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11-04-10     THANK YOU to NATUREDAY, my brests are feeling and looking wonderful
Hi Amy, its been a while since my last testimonial, but i have to tell you that i have just finished my last order and well, THANK YOU to NATUREDAY, my brests are feeling and looking wonderful. Natureday products are the BEST. i love my breasts and now want to grow them bigger. At first i only wanted small breasts, and natureday gave me them, now i want them bigger, so i will be ordering more soon. every time i use Natureday i grow..... yum ... thanks C x

11-02-10     ...
First and foremost. Let me say, ladies,and men. If you would truly want more fuller feminine breast, Natureday does work!! I just wanted to put something out there for the ladies. So you have or know of a man, who would like to enlarge his breasts? Please don't feel as if its wrong! I personally think its, a huge form of flattery, that a man sees and adores your beautiful smooth body. There are plenty of us who think it is. And please don't think that all of us want to be women. Not true. But were open minded enough to do things with you some men would shiver at the thought of. We enjoy being with you so much on so many different levels. That having breasts ourselves, would only add to the relationship. Not take away from you! Not to mention make us feel better. Just think of the things you could do more of together. Shopping, dressing up. Helping one another. All the things I've over the years heard women say! You want a more sympathetic male lover, and companion? Here's your chance! I myself (male) love being a guy! But enjoy the finer things too. :) the kissing caressing, cuddling, and conversations, role playing. But also enjoy the male side of me to! So you run into an issue your man wants breast? Maybe the lifestyle your living together, has promoted the idea, maybe like me, would make me feel closer to you! I'm not trying to take away from your beauty, just add a little beauty to myself. For we males do have a soft side, but not all are willing to expose it. Personally I started the breast enlargement process, as my wife knew about, but as soon as she seen it working, she became upset. She told me that it took away from her being the woman. So very untrue! I love and adore her. From a mans mind and point of view. And is typically not something a man would want to flaunt. Lol but I do have inner beauty, and would very much like to have a little outer beauty myself. But at the risk of divorce I must stop! I love her to much for that, but she knows what she surpresses in me, that I would never tell her. So please, I know it may not seem natural or even what your looking for in your man. We all have our own battles, can we not come together, for a better conclusion? Thank you for your time. Ps. Ever thought about going topless like a man? This might even the playing field, so to speak. Amy please don't print my email, or name. Thank you and god bless your heart and the Natureday company! :)

11-01-10     you can see, my boobs are starting to stand out nicely
Here is my latest picture. As you can see, my boobs are starting to stand out nicely. I can only hope they will continue to grow and spill out of my bra. Thanks again for the chance to become the woman I want to be with enormous boobs and a sexy figure to boot.

10-25-10     R/L
Hello Iíve been using the pills, soap, cream and liquid for about 6 months and have noticeably great results. I am very pleased. Just ordered some more soap today. I have enclosed my before and current photos for your reference. I am now a full B cup, trying for a C cup by the new-year. I want to say that the products REALLY work and that your customer service is second to none. You always answer my questions in a timely manner and have been so helpful in getting my combo orders right and to me in about 5 days (for some reason it always seems that I order on Saturday, you ship on Monday and I have my items by Thursday). Simply the finest customer service I have ever experienced; Informative, caring and sincere. Keep it up and you should win a J.D. Powers award. Thanks again for everything. Iíll update you with more Pix in a couple of months. First picture at 2 months, second one at 6 months. Iím Lovín it!

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