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Date: 11-25-09     User: PG

Although I have just minimal success in using the products. I would like to try again and see what happens. My breasts feel fuller but the measurement shows only 3/4 inch increase in size. So I will try again.

Date: 11-20-09     User: C

I got the reallythin and the cream today, and I jest wont to tell you the the taste of the reallythin is good I expected it to be bitter, that will make it e z to take and I see that it is working I fill my apatite is less:) and I did put the cream on, I hope to fill some Chang soon on that thank you

Date: 11-19-09     User: T.

Goodmorning Amy :) has been awhile, I just wanted to give you an update. Things are growing great :) as you should be able to see from the pic. I don't have any measurements right now. I was to anxious before, taking measurements weekly. But my wife and myself have noticed the wonderful changes. She is now with me on this, and can hardly keep her hands off my boobs. She's even helping with my massages, almost nightly. Not stopping anytime soon. :). Thanks and hugs & kisses Tatiana Sent via BlackBerry by AT&T (11-20-09) Thank you so much Amy :) they feel GREAT really soft and sensitive almost beyond belief. I can hardly wait for each new day. The tightness and often tingling sensations. Just when I start wondering if its working, one or the other boob,sometimes both at once, I can feel growing pains. And my face lights up with a big smile. I have even been asked what's up, why are you smiling. I just tell them I remembered something funny. Knowing my breast are growing. Just makes me feel warm and fuzzy ;) Thank you so much Amy for being there. You are wonderful. I just started my second month of liquid. Can't wait to see my boobs get bigger so we can show everyone on the testimonial page. just how amazingly well Natureday products really works. Hugs and kisses Tatiana

Date: 11-18-09     User: Wade


Date: 11-18-09     User: C.

Hi, It has been more than a month since I stopped using your products and I am ready to start again. I have been very happy with the results I have nice breasts now thanks to you. I would like to know which is better to buy the liquid and the soap or cream and the soap. I like what the soap does for my nipples. It brings life to them. Waiting your reply. Thanks No emails address please or name.

Date: 11-13-09     User: John

yes, Amy that is the correct address to send it to. I am very happy you received my request. Oh, and by the way, I have to and I do mean have to wear a bra everyday now, because my breasts are large enough to need support Love ya John

Date: 11-09-09     User: J.

can please help me with advice on a couple of very important points first i have been taking your product now for probibly 1 year now, my breast have grown quite a bit in that time,but i am not yet at my desired size yet and i am considering ceaseing for a while .How long can i cease for until i resume with your product and what is the best combination of products for speedy results when i resume? secondly as now my breast have grown some i find that i have become like obsessed with them i no longer go to my drawer and get a sloppy tee-shirt i get a tighter one to show off my breasts even when i go out hoping people would notice,i cant help looking in the mirrow and touching them.
Response: You can stop any time and your results will sustain. It also does not matter how long you want to stay off our products, when you do start again you will grow faster later since your body is already used to the herbs.

Date: 11-09-09     User: Robin

I started back on Natureday July 27th 2009 it now Nov 7 2009. Im almost out of Natureday well at the end of the mouth I well be. My breast are now 41 1/2 inches at there biggest point they did grow to 38 inches last year before I stoped growing them. I would like to keep growing them until April 2010 just to see how nice and big they get. With out my brew they are not as big looking but they do bounce around. But then ever I wear any of my brews (which is right after work and all weekend long), that look nice and big and my nipples always get nice and hard. Here is a recent photo. Please don't use my E mail, that would destroy my job. Thanks Robin

Date: 10-23-09     User: jd

Hi Amy I like to thank you!

I've started again about 45days and now I'm seeing more enlargement.

Wow! I didn't think that i could do this but, I love them. Hope to get a little larger.The feeling is wondefull!!

Hope you still have my pic that I took about 7 months ago.

Date: 10-22-09

I began taking this product jokingly to see if it really worked. I always had a fascination with the female breast, but never really took this seriously until one day last week I was walking by the mirror with my shirt off and I saw they poking out a bit. Thank you Natureday for such a great product, i love that liquid extract!

Date: 10-22-09     User: D

Hi Amy. Just a little report. I ran out of drops and cream in September. I like the way that my breasts look so I am satisfied. However, I have been using the last of the soap and I swear that my breasts are still growing, especially on the upper out side. We were on a cruise and I had to go get some towels from the cabin attendant. As I was looking for a shirt to put on, my wife said just go out and let him see your "pretty titties." Imagine my surprise! I still can't keep my hands off of myself. My question is, will the soap by itself cause growth? Thanks for everything
Response: Yes the soap will work on its own, all of Natureday products works by themselves.

Date: 10-14-09

I wanted to let you know how things are going. I am at about 1 month of using the products and my breasts have grown from a 36" flat chest to 39" + Not only are they looking good to me but they feel great. I think this weekend I will be going shopping for my first bras. :) Thanks again Natureday, M

Date: 10-13-09

i absolutely love your product.

i think it is the best product on the market.

i have attached my photos of me after just 9 months I have 3 more months supply.

I love the increase in nipples,areola and whole breast structure.
Thank you so very much.

Date: 10-13-09

WoW! again, what can i say about Natureday,

I have grown every time i use your products.

i have grown more so i thought i would send you a new photo of my lovely brest. My breasts are fantastic,

I love them, your products are absolutly the best.

Date: 10-12-09

Hope your doing well today. :) I'm so excited, can't wait to get back on the liquid. And see more progress. I hope you don't mind me sharing with you. I purchased my first bra today. Was very embarrassing, but I got thru it. Lol its so very hard to find a bra in my size though. Was looking for a 46B noone from Panama city to Pensacola had one. Had to settle for a 44C. I was so excited, yet so nervous. Lol. Any ideas where I could possibly find a bra in my size? Checked Nordstroms no luck. I wish my wife was willing to participate in this with me. She knows, I just don't think she is as accepting, as she says. You know any women accepting of a man with a feminine figure? Lol just kidding. I love my wife. And I truly hope she is ok with this in the end. This is something I've wanted for a very long time. And now thanks to natureday I'm going to get it. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Amy:). Also could you be a dear and see if my order has been shipped already please and thank you sugar. Sincerely Tim. Hugs

Date: 10-11-09

dear everyone at i just wanted to say thank you soo much. i found your site about 6 months ago and after about 3 months of thinking about it i decided to place an order, and the only thing i can say about it is i honestly wish i would've started earlier in just the two and a half months I've been on it I've went from a fairly flat chest to an almost full 40a cup and i am loving it! I'm planning to keep ordering till i get at least a b or c cup. again thank you

Date: 10-02-09

I understand. If you could ship me out one that would be great though. I kinda spent that much on that package because I wanted to try out the soap, so i was disapointed it wasn't there. However I am definitely not disapointed in your products! In fact I took these products in the past & stopped due to financial issues, but I have been trying it out again the last few months & I have been using the cream & liquid, plus I recently started taking the multivitamin and flaxseed oil. All the sudden I just looked in the mirror when i put on my bra & was like, Wow!! There is so much more clevage than there used to be. It is a slow process, but i also take caffiene everyday. Anyway on & off throughout the past 2 years my breast have DEFINITELY increased in breast tissue when taking these herbs, I don't know measurements but it's a BIG improvement. I used to not even have clevage, so I am very happy, feeling much better about them & really can't wait to see more results! I'll update more when i have used up these 6 bottles plus the soap. You are welcome to use this as a testimonial & please try to get that soap to me asap!! lol, thanks so much!

Date: 09-30-09

Just started back on nature day. Been taking it for over 3 years now. Here is my pierced nipple again and as you can see it is quite huge. You new gyrls know it takes a long time to grow breasts just like genuine girls so have patience. Amy please post this in my Franny spot on the front page in male testimonials and also in the first page so all can see it.

Date: 09-30-09

Hello Amy, I originally took your products in late 2007 and got some good results, but then stopped taking them until late this spring.

Between those times I had lost some weight and, unfortunately, most of my bustline but thanks to your last shipment of cream, soap, and liquid I'm back to being a B-cup! I hope to order more and push my way to to a D or even higher! (please do not share my email!)

Date: 09-29-09

I would love for people, man or woman, to be able to read,and hopefully be inspired enough to do the daring,and challenge themselves, to go for what they want. I just wish I had more time, and resources to research natural breast enlargement. I would tremendously love to see your product go #1 world wide. The one thing that helped me choose you is, the fact that you have female/male testimonials on your home page. I didn't have to search at all to find out,if it works for men too. Unlike some other marketers,who you either have to call,or go thru page after page to see,if it will work for us men or not. And are more geared towards women. I'm not sure if its because I only have a blackberry, and cannot see it. But would like to see a Questions and Answer page, for those interested to see if a question they have is listed or not. And if not then email you. Thank you again from the bottom of my heart, to the tops of my boobs@@ love and hugs Tatiana :)

Date: 09-28-09

I'm almost at my wanted size and I am enjoying the heck out of it. I to have to tell you I get my shares of stares. Even had a couple of gals ask if they were real!!! Even had one that had to feel them. Needless to say that certainly caused my ego to fly. I'm glad winter is comming on....can wear a bra all the time. Do need to order a bottle of tablets and a bottle of the liquid.....we'll see if that gets me where I want to go. you should still have my credit card, right? Love and many hugs......Bob

Date: 09-26-09

I check from time to time and read the blogs on your website, I can't believe some people think your products are expensive. You have the best prices on the net and not only that your products really work. I am thinking about placing another order soon, I have had a really good grow spurt. I cant believe how much my breast has grown out, I can feel them even more when walking and when I hold them they fill my hand very well. I still have that problem one boob is bigger then the other, I don't like using the cream, do you have any other suggestions? Also if I keep taking your product will me nipple get bigger or will they stay small? Thank you! Houston
Response: Your nipples and aureoles should get larger along with the breasts.

Date: 09-25-09

I bit the bullet back when and got a second 3 month supply from you. And my weight has held. The good news is I have grown a half inch. The not so great news is that I went to a 2x dose liquid and 4 pills/day with this second 3 month supply. I just started the last bottle. It's getting a bit pricy with this program. Any long term user discounts or other advice? Thanks Amy.

Date: 09-21-09

Dear Amy, Just about finished with the growth. I did order a new bar of soap but the cream and the drops are almost all gone. The growth has been phenomenal. I started at 47 !/2 under and 49 !/2 over the nipples. Now, I am 47 1/2 under and 50 over. I'm going to use the last bit of cream just over the top of the breasts by the first of next week. Same thing with the drops. I am very satisfied after a slow start. The swell of my breasts on the outside is great. When I walk I look down and my nipples are proudly leading the way trying to poke through my t-shirts. I can't stop feeling myself.
My question is will the soap work by itself on the areas I want a little more growth on? Also, will I need to do any sort of maintenance on these breasts to keep them like they are? Otherwise, like I said, thanks for this product. It has helped my self esteem mightily. Your worry wart...

Date: 09-20-09

Just to let you know how I am doing with your wonderful products. I’m a male making a partial transition to a Shemale and your products are amazing. I started 3 ½ months ago taking two droppers and two pills in the morning and the same again in the evening. My breasts still look male shaped but they have grown quite full and I’m getting a nice valley between them. I did six months chest exercises for my Pecs before starting and my breasts are developing a beautiful firm female shape. My nipples are soft and tender. My boobs feel so full and feminine and I playing with them, it really is delicious. I’m planning to carry on taking your products until my breasts are 36D cup. The other amazing thing is that my male body is changing shape. I’ve always had a female bottom but my hips and thighs are growing, my figure is developing a beautiful hourglass shape and I noticed a big difference in the shape of my back this week. My facial and body hair growth is also slowing down and my hair is getting finer. Thanks to your amazing products my whole body is changing from a hard male body to a soft sensous female body. It’s awesome! I’ve also noticed that my penis is slightly longer and thicker and very much harder. Progress is slow and sometimes it seems I take your products for weeks and nothing happens but then I see a big change and it encourages me to keep going. I’ll keep you informed but THANK YOU! Thanks to your products I’m able to let loose the woman inside me and finally be the sexy shemale I’ve long wanted to be. Please don’t print my email address. Thank you! Simone

Date: 09-15-09

Amy Just ordered more liquid and cream from your organization. Love your procuct. Have been verry pleased with the results. My last pictures with the bottles on the front page are very inpressive. Thank you. I will send you a photo with the larger breast I have with the bottles. Your product is far anf above the other I have tried and heard of. I ordered the liquid and cream and could not get to the site where I could get pills. I guess I did some thing wrong. Put this with the photo with the bottles. I am now a 38 C can you belive. Love Lou

Date: 09-15-09

D here. Been a little while since my last testimonial. I ordered the cream just to see how it would work. Last time I tried the liquid for awhile and I wasn't all that thrilled with the results I got. WELL, turns out I just didn't give it enough time to work! Put on a whole inch since last time. For some reason, right breast is loving Nature Day, but the left not so much. Seriously, guys, this stuff is the most effective and least expensive product of its kind out there. Easy to try, easy to order.

Date: 09-14-09

can I send you some before pictures to make sure they are good enough. I can already tell this is working :) What I am planning right now is after i get to my C cup continue to take 1-2 droppers per day till i have been on this for 6 months at least. Maybe I will just have to go larger depending on what my wife says at that time. Thanks so much for your help and making dreams come true.

Date: 09-13-09

I find I have a lot of success recently by using the soap and simply leaving it on for the day. That has not caused any skin reactions but certainly has made a difference in my growth rate. I am very encouraged!

Date: 09-13-09

I ordered and started taking the pills and liquid, my breast size when I started was a 38aa now just 6 months latter my bra size is 40a almost a, b cup my wife is taking notice of my breasts this stuff really works, I can't waite to reach my goal of a 38c cup. Then my wife and I can wear the same size bra. thanks again Steve aka Steph

Date: 09-12-09

Actually, I have written a couple of testimonials. I have almost reached what I wanted to accomplish. If I put cream just on the place where I want growth, take the liquid and use the soap on the same place, over the tops, will that work? I have nice growth on the sides and under the bottoms, but would like a little more growth over the tops of both breasts. The aureolas get puffy quite often even with no stimulation. Thanks.

Date: 09-11-09

I have a question i have been using your cream and soap for almost 4 months now and went from a 34B to a 34C but i did not take before pics would i still be able to submit a after pic with my testimonial?

Date: 09-10-09

Hi Amy, not necessarily a testimonial. One of my comments to you was that my t-shirts were pushing my breasts down. Well, not so much anymore. Nice little wrinkle under each arm where the roundness of the breasts are forming. And the breasts themselves feel much more firm. Thanks a lot!

Date: 09-09-09

Goodmorning to you and your staff. I wanted tell any males who want to try your product. DO NOT USE THIS PRODUCT!!! Unless your intentions are to enlarge your breast, then you've really found the right place, and products! Unlike another breast enlargement product,I spent hundreds of dollars on,that didn't work at all. This does I swear, its really almost intimidating on how quick it works. I've been taking fulfillment liquid for a little over two weeks. And here are some measurements with dates. Starting measuements 8/20/09 below breast 44-1/2 over breast across nipples 45-1/2 hips 45-1/2 just to help anyone who truly wants this as much as I do. Do your homework, breast massages,and supplements, to go with Natureday's products works great:) ok here are my measurements to date 9/3/09 below breast 45-1/2 across fullest part of breast 46-3/4 hips 46-1/2. As you can see this is not a joke. If you don't want boobs. DO NOT USE THIS PRODUCT!!! Amy the sides under my arms are really starting to fill in nice, under my breast slightly starting to get that round look. And the growing sensations are incredible. I love it. :) and the top of my breast are feeling heavier than I ever noticed before. Starting to get a jiggle when I walk. I'm not sure how big I'm going to go with this,I know deff. Not a D cup, possibly a B or C maybe. But wish my wife would notice soon:) I hate keeping secrets from her. Just for all to know. I am a straight male who loves his wife very much. I just want a little more for me and her. I do like my hidden feminine side,but enjoy being a man. So with that. I will be ordering atleast one more month here real soon.:) thank you Amy and your staff.:) T. From P.C. FL. More pics later once they start to develope better. P.S. Please do not attach my email to this.

Date: 09-04-09

Hi Amy, it's your worry wart again. Good news though. Even though I quit coffee sometime back, I was still drinking a dark fountain soda a day. Stopped that over a week ago and I see growth around the outside edge of my breasts. I have to tell you that they feel and look great. Also, I see a slight bit of puffiness around the nipple. Altogether, I am pleased, finally. When I first contacted you, I had said that I wanted only a little growth. That's all I still want along with a bit more firmness. My wife was upset at first thinking that I was engaging in homosexuality or crossdressing. After I convinced her that all I wanted is better looking "old man boobs", she became accepting. So now, I am beginning to run low on soap, I have to decide if want more growth. I will think about it while I am enjoying what I see and feel. A little growth on the insides and a little more fullness across the breast and I will be very happy. Thanks for your support...

Date: 08-30-09

my breasts are developing beautifully,and are now shaping just like a womans breasts,my wife seems to take more notice of them now than before.she dosent know that i am developing my breasts she thinks because of my age they are man boobs,but as they now get their shape she is noticeing more and i am over the moon with them at last i am getting my breasts i always craved. if i had to stop now would i still retain the breasts that i now have.or could i comeback to it at a later date if i had to stop now words couldnt discribe how i would feel i am desperate,so plese help all you can.

Date: 08-29-09

All I can say is OMG 3 weeks ,totally incredible:) 2 1/2 droppers... 1 dose orally a day,1/4 dose massage into breast a day. The glands have incredibly doubled in size, just wish I had a way to prove it to you. Taking the saw palmetto caps a week before,to help block testosterone. I think truly has helped give your fulfillment the extra boost my breast needed. I was asked this morning at work, am I working out,my chest (breast) are sticking out noticeably. I'm completely amazed I want to measure but promised to wait until this weekend,I will send pic monday for comparison. Top of breast is so tight,they feel like they're going to bust open,and underside breast tingling and tight. Nipples. WOW sensitive. Thank you so much. And God Bless you:) more later. Hugs and love Tatiana. PS( please don't reply after 2:30 pst). I can't wait for wife to notice,so I don't have to keep this a secret. As long as she's cool with this,I'm deff.going to order some for her too. She's already a 38dd but needs the firming.

Date: 08-28-09

hi Amy.Its Christine from Ottawa.I just placed third order from your company.I am a trans girl and had nothing,after my first order..I was a full A...after the second..a B....this order will probably do it for me...a full B is what I was trying to obtain.I would like to tell any of the T girls out there...this stuff is the breasts are completely natural looking and feeling...not like implants.It may take longer than surgery,,,but well worth the wait...not to mention the cost difference.When I am done this next order..I will send you a pic,feel free to use it.Also..if any T girls would like to ask me about natureday....ask away.Thanks Christine. my e mail is [email protected]
Hi Amy...Its [email protected].....put in com by habbit...Thanx again..Christine

Date: 08-26-09

Hi Amy, I have only used the soap a month. The result are strange but wonderful sensations in my chest area. I will continue to use the soap. I ordered two and expect to need more. My goal is still a B cup. Regards, H

Date: 08-25-09

Not in my wildest dreams! I ordered the express package and it was shipped out on the 20th it arrived on the 23rd I then measured myself at 44 underneath and 47 across my nipples lol as I am already developing male boobs suprisingly to me I like the feeling of that as does my girlfriend, I also like to crossdress and probably have more female clothes than male clothes so I started taking the liquid drops on the 23rd after taking a before picture of my chest. strangely enough I actually could feel the drops working only 5 1/2 hrs. later , I could feel a strange sensation like a dull continuous pain and skin seemed suddenly soft and now its the 26th and can allready feel them firming up like a tighting, all I can do is say WOW this stuff is really working, you can use this as my testimonybut please refrain from posting my e-mail and full name, I will send before and after pictures as soon as I can get them downloaded, THANK YOU natureday. please advise me on what i should do next as I want them bigger .

Date: 08-23-09

Dear Amy, I write to you again to say how wonderful your Naturday products are. My lovely boobs have grown more, this time I have experienced my nipples getting larger and my breasts changing shape and getting a little fuller. (now I want more) I comfortably fit my 34b bras, and when I wear a push up bra, WOW! I over fill the bra. Your products are the BEST!. I have taken my time to grow my breasts by using Natureday pills, liquid, and cream over periods of months apart, and EVERY time I get growth…. I love my beautiful soft breasts and perky nipples and want to show them off, but not yet, I want them a bit bigger (maybe C cup !!) and then I’ll remove the hair around my nipples, and proudly show them. Thank you, thank you. clive

Date: 08-22-09

I love your product. I haven't used it in a while. I don't like to order over the net. Is there anyway to order over the telephone? I now fill out a 40 c cup. In many ways I feel and act more womanly and look like a shemale. I would love to hear from and meet others so you may give my e-mail to those who ask for it, don't publish it however. My goal is to fill a d cup. Thanks, L

Date: 08-17-09

At any rate, just from Thursday to Sunday, the sides of my breasts under my arms are tender as are my breasts. Something is working. I don't lift weights anymore so I know that it isn't muscle soreness although that is what it feels like. Also, it looks as though there is some growth on the sides of my breasts under my arms. Maybe just wishful thinking. Thanks Amy for your support and putting up with me.

Date: 08-13-09

I received my order on Monday and started taken the product right away, I started this whole week by taken the liquid twice a day to speed up the process. After giving this a long thought and looking at my chest in the mirror and knowing once I go forward I won't be able to turn back. This was hard at first because I really want a more female shape breast, I have loved this feeling and roundness of my little breast. I am hoping as the growth grows larger they will keep becoming rounder and softer. The best part of having these boobs are the feeling them bounce and jiggle when jogging or walking fast. So I decided to take this another step and keep using the product until the bottle is empty. Thank you for a wonderful product! Houston

Date: 08-07-09

i have just received the liquid fullfillment and im very pleased at the results i have so far unfortunately i dont have any pics i dont have a camera that is digital i have gained about one to two inches in one month wow!!!!!! iam so happy i cant wait to order more! thank you for nswering my prayers!

Date: 08-05-09

After a break from my last bottle, I missing the feeling of something wonderful growing, I decided to place once again another order. I think I should stop but like most of your men on this site, I really love feeling the bounce and curve of real breast. My breast are at a really good size but I wish and still want a little bigger. Your right about the size reducing after being off the product, so now I have decided to try to increase a little more, hope this time the pair of breast will get more bigger, more growth away from my chest so when I stand in front of the glass in the shower I can feel my breast press against it from a fair distance. Thank you! Anyhow your product rocks and I like visiting and seeing, reading all the results other customers have had.
Thank you!

Date: 07-30-09

I have been taking the liquid drops for about three weeks now also I am using the cream after I shower.I do see a little change which makes me very happy actually excited. The past week I have increased my liquid drops from 30 drops to 60 drops. I will be ordring the pills in the next few days,my question is how long can i safely keep taking the 60 drops a day. and the next question is when i do start the pills what is corect amount that I should take every day to increase my Breast as quickly as possible. Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions. G.
Response: You can take up to 90 drops a day- for several months.

Date: 07-26-09

I have been using Natureday pills and liquid for a little over a year, off and on. I got great results and could tell a visible difference in less than 6 weeks. I could tell it was working in the first weeks because my breasts were becoming tender (which was nice) and more sensitive. I got really scared when my breasts started getting heavy and filling out, and I quit taking Natureday for a month or so. As the weeks passed, my wife started noticing my growth and asked me if I was on hormones. I told her I wasn't taking them, but I did not tell her about Natureday. So, with a clear conscious, i started taking the pills and liquid again secretly. My breasts are quite large now, almost a full "B" cup. I love the way they look in a bra and the cleavage I am able to create with my breasts. My wife blames it on my being over 50, because she says that all men grow "men boobs" when they get older. Little does she know that I had a lot of help from Natureday. She has known about my crossdressing for 35 years and is OK with it, but she is totally against hormones. Thank goodness we TG people have Natureday to help us achieve growing breasts without taking hormones.I plan to stay on Natureday for many years to come. I have included before and after pics. I hope my pics show how well it works for me. Thanks, Natureday! (NOTE- Please do not give out my email address. Thanks!)

Date: 07-18-09

Just started on your product, cream, liquid and pills. After just a week they are growing nicely, although I must confess I did have some to start with due to another course a while ago. Also take Spironolactone and Finesteride twice daily to knock out the testosterone, which isn't high anyway. I must say that I feel well in myself and this is a good combination of products. Only problem is, how do I explain it to my GF, hse already told me that I had female type man boobs. Have to wait and see. She is TV friendly, but don't know whether that includes me. Definately shall keep using your product as long as it takes. Love the fat redistribution to thighs and bot, and my skin feels real nice, although Ive no body hair naturally. Have to how it goes. Thank you. S, London, UK

Date: 07-11-09


Date: 07-10-09

Hello, I have another question regarding the growth process. I have wrote you a couple of emails over these five years and you have been very helpful with a fast response. One would think after using your product after all these years I would have huge breast. But since I have took my time off and on using your wonderful product I got to feel and see my chest grow. I started with a flat chest and now ending up with a large B cup, not sure but I do fill a 36 B cup size well. This is why I am writing to you today, I didn't see much growing in size over the past two weeks, so I thought if I doubled the dose I would get a little bigger. To my amazement I was wrong about only getting a little, my areal enlarged and my side near my armpit area are huge, I mean the breast is very round and soft and I can feel how it curves like a ball. I went from a small B cup to a large B cup within a month. Now it is really hard to hide these boobs from public, this sounds kind of crazy but I tape them down before going to the gym and work. I really do enjoy having boobs and the feeling jiggle is amazing, but I rather have them a little smaller. Thank you,

Date: 07-07-09

I love it as i have been on you product only 7wk and from flat 37 to 41 an i will send more later your Ricaard note will sand images later.

Date: 07-04-09

Wow I love your product I purchased 2, 3 month supplys from natureday and I love it as you can see I am getting some definition in my breasts. thet feel wonderful... and when I walk they bounce and I feel them...

I appreciate waht you do to help us get what we want... Again thanks John james i sent you a email on my exciting progress

Date: 07-02-09

Hi amy I have a cuestion,,I have taking the product for almost 4 months, since 20 of march. the first month I gain 11/2 in. So I order mor product but after that, I still the same size......did you know wath is hapenning? I have drinkin the flax oil multivitamin.

Date: 06-24-09

good morning amy. well natureday has kinda made me a celeberty lol i have been getting 2 to 3 e mails a day from people who have seem my pic even one woman said she likes what natureday has done for me i love getting the mails and my 2 best friends lol thanks again jakeee [email protected]

Date: 06-24-09

greetings amy on july 1 2009 it will mark one year that i have been using your product in that one years time i am very happy at how my breasts are developing from the tingling effectc from my breasts budding when the breast buds got larger i felt very happy likeany preteen girl and very excited about getting my first bratoday i am very happy to say that i am now wearing a size 38c cup bra thanks to your great product in closing let me say that as a male with breasts i am real proud of my rack i will continue using your product and i enjoy the way my brets bounce and hope to be able to say come july 1 2010 that i reached my goal and be wearing a size 40dd cup bra my wife also started using your product the ame time i started using it and has gotten the same resultsmy wife likes to play with and feel my breasts just as much as i like to feel and play with hers your product has done wonder for the both of us we both now wear each others bra when her bras are in the wash she will come to me and ask me if i have a clean bra for her that day to wear my wife recently asked me in the privacy of our home if i woudmind dress as a woman i want the breasts but i will have to think about dressing as a woman for her but my thanks go out to you from us both nicky aka nicole

Date: 06-20-09

Plz don't show my e-mail address. I've always had man-boobs, even when I was fit and thin, and joke I have my family's big-boob gene, I just happen to be a guy. I actually ordered Fulfillment to test Natureday'sGigp product, because if one worked the other should have a chance to work. I stretched one bottle into 6 weeks and yes, I did get results. Not the greatest. More like someone adding more air into an inflated balloon. They bounce and jiggle in ways they didn't when I started, and my aerolas seem to point upwards a bit now, so they must have gotten bigger. So, yeah, this stuff works. I say every guy should try this product, if not for the breasts, at least for nipple development. You will gain 2 new erogenous zones in just a month or two, from what I've seen around here anyway, without the need for damaging stretching. D from Canada

Date: 06-20-09

hello amy i am a 25 year old straight male however i wish to have large perky female breasts i have started using your product before i started on your product i was a small a cup kind of in between a training bra a nd a regular a cup bra your product really works on men at least it is working for me after a couple of weeks i have outgrew my traing bra yesterday i went out and bought myself some regular sise 38 b cup bras i feel so very happy and proud to say i now have tits large enough to fill a 38b cup bra thanks so very much for a really great product and i am hoping to gow my breasts to at least c cup maybe a small d cup thank you michael aka michelle

Date: 06-18-09

good morning amy today starts month 5 and i am sending a new pic i am so happy with the results but i have to stop for now because i am getting too big and they show thru my shirts lol m dont i love it i am sending a new pic also i have had several replies from others and i love getting them. if anyone has any questions send them to [email protected] and i will be happy to reply thanks again for making this old girl happy

Date: 06-18-09

Hi My dear Amy. I haven't emailed you in a long time. It has been because I've had to deal with my mother passing away and then my father in law passing away two weeks later. Any way, I've just ordered more cream, a three months supply and can tell you I really have cleavage. I'm very happy with my breasts. I'm really trying for one much inch in my bust. I'm a small to normal B cup now. I love it. Any way let me know. Hope to hear from you soon Love ya

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