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Date: 06-01-10     User: Tim

hi amy i have purchased natureday's products before and am copletely satisfied with the results i got but is there any other way to recieve coupons for your wonderful products other than e mail? as i donot have a credit card this is very frustrating i do want to take advantage of your offers but can not do so electronically. i want to know if you can help me out. and thank you and natureday for such a wonderful product.

Date: 05-19-10     User: D.

I have developed my breasts naturally with the cream, when I started using the product I was almost a 36 C. The nurse measured me, but my left side was smaller and now its almost as big as my right size, I did not think that was possible. The doctors said that there is nothing that can be done naturally, but I believe they don’t know. Your products work and thank you. D.

Date: 05-19-10     User: D.

Thank you, my breasts are growing and almost to my completed size. Please send all liquid, thank you, Debbie.

Date: 05-19-10     User: Mr. T.

Natureday staff, I just want you to know that your product is great! I have tried other products in the past, but it was a waste of money. I've been using your product for awhile, (when I have the money) and will continue to do so. I'm not where I want to be yet, but when I'm out of your product, I don't lose what I have already started! Thanks for bringing your product to market! Keep up the GREAT WORK! I'll keep in touch. Don't use e-mail address please!

Date: 05-13-10

Hi Amy I have been using your product for a little over 2 months now. I have certainly noticed some growth. My growth is wider rather than protruding out but the shape is becoming much more noticeable. I seem to have my growth pains every 3-4 weeks and am eagerly awaiting my next. they usually last 2-3 days. I am very happy with my results to date and would recommend your products to anyone seriously wanting to grow breasts Kind Regards S. (Perth WA)

Date: 05-12-10     User: D

Dear Miss Amy, I just wanted to write and tell you what a feeling it is by taking a finger tip or more of the cream and put it directly on my nipples and around the areola for about five minutes. It seems like I can feel my body absorb the cream and it tingles. I hope to get married soon with my girlfriend and I am pursuing this a little more serious before there is no way to hide a purchase from natureday from her. I would like to experience some nipple growth and get to a point where the nipples are sensitive. Thanks, D

Date: 05-06-10     User: J.

Hi Natureday, This is the third time to send my testimonial. I have been used the liquid only for two months and got really amazing results. My breast gets much fuller than one month. My body line is also changing. Very tender. I did not understand what does that mean but now I know it really with touching my body skins, especially hip as well breast skin. I am very happy with the result and gets the nice and warm feeling with my breast, which was one of my dream. Thanks for your support. From one of your happy customers.

Date: 05-05-10     User: Mr. R.

Thank you for such a fast turn around. Although I have been doing this for only 3 months now I only have a size 38 (A) breast. This is good for a 63 year old. I started with a (-) A. I really was unflat when I started. I am proud of what WE have done. I have talked to Ms. Amy several times. I was nervous and scared. But she calmed me down and talked to me like I was a person not just a customer. In all my years of being with people( I am a retired male nurse) I have never met a finer person than Ms. Amy. You have a gem in her. Don't lose her. Mr. R.

Date: 05-04-10     User: B.

Hi Amy, I've been taking 60 to 70 drops a day and using the cream 3 times a day and also putting a few drops on each side daily for almost 4 weeks now. After about 12 days I saw the first growth spurt on the sides and bottom just like you said, and also noticed that my skin is already smoother and I have more tissue in the buttocks area. When do you think I could expect another growth spurt, since nothing has happened for over 2 weeks now? Thanks so much. B.
Response: Each growth spurt is about 1 to 4 weeks apart, it is different for everyone. Your second growth will be pretty fast since your first one was.

Date: 04-29-10     User: A

Sure, you can use this as a testimonial: I've been back on the Fulfillment liquid for about two weeks after a long span of time where I was exclusively using the creme. I was satisfied with the results from the creme but after being back on the liquid as well, my breasts are firmer and a little more bouncy and my aereolae are puffier and pinker . They haven't really grown, since it's only been a couple weeks but I'm feeling and seeing changes already. Also, a tip for those of you who find the taste of the liquid a little hard to swallow, I have found that mixing some of the liquid in with a glass of ginger ale or chewing a piece of ginger makes a more palatable flavor.

Date: 04-29-10     User: Houston

Amy, I guess you noticed that I am going to give this another grow spurt, after being off of the product for a little while and getting use to my new chest size has been amazing. Like all the other guys who have been buying this product, it truly is hard to stop once you started, my experiences with this product has been slow, going at my own pace, I started in 2004 and now I feel my size isn't big like others on this site but it sure is noticeable wearing only a tee-shirt. I do lift weights every day so I do battle keeping them round, but over all they just feel and look great!Please like always email me when you mail it off so I can keep a watch out for the package. Thank you, Houston

Date: 04-28-10     User: Tommie and Patti

This is my second testimonial... Guys and Dolls, Natureday really works! I Love the fullness of my breasts and the softness of my feminine body. I started out, a year ago, to see what the effects would be and I was totally amazed!I am a 42C and only want to get bigger. My aereola's are bigger and darker and my nipples are Oh! so sensitive. My wife and I are both Bi and enjoy my new look. She is on Natureday as well, and has gone from a 40C to a 40D. Our date nights are special. It's now like 2 girls on the prowl. I concider myself now transgendered and loving my new lifestyle! I'll be ordering more!!!!!!!!!! Luv Tommie and Patti

Date: 04-26-10

I knew it would happen but My breasts are an A-B cup. They are bigger than an A cup But not quite a B? Thats me backwads. My wife said I knew you would get it backwards honey Then she laughed. I know you are probably tired of hearing this but I can not bellieve the feeling I have when my breasts rub against my shirt or anything else. I have a before picture and when I get 1/2 way I will send you an after picture. If you can not get my 1st order date I will have to do with out. I can not remember when I 1st ordered? I aqm getting old. Ms. Amy when ever I get a reply from you I know you are sincere. I can read it in your words. Thank you for all your help and God bless you, your family and everyone who loves you.

Date: 04-26-10

Wow, 3 weeks into the program and I can almost fill an A cup from having a flat chest!! Your products are wonderful!! One question. I'm rapidly approaching the point where I want to stop for a little while and I was wondering if there is any amount of either liquid, pills or breast cream or a combination of any, that I can take to sustain what I have and also to keep going on a limited basis until my skin softens and I have less chest and buttocks hair since it's only been 3 weeks since I started and I'd like to sustain what I have without growing too much more for the time being. I've been taking 60 drops of liquid a day and using the breast cream 3 times a day since I started. I'm sure I'll continue as soon as I know how big I want to get.

Date: 04-16-10     User: G

can't believe I've got breasts! Not huge, but nice. I like it that they are so sensitive, now: I can feel them moving around, and fabric brushing against them feels sensuous. When I first started taking the liquid i could feel the stuff working - tingling sort of sensation. Way cool - but distracting!) Don't want to enlarge my breasts any more - got enough!, but would like to concentrate on developing my nips more, especially the aureoles as per your suggestion that I use the cream locally on them and only do ten drops a day of the liquid. They are quite sensitive now, but haven't gotten much bigger, really, though they're hard a lot. Thanks a lot. Surprised that my wife really likes them. She spends about as much time on mine as I do on hers - and I really like hers! She always tolerated my dressing up occasionally as kinky fun, but lately she seems to be a lot more turned on by it. I probably won't be taking my shirt off at the beach much, though. Oh well.

Date: 04-16-10     User: B.

Hi, I'm on my 25th day of double doses of the liquid and 5th day of the cream 3 times a day (which I love) Although I find this hard to believe, I've actually increased 1 full inch around the breasts, which I measured 3 times, to 33"while maintaining the same 32" under. I can definitely see that there's more tissue in the breast area when I look down and when I lie on my back in bed I can see 2 small mounds. What an erotic feeling!! I actually get turned on now by the smell of the liquid since I know what it represents. I'd like to fill out my 38A bra and just leave it at that....I think, but this is really addictive. However I do enjoy going to the beach in the summer with my family and I lift weights 3 or 4 times a week.I have a few before pictures but I don't think I'd qualify yet for the free supplies so I'll hold off on that and a testiomonial. Does this product also feminize the hips, thighs or buttocks? Thanks for your time. B.
Response: The products are designed for enlarging the breasts, however if you want to try the enlargement cream or liquid in other areas - please let us know if it works for you. Thank you, Natureday staff

Date: 04-14-10     User: M.

Hi Amy It has been over two months now. Just wanted to update you and send some more pictures. I started out with a 40" chest measured just under the breast and a 41.5 measured across the nipples.

Today when I measured myself. I measured a wonderful 43" across my nipples. Areolas have gone from 3/4" to 1". I have sent a few pictures that show how much my breasts have grown. Quite pleased with the results so far. Please do not use my name or email address.

Thanks again

Date: 04-14-10

Hello, Once again I took the liquid and did what you suggested for a week and then decided to go back and putting the drops in water and drinking it, I did feel it work a little when I rubbed in into my nipples but the feeling wasn't as good as I feel when I drink the water. So I went back to drinking the water with the droppers in it twice a day for the month. The first two weeks I thought I hit a plato, I was feeling something working but not seeing anything. Last week toward the last couple of drops that were left, I noticed my nipples have a big bud looking shape, don't know how to describe it but they look and feel more pointy and much much more puffy/bigger. They always seem alot harder and stick out more, along with that my breast are much more rounder, I finally got a little more roundness on the bottom of them. They have been growing recently around the sides more and not so much roundness on the bottom, I guess they have to grow out more until they get the all around roundness look and feel. Now I decided once again that I will need to move forward to the next step and that is to grow larger to get that roundness shape of an orange look. I will be placing another order soon, what works better, the cream or the liquid? Thank you!

Date: 04-14-10     User: Andrew

Hello! I've been on your product on-and-off for the last two years and my ultimate goal is to have large nipples and possibly even lactate. Recently, I've applied your product to my nipples daily and my nipples are certainly larger, more sensitive, and I think i even see milk ducts developing. When I massage them, I can feel the breast tissue: It's not just fat! For a while I didn't notice my breasts growing, but lately when I'm brushing my teeth or washing my face, my breasts dangle and my nipples will touch the counter top and surprise me! When I'm reading a book, they rest on my wrists! I've even taken to wearing a sleeping bra at night and I enjoy it quite a bit. I've enclosed a photo of my results so far, please feel free to use it. Do not show my email address, please. Andrew

Date: 04-14-10

Please don't use my email for this.. Before I bought natureday, I spent a long time looking around the internet for a way to grow male breasts. I used herbal suppliments I had read about, and got a little result. That was early last year. Begining of 2010, I bought 2 months supply of Natureday, to see if it was as good as stated. Well after 3 weeks I ordered another 3 months supply, because I liked the results and feeling so much. My shirts were getting tighter, and I could see small breasts mounds when i lay flat on my back. After 4 more weeks I bought another 3 month supply.. it doesnt last that long. Anyway, after about 10 weeks I decided to stop taking natureday, because my colleages at work were starting to notice the extra size.. I could only stop for two weeks because the feeling of growth and looking at my small breasts is too much. I have to keep growing, it seems to be so adictive and yet so wrong. So far this year I have managed to fill an A cup, although I have noticed that my right breast is growing faster than the left, but I have massaged some of the liquid in for the past week to see if things even out.Now I have a little bounce when walking The feeling of finally growing breasts is fantastic, and so far it has not been noticed so much with the wife.. yet.. Thanks Natureday

Date: 04-14-10     User: Lee

Hello Amy; Okay. Here's my first testimonial to anything ever. Started with the drops (I love licorice so the drops really aren't much different), soap (love the smell of the soap), and pills for just short of five weeks now. Since I had NO chest before I started, the difference now is very noticeable. Okay I am convinced this stuff works and the wife loves them so far but now I am hooked. I wonder what if's (what if I continue with the soap, liquid and pills for another six months? Another year? What if the girls get bigger than I expected?). I have always been extremely inquisitive so I think for now I'll keep going just to see what if.............. I'll keep you updated and maybe a pix next time (this whole experience is just so cool). Lee

Date: 04-06-10     User: xx

Have gone so far in 1 month from 40 around bust to 40.5 in one month having just started,will keep a picture reference and write testimonial when i reach desired size. Cheers xx


Date: 04-02-10     User: G.

I have purchased your eight month supply and have been taking a dropper full of fullfillment morning and evening, 3 capsules throughout the day and three at night, rubbing cream on in the morning and at night,also rubbing a small amount of dropper liquid onto my nipples, using the soap every shower time. I have 2 fullfillment bottles, 2 bottles of capsules and 1 jar of cream left and have only been taking for one month, can't see it lasting even four months, have grown approx not just over quarter of an inch. Am i taking it right as i want to grow as quick as i can, could you advise me on a program of what i need to take and when, have given up coffee and drink tea, perhaps i should stop the tea as well. sorry about the long question. I will purchase another eight month supply with an extra soap in the next couple of days to allow me to keep going. I would be happy if i grew to a B cup. Thank you for your patients Kindest Regards G

Date: 03-25-10     User: M.

hello i just wantted to say thanks for a great line have of products ive been using the liquid and cream for about 2 weeks now and i have noticed a change starting to happin i have been taking the liquid about a half a dropper straight twice a day and 2 dropps on nipple twice a day and cream 3 times a day and things are starting to change quite a bit i only have a 2 month supply but will be making a new order soon very happy

Date: 03-22-10     User: .

Thank you for the lightening speed delivery…I placed my second order on a Friday afternoon and received it the following Monday morning! My first order was for two bottles of the liquid and one cream. I ended up going thru the two bottles of liquid in one month. I think I was a little over zealous and probably peed out more than my breasts absorbed, but what an amazing product! I’ll try and pace these next two bottles of liquid and will continue to apply the cream. In one month my breasts are most definitely softer, fuller, and more shapely with larger nipples and areola. I actually noticed growth and sensitivity the first week and love the touch and feel of them. I‘ve always admired and never wanted much more than a full “A” cup or so, and keep a close watch on the growth. Typically I only use the liquid and cream during the week and nothing on the weekends. This way I figure I’ll have time to really evaluate the growth and not grow larger than what I desire. The fullness and slight bounce I already feel is exhilarating, and I love the look when my nipples are “relaxed”. The areola is more puffy and larger in diameter, especially when my breasts are warm. Watching the nipples grow erect as the areola shrinks in diameter is definitely new for me. At any rate, I’m very happy and will send some after pictures when I reach my desired growth. Please feel free to post this, but I prefer to remain anonymous for privacy reasons. From a very happy customer… I can’t thank you enough! J

Date: 03-19-10

I suppose my story started innocently enough. I am a 48 yo male 6' tall about 220 lbs. with a wife and two children. I was at my doctor's last year for my annual checkup and he noticed that I had gynecomastia on one side of my chest. I had always had a slight protruding nipple that came out about 1/4 of an inch that only bothered me when I wore ban-lon or other stretchy material. He offered to remove it surgically, but I wasn't ready for that. When I got home, I mentioned it to my wife who suggested my using your product. She had purchased it a few years back in the hope of going from a b-cup to a c-cup, with almost the success she wanted, but figured that maybe if the area around the nipple was a bit fuller, it would give the appearance of a more manly chest. I started using your product, and followed the tips you gave for enlargement for about six (6) months with what looked like minimal, if any change. Then it started to happen. My breasts began to grow to where my clothes stopped fitting me, they kept growing and I had a 48" chest. My breasts became so heavy that my wife suggested that I get a bra to support them - maybe they would stop growing. They weigh about 10 lbs, but I have actually lost weight now. They also jiggle when I walk with no support. She had me fitted for a size 48DD bra, but the stores only had this size in a nursing bra, and in pink yet. Well, I tried it on and it fit, so we bought it and I wore it home. By now, the cups are feeling snug, and I'm at the last rungs. I think I am going to have to get a larger size, I never knew bras like that costs $ 30.00 a piece. Some things I never realized, like my clothes don't fit me the same any more. Surprisingly, I have no back pain, but I am able to hide my large bustline when I go out under a sweatshirt and jacket. The bra works, but when I wear the bra it lifts the chest and the bra shows right through. I recently went to my doctor for my annual visit, albeit reluctantly, due to my new size. I asked him if I am becoming a woman, he just chuckled and suggested I grow my hair a little longer and shave more often. Then he ordered a mammogram for a base-line test. Would you believe it? I have fatty tissue, breast glands, and milk-ducts. These are real breasts. They are almost perfectly symmetrical. If you want to know what I look like, just imagine a 6' male Dolly Parton with short hair and a 5 o'clock shadow. My brother asked me when I intend to have them surgically removed, but when I look at my breasts in the mirror, they are so beautiful that I can't bring myself to cut them. The products worked maybe a little much. My question for you - do you know of any way to reverse this without surgery? I didn't bargain for that. Note: please do not give out my e-mail address now. Thank you.
Response: If you want them smaller you can do a bunch of breast muscle chest exercises, and that will help to reduce the fat.

Date: 03-19-10     User: Nigella

Hi, I’m delighted with my progress. I am a natural male. after only 6 weeks of massaging the soap on the breasts once a day and taking the Fulfillment liquid from the dropper (3/4 full) as a drink in water at least once a day.and sometimes twice. Now when I look down I see two very nice breasts developing. I enjoy holding them and caressing them . They are shaping up nicely.although my right is a little bigger than the left. My nipples are much larger and firmer than before and seem to be hardening from the extent that they seem to be permanently erect and are noticeable through my clothes, particularly if I wear a sweater. It really is amazing that the wonderful tingling sensations occurring around the nipple areas started so quickly. They continue to bring an unexpected smile to my face to the extent that people often ask me what I am smiling about. I do not yet have the confidence to tell them but when they are even bigger I hope to be able to show them. I wish I had heard of NatureDay wonder products before. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Nigella from the UK. P.S. Please do not use my real name or email address if you publish this. You are welcome to use email under the name Nigella.

Date: 03-14-10     User: K.

Hi, I've got the result.

I am so amazed with the result. Wow, this is really works and I even feel very healthy. I can feel and notice the difference everyday even I am taking only small amount. I have attached my after photo. I can expect more change but the 1 month supply is almost gone and need more. :-) Thanks, Your happy customer,

K PS: Please don't use my name and email but you can use my photo and I am surely saying your product is really great.

Date: 03-14-10     User: L.

20, M. I ordered your product two months ago and the results are more than expected. I began taking 3 pills a day, and I began using the liquid at 30 drops per day. I also put one drop of the liquid on my nipples twice daily. In addition the cream once daily and I didn't forget about the flax seed and daily multi-vitamin As my picture will show there has been about 3/4 inch gain for me. Your product is a wonder and I am very glad I went with Natureday but then who wouldn't with all these proven results? The growth has been non-stop and I keep noticing that I am getting a lot more sensitive. I actually got compliments. my friends think I am working out more. Little do they know that I'm using Natureday and loving it. My skin has felt much softer since using your product as well. Thanks.

Date: 03-02-10     User: A.

hi Amy my size is now 36C my areola is becoming larger and larger my nipples became very very sensitive when i walk my breast now bounce with every movements it feels me great these all because of that great breast cream thanks natureday staff i love you!!

Date: 02-26-10     User: H.


Date: 02-25-10     User: M.

Hi Amy, Please do not use my name and email. I just want to write and let you know how things are going. I recieved my order on the 12 Feb 2010. After reading your advice I came up with a game plan. I started with taking flax oil and a multi-vitamin on the day I placed my order. I was pretty excited to get my order and get started. Although I had to wait an hour to start taking the liquid since I had just ate before going and getting the mail. Seriously, I was shocked that I could feel it working in just a few hours. Today is 24 Feb 2010 just a day short of two weeks. I am so very pleased with the results that I have achieved so far. The pictures that I sent may not show how much my breasts have change in the past couple weeks but the feelings I get from the liquid and cream are just amazing. I can barely keep my hands off of them. They feel so nice in my hands. I have noticed that my nipples are slowly getting bigger also. I can't wait to see how much more they grow in the next six weeks. I even got a jiggle or two when I drove into town a couple days ago (wow that felt great). For the guys and gals that read your claims and wonder if they are true. I am here to tell them just like all your other clients that this works. So guys and gals if you are wanting to increase your breast size and do it naturally. The products that Natureday have will surely do the job and at a fraction of the cost and without the dangers of having breast implants. I will send my measurement at the end of two months. Amy please pass along a great big thanks to all the folks that work at Natureday. Good job keep up the good work. M.

Date: 02-21-10

I'm not for sure if i am doing things correctly, I been through 3 bottles of the liquid, a jar and half of the cream and one bottle of pills. I seen some growth but when I put the cream on, am i supposed to massage it in or rub it in til it's clear? because the latter is what I have been doing. Just wanting some feedback but yes I do feel a growth.

Date: 02-12-10     User: Houston

Amy, Once again I am very pleased with the new results of these two months, once I received the liquid I only used it once every other day. My grow spurts were much slower but never less the feeling was there and I gained more roundness. Now that you have me hooked on this product, can't turn back now since I have a good size of breast, almost a C-cup. I only now wish that my nipples would get more bigger in size, any suggestions? Thanks, Houston
Response: Applying a few drops of the liquid to the areolas/ nipples daily will help speed things up.

Date: 02-07-10     User: .

Please do not use my name or e-mail but otherwise share as you wish. I have been using your product for 9 months. Your liquid, pills and cream. I have been blown away by the results. I was completely flat chested and now have size AB breasts with a growth of about one and a half inches. I was as sceptical as anybody and can't believe the results. Having a somewhat scientific mind 3 months into the program I decided to analyse the data from the testimonials. lI ooked for inches of growth and where cup sizes were quoted I used A=1 inch, B= 2", C=3". . While the data is very noisy it shows that a logarithmic fit is the best. Expect to grow a lot in the first three months and then the growth will appear to slow and it is going to be very important to be persistent. I intend to go for a full two years and am sure that I will achieve a very impressive B if nor more....about the right size for my build. A couple of tips for what they're worth. I have reduced coffee to one cup a day. I have found liquid plus cream is a good solution for me. I find when I take high doses of liquid, one full dropper a day, that I get acne just below the breast line. Very cute and amazing since I am not young. ry the hot and cold shower routine. I've started using it. On the cold shower burst the breasts really do go hard and pert!

Date: 02-05-10     User: T

Hello Sugar, I hope your doing well. Me just wonderful.:) breast look and feel great. I finished the last of my order, about 3 weeks ago. And I still think I'm feeling growing pains, on top of my breast. Is that possible? Well I'm going to take a break for awhile. I'm debating on if I want to go bigger. My wife says stop for now. Lol she nor I planned on it working this well. And I will say this again, MEN DO NOT USE NATUREDAY= If you don't want breast. IT WORKS guaranteed!! And no, I'm not getting paid, or any kick backs for saying this! Its for real, all you have to do is be faithful in taking the product,maybe adding daily massages, and a heating pad, for twenty minutes a day, before massages helps. If Amy will post my first pic with the last one, you can see the difference. So now I have some thinking to do. I want bigger :) for sure. But its not as if theirs a long line of women, who want a man with boobies. I tell you its almost addicting it feels so good. Soft, sensual, and sensitive. Oooohh I've got to stop that. Lol. They look and feel great to me. Amy thank you so much. Love hugs and kisses. Sincerely Tatiana. P.S. A free chat room for your clients, to share ideas, thoughts, tips and techniques. Would be wonderful. Just remember Bigger is better :) please don't use my email.

Date: 02-03-10     User: Rickie

Hi Natureday, I've always wanted to try your products. My wife ordered for herself and I was using it without her knolege but she caught me. She said if I wanted bigger breasts I would have to start wearing a bra all the time. So she had me fitted. I'm now a 42d. She took me to Victoria's Secrect and bought me new bras and panties. To get my nipples larger she used her breat pump on me(the one she used for expressing milk). With the cream and the liquid and pumping they are getting bigger. She loves playing and sucking on them. I wanted to send a picture but she said my boobs were hers to enjoy and no one eleses to see. We went out the other night with me wearing a skirt and lace se thru blouse plus a full makeup package and we had a blast. I had to go to the rest room so she reminded me to go to the ladies room it was nice, I even had another lady ask me about my breast so I let her touch them and I told her about your products. She said she was going to check them out.We found out when you put the liquid on the breast it works better if you warm it up first. I love how your products have changed my life. Rickie

Date: 02-01-10     User: nita

hi amy i m nita i have tryied your liquid n cream my breast increase by 3 inchies my nipple to nipple size is 39 inchies and bust area is 36 inchies. my areola was like smaller then dime became now bigger then quarter and size of nipple also increase almost double when i massage my breast with cream after massage (15 mins). please tell me which cup size i have now i want to continue the same medicine for further six months pl replly the size thanks

Date: 01-31-10     User: R

Hi Amy- After one month of using breast soap, I'm real pleased with the enlargement and growth I have. On your site, it gives the real benefits of how estrogen works for males. I may be a party of some of that starting now. Can I get the full benefits of everything estrogen does under four months, if my breast size has been accomplished and the bra size is where I want it not to change? Your information is so helpful on the home page for each topic. Thanks in confidence. User R.

Date: 01-31-10     User: Bob

Amy, Have done fantastic, but do not want to I need some supplies. Please send me a bottle of tablets and two vials of liquid. You should still have my NEW credit card. If not let me know. Address is still the same as well. I have inially gotten to the size that I want to be...I especiallly feel extremely comfortable in a bra every day, sometimes even wear it to go shopping. Need some 38 thru 40 C bras I have many to get drid of.... I know telling you about how good they feel may be like telling Noah about the flood...They have become a tremendous asset. I have achieved a fine set of boobs you will be proud you for it. Don't know if it's the boobs or one horrendous bra fetish...any ideas? B.

Date: 01-29-10     User: L.

Thank you for your product I love it. After four weeks of using only the soap my breasts are rounder on the sides and they feel firmer and fuller. That is what I wanted to accomplish and I am pleased with the results. I have enough soap left for about another week then I will stop using it, but I am most happy with what it has done for me. Please don’t use my name-just call me- L

Date: 01-26-10     User: H.

i have been taking your product for about two weeks i have seen some results in this short time. i am an older male,would like to know if i can take more than three pills a day. i now take three in the morning along with the drops.

Date: 01-17-10     User: W.J.A.

Amy Please don't give my name. I like all the men that try your cream and pills/ liquid and soap am astonished. I'm new and I just started. I'm a 42 chest breast size 44 I fill a almost B bra real easy. I have been on it only three months. I know I'm going to stay with the plan I like the growth. I feel my nipples a little sore and I see the growth. I'm totally amazed. If any one wants to know what I'm using I well tell them. Thank you again for such a great product. W.J.A.

Date: 01-17-10     User: R.

Hi Amy- I've been using breast soap for 2 wks. so far. Last couple of days, I left in on longer, before I shower. Now I notice that the bra that I wear for approx. 8 hrs. a day is somewhat snugger than before. The breast have formed a nice rounded shape, with the B cup full on the sides and bottom, and a little progress on the upper portion and center. Once the center, or nipple area fills out the cup, I wll leave it at that and stop to the attained size of a full B. At that time, when I stop using the product, will I still have continued growth, possibly to a C cup, or does the growth stop? When the center fills out, will the sides, bottom and top still allow me to stay a B. Thanks for you time in confidentiality.
Response: After you stop using Natureday products you will still grow a week afterward. We are very pleased to hear you are growing so fast with just the soap- great job!

Date: 01-10-10     User: Sandy

I started using Natureday products on 11/08/2009 and after 2 months i am amazed at the results. I would and have recommended your product to many of my friends. I've gained a inch and a half so far and looking forward to much more. The weight i feel in my breast is unbelievable love it. Thank You Sandy

Date: 01-08-10     User: B.

I started taking your product on 11/17/2009. I have nearly completed the 2 month supply and I'm all ready measuring an A cup- from a flat chest.. I have ordered my 2nd 2 month supply which just arrived today and I can not wait to see the result after 4 months. I will take pictures this time and and send the before and after results. Thanks.

Date: 01-06-10     User: Robin

Hi Amy, Here is a recent pic of my breasts that are still growing.

I started dating a really nice lady and she loves my breasts.

The reason I'm writing is that I just want to tell all the men out there this product does really work.
As always please don't use my E mail. I wish I could but I just can't.

Date: 01-06-10

I just wanted to check in, and let you know its growing great, I'm back at 47 in.

Across the breast I lost about 5/8 of an inch. During the down time I had, but by the pics I'm sending you. I'm doing great.

I ran out of my pills today. But I'm trying another boost enhancement, with the liquid fulfillment. I feel and look great. Thanks Amy. Tatiana. Here's some pics. :) pls. Do not use my email. Hugs and kisses.

Date: 01-05-10     User: SC

I have started with a liquid & pills two months supply package along with the cream in mid June 2009. By late June, I've decided to order an additional three months supply package (2 bottles of liquid with one bottle of pills). However, I have finished the pills and liquid by early October... and just finished the cream as of today. I felt my shirts are tighter after one month or so... I can surely feel the difference... may not be showing much on a piture... Just ordered the Eight Month Complete Supply package... can't wait to see what would happen... (at the same time... worry about how would I go out being unnoticed). Thank you! SC

Date: 12-27-09     User: Sam

This is my first update, I ended up using my first month supply a tiny bit faster than I had intended (21 days with maybe 3 or 4 more left.) I would have included some before and after photos but the progress has been slow so I'm not sure the growth would have been noticeable, though there is definitely a difference in feel. For reference to any other lookers I'm 5'9" and weigh about 150lbs. My chest was previously shaped by traditional pecks, now they're a bit softer with little tissue building up behind my nipples. I have just ordered an additional two month supply and am hoping to reach my goal of an a-b cup range. Which I hope won't draw too many questions from friends and family. As a side note the flavor of the liquid isn't too bad, though I found the smell and the after smell to be overpowering, though luckily I did notice that a spoonful of peanut butter rids your mouth of the bitter taste.

Date: 12-21-09     User: W.

I have been useing your cream and soap and pill. I am very happy with the resuts. I sent you an order over a week ago and have not received it as f yet. normally it would have been hear by now and I was wondering wht happend to the order could yo give me some statis on the order. Thank you. Please don't give out any of my info thankyou.

Date: 12-21-09     User: Bobie Bo

Amy: How are you. I wanted to write to you and tell everyone that I used Natureday products for about a year and went from pretty flat to a solid 40B and have maintained that size for about 2 years. I wear a bra every day and love my titties. If anyone wants breast I would strongly recommend Natureday products. Hugs, Bobie Bo. [email protected]

Date: 12-07-09     User: DD

Hi Amy. Hope that you had a good Thanksgiving. After finishing the products in September, I was very satisfied. I also thought that it would be like a new toy. After a while, the new would wear off and I would just look at them sometimes. However, I find myself still fondling and looking at them in the mirror every chance I get everyday. I am a naturist and love being nude every chance I get. The great looking breasts (to me) are an added attraction to being nude. Thanks so much for the great product. I am still thrilled. Have a blessed, great upcoming holiday season.

Date: 12-07-09     User: Happy Houston

Hello Amy, I just wanted to tell you and Natureday customers that I have been very pleased with your product and service over these five years. I have come a long way since my first bottle of liquid back in 2004, I started as a thin male flat chest. Over the months after I began using your product, I did my doses once in the morning and once before bedtime for a month straight. I was so amazed by the feeling of it the liquid working, after a month of using the product I have seen some results, not much but it was working so I kept ordering as I ran out. About the fourth bottle, toward the end I noticed a big difference in my chest and near my armpit area, it felt more softer and my chest was bigger and softer, not round yet like a women's breast but I knew I was on my way. I am sure I am not alone when I say this but I did stop using the product a lot during the months because I needed to make sure if I really wanted to have a full roundness breast as of a woman, the back of my mind I say yes. I know once I go forward I can't go back so my progress had been slow over these years. A couple of years later in around 2006 I was dating a girl, I hadn't realized how much progress I had since I had seen my breast developing each week so I thought it wasn't much different in size. Short story my girl at that time had one of my breast in her hand, my breast filled her hand and she touched both of them, one in each hand and told me that was weird because they didn't feel like a guys chest more like her own breast. I was shocked because I look at them every morning and never noticed they have reached a small cup size. She made me put her braw on to see if it fitted me, so I did and I had it on and it was very tight, and yes my breast fitted right into her cup size. That was a 34 - A. (She finally got over it and wanted me to keep taking your product) In the beging of this year, I was still taking your product off and on. I have been worried maybe I went too large on my breast, My cup size is around a 34 - B size. In the back of my mind I think I should have stopped a couple of months ago but I liked the feeling as they grow and not to mention walking around the house without a sport braw on. A couple of months ago I went to the gym, I had my sport braw on and was jogging on the treadmill. I didn't stay on long because I felt and seen my breast bouncing a lot more then I wanted. Other people there noticed, so I got the looks. So today I am still taking the product, just not every day. I did notice last week my nipples have grown much bigger and wider. My girl friend tells me all the time my breast are nice, big and round and she loves them (I think more then me). Once again, Thank you for your wonderful product and service over these years. A very Happy Houston customer! Happy Holidays!!

Date: 12-03-09     User: S.

hi amy its s. I ordered some of the products awhile back and was amazed at what ive gained. I had to stop. My wife didnt like it to much,so i quit.i was really sad. So i should be placing an order by the 21st of december. What should i do to get my body ready for more fulfillment. Yours truly s.

Date: 12-03-09     User: D.

No problem. I have the materials now and have started the process. I already feel some life in my breasts -amazing!. I am taking a pill twice a day and using the soap and cream twice a day. I take two droppers (the dropper will only fill half way) in the morning with one pill and water an hour before breakfast (I have always eaten breakfast mid-morning). I have given up the caffeine and am trying to reduce carbs.. I picked up some Flax oil capsules and a whey protein supplement. I have my 'before' photo. Wish me luck. Best Regards, D. 12-09-09 It has only been two weeks today, but I am definitely getting results! There is only one word for how this program makes my breasts feel - Amazing! Even when they ache a little, it feels exquisite. It can be downright distracting! I have grown 1.5 inches and can see some shape beginning from the nipples towards my underarms. Not enough to show much yet, but exciting! Best Regards, Dick

Date: 12-02-09     User: M.

I have been using only the soap for a week. I have put it on several times a day. In only a week I have gained 3/4 of an inch. They are starting to fill out more on the sides and the bottom. I am amazed.Do not use my name or email. I did this to feel what it like to have breasts. I am not a gay man nor do I plan to be. Thank You

Date: 11-29-09     User: J.

Hi, I notice that my breast is little growth after more than 2 week using it . Before apply liquid directly to breast , right breast is smaller than left breast , but after using it the range diffrent is more obvious and clear. How to solve it ? I only apply to breast not by drink, Thank you
Response: You can apply the liquid more often to the smaller one. Apply 1 to 3 times a day. We are happy you are growing so fast. Natureday staff

Date: 11-28-09     User: Robin

Here is a photo in my nice white lacy bra.

If you really want nice big bobbies and hard nipples that you will just have to play with this product really does work.

I'm only saying this because I cant stop playing with my bobbies and playing with my hard nipples now. I really enjoy showing off my still growing breasts hope you can post this pic. Please don't use my e mail. Robin

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