2810 Testimonials and Growing

02-28-11     my nips and aveole larger, very sensitive to touch
hello I ve used your product already, 2 liquids and 90 tablets, also applied liquid to my nips. my breasts got little more full but supple and softer and my nips and aveole larger, very sensitive to touch, drives me ever more crazy when I m liying down on my bed one hand on my pubes and one on my breasts, does your product have a content to make sensual experience more enjoyable? with the next bottle on its way and I think once I use it up I think my breasts and nips will grow a little more in size and do you think sensitivity will also increase even more? I ve never had breast or nips arousal and never to such an extent and makes me wanna grow full breasts but I dont know how I will be able to deal with it in public, do you have ideas of how to go about this? p.s. before Natureday I just had my sexual organ to give me relaxation and pleasure now adding arousable nips and more playful breasts to this makes it more complete and I can now have more complete satisfaction, please let me know if there is anything else that I should know but I have not mensioned/experienced as yet

02-26-11     wife wants me to grow a bit larger
Here is the latest picture of my growth and progress. I am completly out of the liquid and I plan on ordering 10 more bottles. The wife wants me to grow a bit larger and that will probably be as far as I will go with the enlargement unless she wants me to continue. It has been a pleasant experience and we thank you for this product and the opportunity.Thanks again: P No name or e-mail please.

02-23-11     my shirts are getting tighter and tighter around my chest
Hi Natureday, It has been over half-a-year since I last wrote to you. I had ordered a 3-month supply with jar of cream back then and stretched out for all these months as I was a bit worried about on how to hide my growing breast (as my physique is on the lean side and used to wear small-size shirts). Well, winter helps a lot as I haven’t been wearing T-shirt… However, I have been feeling that my shirts are getting tighter and tighter around my chest (I have been buying medium-size shirts lately). I went to measure my chest the other day and found my upper measurement had increased another inch-and-a-half since last summer (from 38” to 39.50”) and under still at 36.5”. I can feel my breasts are growing sideways as well! My nipples are still easily getting erect; but even when soft measured at 0.375” in length and 0.375” across (not counting the areolas) and feel like big green-beans protruding from my chest and I love them!!! I hope the nipples will continue to grow! The only problem I have is that I believed my left breast feels bigger than my right but my right nipple seems harder than my left... Hope there's some way to correct that (I have been putting cream on my right breast more and only cream on my left nipple; but whenever I drink your Fulfillment liquid, I always felt my left breast has more growing pain). I am now somewhat overcoming the fear of hiding my breasts and would be buying more from you (or maybe just the feeling of having bigger breasts is getting stronger). Please see the attached pictures of my late development. Thank you once again!!! SC

02-23-11     Rebecca
Daer Mrs. Amy, I had a picture taken. I hope this will help you. You and your company have done so much for me. It would have cost me $15,000.00 to have breast implants put in and then they aren't garenteed not to either deflate or I could get an infection form them. Thiis way it will take a little longer. But I have the satisfaction of watching them grow. I know they will be all me. Not some scientists creation. These are the words from 2 ladies waiting for a jar of what they call NATURE DAY. The jar you give will go to them. They are so sweet. They have invited me over for tea. Their husbans are a little anxios to. I told them they would have to get the drops and pills if they want the full results. Amy I think theyu want the cream so the husbands can apply it for them. Well any way, I know some good will come of it. It is better to give then receive anyway...Thanks to you and your company for the chance to make my life better and two senior couples. If this is not what you want please tell me. I have nothing but time...Rebecca

02-21-11     I love it very much
I had reduced taking the liquid seen my nipples become very sensitive and don't want my breast to be noticeable. Since then, I have been taking 2 drops of liquid every day and some times apply creams on my body even on my testicle for more than two years till now just to maintain soft skin on my body, reduce fat on my abdominal. Increase fat on my buttocks, hips and thighs. I love it very much. If I stop taking the liquids, will my body revert back as before ? Please advice.Thanks with regards.

02-21-11     Rebecca
Dear Mrs. Amy, We have thought about it for a long time. We are going to send in me picture. I have talked to my Doctor and he said "I am surprised you got this much. He stated since I was over 60 that my metabolism slows down to a crawl. But I am not going to give up. As soon as I can find out how to send you a photo on this computer you will have it. Oh, I have one problem. In my before photo I was standing. But in the past year I had an accident. I slipped on the ice. The doctor put me back in the wheel chair for 6months to ? I hope your judges will not count against me for that.But I went from a flat chest to an A+. I am almost a B. It will probably take another year. I've been doing this for a year now. I believe my anniversary date is the 24 Th of February. I have told 64 people now about Nature day. Some of the ladies in our senior center are either buying the cream or waiting to see how the results are. I told the girls that if they wait they will miss out. I also told them HOW MUCH TIME CAN YOU WASTE ?A lot of them think that it will bring a spark their love life. They are tired of their husbands going fishing or just sitting around. If I do get the 3 free jars of cream I'm going to give one to a lady that is worse off than I am. She gets less social security than I do. If that is possible. Well I will let you go for now. My grandson is coming over tonight or tomorrow night to help me figure out what I have to do to send a photo. Do I send it either: in care of you or attention judges at this address? Thank you ms. Amy. You have been so nice to me this past year. You help and mostly your attitude towards me has been 110%. Your company must be very proud of your work. Thanks again, Rebecca

02-19-11     charlie
i am a male who always had the desire to have female breastssearched the web and found your product and have read all the male testamonials and ordered your product now on my third or fourth three month cycle went from being flat cheasted sorry mean flat chested to compleatly fulling and starting to spill out of a c cupbra almost ready for a d cup bra my girlfriend likes to envy the fact that i have bigger breasts than herbut she likes them and enjoys playing with them and feeling them shewill tease me and call me half a woman or ask me hqw the girls are doing to make sure that i am wearing a bra she will check bytelling me come and let me check and see that you have the girls properly tucked in but a big thanks to natureday for giving me breasts i do have a question my girlfriend has said she dreams of my breasts being dd cup or e cup if i continue using natureday for another six months or two three month cycles will my breasts reach dd cup or e cup it is a wonderfull feeling having breasts and giving them the support they need by wearing a good proper bra

02-19-11     my breasts are filling out on the side
Also letting you know that my breasts are filling out on the side, not much visible outwards, but I can feel it and they look more rounder on the sides already. I am soo looking forward having to buy a nice silky bra. pinkie color and lace on the top lol :-), and wear it under my shirts. The daily applying of the drops on my nipples is nice, they get aroused, then they get rock hard and increase in size 3 times. I love that feeling. I trust your weekend will be peaceful and concentrate on the future and think positive always and send out positive thought in the universe.

02-15-11     T from China
Natureday, it is really amazing that your product works fine on my chest. I'm a male but always want to experience having real woman's breasts. I ever tried some other local brand breast creams, but got little results. And finally, I found Natureday from the internet. I decided to buy 3 months fulfillment to have a try since there are so many testimonials and seems to be true. I started to take it on Dec 21, 2010. As suggested, I took large dose at the first week and then reduce to normal. 6 weeks later, I noticed that my breast become fuller and rounder and softer than before I'm so excited... it really works and I will buy more in the future (but need to find a way to hide my breasts first. haha...). (You can use my picture and the testimonial, but do not disclose my name and email. Thanks.)Thanks T from China

02-15-11     Th
Okay, you have me hooked on your product. I had an amazing growth spurt by only putting the cream on my nipples, amazing feeling and width + growth. Now I am going to place another order with the good old Money order, how much will it cost for the liquid and cream, 1 of each product + shipping to Houston, Texas. I need to pay with Money order so I need the exact price! Thanks

02-08-11     G from Norway
Here comes my testimonials for using Natureday's great breast enlargement. I start to use this product for maybe two years ago and these products have been the best I ever used. When I just start my breasts was flat, but after all these months they have grown to an B cup. I start every day with three pills, (60) drops of the liquid and then breast cream. When I take a shower I use the great soap and I let it stay on my breasts for 30 min before I take a shower. I take he pills and liquid and cream twice a day (in the morning and he afternoon) and this really works. I am so happy about these products. I eat yogurt with a high level of protein (18-20g per jar) and protein bars. I drink milk and try to follow this every day. I will continue to buy and use Naturedays products for a long time. These products have changed my breasts and I love it. I will send photos in my next order to Natureday. Thank you. G.

02-04-11     ours seem to be doing the job
You can use this in a testimonial; My results though slow in coming are very pronounced in a FULL B cup with pronounced nipple growth. I am a little disappointed in the lack of aureole surrounding the nipple but who knows what the next 6 months will bring? I have been on your plan with drops and cream for over a year and I plan on continuing for about another 6 months. I had tried other products in the past with little results but yours seem to be doing the job. Large breasts run in my family with two daughters both in the DD range and a Paternal Grandmother who was a EE. My Mother however was the, as she said, the chair of the itty bitty titty committee so maybe my goal of a full C is not to be? One thing that may be slowing my progress is that I am a type 2 diabetic on both Lantus and Novalog insulin treatment. I will send photos in a future update.

02-03-11     wish that i started on natureday alot sooner
my wife has long desired to have breasts bigger than her size 38b cup breast she has used a number of different products with little or no results we both did research and came across natureday at first she was a littlereluctant at first about using natureday so i agreed to go on the natureday program to test it out for her and to see if any results would happen to me well things happened fast real fast i started out maybe an a cup maybe small b cup and what seemed like no time my breast growth took off gotten more volume larger and now bounce and i have began wearing a bra i currently wear a size 38 c cup bra my wife liked the results i have gotten and likes my breasts that she cant keep her hands off them she has begun using natureday and jokes with me that she will race me to see who gets to a d cup first so i say to all you girls and guys if you really want bigger boobs than this is the best product for you i have come to like my boobs so much that i play with them just as much as my wfe does i find it fun and exciting to have boobs that i now wish that i started on natureday alot sooner and even have gotten so used to wearing a bra

02-01-11     T.
Hello Natureday. It's been a while since I have send you an update, so here I am. Yes I am still around and my breasts are even rounder by now. The last of my capsules and liquid have all been absorbed by my body and gone to my boobs. my breasts have become more perkier and are standing out nicer and look more like female breasts. I am awaiting my latest order and when that arrives, I will continue on my breasts enhancing and will continue till I have full nice rounded breasts that can fill a bra with cup size size 16C. For anyone who is thinking about being embarrassed, I have past that stage and i am proud of my breasts and showing them off to the world when i am outside. One thing about Natureday products is that they contain a wide variety of natural products and they work... My breasts are living proof of them. And also the products are safe. With love T.

01-26-11     I had found Nature Day sooner
Hi Tina, On my last order you said a long time testimonial would be of interest. It has been two years using your products. I am a retired senior and have made slow but good progress. I now measure 42" under and 47" around nipples and well defined shape. I wish I had found Nature Day sooner because I think age is a handicap. I still hope for D" cup and plan to still use for another year. Will keep you up to date. Sorry no picture to date or email. Thanks for the great products.

01-26-11     my girls are getting bigger
always want to select female for my sex now that my girls are getting bigger its easier to at least beleive I am female. I am only using drops and some massage with the cream now and the girls are filling out.YEA YEA My male mode still wants me to stop but I want to fill a c cup bra so I will continue.Its so nice to feel the weight developing in my breasts.One thing could you set up a quick link to a good breast massage to elp in developing breasts.

01-24-11     crissy
: i am a male who wants to have hugh female size a nd shape breasts i started out rather flat as a board done some reseach and come upon your nature day program i started on your program and shortly noticed changesand breast buds beginningwhen my breast buds got even biger in size i was tickled pink and went shopping for and began wearing a training brathanks to your great program i am up to a size 38b cupand soon hope to fill out a c cup bra i love the progress my boobs are making and it is fun to now go bra shoppingand it sounds strange but i even like the ooks and remarks i get from women about wearing a bra i look at it this way i have breast that bounce and need support so i do the same as they do wear a bra deciding to wear a bra was easy learning to reach behind my back to hook my bra took a little getting used to but now got it down as my breastsare way too big and bounce i can never go braless and except to shower i wear my bra24/7 so all you guys out there who want breasts this is the one product for you in short time you will have the breasts you always wanted and be needing a bra in no time if you guys are like me you will find that wearing a bra will take a little getting used to but once you put on a bra and get used to wearing it you will never take it off and wer your bra 24/7 as i doand with each passing day the more and more you will like having breasts and as i do even understand why women have a thing about their brests so i am not afraid to say or proclaim that the bigger my breasts get the bigger size bra i will wear so in closing let me say that if you got breasts give the girls a break and give them the support they need and put on a bra for once you put a bra on you will findyou will be te,lling yourself its the best thing you have donebut if you are skittish a bout going for a bra have your wife girlfriend go with you or for you thank you well supported crissy

01-17-11     Grace
Hi, It has been one month since starting on nature day.What can I say,but your product works. I am a tall 6' and 155# starting with 36" 32" 36" under and 39 1/2 " over bust. Today 37" 31" 36" under and 40 1/4" over.Both nipples and areolas have increased 1/4 ".Starting with a flat chest, my breasts have noticeable grown in size .Can't wait to get my next order. This is one month. Not a lot but rounding and larger more prominent nipples. Thanks a lot I don;t want to stop. Grace

01-17-11     Kelly
Hi: I took your product back in 2004 under the name Kelly. I was very pleased with the results. I'm back and have ordered your complete package since earlier this fall. I'm so in love with my breasts. They are continuing to become more and more fem. This is a wonderful product and I encourage any man or woman that wants to have breast or a fuller bust to try it. It has been just under 4 months since I started taking your product again.... thank You

01-14-11     I love how my breasts are growing
Hi I couldnt resist had to order more drops but the promotion code didnt't work.Any how I love how my breasts are growing and want them bigger.One month and I used up the pills so going with just drops this time.Start 36" under 39 1/2 over now 36 under 40 1/2 over.Love the feel of my girls.

01-12-11     I am quite happy with the increase in size
Hi Amy, I have started taking the liquid and capsules again. I am also applying cream to me breasts. I am quite happy with the increase in size. I started out in Feb 2010. I stopped once the initial order was consumed. I wanted to see where they would balance out at. I have read some of the the other comments and looked at the pictures. I see that they have more what I would call female like areolas and nipples. Mine have gotten a bit larger but still seemingly small compared to others. I know we are not all the same but I would like to increase the size of them more. I am taking a multi-vitamin, flax oil and ginko biloba. I have also eliminated all of my caffine intake. Can you help me with some advice?

01-12-11     my boobs meaurement increase from 39 inch,s to 41 and over my nipples
dear amy , I am new & want to learn about this wounderful prodect.Iam using 2 capusels a day & half droper twice a day since 3 weaks so far results are tramendus , under my boobs meaurement increase from 39 inch,s to 41 & over my nipples 41 to 43 inches but unfartunatly my nippels are very tiny as compare to progress of boobs. Do I need to aply drops on my teets or areola. I tried on areola but my montgomery glands become proment. I am part time worker but I love your product so much that I cut down my buget on other needs, if you have any promotion or discount please keep me in your mind.Thanks M
Response: It is best to take the liquid once a day- so take 1 to 3 droppers in a glass of water a day. If you drink caffeine in the morning then take the liquid at night. Here is a coupon code you can use at checkout X200_dn7Le Most people do apply a few drops externally as well as drink it. You could apply the cream and liquid more often to the areolas/ nipples area. We are happy to hear your progress is fast Natureday staff

01-09-11     SAM
Well hello this is my very 1st time venturing any where at all, execpt i did place a liquid order from natureday, in march 2010 bust bottom 46" across bust 46 A cup and i grew larger breast over the summer of 2010 now 50 1/2 C across bust thus now wearing a full C ( no push up BRA required ) to show them off thank goodness it's winter time here in south eastern pa for i can wear bras out and of course under a light pull over jacket even though the boobs do draw a little attention, cause some guys / ladys look right at the breast area ( at times i wonder why ) some do this looking at breast of both genders???? the wife on the other hand knows that i must wear them due to gynecomastia situation, she's not to happy that i wear Bras out in public even though i cover up.. AND SHE DOES NOT TOUCH EM but she does tolerate me wearning out. 1 time we were out shopping and i did not know 1 bra strap was turned ( twisted ) and she straightend out the strap,, i just gave her a broad smile and thanked her very much for that. yep i"m on heart meds and even changed them over the last yr several times and this has added to the increase in size also ( according to perscription warnings ) of possible having gynecomastia situation, i've even asked dr for a dr note to wear Bras he just laughed,and stated its you heart health and live or soon expire..... i've asked my other drs for notes and they just changed the subject,, but yet they do measure me and chart it,, natureday has just help them to the proper roundness and firmer, thinking of ordering me some more cream and liquid started with 46 A now a good 46 C no push ups required wished i'd taken pics in the 2010 spring time my girls ( my name i gave them ) have been coming less tender so i think it's time to get back on the cream and liquid thx Sam

01-05-11     on the sides pushing the shirts outward
My breasts are still there under my shirts from the fat on the sides pushing the shirts outward. Didn't think this stuff would work so fast lol. Definitely can't wait till im older hopefully you guys are still around :)

12-31-10     Donna
i am a male with gynecomastia and i always wanted female size and shape breastsyes when they wre just budding i simply did what every woman does i just started to wear a bra starting out with a training bra the breasts kept growing to where i now wear a size 38 c cup bra i started using your natureday program when they reached a b cup the growth continued to my now c cup size but i do have one question my right breast is a full cup and fills my bra cup completly almost to the point of spilling ouy of the cup meanwhile my left brest has been stuck on b cup size and looks lost in a c cup i know no two breasts are exactly the same size but one whole cup size smaller to make my breasts look even i wear a falsie in my left cup i am worried that with breast growth by the time my left breasts reaches c cup my right breast my increase to a d cup any help for me or iam i stuck with the uneven look another thing i do as my bra fitter suggested is to wear a minimiser bra to make my right breast seem smaller to match the size of my left breat is this a common problem for women i have considered getting a boob job and getting large breast implants thank you for a very fine program and have a very good and happy new yer i mean year donn aka donna
Response: Donna, It is more common then people think that one breast is naturally larger then the other one. When taking the herbs sometimes there is more breast tissue in one and the larger one that has more tissue grows faster. You can apply the enlargement cream and or the liquid extract more often to the smaller one, and over time taking the liquid internally eventually will even them out too. Happy new years.

12-31-10     Grace
Morning, Oh you've got me! He want e to stop but I love the taste of the liquid too much plus love feeling my girls getting bigger.Not a lot of growth but passed 40" over,not bad from 39 1/2" in 3 weeks.All for now a grateful girl. Happy new years

12-28-10     Grace
happy Christmas, It's a Christmas miracle I have breasts,hooray! Love the feel of them but am addicted to the drops and cream just want to use more on my girls it fees so fine. Thanks again for my Christmas presents ,two fine womanly breasts. Love Grace Well it's boxing day and I been on your products for a full week.But e's scared of me getting too much growth for him as a male to hide. I started at 36" under and 39 1/2 " over .Now after a week I am 36" under and just over 40" over the breast.My nipples are definitely bigger and puffier too.Ohh I love it but I promised to wait a week to see further growth before continuing. Though may have to continue with the breast pump and Just for to day I'm going to use a little more liquid on my areola and nipples Love the taste. Grace

12-23-10     In 2 weeks there is a noticeable difference in my nipple shape and size
12-22-10 Hey I have been using your product for about 2 weeks now. I ordered the 2 month supply and have recently ordered another 2 month supply. I am a 23 year old biological male who is about to begin a transition towards my preferred gender. I wanted to try something out that would help kick start my transition towards being the woman ive always wanted to be. I must say that I was very skeptical of your product at first but after reading all the testimonials and seeing the results your users have had I just had to try it out. In 2 weeks there is a noticeable difference in my nipple shape and size. whereas before they were quarter size now they are closer to half dollar size. My Breasts themselves are also feeling heavier and have a noticeable jiggle to them. My goal is to reach between a C or DD cup hopefully with the continued use of your product I can attain the breasts I have always wanted. Also I can attest to the fact that this product does raise libido. Ive had the best sex ive ever had while on this product.

12-23-10     your product is great and I plan to keep using the product
I also want to say that your product is great and I plan to keep using the product as I am not where I want to be!. But, I would like some advice on how to speed up the process some more. I drink de-affiliated drinks such as coffee, sodas, etc. Are these drinks still slowing the process down? I am also taking Flax Seed each day. I also would to know where I can get female hormone supplements to take also, as I want the 9 yards! Keep up the Fantastic work!!!! Hope to here from you soon. Please don't use my e-mail address. Thank you so VERY MUCH!!!

12-23-10     John
natureday,I have been using your products on and off for almost 1 year. I have been satisfied with the results but I seem to keep wanting more. I have developed what I would call a nice roundness in both breasts, a thickening of the breast tissue particularly behind the nipples. Periodically, my glands will become swollen and the entire nipple area becomes slightly puffy and pleasantly more sensitive. I have a hard time sleeping through the night without a shirt since while tossing and turning I will inadvertently rub the nipples upon the sheets and become "aware" of them. This leads to middle of the night self-massages. The liquid works great on the nipples but the taste and smell is not pleasant. My wife is not aware of my using the product but is aware of my larger breasts and nipples and my increasingly more frequent desire for more nipple and breast stimulation. It is quite intoxicating and addictive. Not sure how long I will continue using it but so far, I am quite satisfied. Of late, I have become interested in removing body hair from my breasts/torso and legs. I definitely can see greater breast definition without the "unsightly" chest hair covering them. It is also more sensuous with smooth skin vs hairy breast/legs etc.

12-23-10     W.J.A
Amy: I have tried to grow my own breast But when I found you and your product I Read some of the replys that came in to You I just had to try it. I'm bigger then my wife. I can see The diffrence and I eves feel the diffrence. I wanted to tell you I work grave yard and My lady works days so I get to dress more. I don't go out because I don't want to go With out my wife because we do things Togeather.I'm a good 44-46 a good two inches And I stell want more. I want to see the Diffrence with out a Bra. Then I well be the Right size. Thank you again Amy a happy Customer. W.J.A.

12-23-10     [email protected]
I started your breast enlargement program 11/12/2010. I ordered the pills, liquid and the breast cream. Followed the instructions, including drinking the protein shake and taking flax seed oil pills, and have gained 1 1/2 inches in 3 weeks. My breasts are starting feel full and I actually feel the breast tissue when I massage in the breast cream. My goal is to grow them big enough to feel them jiggle when I walk. I am a man who enjoys the company of women just wanting to have breasts of my own. Feel free to display the pictures but please exclude my email address when you post this. It really works as you can see in the before and after pics. Thanks so much for helping all of us who just want to have breasts.

12-23-10     Houston
I did what you told me to do, I had been putting the cream on my nipples only for the past four months, twice a day. I am so thrilled to see and feel the results, much better that I thought would be possible, not only have they gone from a dime size to a quarter size but they have become much longer in height. It also seems like my breast have become bigger too, It appears that I hit a growth spurt, almost 1" more outward. Now not only are they much rounder but they really stick out more, I have a really good look and feel of them. At this rate I will have no choice but to wear support soon, let me tell you something. A man having breast, I didn't think that I would ever get use to them moving around when walking but after some time you do, and now after growing them bigger I feel a new feeling of movement. I know in time I will get use to this but for now it sure does feel good. It's hard to say why it feels so good, I guess having a flat chest all your life is not much fun and now having a chest with curve and bounce it a ton of fun. I just wished todays world would be more excepting to men with breast. My girlfriend loves my new look and it just make everything more fun in the bedroom. Thank you!

12-23-10     AmberB
I bought the liquid off amazaon.com and I love how its working, I can feel the tngling sensation in my nipple areas and all over my chest. Been using for a month now, havent seen much relutls but can feel it working, im excited.

12-23-10     you may use this picture if you wish
natureday, you may use this picture if you wish. j

12-23-10     ES
02-08-08 Hi Amy Mine, I've been using Natureday for three months now and wanted to share the results with a testimonial that you can add to your collection. The attached Microsoft word record with photos shows a full 1 1/4" of growth after only 30 days.there is some filling out along the sides of my breasts and the total increase of size has been 1/4 inch, and they are beginning to round out a bit above my nipples. I'll continue the use of Natureday capsules and adding the liquid has been a little more successful, so as long as there's continued improvement, I can vouch for the fact that Natureday actually works, and that is from a skeptic. Thanks Amy and Natureday for getting me going on the road to bigger and fuller breasts. At least I now fill up my 28AA bras, and I'm looking forward to the day I fill at least a full C cup. Thank you. Please don't print my email or address or last name.

12-23-10     Grace
Thanks so much; have been appling 1/2 dropper on ea nipple and areola 3 times a day for 10 days ,taking 2 pills am 1 noon 2 at bed time massage the girls and cream morning and night.I feel have notied some growth "yea". morning, well the girls are getting bigger;36 under 39 over 1/2" nipples 1 1/4 " areola to start, today 36 under 40 over 3/4" nipples and 1 1/2 " areola. They do seam bigger and stick out more..YEA. They haven't increased in weight yet but I guess that will come on latter they are firmer love, Grace

11-24-10     sharri
..... thanx for being concerned about my order..... that has shown me how much you genuinely do care about your customers satisfaction .....mmmmmmmmmmm ............................again .....i am very blown away ...by the way your products work ...especialy how fast ....(i must admit i started immediately with a half dropper full and 3 pills ...both in the morning ...and the same in the evening ...did that for 10 days .... also massaged a couple of drops into both nipples and areolas every time i took a dosage.... i wanted to jump start the process....mmmmmmmmm and very obviously very happy.....very excited.. .. has no doubts about all you said.....customer sharri ..

11-22-10     Sharri
p.s. am very happy with your products ........ it does exactly what you claim it will do.......it is almost working tool well ....... jk this is my 16th day of using the liquid and the pills .......... i took careful accurate measurements b4 ......and at the end of each week... so far...nipples have grown from 1/8" dia ...to 3/8" areolas have increased 1/4" all the w ay around them....and the measurement over my nipples has increased 2 1/2"{ ... i dont know how i could be any happier .........mmmmmmm ty for your awesome products

11-21-10     Jeff
Hi Amy, Just a short note & pic update since 08-25-10. I just finished my last supply and I'm quite happy with the results. Now I have to decide if I want to get any bigger. Take care & I love your product. Jeff

11-18-10     have noticed a thickening under both nipples
for knowledge I am taking the liquid, have been for the past 3 months, and have noticed a thickening under both nipples. Hi, No, no pain, sensitivity has increased and I have noticed the growth under the arms, and a little to the front. The thickening under the nipples was a new thing for me. So all is well then Thanks.

11-13-10     joleen
hello to the staff at natureday as i said about a month or so ago my husband has always wanted to have very large female breasts both in size and shape as a male and not knowing much about breast enlargement other than breast implants he put me in charge of this project and i chose the natureday program for him the pills the liquid the soap the shakes the whole nine yards now a few weeks later the results are just great he now has the breasts he always wanted now that his breasts are very noticeable and now need support i recently took him for a bra fitting and feel he is or has made progress toward his goal of having female size and shape breasts he was very excited and like a giddy schoolgirl about getting his first braonce he put on a bra for the very first time other than to shower and sleep he is never bra-less today he knows just as much about bras and wearing a bra as any woman does because he is a large full c cup shooting for a d cup and or dd cup he wears bras made for full figure big gals he likes goddess elomi and lunaire bras a big thank you to natureday for helping him toward him having his breasts he thinks it is great and fun to go shopping for and trying on bra and likes the reactions he gets from the salesgirls at the lingerie shops also he dont understand all the fuss woman make about bras as far as being uncomfortable and killing them he has told me that there is no better feeling than a well fitting brah likes to joke around with me telling me just like the girl in the playtex ads that he is happy when his girls are happy have a great day joleen

11-07-10     men can grow nipples that are respectable also
Here is another pic of my growth. As you can see, men can grow nipples that are respectable also. They feel great. You can sure see the fold where my bra fits the bottom of them. Thank you for the wonderful products. I may order more in the future. Thanks P

11-05-10     DG
Well it has been 1 month and I am very satisfied with the results. I have gone from a 42 across the chest to a 43.5. I am filling out b bra much better now and my areolas are getting puffier. My wife made a comment when we were siting on the couch the other day she said what is this and grabbed my boob. I just told her I was getting fat again. not really true but I think she bought it. I am much rounder they have got. I am so excited about having breast.

11-05-10     C x
Hi Amy, its been a while since my last testimonial, but i have to tell you that i have just finished my last order and well, THANK YOU to NATUREDAY, my brests are feeling and looking wonderful. Natureday products are the BEST. i love my breasts and now want to grow them bigger. At first i only wanted small breasts, and natureday gave me them, now i want them bigger, so i will be ordering more soon. every time i use Natureday i grow..... yum ... thanks C x i have included my update photos as proof of your great products work..

11-05-10     Deanna
I have always wanted female breast and after alot of reading and looking online decided to go with Natureday. I bought the 8 month supply, so I have been using the pills, cream, and liquid for about 3 weeks with regular breast messages. I am using the liquid in the morning and evening, the cream in the morning, and the pills around mid-day. I figure I would use the soap when I run out of one of the other products. I have read numerous accounts of others having growth pains and tingling around their nipples. Well, I have to admit that I have not felt anything to that degree really. Although the other night my wife commented on my small breast. I really didn't think much about it, because she knows that I crossdress so I thought she was "pillow talking". Well, today I was walking down the steps at work when I noticed that my breast were jiggling. I also noticed that I have "mounds" under my nipples and my areolas seems to be larger. They were about the size of a nickle, but seem to be about the size of a quarter. I don't know if my results are typical for 3 weeks, but I am encouraged to continue. I also don't expect results overnight, although I would love that. Is it possible to have growth without any the pains? I have had the occasional "itchy nipples". Is this a positive sign? Thanks, Deanna
Response: About 30% of everybody that takes Natureday products do feel some type of growing pains such as itchy nipples, or a sensation in their breasts. But most people feel nothing, they just look down and they are larger one day:)

11-04-10     THANK YOU to NATUREDAY, my brests are feeling and looking wonderful
Hi Amy, its been a while since my last testimonial, but i have to tell you that i have just finished my last order and well, THANK YOU to NATUREDAY, my brests are feeling and looking wonderful. Natureday products are the BEST. i love my breasts and now want to grow them bigger. At first i only wanted small breasts, and natureday gave me them, now i want them bigger, so i will be ordering more soon. every time i use Natureday i grow..... yum ... thanks C x

11-02-10     ...
First and foremost. Let me say, ladies,and men. If you would truly want more fuller feminine breast, Natureday does work!! I just wanted to put something out there for the ladies. So you have or know of a man, who would like to enlarge his breasts? Please don't feel as if its wrong! I personally think its, a huge form of flattery, that a man sees and adores your beautiful smooth body. There are plenty of us who think it is. And please don't think that all of us want to be women. Not true. But were open minded enough to do things with you some men would shiver at the thought of. We enjoy being with you so much on so many different levels. That having breasts ourselves, would only add to the relationship. Not take away from you! Not to mention make us feel better. Just think of the things you could do more of together. Shopping, dressing up. Helping one another. All the things I've over the years heard women say! You want a more sympathetic male lover, and companion? Here's your chance! I myself (male) love being a guy! But enjoy the finer things too. :) the kissing caressing, cuddling, and conversations, role playing. But also enjoy the male side of me to! So you run into an issue your man wants breast? Maybe the lifestyle your living together, has promoted the idea, maybe like me, would make me feel closer to you! I'm not trying to take away from your beauty, just add a little beauty to myself. For we males do have a soft side, but not all are willing to expose it. Personally I started the breast enlargement process, as my wife knew about, but as soon as she seen it working, she became upset. She told me that it took away from her being the woman. So very untrue! I love and adore her. From a mans mind and point of view. And is typically not something a man would want to flaunt. Lol but I do have inner beauty, and would very much like to have a little outer beauty myself. But at the risk of divorce I must stop! I love her to much for that, but she knows what she surpresses in me, that I would never tell her. So please, I know it may not seem natural or even what your looking for in your man. We all have our own battles, can we not come together, for a better conclusion? Thank you for your time. Ps. Ever thought about going topless like a man? This might even the playing field, so to speak. Amy please don't print my email, or name. Thank you and god bless your heart and the Natureday company! :)

11-01-10     you can see, my boobs are starting to stand out nicely
Here is my latest picture. As you can see, my boobs are starting to stand out nicely. I can only hope they will continue to grow and spill out of my bra. Thanks again for the chance to become the woman I want to be with enormous boobs and a sexy figure to boot.

10-25-10     R/L
Hello I’ve been using the pills, soap, cream and liquid for about 6 months and have noticeably great results. I am very pleased. Just ordered some more soap today. I have enclosed my before and current photos for your reference. I am now a full B cup, trying for a C cup by the new-year. I want to say that the products REALLY work and that your customer service is second to none. You always answer my questions in a timely manner and have been so helpful in getting my combo orders right and to me in about 5 days (for some reason it always seems that I order on Saturday, you ship on Monday and I have my items by Thursday). Simply the finest customer service I have ever experienced; Informative, caring and sincere. Keep it up and you should win a J.D. Powers award. Thanks again for everything. I’ll update you with more Pix in a couple of months. First picture at 2 months, second one at 6 months. I’m Lov’n it!

10-25-10     Jack
Your company is the greatest. I just put in a order for 3 months about a hr. ago, of your product for the last time. I thought I would try it 1 more time to see if I can get a little larger. I've been using your stuff off and on for about 1 year. I started at 41.5 and I'm at 42.75. I'm thinking that its slow to get to the size that I want. Thank you for the 2 growth spurts though! Jack

10-17-10     Donna
both my wife and myself have wanted bigger breasts and have been using your natureday program with fantastic results as both of our breasts are filling out firming and rounding out we both have outgrew our training bras and are both large b cup almost c cup it isa great feeling at having breasts and both wearing and shopping for bras we both cant thank you enough for the very great produci thank you don aka donna

10-14-10     michelle
hello amy i am a male ever since elementary school as the other girls in my class started to develop i also wanted breasts and also when the girls started wearing bras i also wanted a bra my high school girlfriend and i have both started to recently start on the natureday program we both started out with small a cups it seemed to work a little faster on her than it is for e she was a full a cup while i was still wearing my training bra i have since caught up and now we are both 38 b cup i love having breasts and wearing brasi cant wait to i get to be a c cup as my breasts have gotten bigger my girlfriend donna has starting calling me michelle the female form of my male ame michael thanks to your fine product i am very happy to have a bustline we have a inside joke between the two of us whee i call he breasts her boobs and she calls my breasts my tits besides i like that word tits it has a nice ring to it and sounds better than boobs we both enjoy having tits and constantly snap eah i mean each others bra straps i now love to go bra shopping and when our four tits ara happy both donna and michelle are happy michelle

10-10-10     Paris
some news from me to show my success has not stopped. I know i have a great debt because the blends of natureday has boosted me !!I will not forget to turn all those who ask me for a help toward this web site Here are two recent pictures. I think many love my breasts.- ([email protected], Paris)

I want to Thank you for the recent quick service. I ordered on a Saturday morning (Oct 2,2010) and received it on Monday.(Oct 4th) Did not know the Post Office could be so fast. Washington to Florida is a long way........ Anyway, Thanks. LOVE YOUR PRODUCTS. B

10-02-10     Rebecca Anne
I started last February . I was flat. I am now an A +. I have stopped growing. My wife & I have checked it closely for the last 4 months. In the morning I wash with your soap and wait for 5 - 7 minutes. Then I rinse. I dry and wait for 15-20 minutes and then I put 3-5 drops on my small breasts and rub it in in a circular motion until dry. I wait another 10 minutes and put on the cream. I rub in a circular motion like it states on the jar. I do this 2 times a day. I know it says to put the cream on 1 time a day. But there is a lot of testimony where they put it on 2-3 times a day. They swear it helps tremendously. But I am still an A+. My wife and I take turns rubbing in the cream. Any way we have taken a picture of the before. It shows me flat. It is not a real good picture. Can you tell me how large my BREASTS ( not Boobs or - - - -) have to get? I am going to order cream and drops today. My social security came in a day early. Thanks Ms. Amy and God bless you and your family. Sincerely, Rebecca Anne

09-26-10     My breasts are starting to fill out
Been awhile since my last testominal, my last picture has been pushed all the way back to Pg.3. Since then I've gotten my hand on a couple creams and vials of Natureday. My breasts are starting to fill out and have graduated from a straight conical shape to more of an icecream cone shape: a cone on top of a more spherical shape. Nipples have finally popped out, but needed some extra encouragement-pretty much what I used all the cream for-and my left breast is still being stubborn, so I'm punishing it by leaving out of this picture, heh. It's been said before, but Natureday works. Nowadays I chuckle when I see all those other treatments going for so much more money, and I laugh out loud when so-called "experts" claim there is absolutely no natural way to enlarge breasts. Natureday has them all beat.

09-26-10     DENNISE

09-25-10     R.
I have taken the liquid and pills on and off since 2005 and it DOES WORK! I drink and smoke but the results still happen, just not as quickly. As you see from the photos you DO develop breasts! Yes I'm very happy with the results and fill a B-cup nicely. So for all of you who have doubts a picture is worth a thousand words. It works guys so if you want breasts then get with the liquid!!!

09-25-10     The results so far have been "fulfilling" to say the least
I have just ordered another six month supply of Fullfillment. The results so far have been "fulfilling" to say the least. My perky breasts are becoming more pronounced every day. I look in the mirror and see my enhanced mounds of flesh staring back at me. My nipples are darker, harder, and more sensitive to the touch. My ability to arouse myself simply by rubbing the breast cream into my fleshy knockers is great. I hope my boobs continue to respond to the treatment and I will let you know when I get there. My supply of bras and feminine attire can know be put to use when fanfare. I can't wait to flaunt my soft,voluptous breasts to the world. Thanks again for helping me become the woman I wish to be.

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