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Date: 06-15-09

Week three on the liquid alone, using the express dose of 3 droppers, plus a little dropped onto the nipples twice a day. I had a head start with a fat pad and some nipple sensitivity from herb use, however, now my breasts feel much heavier, my sides and bottom have just swollen in three days and now my left nipple is VERY sore on the surface and down into my boob behind the nipple. I bought two bottles and now I'm a little afraid of the first one lol. This stuff works!! J

Date: 06-14-09

Hi there I’ve been using Natureday products for one month now and can already see a big difference. My breasts have grown 1 inch and feel deliciously soft and feminine. I’ve also noticed growth in my hips and thighs and my facial and body hair growth is beginning to slow down. I’ve just received another order and will carry on until I reach the full 36B cup I want to be. My skin is beginning to feel softer and smoother as well. It really is great stuff.

Date: 06-12-09

hi amy i am a male 47 years old ever since grade i always wanted to have boobs just like the rest of the school girls in my class as all of the girls started to get breast buds and started to wear training bras i also hoped todevelop breasts and also start wearing a bra whenever i see a big breasted woman i always say to myself girl if you dont want them i will gladly take them from the catalogue i bought myself sveral bras and size c cup d cup and dd cup breast forms i recently started using your product and after a few weeks went from barely fulling out a traing bra to almost a 38b cup now i know how all you girls feel about getting your first bra when i went shopping for my first bra i was tickled pink like the rest of you girls at first i did not tell my wife that i was growing boobs i figured that i surprise her when they got noticble that is when i let her know that i was growing boobs i lifted my shirt andlet them flop around and asked her how she liked them and told her that i needed a brawell she said i have a few bras that you could wear that dont fit me any more anyway i hope to become a very larged cup or dd cup using your product my wife has fallen in love with my boobs she calls them her other twin girls she even given them names she named them kristi and chrissy she corrects me and tells me that they are my boobs not my breasts

Date: 06-11-09

I was on your breast enlargement pills and liquid for 8 months plus, not sure of exact time, anyways was having great results, but at that time thought it was time for a bit of a break. After being off the breast enlargement for approx one month I decided to try your penis enlargement, and also had the great results that your product offered, it has now been approx one month since I finished about a 6 month supply of this here is my question, for the past week and a half I have been experiencing a growth spurt in my breasts....proably one of my most intense growths since using your breast enlargement program, which really caught me off guard since it has been some time since last using the this normal or have you heard of this before, as I thought that until I started again there would be no more growth , even though I am enjoying the feeling of my breats growing again and all the sensations that go with it. thanks again for all your help jo

Date: 06-11-09

Hi Everyone. Just a little update here. My boobs fill my 38A bra they feel really heavy and tight in my bra so i think there are another cup size bigger. I have been using the liquid extract it is working really well, i havent took in a drink yet i have been massaging it onto my boobies and it works quite well. My boobs also are feeling quite softer as well, they feel so cool and smooth too touch there getting like a girls pair a little now. Again feel free too email me: [email protected] Thanks Guys.

Date: 06-10-09

I have been taking 3 drops per day and applying cream on my areolas & nipples for 2 weeks. My breast is growing much faster than my nipples which I do not want my breast to be too noticible. My body is getting warmer, my penis get errect and wet easily but I love the feeling very much. Is it normal ? Please advise. Thanks. Thanks and regards.

Date: 05-30-09

i have just placed another order for your Natureday products............ its been a while since my last order, as i was getting used to my new bigger breasts, i even think i have grown a little more since the last picture i sent you. So i am ready to grow them bigger now ... Anyway i love my breasts and want to grow them bigger...A..A..B.........C? Thank you for using my picture again, and i shall send you some new ones as i grow them more. Your products are fantastic........!! cant wait to reciece another Natureday fullfilment and continue growing my breasts.....Thank you Amy, C x

Date: 05-27-09

Amy Great - thank you. My boobies are WONDERFUL - almost a B cup with a 42 band - it takes more juice the bigger and older you are - but the feeling is great regardless. I am a 48 / 42, I was a 44/42 before I started so 4" is good in my book. But it takes more to fill a B cup with a 42 " band so the quest goes on. Thanks again - D

Date: 05-26-09

hi amy i am on my 3 rd month i am ordering 2 more months i will send another pic when i get more of my babies devoloped wow i love them especially whenmy seat belt rubs them MMMMMMMMM well amy i have decided to see how far the next order will take me so far i am so in love with what i have i just have to have more all my life i wanted breasts and at age 67i am going to live my dream as much as possible thank you so much best of everything for you jake love you bunches jake

Date: 05-25-09

Amy, Thank you again for the last order. Well in the last two weeks of being back on Natureday Soap, pills and liquid, as well as the herbal supplements, I am happy to announce that my below measurement is at 37" and the across the nipples is 43". My 40B bra is nearly fully filled in on my left side, and my right is still just a little behind. My goal for now is to reach a very full 40B on both sides as I am slenderly built and much more would show too much. This is a new e-mail that I set up for talking to you. I do not want it posted, but it is safe for correspondance. Thanks again for all your help over the last 9 months. Where I was once completely flat as mentioned in my earlier posts at 37 below and 38 across the nipples. Also they protrude much more now and are very full compared to before (into the underarm, and up above towards my shoulders, where before I had a "caved-in" chest. Well thanks again!!! "carilee"

Date: 05-16-09

And it didn't give me any type of discount. Was I too late to use it, or did it expeire? Or?? I soooo happy to be getting back in a routine, and hope to see more results. Please only use my screen-name of "carrilee" as using my real name would be a disaster for me. Thanks again for your time, and a wonderful product line!!! Take care, "carrilee"
Response: (same person as (02-25-09)

Date: 05-15-09

Hi Everyone. I'm 19 years old. I have been using this product for at least 1 month now, and it is working very well. In 3 days i grew from a 36A too 38A, my boobs feel so soft and femmine and also they bounce which is really cool. =^.^= I have been using the soap and cream so far, i havent used pills as i cannot swallow them at all, so i'm planning on buying the liquid etract this month, and proberly gonna buy another jar of cream. If there is any girls or boys that have used the liquid could u send me a message at [email protected] just about using the liquid please. If you do want too use this cream i recommand you use it although it costs a little extra but it is well worth it. Thanks Everyone At Natureday & Amy. Thanks Guys. xxxx I going too keep using until i grow too at least a C cup or D cup. Thanks...

Date: 05-11-09

hi i have been using the pills and drops for 2 months and the cream for 1 month it is working i am beginning to fill out a b cup and i feel a jiggle when i hit a bump while riding and they feel SO GOOD i have to wear very loos fitting shirts and i can still see them sticking out i am going to keep taking them for the next month and see if i have what i want if not i will order again thank you so much for making this old female wanna be happy jake you can use my e mail too its [email protected] mmmmmmmmmm amy i have decided that i have reached about the size i want how long after i stop will the growth stop? i dont want to get much bigger thank you jake

Date: 05-10-09

I have not received a conformation of being received for shipment. Have you received my order? Your Breast Fulfillment product really works, and I want to continue using your product. I have dreamed of this moment since I was a young teenager. Will you let me know if it has been received.

Date: 05-09-09

Hey Amy, they are starting to get pretty big and round now, a few days ago I was really starting to like the feeling of bounce when I walked, but they have stopped doing that, I think it is because the skin is being pushed to stretch now. There is a little bit of growing pains on the skin on the front and under my arms on the side of them, is there anything I should do to help the skin adapt to the stretch?

Date: 05-08-09

J here, I was on breast enlargement for about 7 months....and am very happy with my results, also I took a break ...and currently am taking your penis enlargement....which also works great, so thank you for both, my question is, I am going to go back on the breast enlargement....within the next month or two, and am woundering if when I start taking the liquid and pills if I have to stay on them again for another 6 months to sustain what comes next, or because I all ready have breast tissue that that will not be much of a concern. than you J

Date: 05-02-09

Yeah they are getting bigger, it is really amazing. And just recently the skin on the nipple is beginning to get thicker and they also get harder in the cold all the time now. When I am a bit further in I am thinking about writing a big story about it for you on how I did it and how it went. Has been a really amazing experience so far though, my self esteem is so much higher than ever, it is great . Thanks heaps for your guidance

Date: 04-29-09

Well, Iv'e actually taken your product this last winter. I have always had small breasts and loved the feeling of them, so I wanted to see if I could get more out of it. In the past Iv'e ordered 2 bottles of liquid and one bottle of pills. During the first bottle of liquid Iv'e noticed some changes in size and firmness. Not really noticible by look but definitely can feel a difference. I then layed off of it for about a month or two then ordered again, 1 bottle liquid + pills. Was taking them together. During that time I really noticed changes in my nipples, and in my breasts. They got alot bigger and softer. Some days they kind of hurt when my shirt rubbed up on them. But loved the outcome of it, even now 4 months since last order my nipples are very sensitive. Iv'e also noticed the whole "budding" effect. When I lift my arms up in the air and stair at my chest I can see obviouse signs of breast growth. Just wanted to share my experience and say thanks.

Date: 04-25-09

Please send all liquid this time. Thank you Amy, my breasts are growing nicely. I am ordering in smaller quantities as I can't get to big. Thanks again.

Date: 04-20-09

I also want to tell you how very happy I am with my results. I continue to develop and now, a day for me is putting my bra on all the time. Sometimes, at nite, I have my bra on because it seems that my growth happens at nite and it drives me crazy when I feel like I have to pull on my nipples or rub my breasts. I never could have dreamed I would like having female like breasts but I do. Thank you so much. I wear a bra now because if I don't there is way too much bounce, and if I don't I actually hurt at the end of the day. Thanks my dear Amy. Hugs John

Date: 04-18-09

Amy, I am on my third order which has included the cream,drops,pills and the soap and have seen great results over a period of time which started over a year ago and would love to see better results. Looking for some suggestions as to how I can move forward and attain full size breasts. I'm very open to any ideas or suggestions you may have on any of my problems. I'd love nothing more then to brag about your product with pictures of big tits to support that. We have talked before, so I am looking for your help J. P.S I don't drink anything with caffiene

Date: 04-15-09

Hello I'm sorry I took so long to reply,I have been useing your product and yes it works I did grow small breast they are not that noticable to everyone. The part that I enjoy is that I can go home and put on a small bra and enjoy my small breast. I also purchased nipple fun wear that I also enjoy to use. This item will suck you nipple in and the errection will last for about 15 min. I'm not selling this item I'm a Natureday customer helping others. Amy if you want to ask me questions okay but I don't want the public emailing direct to me thanks.

Date: 04-15-09

At present I am 43" under breasts and 47" around them, yes your products do work, at the end of my second order I would like to be double the size I am now. Not bad for a 70 year old male. Sorry no pictures art this time, maybe later on.

Date: 04-13-09

As i really want another jar in-stock because my boobies are growing already, before i started using the cream i was a 36A now i'm a 37A, i so happy.. But if this is okay with you then i'd be most grateful, and as when i can iam gonna buy you and the natureday staff some choclates for helping me out so much. ^__^ Thanks Amy

Date: 04-11-09

I would like to increase the size of my nipples and aeriols, can you advise how to. I have been using the cream pills and liquid for a wile now breat are doing great but nipples are still small Thank you. (NOTE: Please do not use real name my female crossdresser name is Misty you can use that one.)

Date: 04-02-09

Thought I'd send you a few more pics of me, attached here. I'd be interested to know what you think of them, and of my breasts in general. Hi Amy. Thanks for writing. I hope you enjoy my pics....I've posted my pics on a couple of "post yourself" sites, so I scratched off their names, that's all.

I'm not much of a writer, so my testimonial is brief. Hopefully my photos will speak for the value of your products ;) Let me know if you'd like me to send you more pics of my male breasts. Take care,

Date: 03-31-09

Dear Amy I am using droppers of liquid and your cream,my breasts were increasing in size nicely but then everything came to a stop,my breasts have not increased for a while is this a normal happening or is there some other reason for it.Please could you explain the growing patterns of ones breasts,then i will know what to expect,my breasts are not at my desired size yet.thanking you j
Response: Sometimes the growth spurts are more spread out for some, hang in there and you will get another one soon.

Date: 03-25-09

How can I enlarge my nipples? I have been on the liquid for six months and I have AA cup breast and small nipples any suggestions? I can wear a certain type of bra and then I see my small breast. I would say I grew a inch in six months. Have you had anyone else like myself?

Date: 03-24-09

Been using your product for a while now,my breasts are slowly but surely gaining size and firmness,one is still quite larger than the other and i am still trying to equalise them .i would like to increase the size of my nipples and aeriols, can you advise how to .Going away on holiday for three weeks soon,i am using drops and cream at the moment if i ceased taking any of your product whilst on holiday,would i lose any size or would it set me back when i started again after my holiday if so what would you breasts are showing quite noticeable through my te -shirts now so i am going to have to careful where i take off my shirt to sun bathe from now on so , would you please answer my queeries it would help a great deal thanking you

Date: 03-23-09

I have always had one breast lager than the other been trying to find a product that will help even them out.

I tried best actives one other product I forget the name of . and also one from across the sea. I a T-girl that just wants to feel covetable about how I look.

so I figured with ill give your product a try. I started a MO ago bought the "Natureday's Complete Package".I measured my bust when I started was 37" . I double doused on pills and liquid the first MO . took 90 drops + 3 pills every day. also used the soap 1 time a day. the cram 3 times. a MO later my bust grew to 38". that's pretty good since I didn't see a thing from the other products. and I tried the one for a year straight. Thanks, and I will keep you guys posted.

Date: 03-23-09

please dont us my name or email your product works great but how do i enlarge my nipples

Date: 03-22-09

Hi Amy I just wanted to tell you that the light head was due to and inner ear problem SO I kept taking the 3 dropper before breakfast and am very happy with the results. I always had small boobs but now they are softer/ bigger and my nipples are feeling great to the touch. How long will it take for the top side to fill up? I am about to order more liquid and cream I love to put on the cream and play with them. Thanks

Date: 03-11-09

Hi It has been a month and I am a total believer WOW it really works. When I get some good pic taken I will send the before and after you will not believe it but it is true it really works. I have been asked if I am working out my chest looks great and it is because I now have a much larger looking chest to fit my body the way I had always wanted it to look. I have gone from flat to I guess it is a cup B size I tried and A and I was not able to get my brest in it so I am guessing it is a B. I will be ordering more to do the up keep. Thank you for the Natureday Breast enlargment products. Yours truly Happy :-)

Date: 03-10-09

After being undecided for some months on whether or not to buy some Natureday a close friend couldn't take it any longer so he put me out of my misery by purchasing a 3 month supply for me. He was convinced that the Natureday site was nothing more than a scam which is what most other similar looking sites on the net are. I was to be the guinea pig. At the present, I am 2 and a half months through my supply and have gone from being relatively flat to being able to fill an A cup bra. My breasts are much softer and feminine feeling and my nipples are far more sensitive. I've always been a boob man but now I have some of my own. Natureday is not to be toyed with. If you don't want breasts, do not use it. If I'm not careful, they are quite visible under my work shirt. I love it! I can't believe how enjoyable it is to have feminine breasts. My goal now is to surpass my wife's C cup breasts and hopefully one day I will surpass Jayme's fantastic double D's! Thank you Amy and Natureday! What a top product.

Date: 03-02-09

Just want to let you know that I really love your product. I am a 36B and starting to buy 38B size bras. Keep up the good work and I am really looking forward to get my breast even bigger. Thank you so much. Michillie

Date: 03-01-09

Dear Natureday, your products really work! I'v been on them for 35 days and I take one pill at noon and another one at supper, then I finsih at bedtime. I take 3 droppers in the morning, I will order today, my email is out, I want to be a B cup. P.S. please send me an order form for later. Thanks.

Date: 02-26-09

a testimonial? hey, great stuff. been using it for over a year . first three month supply took me from flat to an a-cup for which at my age i'm ever so grateful. am keeping up the treatment to preserve what i got and hopefully gain a little more. thanks for a genuinely effective product. c

Date: 02-26-09

Its me again, I know you get all kinds of questions. It is hard for me to stop using your product, the feeling of the stuff working feels great and the results are AMAZING! I have not stopped or skipped any days using the drop liquid product, good news for wanting breast bad news for trying to keep a low profile. I have been thin all my life and I started working out at the gym a year ago. I use to be able to run on the treadmill but not so easy now without people looking at my breast bouncing, even with a sport braw it is very noticeable. I have gotten great results from lifting weights, my chest is nice and firm. So my question is if I keep lifting weights will my breast loose the roundness, I like the roundness of my breast but worry that it might look more like pecs if I keep lifting. Thank you,

Date: 02-25-09

Dear Amy I have been useing your product for a while now ,namely the droppers and cream ,at first i was a bit doubtful of it working but with your e-mails. that are a great source of encouragement i persisted ,now i have nice breasts now, not as large as i would like yet but still growing. My breasts are growing wider and higher and becoming full and very heavy, what i would like to know is will my breast grow out and when, or is there any thing i can do to make this happen.Thanks amy for your encouragement otherwise i wouldnt have reached the stage that i am now Thanks Amy Jay

Date: 02-25-09

Hi Amy, Just wanted to let you know that today is my 6 month anniversery on Natureday. I have been using your soap, liquid, pills and cream faairly regualarly thoughout the 6 months. I also drink a cup of coffe or two each morning. I have gone from a flat chest to nearly a B cup. And my breasts now protrude from my chest almost a full inch an a half. My left is just a little bigger than my right, but only noticeable by me. They are jsut starting to go from a full "peck" look to a more conical "breast" look. I really wish I had before and after pics, but I do not. I also want to let you and the readers know that I have taken a few suplements with my natureday products. I have taken pre-natal multi-vitamins every day, and I have taken both fenugreek and saw palmetto supplements. I also take a break in taking everything but the vitamins on week-ends to give my body a break. I would recommend your product to anyone who wishes rto have fuller breasts. They just need to be patient, and the results will come! Please do not use my real name or e-amil address. I also regret to inform you that my financial situation has taken a turn for the worse, so I will be using up what I have left on hand and will not be able to continue until things improve. I hope to scrape together enough to keep using your soap, as I have really come to like how it works and makes me feel daily. Thanks for everything, huggs and kisses carrilee

Date: 02-22-09

Hi amy I just I would drop you a fast note and tell you that your stuff works. I sent you testimony about 2 months ago(i think) and told your readers to e-mail. WOW did i get a response! Some weird people, but most of them where very nice. I should work for you haha. Have a nice day and thank you. jd Do you have any suggestion on what I can buy to help me from shaving my chest hair has often? My breast are growing pretty fast now and with having chest hair they look bad. My breast aren't getting real big but they are getting heaver and perky. Let me know when you might be having a discount of the cream. I can feel the x-tra wieght and WOW the feel is great!! I started at 41" and now i'm 42.5". Sorry about the hairy chest i'm looking around to find out about removal of the hair.Thank you and your staff. Thanks JD

Date: 02-15-09

Hi Amy I am a closet crossdresser( please dont use my email) I have been on just the breastcream now for 3 weeks and have seen growth in my breasts and have a tingling feeling in my nipples.I always had some breast now they jiggle and love to feel them...can't wait to have my GF and Crossdresser friend play with them! Krissie

Date: 02-15-09

Hey Amy. Once again please do not use my email address. I cant belive the results. Compleeted 2 bottles of liquid in Oct and finished the pills out in Jan. Very noticeable results, and the nipple sensitivity is unreal. Will be reordering for sure. Have not measured but sure I am A Very Very FULL B. Thanks J.

Date: 02-14-09

Here are a few pic of my Brest in my favorite bra. My brest are growing nicley.

My nipples dont get growing pains any longer, but every now and then my brest do. But it's not a bad thing. I hope you can use the pics. No e address please Miss Robin S.

Date: 02-13-09

Hello Amy, have a question for you. I have been taking your fullfillment pills and liquid for approx 6 months , with great reuuls both visually and emotionaly....and very much in the the bed, I am going to take a break for a bit , and was woundering if your penis enlargement drops would have a negative affect as to what I have gained so far...guess this is kinda wierd wanting to grow both larger breasts and penis....:) Thanks again for your time Jo

Date: 02-09-09

My friend give me cream and liquid drop. After 3 months using your product, my breast grow bigger and i can fill 34B bra now. I can feel the bra cup femininely touch my breast, and feel feminine with bra. Now everyday to my office i wear bra. I feel wonderful with bra on. I can't stop touching my breast behind my bra. I love it. Thanks

Date: 02-08-09

Dear Any I love your product really work i be on for 20 day I take one pills in at nonm an another pills after supper i finish at bedtime i take 3 droppersin the morning and i put on the cream 3 time day I an grow fasterthat is ok my good b a c or d cut i got shopping for a bra i how grow to a cut

Date: 02-07-09

Hi all! here is my « contribution » of February. Now I have been using fulfillment a full year. I would let you to know how my development is going. They are nice.

A lot of men and women looking at them on some web sites (youtube…) think so… They feel very soft, rubbish, natural and bouncy.

What a pleasure to catch them, to walk, to sleep, to live with… And I do not stop… What will they become ?! - Amiel, from Paris, France ([email protected])

Date: 02-01-09

I wrote in on 12/31/09 and was going to stop using fulfillment, but I really like having nice big full titties, and long hard nipples. IÂ’m wanting everyone to know that my tittie fat is filling in nicely. The red one is my favorite braw to where because, it keeps my titties separated and nice and full. And with out a cup I and play with them and pull on my long nipples when ever I like to. I still have two months of product left and we will see how big they get. So what im saying is this product will make your breast grow even if youÂ’re a man. Please donÂ’t use my E-Mail Robin S. Closet CD.

Date: 01-31-09

Hello Amy I've used 1 jar of cream and 2 bottles of Liquid now, and you were right, they have grown a lot. They sag and are getting heavier now. Starting 2ND jar of cream and 3rd bottle of liquid. Will use all the product up. I've been on you product now 2yrs, this is the best results I've gotten so far. Will send you a picture when i finish this batch of product. I use 2 droppers full a day and apply the cream twice a day. Wife says cream smells some but that's OK. So with that I'll say good bye for now. Your good friend L)

Date: 01-27-09

I have been using your product for the past week. And already I have noticed a physical change in my breasts. In particular, my nipples have become very sensitive to the touch. And they also have become quite perky and hard. Their color has darkened noticeably. Thank you so much for this wonderful product. My goal is to continue to increase my nipple size and length. And if I end up with a couple of nice size breasts, that would be great too! In the meantime know that I really love the liquid drops. Terry.

Date: 01-27-09

I wanted to update you on things. I'm ok. You were right I think. There was one day that I took 2 droppers and 3 pills. I think that is what did it for me. I'm now doing this as a routine---I take one pill in the morning after breakfast, then I do a dropper around noom. Then I finish the day off with another pill after supper. I have found this to be a good way to go. I have continued to grow and find that my growth really is in the inside of my breast area. The gap between the 2 breasts are narrowing very quickly now. also, my A cup bra is too tight now. I really think I'm a B cup but will continue to wear the A cup for awhile yet. My breasts have a ver defined look now. Very female looking. I will stop at a strong B cup and then enjoy. Another thing that I have noticed lately is the ultra sensitivity of my nipples as I mentioned earlier. They seem to get more and more sensitive all the time. My nipples also are as wide now as a pencil eraser and maybe alittle more. They really have grown in lenght too. Thanks my dear Amy for everything. When I am done I will send you a picture of me and the girls in my bra if you would like Love and hugs John

Date: 01-26-09

Hi Amy, I have been using Naturday pills, soap, cream and liquid since August 22nd 2008. I was totally flat chested with 40" under breast. and 40.5 across nipples. I am now wearing a 38NB (nearly B) bra. I know I shouldl be wearing a larger band size, but finding a 40 or 42 A is really hard. I fill the 38NB, and I'm still 40" under breast and 43.5" over nipples. Thank you so much!! Please do not use my name or e-mail. Thanks G

Date: 01-25-09

Amy: It's been awhile since I wrote to you. I took Natureday for about 4 1/2 months with great results and have been off of the products for about 10 months. I realy love my 40B full female breast but want to increase maybe to a full C. I love the way the breast cream makes my nipples get so sensitive but will the cream alone continue the growth I'm looking for. Lots of love and hugs, Bobie Bo
Response: The cream will work on its own yes. You can also rub the liquid on your breast or mix it in your cream for faster results too if you don't want to digest it. We are happy you got great results, and they have sustained.

Date: 01-24-09

Hi I've been taking your product and i'm feeling something real weird with my breast. They seem to tingle and i'm getting very horney all the time.haha. Is this normal? I do remember people saying that when they take the liquid thai happens, but i'm getting that feeling most of the time. It working very well! I'm now have to wear a bra when i'm at work because of all the bouncing that I do.(I drive a truck). Please advice thank You
Response: Your libido does increase yes, and about 30% of all customers do get growing sensations- it is very normal.

Date: 01-21-09

PS., Your product really works. After just three months of use, I have gone from flat to 38B and want more. Thanks again!!!

Date: 01-16-09

Dear Amy I appologise for e-mailing again i have been using your product cream and drops for maybe two months now with a half of an inch of growth, please would you advise me as to which combination would give the quickest results and be able to sustain the growth after achieving my goal. I have just ordered another two bottles of drops and two jars of cream, hoping you can advise thank you

Date: 01-14-09

Dear Amie, My friend gave me a supply of your marvelous product. After 3 months my breasts have grown to fit into a size C bra and ny nipples have hardened nicely. No longer do I need to wear falsies when I go out. Thanks again for your wonderful product. Love Hubert(aka Phyllis)

Date: 01-13-09

Hi Amy I've just started your program 1/2/2009 and it's been about a week.WOW WOW Have already seen some diffreante in my breast. I'm hoping that you post this ,so if theres any one else that is new we can chat everyday with OUR results. please post my e-mail [email protected] If anyone wants to chat live I'll be on IM on msn jd

Date: 01-08-09

Hi amie, I never remember how you spell your name so sorry if I am wrong this time. been using your product for 4 months ...and have had a incrdible experience with all the feelings and growth, I have just ordered another 2 months worth of pills and liquid, although it would not have been nessary if I did not get carried away...with my last 6 month supply.....your product is so addicitive ....all in a good way, anyways I want to keep what I haveso will 6 months be ok and will I keep what I have, I will take a break after I get there only to order more in the next couple of months....I am so impressed what I have achieved , and want to keep going, thank you so much for such an incredible experience and will continue with your product. you may use this if you like ....but no email. thanks Jo

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