2767 Testimonials and Growing

12-23-10     Houston
I did what you told me to do, I had been putting the cream on my nipples only for the past four months, twice a day. I am so thrilled to see and feel the results, much better that I thought would be possible, not only have they gone from a dime size to a quarter size but they have become much longer in height. It also seems like my breast have become bigger too, It appears that I hit a growth spurt, almost 1" more outward. Now not only are they much rounder but they really stick out more, I have a really good look and feel of them. At this rate I will have no choice but to wear support soon, let me tell you something. A man having breast, I didn't think that I would ever get use to them moving around when walking but after some time you do, and now after growing them bigger I feel a new feeling of movement. I know in time I will get use to this but for now it sure does feel good. It's hard to say why it feels so good, I guess having a flat chest all your life is not much fun and now having a chest with curve and bounce it a ton of fun. I just wished todays world would be more excepting to men with breast. My girlfriend loves my new look and it just make everything more fun in the bedroom. Thank you!

12-23-10     AmberB
I bought the liquid off amazaon.com and I love how its working, I can feel the tngling sensation in my nipple areas and all over my chest. Been using for a month now, havent seen much relutls but can feel it working, im excited.

12-23-10     you may use this picture if you wish
natureday, you may use this picture if you wish. j

12-23-10     ES
02-08-08 Hi Amy Mine, I've been using Natureday for three months now and wanted to share the results with a testimonial that you can add to your collection. The attached Microsoft word record with photos shows a full 1 1/4" of growth after only 30 days.there is some filling out along the sides of my breasts and the total increase of size has been 1/4 inch, and they are beginning to round out a bit above my nipples. I'll continue the use of Natureday capsules and adding the liquid has been a little more successful, so as long as there's continued improvement, I can vouch for the fact that Natureday actually works, and that is from a skeptic. Thanks Amy and Natureday for getting me going on the road to bigger and fuller breasts. At least I now fill up my 28AA bras, and I'm looking forward to the day I fill at least a full C cup. Thank you. Please don't print my email or address or last name.

12-23-10     Grace
Thanks so much; have been appling 1/2 dropper on ea nipple and areola 3 times a day for 10 days ,taking 2 pills am 1 noon 2 at bed time massage the girls and cream morning and night.I feel have notied some growth "yea". morning, well the girls are getting bigger;36 under 39 over 1/2" nipples 1 1/4 " areola to start, today 36 under 40 over 3/4" nipples and 1 1/2 " areola. They do seam bigger and stick out more..YEA. They haven't increased in weight yet but I guess that will come on latter they are firmer love, Grace

11-24-10     sharri
..... thanx for being concerned about my order..... that has shown me how much you genuinely do care about your customers satisfaction .....mmmmmmmmmmm ............................again .....i am very blown away ...by the way your products work ...especialy how fast ....(i must admit i started immediately with a half dropper full and 3 pills ...both in the morning ...and the same in the evening ...did that for 10 days .... also massaged a couple of drops into both nipples and areolas every time i took a dosage.... i wanted to jump start the process....mmmmmmmmm and very obviously very happy.....very excited.. .. has no doubts about all you said.....customer sharri ..

11-22-10     Sharri
p.s. am very happy with your products ........ it does exactly what you claim it will do.......it is almost working tool well ....... jk this is my 16th day of using the liquid and the pills .......... i took careful accurate measurements b4 ......and at the end of each week... so far...nipples have grown from 1/8" dia ...to 3/8" areolas have increased 1/4" all the w ay around them....and the measurement over my nipples has increased 2 1/2"{ ... i dont know how i could be any happier .........mmmmmmm ty for your awesome products

11-21-10     Jeff
Hi Amy, Just a short note & pic update since 08-25-10. I just finished my last supply and I'm quite happy with the results. Now I have to decide if I want to get any bigger. Take care & I love your product. Jeff

11-18-10     have noticed a thickening under both nipples
for knowledge I am taking the liquid, have been for the past 3 months, and have noticed a thickening under both nipples. Hi, No, no pain, sensitivity has increased and I have noticed the growth under the arms, and a little to the front. The thickening under the nipples was a new thing for me. So all is well then Thanks.

11-13-10     joleen
hello to the staff at natureday as i said about a month or so ago my husband has always wanted to have very large female breasts both in size and shape as a male and not knowing much about breast enlargement other than breast implants he put me in charge of this project and i chose the natureday program for him the pills the liquid the soap the shakes the whole nine yards now a few weeks later the results are just great he now has the breasts he always wanted now that his breasts are very noticeable and now need support i recently took him for a bra fitting and feel he is or has made progress toward his goal of having female size and shape breasts he was very excited and like a giddy schoolgirl about getting his first braonce he put on a bra for the very first time other than to shower and sleep he is never bra-less today he knows just as much about bras and wearing a bra as any woman does because he is a large full c cup shooting for a d cup and or dd cup he wears bras made for full figure big gals he likes goddess elomi and lunaire bras a big thank you to natureday for helping him toward him having his breasts he thinks it is great and fun to go shopping for and trying on bra and likes the reactions he gets from the salesgirls at the lingerie shops also he dont understand all the fuss woman make about bras as far as being uncomfortable and killing them he has told me that there is no better feeling than a well fitting brah likes to joke around with me telling me just like the girl in the playtex ads that he is happy when his girls are happy have a great day joleen

11-07-10     men can grow nipples that are respectable also
Here is another pic of my growth. As you can see, men can grow nipples that are respectable also. They feel great. You can sure see the fold where my bra fits the bottom of them. Thank you for the wonderful products. I may order more in the future. Thanks P

11-05-10     DG
Well it has been 1 month and I am very satisfied with the results. I have gone from a 42 across the chest to a 43.5. I am filling out b bra much better now and my areolas are getting puffier. My wife made a comment when we were siting on the couch the other day she said what is this and grabbed my boob. I just told her I was getting fat again. not really true but I think she bought it. I am much rounder they have got. I am so excited about having breast.

11-05-10     C x
Hi Amy, its been a while since my last testimonial, but i have to tell you that i have just finished my last order and well, THANK YOU to NATUREDAY, my brests are feeling and looking wonderful. Natureday products are the BEST. i love my breasts and now want to grow them bigger. At first i only wanted small breasts, and natureday gave me them, now i want them bigger, so i will be ordering more soon. every time i use Natureday i grow..... yum ... thanks C x i have included my update photos as proof of your great products work..

11-05-10     Deanna
I have always wanted female breast and after alot of reading and looking online decided to go with Natureday. I bought the 8 month supply, so I have been using the pills, cream, and liquid for about 3 weeks with regular breast messages. I am using the liquid in the morning and evening, the cream in the morning, and the pills around mid-day. I figure I would use the soap when I run out of one of the other products. I have read numerous accounts of others having growth pains and tingling around their nipples. Well, I have to admit that I have not felt anything to that degree really. Although the other night my wife commented on my small breast. I really didn't think much about it, because she knows that I crossdress so I thought she was "pillow talking". Well, today I was walking down the steps at work when I noticed that my breast were jiggling. I also noticed that I have "mounds" under my nipples and my areolas seems to be larger. They were about the size of a nickle, but seem to be about the size of a quarter. I don't know if my results are typical for 3 weeks, but I am encouraged to continue. I also don't expect results overnight, although I would love that. Is it possible to have growth without any the pains? I have had the occasional "itchy nipples". Is this a positive sign? Thanks, Deanna
Response: About 30% of everybody that takes Natureday products do feel some type of growing pains such as itchy nipples, or a sensation in their breasts. But most people feel nothing, they just look down and they are larger one day:)

11-04-10     THANK YOU to NATUREDAY, my brests are feeling and looking wonderful
Hi Amy, its been a while since my last testimonial, but i have to tell you that i have just finished my last order and well, THANK YOU to NATUREDAY, my brests are feeling and looking wonderful. Natureday products are the BEST. i love my breasts and now want to grow them bigger. At first i only wanted small breasts, and natureday gave me them, now i want them bigger, so i will be ordering more soon. every time i use Natureday i grow..... yum ... thanks C x

11-02-10     ...
First and foremost. Let me say, ladies,and men. If you would truly want more fuller feminine breast, Natureday does work!! I just wanted to put something out there for the ladies. So you have or know of a man, who would like to enlarge his breasts? Please don't feel as if its wrong! I personally think its, a huge form of flattery, that a man sees and adores your beautiful smooth body. There are plenty of us who think it is. And please don't think that all of us want to be women. Not true. But were open minded enough to do things with you some men would shiver at the thought of. We enjoy being with you so much on so many different levels. That having breasts ourselves, would only add to the relationship. Not take away from you! Not to mention make us feel better. Just think of the things you could do more of together. Shopping, dressing up. Helping one another. All the things I've over the years heard women say! You want a more sympathetic male lover, and companion? Here's your chance! I myself (male) love being a guy! But enjoy the finer things too. :) the kissing caressing, cuddling, and conversations, role playing. But also enjoy the male side of me to! So you run into an issue your man wants breast? Maybe the lifestyle your living together, has promoted the idea, maybe like me, would make me feel closer to you! I'm not trying to take away from your beauty, just add a little beauty to myself. For we males do have a soft side, but not all are willing to expose it. Personally I started the breast enlargement process, as my wife knew about, but as soon as she seen it working, she became upset. She told me that it took away from her being the woman. So very untrue! I love and adore her. From a mans mind and point of view. And is typically not something a man would want to flaunt. Lol but I do have inner beauty, and would very much like to have a little outer beauty myself. But at the risk of divorce I must stop! I love her to much for that, but she knows what she surpresses in me, that I would never tell her. So please, I know it may not seem natural or even what your looking for in your man. We all have our own battles, can we not come together, for a better conclusion? Thank you for your time. Ps. Ever thought about going topless like a man? This might even the playing field, so to speak. Amy please don't print my email, or name. Thank you and god bless your heart and the Natureday company! :)

11-01-10     you can see, my boobs are starting to stand out nicely
Here is my latest picture. As you can see, my boobs are starting to stand out nicely. I can only hope they will continue to grow and spill out of my bra. Thanks again for the chance to become the woman I want to be with enormous boobs and a sexy figure to boot.

10-25-10     R/L
Hello Iíve been using the pills, soap, cream and liquid for about 6 months and have noticeably great results. I am very pleased. Just ordered some more soap today. I have enclosed my before and current photos for your reference. I am now a full B cup, trying for a C cup by the new-year. I want to say that the products REALLY work and that your customer service is second to none. You always answer my questions in a timely manner and have been so helpful in getting my combo orders right and to me in about 5 days (for some reason it always seems that I order on Saturday, you ship on Monday and I have my items by Thursday). Simply the finest customer service I have ever experienced; Informative, caring and sincere. Keep it up and you should win a J.D. Powers award. Thanks again for everything. Iíll update you with more Pix in a couple of months. First picture at 2 months, second one at 6 months. Iím Lovín it!

10-25-10     Jack
Your company is the greatest. I just put in a order for 3 months about a hr. ago, of your product for the last time. I thought I would try it 1 more time to see if I can get a little larger. I've been using your stuff off and on for about 1 year. I started at 41.5 and I'm at 42.75. I'm thinking that its slow to get to the size that I want. Thank you for the 2 growth spurts though! Jack

10-17-10     Donna
both my wife and myself have wanted bigger breasts and have been using your natureday program with fantastic results as both of our breasts are filling out firming and rounding out we both have outgrew our training bras and are both large b cup almost c cup it isa great feeling at having breasts and both wearing and shopping for bras we both cant thank you enough for the very great produci thank you don aka donna

10-14-10     michelle
hello amy i am a male ever since elementary school as the other girls in my class started to develop i also wanted breasts and also when the girls started wearing bras i also wanted a bra my high school girlfriend and i have both started to recently start on the natureday program we both started out with small a cups it seemed to work a little faster on her than it is for e she was a full a cup while i was still wearing my training bra i have since caught up and now we are both 38 b cup i love having breasts and wearing brasi cant wait to i get to be a c cup as my breasts have gotten bigger my girlfriend donna has starting calling me michelle the female form of my male ame michael thanks to your fine product i am very happy to have a bustline we have a inside joke between the two of us whee i call he breasts her boobs and she calls my breasts my tits besides i like that word tits it has a nice ring to it and sounds better than boobs we both enjoy having tits and constantly snap eah i mean each others bra straps i now love to go bra shopping and when our four tits ara happy both donna and michelle are happy michelle

10-10-10     Paris
some news from me to show my success has not stopped. I know i have a great debt because the blends of natureday has boosted me !!I will not forget to turn all those who ask me for a help toward this web site Here are two recent pictures. I think many love my breasts.- ([email protected], Paris)

I want to Thank you for the recent quick service. I ordered on a Saturday morning (Oct 2,2010) and received it on Monday.(Oct 4th) Did not know the Post Office could be so fast. Washington to Florida is a long way........ Anyway, Thanks. LOVE YOUR PRODUCTS. B

10-02-10     Rebecca Anne
I started last February . I was flat. I am now an A +. I have stopped growing. My wife & I have checked it closely for the last 4 months. In the morning I wash with your soap and wait for 5 - 7 minutes. Then I rinse. I dry and wait for 15-20 minutes and then I put 3-5 drops on my small breasts and rub it in in a circular motion until dry. I wait another 10 minutes and put on the cream. I rub in a circular motion like it states on the jar. I do this 2 times a day. I know it says to put the cream on 1 time a day. But there is a lot of testimony where they put it on 2-3 times a day. They swear it helps tremendously. But I am still an A+. My wife and I take turns rubbing in the cream. Any way we have taken a picture of the before. It shows me flat. It is not a real good picture. Can you tell me how large my BREASTS ( not Boobs or - - - -) have to get? I am going to order cream and drops today. My social security came in a day early. Thanks Ms. Amy and God bless you and your family. Sincerely, Rebecca Anne

09-26-10     My breasts are starting to fill out
Been awhile since my last testominal, my last picture has been pushed all the way back to Pg.3. Since then I've gotten my hand on a couple creams and vials of Natureday. My breasts are starting to fill out and have graduated from a straight conical shape to more of an icecream cone shape: a cone on top of a more spherical shape. Nipples have finally popped out, but needed some extra encouragement-pretty much what I used all the cream for-and my left breast is still being stubborn, so I'm punishing it by leaving out of this picture, heh. It's been said before, but Natureday works. Nowadays I chuckle when I see all those other treatments going for so much more money, and I laugh out loud when so-called "experts" claim there is absolutely no natural way to enlarge breasts. Natureday has them all beat.

09-26-10     DENNISE

09-25-10     R.
I have taken the liquid and pills on and off since 2005 and it DOES WORK! I drink and smoke but the results still happen, just not as quickly. As you see from the photos you DO develop breasts! Yes I'm very happy with the results and fill a B-cup nicely. So for all of you who have doubts a picture is worth a thousand words. It works guys so if you want breasts then get with the liquid!!!

09-25-10     The results so far have been "fulfilling" to say the least
I have just ordered another six month supply of Fullfillment. The results so far have been "fulfilling" to say the least. My perky breasts are becoming more pronounced every day. I look in the mirror and see my enhanced mounds of flesh staring back at me. My nipples are darker, harder, and more sensitive to the touch. My ability to arouse myself simply by rubbing the breast cream into my fleshy knockers is great. I hope my boobs continue to respond to the treatment and I will let you know when I get there. My supply of bras and feminine attire can know be put to use when fanfare. I can't wait to flaunt my soft,voluptous breasts to the world. Thanks again for helping me become the woman I wish to be.

09-22-10     larissa
hello , i am a 28 year old pre op male to female transexual shortly i will be starting on female hormones but for the time being have been using your natureday program to help my breast to start developingbeeb using now for almost three months will be ordering second three month cycle my breast are developing very nice a little past breast budding have already been wearing a training bra i am so tickled pink and excited about shortly having to go so very much anticipating going shopping for my first real bra and thank you nature dayfor your terrific program for getting me started on my transition from a he to a she larry soon to be larissa

09-20-10     C.
I have been taking Natureday for the last 30 days now and I am seeing progress all ready. I went from a bone flat chest to some pretty nice cleavage. I love this product and have suggested it to all my TS friends.

09-09-10     Houston
Another week has gone by and once again I applied the cream to my chest and not my nipples. I like the feeling of my chest growing more then my nipples so I keep applying it over them. Okay so now I can see why women wear bras, my sport braw works good but I sweat more with it on and I learned my lesson not wearing anything the other day. It really starts to hurt when you jog without support. I never knew having breast could hurt, mine are not that big and yet they do bounce up and down when I run, jog or even walk fast. Who would have known having breast could hurt without wearing the proper support. Anyhow thanks for the wonderful product! Houston

09-08-10     tommy now tammy
hello amy it has been almost three months since i last wrote in as you may now know i am a pre op male to female transexualbefore i started on hormones to begin my male to female transition i used your fine natureday program to start my breast development your product has taken from a near flat chest to present where i am wearing and filling a 38c cup bra almost a size 40d cup bra i started in august 2009 on liquid/ cream and my one calender year of living as and dressing as a womanif all goes as planned my sex change operation is set for september of 2011 overseas in thailand andif thathas to be cancelled i am planning to have my sex change operation or vaginoplasty as it correctly is referreed to by medical terminology by dr bowers in trinidad colorado or by another famous sexchange doctor in montreal canada i am really looking forward to that day when a doctors scapel corrects a wrong to when all the drains come out and the packing comes ot and finallly the bandages come offwhen i can look down at the doctors good work and seemy new vaginaand finally bf a woman at that time i probably will feel lkie being in seventh heaven but all joking aside i am really looking forward to going abroad and coming home a broad as well as learning all the new things that i must learn about vaginal care such as vaginal dilation and douching possibly panty liners and light kotex so for now i just take it one day at a time as my hated penis is finally hacked off and my vagina is put in thank you and have a lovely day t almost tammy

09-08-10     I've come along pretty well
My progress with the liquid and the cream have been gradual, but I've come along pretty well after a couple years. Here's my latest photo.

09-07-10     i have great results, i just want to thank you
Hi, i am a 41 yr old male and i have been using your product for sometime and i have great results, i just want to thank you, w

08-25-10     and they are growing
High Amy, I decided to let you know the progress I have had for some time now using you product off and on for a couple of years. I started to use your product to see if it worked and then became addicted to having breast. I now have a B cup and they are growing but I really need to stop because they are very noticeable and I am not sure if I want anybody to know I have them but I love them they make me feel like the female I feel inside that wants to come out and I don"t know how everybody may take it. I love dressing in female cloths under neith and love the feeling of my breast when driving down the road. please DO NOT use my name and e-mail address and know I love my breast I have thanx again

08-25-10     and have grown 2 inches
I've been using natureday for 13 weeks now,and have grown 2 inches. mostly on sides back to my arms and on top. will this start to come around to the bottom and middle soon? is this a good sign of growth to come. my new size measures a b-cup but I can't fill it at this time.areolas getting darker and puffer/harder,so hard to wait for results. thanks again amy.

08-25-10     Jeff
Hi Amy, I'm sending some after pictures. I believe this is my 4th complete package of your supplies. As you can see, I'm quite satisfied. I wish I would have done this sooner in life, I'm 66 years old. Take care and thank you. Jeff

08-21-10     about three minutes later I felt the stuff really working
It's been almost two weeks since I received my product. I wasn't sure how good the cream would work or how it would feel, the first day I decided to rub it onto my whole breast area and about three minutes later I felt the stuff really working. I wanted to use the cream this time to grow my nipples larger, so I have been only using it on my nipples, three times a day. Today I am seeing a pretty big change, they feel bigger and looking more like tear drop breast. Loving my new look and feel, I am going to keep going forward. I will let you know how they turn out at the end of my jar. Thank you,

08-20-10     randy
dear Amy, things are developing nicely. the nipple and areolas are growing and i have gained about 1-1/2" across the breast. they are filling in on the side and top but when will they start filling in below the nipple.need to order more soon went through almost 4 bottles in just over 1 and 1/2 months taking 2 droppers a day and rubbing 2 drops on my nipples twice a day. thank you very much randy

08-18-10     My breasts have a nice swell under the nipples
Hi Amy. Hope this finds you in good health and happy. My breasts have a nice swell under the nipples and under the arms but are almost concave above the nipple. I've been concentrating the soap and creme on those areas. Is that good or should I just do the whole breast when applying those products? Also, I've noticed that my areoles seem to get puffy at different times. Is that normal? I've been putting a drop of the liquid on each areole. And lastly, when I'm on the treadmill, I can look down and see my nipples pointing like they're trying to push through my shirt. I love that part. My nipples are always hard. Thanks again for you product.

08-17-10     Dennis
I have been taking this wonderful product now for 2 months and have noticed a considerable change in my breast size yes only after two months. This is the best produt on the maeket thus far and I am looking forward to the next purchace. I am well on my way to being the woman i want to be thanks to Natureday you all are great and thanks. I will send a photo of the progress when i can. Thanks again and I cant wait for more results

08-11-10     Tim
How are you and your staff doing? Has been awhile since I checked in.... I wanted to let you know, I am very pleased with the results I have gained...and sustained... Your product is Amazing. A big thank you... I have only lost a very little bit, since I've stopped using your fulfillment... Now working on enlarging my nipples,and areolas,if you have any suggestions, or tips. Would greatly be appreciated... Thanks again. Tim
Response: Apply the cream and or liquid to the nipples/ areolas area more often then the breasts and the nipples will be more sexually sensitive and grow faster.

07-31-10     Denise
Just for fun, I hope. This is my current status of development. Sometimes a full "B", sometimes not. Depends on the bra. When they are pushed up and together, a significant cleavage is obvious. I know I need to improve my photography skills. I could not get a good shot without the camera and nails showing. Maybe you could give me some suggestions or connect me with someone else on the testimonials for advice. I also still have the hair issue. Is there a consensus best way to handle it? Also, the shape is dubious to me. Too wide, I think. Would regular use of a bra help with that? Thank you in advance for your comments. Thank you, Denise PS: I have been faithfully married for over 35 years.

07-31-10     seven months now and have seen growth in my breasts
Have been using your product for seven months now and have seen growth in my breasts. Every one is different and results will vary from person to person, I know. I will keep taking your product until i get to where i want to be. Thank you for this wonderful product.

07-30-10     SC
It's been a few months since I started with Nature Day products. I have to admit that I'm a bit lazy and ever-so-often skip the routine. However, I'm very pleased with the result so far. My measure is 38" and under is 36.5". My nipples are always erect and make it hard to measure and hard for me to wear T-shirt... I still have one bottle of liquid to go and just a bit cream left... As I share with you back in January, I'm excited to see the result but at the same time worry about how to hide my breasts... well, they definitely getting rounder and puffier... I believed I may have to use the nipple-stickers to start hiding my constantly hard nipples. Thank you, Nature Day! Please find an attached picture of my development. SC

07-22-10     jon
Yes I will am a male sissy and my mistress wants me to grow nice big breasts for her to play with and itll femme me more as I should be kept thanks for your product ive already gained some size to fill my bras out jon

07-18-10     Lou
Amy Thank you for keeping my picture with the bottles on the site. They still look real good. I just made this one and it turned out pretty good. The product is the best. I measured under the breast at 36" and around the breast at 40". I guess with the measurements you state on the web, I must be somewhere between a "C" and "D". Correct me if I am wrong. Will order more when I finish this message. Thank you, Lou

07-18-10     durb
hi there, i've been using ur products for a long time and only now am starting to show something,i want breasts.u can see by looking back how much i've bought.i have faith that one day the product will work,i've used pill,liquid,soap and the cream. the cream seems to be finally working as i do have a bit of growth.why has it taken so long? to bad u don't give out care pakages,lol's.by the time it works i could have had implants.i don't have any problems using the product now that i am actually seeing a little result and will use it continually even if i get large.I WANT BREASTS. thanks for the product durb

07-18-10     Natureday It works and the results are permanent
After about a year and a half, this is where I have finally arrived at. To those of you who want to grow breasts, go no further than Natureday. It works and the results are permanent. Thanks Natureday. They look good and the feeling is out of this world. No e-mail or name please. P

07-18-10     Randy
Hi Amy, I have been taking the liquids and cream about a year but not everyday because I would like to have a bigger nipples but not my breast. I love your products very much. I used to rub the cream on my nipples, butt and sometimes even on my penis and testes. Now my nipples is sensitive, more fats on my butt and thigh. Thanks and regards. Randy

07-09-10     Houston
I miss that feeling once again, I do must say this product is a little addicting. How can it not be, knowing and feeling the product really working. As a guy this product is the best feeling any guy could have. I am still in that amazed stage, starting with a flat chest and today having a nice B-cup size. Not too sure of the exact measurement, I don't have any bra's. I only wear sport-bra's, I like the feeling of my breast without wearing anything. When I do wear a sport-bra I like the feeling and keeping them flatter against my body in public. I still get away with the look of nice pecks when wearing the sport-bra under my shirts in public. So now after having some time thinking about it once again, I want to grow more in size and feel them growing again. Maybe if I am lucky they will get more rounder and heavy, feeling them bounce even more as I run or jog. I am not sure if I want to try the cream. What do your clients say about the cream, have they had better results then the liquid? I want to try something different then the liquid this time, what are your thoughts? Thank you, Houston
Response: The cream works great, it is the second fastest working Natureday product. Some people only use the cream and their results are slower since it is topical/ external, but they still get great results. Natureday staff

07-09-10     Ron
I have made progress over the years. Almost have that A size. I've gone from about 37 inches to between 40 inches. I've kind of switched back & forth between Saw Palmetto & Fulfillment. Nothing works as good as the Fulfillment! I even gave up coffee for a year, but I suspect the slow growth is due to just a high body metabolism. Thanks, Ron

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