-08-11     ..
Okay the last order was great, the feeling while using your product is amazing. I am ready to place another order once again, after all these orders, you would think I would have double D breast by now. I don't since I have been off and on since 2004, what I can say is my breast look and feel amazing, my breast are a good size and have a really nice roundness to them. The feeling of having breast still blows me away, at times I forget they are their until I hit a pot hole in the road while driving or a bump and then I get the really good bounce and jingle again. I had been using the cream these past months and love the results, now I want to try both at the same time to see if I can gain faster growth. I am happy at my B cup, now I want to push for a larger B or a small C. Thanks.

07-08-11     NAKEDJAZZBOY

07-05-11     KA
I started using the natureday fulfillment products on April 1st, 2011. At that time, by band size was 36 1/2"(this is the below the breast measurement) and by bust size was 37 3/4". Over the course of the next 3 months, I used all three main products plus the soap. In the morning, I would take 2x 1/2 dropper fulls of liquid fulfillment and about 1/2 tablespoon of the breast cream per breast and massage that in. Around 2pm, I would take another 2x 1/2 droppers, the breast cream again and then also two of the fulfillment pills. At bedtime, I would again take 2x 1/2 droppers, the breast cream, and another 2 pills. By the end of the first week, I could feel something was going on and could physically feel hard masses forming under the nipple areas. My breasts started getting slightly sore around the 2nd week. At the end of the first month, my bust size had increased to 38 3/4". 1 full inch of growth. Occasionally, I would add in the soap and let that sit on my breasts for 20 mins or so. The 2nd month, I kept the same routine going for the liquid, the pills, and the cream. In addition to taking the natureday products, I would massage my breasts in circular motions for about 3-5 mins. At the end of the 2nd month, my bust size was now 39 1/2". So another 3/4" growth. I no longer feel much soreness, but I can tell there is more mass in the breasts and if I massage/squeeze them, I can easily feel a hardness of sorts. The 3rd month is the same routine. At the end of June, my bust line has increased to 40 1/4". So, another 1/2" growth. Total so far is 2 1/2", but, there is some rounding and filling in going on as well. When massaging them in the circular motions, its plainly evident theres much more here then before I started. My wife has commented..."Look at those A cups" :) What has developed so far looks the proper shape for natural breasts and not the pointy-ish shape associated with man-boobs or moobs for someone that is maybe eating too much food or genetically programmed to gain weight. I am a relatively skinny individual. I am 5'10" and weight 175 pounds. So gaining 2 1/2" is a pretty good achievement so far. I keep telling my wife that I want to get to C cups, so I will continue using natureday products for some time to come. In the attached photos, you may notice a lot of redness. This has nothing to do with using the natureday products. Both the before and after pics were taken respectively just a day after having a laser hair removal treatment both times. I would like to add that my chest area has become really nice and soft to the touch. Thank you natureday, I hope the next 4 months I can get another 2" or so growth. The last pic should show the rounding shape developing. :)

06-29-11     the growth is wonderful .. still growing and getting better
Dear Natureday, Ive attached a pic . However I am curious to know one thing .. Does my pic make me look like a convincing female ? .. i mean be honest .. you feedback is extremely vital for me .. Its been 4 months of good natureday treatment and the growth is wonderful .. still growing and getting better

06-29-11     james aka janet
hello natureday crew ever since back in the day in elementary sghool when all my female classmates were developing breasts and getting their first bras i also wanted to develop breasts and get my first brai went to my mother and asked her how come my breast were not developing and how much longer before i got my first bra and of course mom said boys dont have breasts and wear a bra bui i insisted i wanted breasts and get to wear a bra mom then gave in and let me wear her bras i began stuffing my bra but for my 18 birthday i bought my self a set of c cup falsies and for my birthday present mom had bought me a one year supply of natureday and it worked rapidly where i went from flatchested to a full c cup size 44 i just love and adore my girls i cant tell you how much i just love having hugh breastseven more love filling my bra it took a little while getting used to wearing a bra but i am so used to wearing a bra now that i feel funny when i am not wearing a bra which is almost never because i am much too large to go braless and i owe it all to natureday for which i say thank you for the very fine program

06-23-11     JR
hello this is josh and i figured i would give you guys a little update today is day 12 and i have notised some groth allready and i love it i been taking 3/4 of a dropper of liquid and 3 pills in the morning and at night another 3/4 of a dropper of liquid and using the cream at night also and it is working out very well for me thank you guys for your wonderfull product and i hope you have a wonderfull day

06-22-11     T.
I have used 2 bottles of liquid and 90 tablets as a result my flat chest is fuller and got little larger but a lot more sensitive nips Also I noticed my skin is softer all over my body.. my tighs little softer more defined I wish to increase the size and sensitivity of my nips and I wish to increase the size of my bottom .. and little wider hips ..hoping the breast cream will do just that ,f I apply it to those parts only ..will it? and will it carry on increasing my bust too even if I dont apply it to my breasts

06-22-11     Grace
I am so thrilled,got my order today and had to take two pills udder the toungue.Alosso a full dropper of liquid undr the toungue ano a dropper shared between both breasts and nipples.You have me hooked,dispite what male mode thinks this girl is going to grow her breasts.They fill over the underwire of my 36 b cup now,and I want more.I will send pictures again to show my progress.Now I just want to fulfill my dream and become a woman. Love Grace

06-19-11     have grown from 39" around breast to 41"
Hi Amy Have been using your product, drops ,pills, soap for about 8 months have grown from 39" around breast to 41" Am basically an A cup hoping to get to a B cup, growing fairly slowly maybe due to genes but growing all the same, feels fantastic when the growth sperts come and nipples become sore, you know you are going to be bigger, i want to keep going and would love to have even bigger breasts. G from Australia

06-19-11     Naturedayís supplements will greatly increase nipple sensitivity
Dear Natureday: Iím an older heterosexual male who has lost most of the sexual pleasures in life due to prostrate surgery. The only thing left are the sensations in my nipples and according to the testimonials, Naturedayís supplements will greatly increase nipple sensitivity. My only choice seems to be living as an eunuch or a male with super sensitive nipples. I guess some erogenous areas are better than none. I have been taking 3 droppers of liquid for 8 days and am now blessed with larger nipples, an expanded areola and a couple of early tiny teenage girls. Iím amazed at the difference just a few days makes in sensitivity and size. My wife caressed my "little ladiesĒ and it was very satisfying. Everything seems to be moving quite fast and this is a little scary. Iím not after enormous breasts, but it apparent, even at this early stage there will be some breast growth. Will keep you posted. P.S. Donít post real name or email

06-13-11     larissa
i have long desired to have very large bounct tits just like a girl i want to be the largest possible cup size that i can be with the every day use of the natureday program i am just now starting to developas i now have buds and i am tickled pink just like a giddy schoolgirl over the fact that very soon i will be getting my very first bra and hopefully very shortly after my first regular brathanks to natureday i am on my way my goal is to be a very large d cup or dd cup my wife is happy the way i am developingand just cant stop feeling me upbut anyway it is the most wonderful feeling having my very own tits cant thank natureday

06-13-11     gained an a cup size almost
Hi i have taken.your cream/liquid and gained an a cup size almost. Definitely grew but misplaced container and i swear i just cant find i mt i think i may have thrown it away somehow :( anyways i read flax seed oil will increase my breasts on their own. Is this true. I bought a bottle and am taking 5 pills of 1000mg a day dint know if it will actually work. I really just want my nipples to be more sensitive. Im.happy where im at in.size for now cause i can still take.my shirt off without looking.like breasts unless i hunch over or am in push up position. Anywaus thought id ask. Have a great day

06-12-11     i started out totally flat
i started out totally flat at 3 months im bout 3 quaters a cup bout how long for me to be a Bcup

06-11-11     [email protected]

Hello, i have been slow to try the products i had them sitting for a while, and the last six weeks i started, i have lost ten pounds since , and had to get much smaller nipple rings as the nipples are getting bigger and are so incredibly sensitive, the skin gets velvety and sensitivity is awesome. very very awesome thank you im getting close to reorder time again thanks les

06-11-11     BE
Hey Team! I'm just letting you all know how I've been doing with your product. I received the 'champion' package on the 8th may and have seen fantastic growth in the month since. My initial 'underbust' measurement of 35.5 and 'bust' measurement of 38 inches, now measuring at 34 39.5. So I've lost on my chest and gained on my breast! Perfect! Thank you natureday, I will continue to use the products. I must also confess I have used a double breast pump to help improve my chances. Anyway thank you and I will continue with your product until my breasts are completely perfect! Enjoy.Ps. Please don't include my email. Thank you.

06-09-11     Grace
Its the best feeling to have breasts.I love it .My girls have gotten bigger , not as quickly as I want but then again young girls dont grow teirs over night either.Oh well,despite my male mode wanting me to stop I am not going to.I will be ordering an other round of pills ,liquid ,and cream today.I still have some of the soap left,using it sparinglycoating my breasts and crotch area then relaxing in a warm tub,I can almost feel my girls growing.I measure a full 4" differance from under to over my breasts.Thank you Grace

06-08-11     C>
I like your product, Iíve seen results and am pleased.

06-08-11     TA -
I have always had a mostly flat chest. I received the complete package on May 17, 2010, and immediately began taking three full droppers of the fulfillment liquid daily. Also, I began using the Cream twice a day, once in the morning and again in the evening. Today's date is June 8, 2010. I have been experiencing a tenderness in the nipples and they almost always remain firm. Also, I have been having some spurts of aching in the breast which goes away in a short time. The biggest difference I see is more fullness and firmness in the breasts. The growth appears to be filling in toward the middle of the chest as well. I am amazed at how well this product is working, as I had tried another product last year with absolutely no results. I have seen great progress in less than a month. Thank you so much for the Natureday program. Please do not show my e-mail address in the testimonial or my given name. I will submit pictures in the coming months.

05-31-11     allow nature and Natureday to take their course
Hi Tina: Please omit my name but show my e-mail: [email protected] Today ends month #2 on Fulfillment. First, I used the liquid only and then, the cream also. A week ago, I commenced with the pills also. My wife is aware of my alleged gynocomastia and hasn't mentioned it whatsoever, though it's obvious. Yesterday, I mowed the grass and my golf shirt became wet and clingy. Last night she commented vaguely that men and women aren't that much different. She had definitely noticed. My plan is to not mention it as long as possible and to allow nature & Natureday to take their course. In my new 2-month photo you can see the sides-underarms are filling out extensively.

05-30-11     larry
Hello , I had to write and tell my story . I ordered the Champion package and have seen Good results after just a few months I started in Feb.11 today is May 29 2011. My breasts have gained not only size ,but sensitivity ! I have gained in cup size as well . I have to wear a sports bra now,love it !.I just reordered another package . Thanks Natureday ,sincerely larry

05-30-11     Dav
Still getting great results from your products. I have just completed the pills and liquid for 90 days for my fourth time over the last 3 years. Each time they get a little bigger. And, each time I say I have to quit because they are getting too big but I just can't seem to stop. In the latest period there was 1 1/2" of growth. Though not bra inclined I could not help but measure myself and I now have a solid C cup size breasts. The products work but anyone considering them should understand they (the breasts) don't go away after you stop taking the supplements, it is permanent. So if your situation allows for you to have boobs and you want them,Natureday will do the trick.

05-23-11     i have been using this wonderful medicine for a year
I want to let you know that i have been using this wonderful medicine for a year. I ve always wanted to have breasts like a woman. This wonderful thing has giving me the chance to have them permanently. My natural breasts have been like a A size cup after using this wonderful medicine I am up to a size 44c.. I have ordered more drops and pills. My plans are to be a size d or double d. I love it and i would recommend it to anyone. Thanks.

05-20-11     Houston
Amy, I am writing to your company to give an update on my progress in your products. Since 2004 I have been on and off of the products, I have been using them at my own pace and sometimes not taken anything for months. Since my more recent order a month or two ago, I bought the cream. The cream has worked better then the liquid for me, I get the chance to put as much of the cream on and where I want the cream to go. My biggest results in the last month have been more roundness in shape and my breast are much more fuller. I am a thin male so my breast are very noticeable with a shirt on and even more without a shirt, I have come to love the wonderful Sports-bra, this works a little better then nothing. I do workout a lot, I use to go during the morning but now I like going at night, less people staring at me. The only thing I am not sure of is, if I decide to go to the pool this summer I may have to wear a top since my breast look more like boobs and not a guys chest anymore. Anyhow with that up in the air, I just wanted to give you a little up date on how my progress has changed my life and I love your products, they are working wonders for me. I am a strait male and just always wondered what it would be like to have breast like a women. Back in 2004 I never thought this product would allow me to gain so much breast tissue to have and feel the roundness and bounce of real breast. My breast feel and move just like my girl friends breast, she loves them as much as I love them. Sometimes she tells me that she wants my breast the same size as hers, I keep reminding myself and her that won't happen. Besides right now it might be a little harder to catch up with her since she got breast implants, I told her she should have used the products from your site before doing the implants, either way her breast look very nice. Have a wonderful year! Houston

05-09-11     CH
hello natureday staff my wife has always loved and wished tht she had very hugh boobs and tried a whole lot of different products with little or no results and was skepital when she come across natureday so i volunteered to give natureday a try to see if it really works i agreed to use the normal three month cycle twice back to back three month cycles and yes it really does work i did not expect it to work as fast as it did after a few weeks of use my nipples areolas enlarged and breasts were starting to develop after about the fifth or sixth week ihad to start wearing a training bra as my breasts were rpidly starting to develop after a few more weeks i was wearing a size 38 b cup bra now as i near the end of my second three month cycle i am almost a full 38 c cup and yes i am gong to order another three month cycle and most likely another three month cycle after that also my wife was so very delighted and pleased with my results she was satisfied natureday really works and ordered her own cycle and yes i willl or we will continue to use natureday to see how big we both could get by the way my wife went from a small b cup to a large b cup both of us are satisfied useres and are now planning to go bra shopping together we both cant thank you enough for a really great product

05-07-11     KY
Absolutely feel free to add this on. Yes I was talking about the natureday products. Question though. I had used the cream for a very short time. Was actually very skeptical on it actually working. It did, and it sustained. Very small a cup I think. And while I do not quite want breasts yet. Cause I do love women very much and honestly do not think women would like a fairly well fit male with b cup breasts lol I had halted on furthering using the cream. But I absolutely adore the way my nipples feel. Since stopping months ago I have noticed my nipples are no longer hard at all times or feels as good when played with. Is there anyway I can bring that sensation back or grow my nipples, not necessarily the size of like a half dollar like womens but create the sensation of a womans without actually growing my breasts larger from it. Or creating puffy nipples.

05-05-11     now i got curved breasts that bounce lol awesome
i actually used this, got about an a cupout of it before stopping was hoping it would give me a more defined pectoral look for working out cause i couldnt get my chest muscle to bulk out no matter how hard i worked out, now i got curved breasts that bounce lol awesome

05-03-11     growth is significant
Today is my four-weeks testimonial day. My 1st photo and today's photo are attached. I've been exclusively on the liquid extract until yesterday when I received and applied the breast enlargement cream also. I used the heating-pad/saran-wrap method for 10-minutes. My total growth is only 1/2" (42" below and 44.5" over the nipples. However, the side (below my armpits)growth is significant; the aerole has widened 1/4" to 1 1/4" and has darkened. My nipples are sensitive and double their original size when aroused. When I lay on my side, my cleavage is considerable. I'm continuing daily with the liquid and the cream and expect to soon add the pills to my regimen. I mentioned about a month ago that my wife isn't aware of my project. I have had my regular visits with two of my Dr.s and asked if I had a breast problem. They both checked me out. One advised that if the growth continues , I could have a surgeon remove tissue. The other said he wouldn't consider the surgery unless I experienced pain from the growth. I was able to share this topic with my wife who is sympathetic and mostly unconcerned. Protein -shakes and bars are now on our shopping-list because I must have read that that my be helpful to my condition. So, I'm "outed", sort of. I'll up-date again when we're further down this path I'm now on. Thanks for your product and support.

04-29-11     Grace
Hi just wanted to thank you for my growth so far.I am using my soap now and think I can feel more growth coming on. 40" over breast and they are filling out more. Thanks again. Grace

04-29-11     it seems to be more stimulating
I have used you product for several months now and I am seeing a wonderful difference ,way ahead of other products tried in the past, to help me further,is the liquid more effective on the breast than the cream? it seems to be more stimulating , but I would like your spin on this ,I'm delighted so far, and am of course impatient for a fulfilling result,can't wait to send the finished result in a photo, thank you, I await your reply, regard,A (New Zealand) ps, do you sell the liquid as a separate multiple sale?.

04-28-11     Donald
Hello Natureday, My new best friends. I am letting you know of my ongoing Breast Growth that has me in a world of pure fun for this man. I have grown another 1" inch in the last 1 and half months and WOW and WOW again. My girls (Sometimes I say look at you guys and have to correct myself) are getting fuller and more protruding and very nice I might add. Your Fulfillment,Pills and cream are a wonder and life fulfillment for this man along with my Nugglebeary Breast Enlargement Pumps the results are just to much to put in to words. My lady friend still cannot believe her eyes that this is possible on a man and is very interested in your product.Here is a new photo for you to show. Thank you and again for your great wonderful amazing products. Donald

04-25-11     I now have small developing breast
From the time i was just 7 or 8 years old i wanted breast of my own, Just like all the other girls but i was told i am a boy and boys don't have breast =( I was very sad and mad, For a long time all i would wish for is to become a real girl but my wishes never came true. SO.. At the age of 28 i took matters into my own hands Taking the natureday's fulfillment pills+liquid. I been using the pills+Liquid for about 11 weeks and the cream for about 3 weeks, I now have small developing breast, If i had to guess the cup size i would say a small Acup if not just a training bra size, I am working on getting to a FULL Bcup by the end of this year...I hope =P When i start seeing more development i'll Send more pictures =) Don't use my e-mail, Thank you.

04-22-11     MC
I love this product, my titties have grown, my nipples are super sensitive! I wear my bra all day and my breast bounce as i walk... very enjoyable. My boy friend can't keep his hands off them ;) I'm still taking your Fulfillment and as you see my boobs keep growing. I would love to have a C or D cup!!! right now I'm a Bcup. Love M

04-19-11     asking me so how does it feel having tits
hello i am a normal straight heterosexual male however i have tje desire to have very large tits or as large as possible i confibed in or with my wife about my desire to have tits i did not and do not want implants or augmentation so my wife turned me on to natureday have been using your product for about six to eight weeks now with some really good results and have began budding and my wife now has me wearing a traing bra i just simply love my developing tits and just cant wait for them to get even bigger and get into a regular bra my wife now just cant stop teasing me about my tits and keeps asking me so how does it feel having tits do i like my tits and how do i like wearng a bra in answer to my wife yes i like having tits and have adjusted very well wearing a bra and hard to say what i like more my tits or wearing a bra getting bigger and fuller and thank you natureday for it as my tits are getting bigger i have changed my name from danny to danielle i am really excited about to soon go for my first bra fitteng i mean bra fitting in the meantime my wife is giving me an education about bras and wearing a bra last but not least my goal is to become a full d cup yes natureday you may post my email danielle

04-14-11     I did get some results
Good Morning, I just placed an order for 1 bottle of the Express, a bar of soap and a jar of the cream - it was all I could afford for right now. I have used your products in the past, but it has been a year or two. What I have used before was about a bottle and a half of the Express, the soap and the cream. I did get some results, I measure about 42 beneath my breasts and about 44+ around my small bust.

04-11-11     CL
i am writing again to thank Natureday products. my breast have grown more since my last testimonial. this time my nipples have really grown, i guess doubled in size and so sensitive. my breasts have fill up and feel wonderfully heavy and full in my hand. i have taken the slow path to growth and every time i use a new supply of products i grow a little more. such wonderful products. i will post new photos soon.. thank you natureday.

04-11-11     Rebecca
Dear Ms. Amy, Hello and How are you. Well I hope and The family also. I am writing you because of something I think is great. A year ago when I first started this I read about a young fellow who applied low heat to the breast before and after applying The breast enhancement cream. At first I though it was just a fluke. Well the last 60 days I have been doing a controlled experiment on myself. After washing and drying my breasts. I applied the cream and rubbed it in. I then applied heat for 10 minutes to each breast. I did the heat twice a day. The cream only once in the am. The way I did it was 1) wash & dry well 2) apply cream (natures day enhancement cream). Then I put a piece of saran wrap over my breast in order to keep the wrapped heating pad clean. Then I put the heating pad on for ten minutes. Prior to doing this my breasts were very thin with no substance. Now, they are full and fit my bra very well. I am going to continue to do this until I reach my goal. I just want to look good for my size body and height. Thanks to your products and or friends I will have this without going into a risky surgery. I have a girl friend who and breast implants and is not doing well with them. She will have to have another surgery. And I will save a lot of money I don't have. I love that part. I think even if I was rich I would still do it "the natural way with Natures day". I want to thank you. I gave that free jar to the girls at the seniors center where I go. They all like it. I guess from what they have talked about they all (4) split the jar. They had their husbands rub the cream in. Well They are a lot happier now. The girls come n on Monday and Friday with a smile on their faces? Thank you again for everything....Rebecca Anne. Maybe I will send you a photo of the finished product?

04-11-11     CH
I went from a flat chest to wearing a bra. I can wear a 38C although I fill up the bra, there is still room to grow. I am very happy with the results of the pills, creme, and liquid. I will continue to use these products until I fill out the bra completely.

04-09-11     Bl
Hello Amy: My name is and I'm trying to get my new bearings with my new breast-goals and with your product. I prefer to communicate via this e-mail address and to not disclose my name to the public. I'm a 71 yr-old male in generally good health. I'll be married 50 yrs on the 8th with a wife I choose not to share this issue with. I'm sure that I've had a mild on-set of gynecomastia for several years; puffy nipple area and creases below both breasts. Small breasts in other words. Well, like many of my contemporaries, I have a great fondness for breasts and would be (am) inclined to grow them for purely personal satisfaction. I stumbled upon your product on'line and ordered my Express Bottle of Fulfillment Liquid. On the 6th day, it was all used-up (yesterday. My new repeat order should arrive today saving me from missing a single day. I checked my measurements and took a "before" photo in hopes of have a testimonial after some results appear. Actually, some results are already apparent upon my inspection; Areoles are darker and nipples are easily aroused with rubbing. My under-arms are filling-in with slight creases from under my breasts to my arm-pits. I can easily induce a lot of jiggling by shaking my arms. Small gains to be sure but good signs of potential growth. I've read and reread the male testimonials. I guess my next step is to cut-back to one dose of liqid at the end of this week. Should these doses also be reduced from 2 droppers to one dropper each; or, not! I wish to maximize my growth at the most economical means. I Liquid the "faster"eans or should I combo-it with the creame? Just thes two (or 3 ?) questions. Eventually, I expect to be noticed by my wife and to express my concerns equal to hers and ask my Dr. to confirm my gynecomastia in broad terms. We've never discussed this but this avenue seems reasonable to me. Until we talk again, p.s. my e-mail can be published.

04-09-11     N.
After 2 mths Tina,I haven't noticed a lot of growth n development at this stage, which has really surprised me (n even disappointed me somewhat !),however my breasts do feel a little fuller,n assuming i'm measuring correctly,i've only noticed maybe a 1/4" growth - negligable I would've thought ? ! Would appreciated ur feedback n thoughts on my development so far,n what u feel may happen by the end of my 6 mth trial,especially knowing how I've gone after taking a combination n max dosage of the 3 products over the last 2 mths? ! I look forward to hearing from u soon !

04-05-11     Grace
Thank you I love having my breasts.They are getting fuller and firmer.I wake up and cant help but massage them first thing and love putting on one of my bras..The greatest thing is now my girls fill the cups on my B cup bras.with no loose fabric.So nice to look down and see the girls standing out so prominantly.Thank you. thanks again Grace

03-31-11     I've gained 1 inch
Thanks Tina! Please don't show my name or email address in the testimonial. Thanks! I've been taking the liquid for the past 3 weeks. I started with 2 droppers and then went down to the suggested 1 dropper a day. I also massage them every night but I haven't purchased the cream yet. I would like to try the cream together with the liquid but the liquid alone is working amazingly! My boobs are fuller and firmer. I've gained 1 inch since I started and I know it's not a great difference but I'm so happy that it works! Thanks for your product! Hi! I emailed my testimonial earlier today but I haven't heard back yet. I deleted the email from the sent box already so please let me know if you got it or not. I'm so excited that I've gained an inch in 3 weeks and I absolutely want to continue using your product until I reach a C cup.

03-30-11     I am now on my 3rd order of fullfulment and I have gained an 1 1/2 inches
Amy, I have been taking your product now since 1/10/11. I am now on my 3rd order of fullfulment and I have gained an 1 1/2 inches and my aeriolas have increased an 1/2 inch. Thank you for your product. I have been taking 2 droppers full of liquid, 3 capsules and using breast cream once a day. Im hoping to grow another 1 1/2 to fit firmly into my bras.

03-29-11     They've grown maybe half an inch
I've taken pills, cream, and liquid 5 weeks tomorrow. My breasts FEEL larger but they don't LOOK larger. They've grown maybe half an inch. How long until I should expect a growth spurt or until I'll go up 1 cup size?

03-29-11     I love my feminine feature
As you know I have emailed frequently especially in regards to possibly minimizing the growth of my breasts. I am 24 and after seeing this amazing product take effect I had second thoughts. I have stopped well over 3 months ago and my breasts are still there, although muscled from working out but softened due to the breast tissue throughout my chest. Can't deny it, I love it! Although I am only an A cup and my shirts poke out cause of the sides now it seems as if no one truly notices except me. It caused a ton of questions even surgecial alternatives to have what I had done, to be corrected. With time to think and wait due to consultation waiting time delay I have noticed I love my breasts. Sure I'm a young man and in an age where image is almost key for attraction. But I love my feminine feature. It is amazing and I absolutely wouldn't change it for anything now. Just hope next girl I meet doesn't notice and if she does, does not mind lol. The feeling and softness of my chest is amazing and the nipples are outstanding. Although not much growth came about with those, though they are hard 24/7. Anyways its not much but its definitely some growth. Thank you for putting up with my emails and hope I didn't cause any head aches.

03-24-11     just five weeks of using the breast cream the growth has been great
I have been on your products on and off for a while and recently decided to start back again this time on a consistent basis. After just five weeks of using the breast cream the growth has been great. My wife and I are very satisfied with the results so far. Thanks for your amazing product!!! Please no name or email disclosure.

03-19-11     I'm so thrilled
OH WOW I Love my new girls 2 months on 1 month off and dying to start up again 36"under 40" over the breast. I'm so thrilled. I hope this picture comes through.this is after 1 month with out 41" over breast 36" band size though the girls are only filling a b cup definitely early Taner stage two!!Thanks cant wait to start back . Love Grace

03-19-11     Declan
Dear natureday, I am writing to thank you for providing a product that actually does what it say's it does, Amazing. My boyfriend and I have been going together for almost 3 years. I told Ben a long time ago that although I am a gay man I really enjoy the large breasts that women have.. Go figure. Without telling me Ben started using your product and it was not long that I started seeing a change in his breasts.. It was at that time I asked Ben if he was using something and hopefully it was not hormones. Ben is a very masculine guy and I would not want that changed in any way. Ben told me about Natureday.. Ben is almost a 36 C Cup now and his breasts are firm and beautiful. The increase in his nipple size is totally awesome and his nipples are constantly hard. Ben is still my big masculine man but with a set of breasts any woman would love to have. So, Just a big thank you and guys if you want beautiful breasts and not change the masculine man you currently are.. Go Natureday. It really does work. You may use my E-mail address if there are any men out there that want to ask any questions. Declan [email protected]

03-19-11     TT
Just want you to know that I am very, very happy with my growing breasts, and with Natureday! I just sent in another order this morning and will continue to do so because YOUR PRODUCT really works! I have been putting on women clothes since I was 13. My mother even dressed me in girls clothes as she wanted me to be a girl! I was raised as a girl as far as house chores, everything a women would do. I wanted to have breasts, and if could have afforded it, I would have had a sex change. Your product is helping me to achieve the breasts, even though I'm there yet, as I want them to be as large I can get them. I enjoy dressing up, wearing make-up, deodorant, etc. If I had one wish, I would want to be a woman 24/7!!! Thank you and your staff for all you do!! Don't share e-mail address!

03-13-11     i went from being very flat chested not even a handfull
it has been a long while since i last e mailed but still on the natureday program i went from being very flat chested not even a handfull to where i am now wearing and filling out size 38b cup bras and hope to even reach c cup or d cupit is so wonderfull to havehugh tits i love it when they bounce i really love to go bra shopping and a real thrill trying on all the different style brasthanks to natureday i now have the big tits that i want to have and make me feel so womanly which in itself is a great feeling love to wear tight fitting shirts to show off my tits i also dont care if the outline of my bra shows under my shirts or if my bra straps are showing

03-10-11     Donald
Hello Natureday; I started growing my Breasts eight months ago and the last three months on Natureday and also using Breast pumps. Started out small to my present size of 40 band and 50 over the nipples. I used the Breast pumps twice a day for two hours and Natureday pills, cream and dropper three times a day. All I can say is your stuff really works as my picture will show you. I will keep ordering your product until l I get larger and more firm. Thank you and Thank you again I am a very happy man with great looking Breasts. Please no E-Mail just name. I would not have my beautiful Breasts if not for your incredible Natureday product. Thank you and thank you again for your product. Donald

03-10-11     T.
I began using Natureday Liquid and cream on 2/24/11. My starting measurements were 37 inches under and 39 inches over my breasts. After about a week and a half today on 3/8/11 my measurements are 38.5 inches under and 39.75 inches over. There is more definition to my breasts, especially in my cleavage, where there is a bit more shadowing in between them. I can also see bit of a crease below them. And there is more fullness closer to my arm pit. I was very skeptical about this product as a male to start. But now after as little as a week, it is clear that they work. A part of me wants to continue with this amazing product and grow full size breasts that will rival my girlfriends. But another part of me is scarred at what she might say once they are too big to hide. Despite all of this though , I'm truly excited to keep going for the time being.

03-07-11     thanks to natureday I can fill out a 32 B bra cup nicely
All thanks to natureday I can fill out a 32 B bra cup nicely. Its been three months .. though my skin and looks are naturally feminine I still had to move towards a full program to achieve becoming a T-girl. There was mush hesitation but natureday has made me achieve it !!! What I like about natureday is that it can be a base and be combined with secondary stuff that promotes breast growth and body feminization. The service has been excellent!! Prompt delivery and no hidden costs .. You just get what you want.. I'm a scientist by profession (luckily !!!) I hope natureday can combine in its formula the mirifica herb .. know both scientifically and FDA approved .. if you can work miracles with your current formula .. think how much more it will do wonders with mirifica !!!

03-02-11     my breasts have been developing quite nicely
i have been using your product for a long time now,but for a good while i just been using the cream,my breasts have been developing quite nicely but slowly,i am thinking about, to increase quickly,appling the cream 3 times a day also using one and half droppers in whey protien as well as sawpalmto each dayis it quite safe to that formula or could you suggest anything different thanking you in anticipation

03-01-11     my Areolas have increased from
I received my 1 month supply of liquid and cream on 2/24 and began my first doses immediately. my Areolas have increased from about 3/4in to a full 1 inch.

02-28-11     I like the feeling of a jiggle and wobble
I stopped using fulfillment april last year, but started the process again in august. i have made good progress, I like the feeling of a jiggle and wobble, when I brush my teeth. I have one bottle left, but think it is not enough for what I want now. a few months ago I thought I would be happy witha little growth, now, I want a full chest, at least a B cup. Hats off to fulfillment for a fantastic product.. you have helped me alot Many Thanks D

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