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11-13-10     joleen
hello to the staff at natureday as i said about a month or so ago my husband has always wanted to have very large female breasts both in size and shape as a male and not knowing much about breast enlargement other than breast implants he put me in charge of this project and i chose the natureday program for him the pills the liquid the soap the shakes the whole nine yards now a few weeks later the results are just great he now has the breasts he always wanted now that his breasts are very noticeable and now need support i recently took him for a bra fitting and feel he is or has made progress toward his goal of having female size and shape breasts he was very excited and like a giddy schoolgirl about getting his first braonce he put on a bra for the very first time other than to shower and sleep he is never bra-less today he knows just as much about bras and wearing a bra as any woman does because he is a large full c cup shooting for a d cup and or dd cup he wears bras made for full figure big gals he likes goddess elomi and lunaire bras a big thank you to natureday for helping him toward him having his breasts he thinks it is great and fun to go shopping for and trying on bra and likes the reactions he gets from the salesgirls at the lingerie shops also he dont understand all the fuss woman make about bras as far as being uncomfortable and killing them he has told me that there is no better feeling than a well fitting brah likes to joke around with me telling me just like the girl in the playtex ads that he is happy when his girls are happy have a great day joleen

11-07-10     men can grow nipples that are respectable also
Here is another pic of my growth. As you can see, men can grow nipples that are respectable also. They feel great. You can sure see the fold where my bra fits the bottom of them. Thank you for the wonderful products. I may order more in the future. Thanks P

11-05-10     DG
Well it has been 1 month and I am very satisfied with the results. I have gone from a 42 across the chest to a 43.5. I am filling out b bra much better now and my areolas are getting puffier. My wife made a comment when we were siting on the couch the other day she said what is this and grabbed my boob. I just told her I was getting fat again. not really true but I think she bought it. I am much rounder they have got. I am so excited about having breast.

11-05-10     C x
Hi Amy, its been a while since my last testimonial, but i have to tell you that i have just finished my last order and well, THANK YOU to NATUREDAY, my brests are feeling and looking wonderful. Natureday products are the BEST. i love my breasts and now want to grow them bigger. At first i only wanted small breasts, and natureday gave me them, now i want them bigger, so i will be ordering more soon. every time i use Natureday i grow..... yum ... thanks C x i have included my update photos as proof of your great products work..

11-05-10     Deanna
I have always wanted female breast and after alot of reading and looking online decided to go with Natureday. I bought the 8 month supply, so I have been using the pills, cream, and liquid for about 3 weeks with regular breast messages. I am using the liquid in the morning and evening, the cream in the morning, and the pills around mid-day. I figure I would use the soap when I run out of one of the other products. I have read numerous accounts of others having growth pains and tingling around their nipples. Well, I have to admit that I have not felt anything to that degree really. Although the other night my wife commented on my small breast. I really didn't think much about it, because she knows that I crossdress so I thought she was "pillow talking". Well, today I was walking down the steps at work when I noticed that my breast were jiggling. I also noticed that I have "mounds" under my nipples and my areolas seems to be larger. They were about the size of a nickle, but seem to be about the size of a quarter. I don't know if my results are typical for 3 weeks, but I am encouraged to continue. I also don't expect results overnight, although I would love that. Is it possible to have growth without any the pains? I have had the occasional "itchy nipples". Is this a positive sign? Thanks, Deanna
Response: About 30% of everybody that takes Natureday products do feel some type of growing pains such as itchy nipples, or a sensation in their breasts. But most people feel nothing, they just look down and they are larger one day:)

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