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01-24-11     crissy
: i am a male who wants to have hugh female size a nd shape breasts i started out rather flat as a board done some reseach and come upon your nature day program i started on your program and shortly noticed changesand breast buds beginningwhen my breast buds got even biger in size i was tickled pink and went shopping for and began wearing a training brathanks to your great program i am up to a size 38b cupand soon hope to fill out a c cup bra i love the progress my boobs are making and it is fun to now go bra shoppingand it sounds strange but i even like the ooks and remarks i get from women about wearing a bra i look at it this way i have breast that bounce and need support so i do the same as they do wear a bra deciding to wear a bra was easy learning to reach behind my back to hook my bra took a little getting used to but now got it down as my breastsare way too big and bounce i can never go braless and except to shower i wear my bra24/7 so all you guys out there who want breasts this is the one product for you in short time you will have the breasts you always wanted and be needing a bra in no time if you guys are like me you will find that wearing a bra will take a little getting used to but once you put on a bra and get used to wearing it you will never take it off and wer your bra 24/7 as i doand with each passing day the more and more you will like having breasts and as i do even understand why women have a thing about their brests so i am not afraid to say or proclaim that the bigger my breasts get the bigger size bra i will wear so in closing let me say that if you got breasts give the girls a break and give them the support they need and put on a bra for once you put a bra on you will findyou will be te,lling yourself its the best thing you have donebut if you are skittish a bout going for a bra have your wife girlfriend go with you or for you thank you well supported crissy

01-17-11     Grace
Hi, It has been one month since starting on nature day.What can I say,but your product works. I am a tall 6' and 155# starting with 36" 32" 36" under and 39 1/2 " over bust. Today 37" 31" 36" under and 40 1/4" over.Both nipples and areolas have increased 1/4 ".Starting with a flat chest, my breasts have noticeable grown in size .Can't wait to get my next order. This is one month. Not a lot but rounding and larger more prominent nipples. Thanks a lot I don;t want to stop. Grace

01-17-11     Kelly
Hi: I took your product back in 2004 under the name Kelly. I was very pleased with the results. I'm back and have ordered your complete package since earlier this fall. I'm so in love with my breasts. They are continuing to become more and more fem. This is a wonderful product and I encourage any man or woman that wants to have breast or a fuller bust to try it. It has been just under 4 months since I started taking your product again.... thank You

01-14-11     I love how my breasts are growing
Hi I couldnt resist had to order more drops but the promotion code didnt't work.Any how I love how my breasts are growing and want them bigger.One month and I used up the pills so going with just drops this time.Start 36" under 39 1/2 over now 36 under 40 1/2 over.Love the feel of my girls.

01-12-11     I am quite happy with the increase in size
Hi Amy, I have started taking the liquid and capsules again. I am also applying cream to me breasts. I am quite happy with the increase in size. I started out in Feb 2010. I stopped once the initial order was consumed. I wanted to see where they would balance out at. I have read some of the the other comments and looked at the pictures. I see that they have more what I would call female like areolas and nipples. Mine have gotten a bit larger but still seemingly small compared to others. I know we are not all the same but I would like to increase the size of them more. I am taking a multi-vitamin, flax oil and ginko biloba. I have also eliminated all of my caffine intake. Can you help me with some advice?

01-12-11     my boobs meaurement increase from 39 inch,s to 41 and over my nipples
dear amy , I am new & want to learn about this wounderful prodect.Iam using 2 capusels a day & half droper twice a day since 3 weaks so far results are tramendus , under my boobs meaurement increase from 39 inch,s to 41 & over my nipples 41 to 43 inches but unfartunatly my nippels are very tiny as compare to progress of boobs. Do I need to aply drops on my teets or areola. I tried on areola but my montgomery glands become proment. I am part time worker but I love your product so much that I cut down my buget on other needs, if you have any promotion or discount please keep me in your mind.Thanks M
Response: It is best to take the liquid once a day- so take 1 to 3 droppers in a glass of water a day. If you drink caffeine in the morning then take the liquid at night. Here is a coupon code you can use at checkout X200_dn7Le Most people do apply a few drops externally as well as drink it. You could apply the cream and liquid more often to the areolas/ nipples area. We are happy to hear your progress is fast Natureday staff

01-09-11     SAM
Well hello this is my very 1st time venturing any where at all, execpt i did place a liquid order from natureday, in march 2010 bust bottom 46" across bust 46 A cup and i grew larger breast over the summer of 2010 now 50 1/2 C across bust thus now wearing a full C ( no push up BRA required ) to show them off thank goodness it's winter time here in south eastern pa for i can wear bras out and of course under a light pull over jacket even though the boobs do draw a little attention, cause some guys / ladys look right at the breast area ( at times i wonder why ) some do this looking at breast of both genders???? the wife on the other hand knows that i must wear them due to gynecomastia situation, she's not to happy that i wear Bras out in public even though i cover up.. AND SHE DOES NOT TOUCH EM but she does tolerate me wearning out. 1 time we were out shopping and i did not know 1 bra strap was turned ( twisted ) and she straightend out the strap,, i just gave her a broad smile and thanked her very much for that. yep i"m on heart meds and even changed them over the last yr several times and this has added to the increase in size also ( according to perscription warnings ) of possible having gynecomastia situation, i've even asked dr for a dr note to wear Bras he just laughed,and stated its you heart health and live or soon expire..... i've asked my other drs for notes and they just changed the subject,, but yet they do measure me and chart it,, natureday has just help them to the proper roundness and firmer, thinking of ordering me some more cream and liquid started with 46 A now a good 46 C no push ups required wished i'd taken pics in the 2010 spring time my girls ( my name i gave them ) have been coming less tender so i think it's time to get back on the cream and liquid thx Sam

01-05-11     on the sides pushing the shirts outward
My breasts are still there under my shirts from the fat on the sides pushing the shirts outward. Didn't think this stuff would work so fast lol. Definitely can't wait till im older hopefully you guys are still around :)

12-31-10     Donna
i am a male with gynecomastia and i always wanted female size and shape breastsyes when they wre just budding i simply did what every woman does i just started to wear a bra starting out with a training bra the breasts kept growing to where i now wear a size 38 c cup bra i started using your natureday program when they reached a b cup the growth continued to my now c cup size but i do have one question my right breast is a full cup and fills my bra cup completly almost to the point of spilling ouy of the cup meanwhile my left brest has been stuck on b cup size and looks lost in a c cup i know no two breasts are exactly the same size but one whole cup size smaller to make my breasts look even i wear a falsie in my left cup i am worried that with breast growth by the time my left breasts reaches c cup my right breast my increase to a d cup any help for me or iam i stuck with the uneven look another thing i do as my bra fitter suggested is to wear a minimiser bra to make my right breast seem smaller to match the size of my left breat is this a common problem for women i have considered getting a boob job and getting large breast implants thank you for a very fine program and have a very good and happy new yer i mean year donn aka donna
Response: Donna, It is more common then people think that one breast is naturally larger then the other one. When taking the herbs sometimes there is more breast tissue in one and the larger one that has more tissue grows faster. You can apply the enlargement cream and or the liquid extract more often to the smaller one, and over time taking the liquid internally eventually will even them out too. Happy new years.

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