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Date: 01-06-09

I bought a 6 month supply of your product and very happy with the results, my breast feel and look so much better, its Awesome!! do you have anything to make the them grow faster? N

Date: 12-31-08

I ’m a closet CD and love to dress up, when I have the time that is. I did spend a lot of money on Breast Forms so that I would look good in a dress. I have for years thought about growing real breast just to see how they would look and feel. I did always worry about using something that would end up a big mistake due to cancer and other issues with hormones, and researched all of the above. Even what is in your product just to see what it may do to me long term. I did start with some other herbs that did work, but it seems that you product works much faster and better, that is if you really want to grow breasts, to the point that I bought 8 months worth of product and my breasts are around a full B cup, my chest is a D cup and I’m sure I could fill it out if I took all of the product. Because your product does work very well, I’ll stop using it now Dec 31 2008, until Aug 2009, and I’ll still have a 6 month supply to start with, to see how nice and big I can get my breast to grow. I can’t walk around with nice big breasts during the summer, if I was out of the closet it would be different. The only Pic’s I have is after pic’s with and with out braw Dec 31 2008, and if you’re reading this my breast were not so full before really! If you really want to grow breast this will work. And I’m a big coffee drinker, If I was not my breast may have been so much bigger. Owwww almost forgot, this is 2 months of your product of me and yes it does work very well, maybe to well. Please don’t use my E mail, I’m a closet CD, Thank you. PS I do really love how big and hard my nipples are and they feel so good rubbing up on my shirt, and bouncing while I walk, and my nipples just poke out at the slightest breeze. Thanks Robin S.

Date: 12-30-08

Hello Amy sweetheart, Hope you are doing well and had a Merry Christmas. It has been I while since I emailed you and placed an order. Honesty I have been trying some other products and had had no success in breast growth at all. Your product is the only one that works.

Date: 12-29-08

Hi, I have only a week ago received my first batch of Natureday, at first I was very tentative about taking or applying any of the product. I did it gradually and only a small portion at first, within a day I started to notice sensations in my chest/breast area. I was very appreciative of the sensations I was expriencing, a little later I felt confident enough to take a low dose/quantity of the tablets. Today a week or so after commencing on natureday I had an intiment moment with my wife and during this special moment she was experiencing some pleasure in caressing my very little breasts, this was a special momennt for me. But I must confess I havn't told her yet. kind regards all.

Date: 12-27-08

Hi Amy, i'm a 39 yr old male and i just want to say thanks for your product, i got marvelous results, i believe i'm between A-B cup size, still taking your product, going for C or D size, my boyfriend and I really enjoy my breast, how can i make my milk glands grow? please let me know, once again thank you, wade

Date: 12-26-08

Hi Amy, I hope your Xmas was great.I really look forward to the new year and all of the possibilities ahead. Short note to let you know where I'm at. My shape has really improved. I have very little difference between right and left breast in the middle(breastbone area). Recently have noticed a very definate softening of the breasts. I have a very shape now my breast above the nipple area goes straight down now. The aerolas are wider now. About the size of a quarter. Color hasn't come back yet but I can see some color coming.. My only question is it really has filled out. My measurements are now these. Armpit area 441/4 below nipps 42 across nips 461/2. I really don't know how much more filling in it can do. When do you think I may have an outgrowth? I wish I could send you a pic. The only other thing to say is that my breasts also now have about 31/2 fingers wide from below before iI reach the nipple and have a very nice rounded look from creaseline up to the nipps Hugs J

Date: 12-21-08

After 11 months with fulfillment, here are new pictures of mine. I am very happy with my boobs. I am more and more joyous because of them. All in me is made womanish more and more; open-minded, patience, sensitiveness, ...I am lucky because my neighbourhood is favorable.. I hope my success does not prevent anybody from sending pictures. it seems we see less and less pictures there .

why ? I am ready to help anybody who wants to step forward. I owe a great debt of gratitude to natureday, fulfillment who has changed my life. What a blessing! so I have new friends in US, Australia, India, Nigeria... It's worth trying, yes indeed! - Amiel from Paris, France ([email protected])

Date: 12-20-08

I am so pleased with your Natureday products, I LOVE my growing BREASTS, you are the best!! . I have sent you previous photos in the pastand am very pleased to send you some more for you to use to show them bigger. After a second course of tablets, liquid and cream, my breasts have grown and filled out more. They are bigger and fuller, I love the bounce and I fondle them all the time now. Natureday thank you! I will buy some more product to grow them even more ………. C.
Just another picture of my lovely breasts - i started flat chested and now i fit a B cup fully, i am so pleased with Natureday. hope you can use this. clive

Date: 12-20-08

Hi Amy, It will be 6 months tomorrow that I've been on natureday, and there have been quite a few changes to my body. When I sent my testimonial back in July I didn't measure my breasts. I measured them right after and I was 37/38. Now 6 months later I'm 37/40 1/2. Not as fast as I would like to see them grow but not bad. I know it takes time and I'm willing to wait for each growth spurt. I'm hoping to have very large breasts when I'm all finished. Now for the changes, first I only have to shave now every 2 days where as before I had to shave every day. Does this mean that my body is now producing more estrogen? I still use the cream after each shower, and take 3 pill a day along with 2 full droppers . Men if you don't beleive this product works, I'm proof it does. I now have a nice pair of breasts with some great cleavage that I can't hide any more and don't want to. Amy you may use my testimonial but please don't give out my E-mail address. Please help me with some of the questions that I asked. Gary

Date: 12-19-08

Hello, I had taken the liquid and pills orally for a few weeks. I had also used the cream and soap the same amount. I then stopped using everything. Two weeks later, I just used the cream for one application. It has been a week now and my breast have grown to a good A size. Since I stopped a week ago, Usually how long does it take for me to stop growing?

Date: 12-18-08

Hi AMY Ihave not talked to you in some time. I ordered 2 jars of enlargment cream yesterday. My male breasts are growing and getting fimer and looking more feminine, I just returned from shopping at victoria secret and purchased a vs bio fit 38a bra my fourth one which I wear every day. I fully fill this bra and I have clevage. The girls at the vs store that I shop in are amazed at how my breasts are developing and shaping up. Your product is sure working although it takes a little time. I will continue to use enlargment cream to try to reach my goal of filling a B cup bra. I hope to hear from you soon. PHYLLIS

Date: 12-17-08

I love your product; it really did well for me these past four years. I started with a normal flat chest and over the past four years increased to a 35 B cup size. I am very happy how well they feel and look; they are very noticeable when I dont wear anything but a tee-shirt. Anyhow my question is now that I have been working out at the gym will they decrease in size? Will they stay nice and round? Thank you
Response: It is fine to exercise, it will help to do so. However if you starve yourself or exercise too much it can cause the breasts to shrink, also try to stay away from doing any breast/ chest exercises.

Date: 12-16-08

I just started using your product about 5 weeks ago. it is awesome. within 2 days my nipples started to tingle, then they become erect and extremely sinsitve, after my first week my chest started to fill out and and i started to got growth around my nipples now 5 weeks later my chest has filled out and i have exspanded 2 inches in my breasts, i love it, i can feel my breasts as thay fill out and rub up against my shirts. i am to a 44a now i am so happy, i am going to try to grow until i reach a very full 44c. thanks for an amazing product, i am a customer for life. i will send you some pix later on, of start to finish. thx again..jd.okla

Date: 12-04-08

If so is it as good as your breast enlargement formula Which I must say is fabulous. I am going to start using it again. I havent used it for about 2 years but going to start again. I went from flat chested to a B cup and have held that size.

Date: 11-30-08


Date: 11-27-08

Hi, Thanks for the info. I guess some of the reasons why I do not want your products are that I have used them last winter and they do work too well. I'm in the closest on this one and i'm afraid that I will grow too much. I can only wear bras and be more womanly a couple hours a day or sometime in a week. Still not up to telling my wife. Just wish she would use your liquid and cream also. But we have two boys and life is hard to be in the open. Any ideas on what to do?

Date: 11-24-08

Amy, I've used natural products all my life. Not all products work on all people, but wow, ..... I've found a winner for my body Thanks. I took 2 doses of the liquid daily, and used the cream twice a day, after showers. I noticed the growth within a week, and it has just continued. I'll be back for more cream and liquid soon. I'm so excited with my progress. thanks ! please do not use my name or email address. i'll try to have photos next time. good stuff!

Date: 11-23-08

I've been using your products for close six months now and even though I'm nowhere near where I want to be I am very happy with the product. My desire is to have ample cleavage. I wish I had taken pictures when I began so I could send them to you when I reach my goal. I've never been good with taking pictures of myself and my wife is not aware of me taking a product to increase breast size. I know she is aware that I'm getting breasts or at least my chest size is increasing. She did mention several months ago it looked like I was getting breasts.

Date: 11-20-08

Hi Amie I purchased your breast cream about 2 weeks ago, now I've always been big in the chest but Ive seen some significant improvement in the size the fullness of the breast even my wife have seen an improvement she said I'm betting bigger and she likes it, I don't know if this will get me a free 3 month supply but this is my testimony. Thanks for a great product Dani

Date: 11-18-08

Dear Amy, Greetings! I finally have some visual proof that your products are doing as I'd hoped for. In the past month I've seen some real quick growth since I resumed the droppers and cream. I've included them with daily massage and heat before the cream at night. I've started to feel tingling after the cream before falling asleep.I also have doubled the drops to 60 from 30. With the quick response I'm sorry that I didn't stay on the regimen since I started. My nipples are getting darker and MUCH more sensitive than before. When I get back after a motorcycle ride with the wind beating against my shirt my nipples feel incredible!! And today I saw a sight I've yet to see till now...out for a walk I was wearing a 'beater' type undershirt and looking down I saw my nipples very pronounced and the shirt pulled tight between the nipples! I've gone thru many times of wondering if I really wanted what I started. I didn't start out to go M to F but I know that I haven't been this excited about anything in some time! Thanks for quality products. (please hide my e-mail for now)

Date: 11-17-08

HI AMY Well I have been using the soap and the liquid and the cream for 2.5 wks. Can't believe the feelings I've GOTTEN from the soap and the cream!!! I feel WARMTH and TINGLING more and more every time I use the soap and the cream, such a sexier feelings. IT'S like my breast are alive and i can feel the growth every day. I use the cream twice a day and soap twice a day. The liquid really seems to help the cream and soap. I'M in another growth spurt again. Just like you told me to apply the cream like it was a lotion makes a big difference. I'm using a protein shake twice a day also, big difference in the growth. Soon i should be at my goal. I order 2 more bottles of liquid, seems like it takes 2 bottles of liquid for 1 jar of cream. I want to really thank you for your support . I know its been a long road but like you told me you can't expect it to work over and hugs L)

Date: 11-15-08

Like to ask a question. When I'm done using fullfillment, how long will it take for my male hormone level, what I have left to return yo normal? I'm not upset or anything but have noticed allot of erections lately but during intimate times with my wife less output if you know what I mean. I truly am loving my breasts now. They are really rounding all the way around and dropping down a little too. When I sleep now my breasts overlay one another. Also my over full part measurement is now 46 5/16. I just might make a 42c

Date: 11-13-08

Hello all, First I'd like to thank you for your wonderful products! I really enjoy them. My question -- Is it possible to order just the capsules -- without also purchasing the liquid? I feel that using the soap and ocassionally the cream, along with the capsules, are perfect for me. Thank you again --

Date: 11-11-08

Here is my new pictures all bare boobs, for november after more than ten months with fulfillment. Your wonderful product helped me to get the huge result I have been expecting long years..

Congratulations for this special blend that we cannot find anywhere... Great pleasure to feel my b reasts so tender so heavy and nicely sore.. Great pleasure to fill my bra I wear every day. Great pleasure when I feel them hanging and dancing under me when I lean forward..

So I go on with you.. for some inches more..; My measures to-day : under them : 42 ; around my nipples : 48. Amiel from France; [email protected]

Date: 11-10-08

have been using your products for about a year now and only gained about a half inch stared out at 39 1/2 now im at 40". just recived a new order of 2bottles of liquid and 1 each of cream and pills will let you know when im done with these if any change.

Date: 11-09-08

Thought I would drop this line on you. I happened to join men wear bras recently and more than one guy has said he is doing great on Natureday! There were some though that said it is a rip off to use herbs and enlargement programs, I do know better. It doesn't grow over nite like they want but I have grown over 3 and one half inches on the program. It does shrink back as it is filling in I think but that still makes me having grown over 3 inches. Thought you might like to know Hugs John

Date: 11-09-08

I was wondering if the weight loss product you have on your site with in a positive way with the fullfillment liquid. I know i have been off it for a bit but still tryin to get my car all the way fixed. I do wanna thank you for everthing you have done for me so far and i need to tell you that fulfillment has been a treat in my life at least i know when the funds are back in line for me how to achieve the results im looking for in my life. i know that very soon hopfully before this month is over ill be back on fulfillment and maybe the weighloss if it works god with each other. I dont wanna counteract any progress i have gotten so far. Thank you in advance for your reply.

Date: 11-07-08

Hi Amy, could you please tell me how many times a day one is suppose to use the droppers. Is it 3 or 2 times a day and also thought I would tell you that my growth now is beyond the width of my hand and now I've had a little outgrowth, although not much My breasts are now very female looking and the filling out is now going up my chest and when I sleep at nite, my breasts touch. Being all male I find that weird but I must say that I love it. My nipples have grown a little and I am now starting to see my aerolas darken. Let me know. I woul;d never have thought I would use the liquid in the dropper form, but I find myself very excited with my growth.

Date: 11-03-08

Hey Amy, it's been a while since I ordered my cream and starting using it daily... I've been using it mostly 2-3 times a day though there are some days where I only remember to apply it once. This product definitely works quicker than the soap. I think I've already doubled my size with just one order of cream, and I'm not even quite done with it yet. Thanks again, I have a pic here, hopefully you can use it =D

Date: 10-28-08

Hi Amy, Is there any price difference on the pills? I'm making progress, but it's been slow after the initial growth spurt. It's been close to a year now! I started around 37 inches, and now am at 40.5 inches. That makes me about 1/2 inch shy of a solid A size. I doesn't help that I have a high body metabolism & still like my coffee. I've lost about 5 lbs, but it's as if the fat has been transferred from my waist to the hips, thighs, and rear! LOL! I may try cutting the caffeine completely out to see if it makes a difference? I've been 2 months on protein shakes, just using the cream, pills, and flaxseed supplements. Thanks for your help, R.

Date: 10-28-09

hello did not plan on nursing any babies i wanted the large female breasts any way with out breasts i feel as part of me is missing as a male i was very flat chestedbut still had enough to wear a girls traing bra a friend who was using your product gave me some to try it now has beeb about six weeks since j have been using your product i am very happy and satisfied with the results in that short time i have gone from just about filling out my training bra to a very tight and getting tighter 38 b cup i could not be any happier now that i am ready to buy some new 38c cup bras wearing a bra at first was a little different but after wearing a bra every day now i gotten used to it it really is no big deal eithr putting on or wearing a bra i ave breasts they need support so wearing a bra is part of the game it felt funny going to a woman bra fitter asking her to fit me for a bra but now idont care after all who knows better about breasts and bras than a woman anna my bra fitter is very caring and understanding as she fitted me into my 38c cup bras she took the time to show me the various styles of bras how to put my bra on with reaching behind my back to fasten the hooks to showing me ho to adjust the bra straps anna told me that a number of other men have come to her to be fitted for a bra and or girdle anna even joked with me about the next time i come in can she fit me for a panty girdle or open bottom girdle and some nice pantys love you d.

Date: 10-27-08

Hi Amy, I've just finished one month of liquid and cream and love the results - boobs growing from AA to A, wonderfully sensitive nipples, a nice weight to hold and very shapely. I've just ordered another liquid and cream, but here's my question and dilemma. The dilemma is that I'm curious to see them bigger, even much bigger, but I'm not ready for permanently obvious breasts when wearing clothes (naked is no problem; I love 'em - although summer at the beach might be a different issue). So the questions are: 1) what would be a "safe" stopping point for my boobs to return to normal size and 2) if I stop for a month or two, is there a residual effect when I start again. If you don't know, that's ok, but I'd appreciate your thoughts. Thanks for your help and an incredible product. David

Date: 10-25-08

Dear Amy, Well now you have done it and I love it the ladies are getting more rounder on the top there seems to be a bit of growing pains on top. And have been wearing a bra all the time even to work under my uniform. This has helped in supporting the ladies and I'm not as sore. But I never thought that I would develop them like this. When I dress as a girl I do not need any artificial breasts I go out with pride wearing a 44b bra ane have amaized some born woman when they ask what type of breast forms are you using I smile and say none these are my real breasts. They ask me what I use and what hormones I take. I tell them no hormones only the Natureday Products and fullfillment treatments and then refer them to the site. It is great to hear from my girl friends say yo me when I tell them of the soreness in the growth department. They say welcome to Woman hood. It does my heart good to hear that. I'm also getting more cleavage to which is great I love looking down On my Ladies and smile when I see them it is also great to look in the mirror and see them. And here is a update pics of the Ladies. Luv Dale

Date: 10-25-08

Amy Changed the email address. Got DSL, Quick and fast. I sent some pictures to the other address and got an error message. Hope this one gets through. I am almost out of all the products and will have to order more. I have not found anything more effective as your products. I can now fill a 38 "C" with no kleenex. I just love playing with my breast and hope to gain a much more. You may use my pictures if you wish. I am the one with the bottles. Love Lou
Response: Lou you are such a sweetie!

Date: 10-20-08

It's been awhile since I wrote but things are still progressing. I started using the cream and drops I had again after a lapse and the most amazing thing happened today. While having to jog a little to get out of the way of traffic I couldn't figure out why I felt some discomfort in my chest. Then I realized that my breasts were bouncing up and down! Talk about a lightbulb moment! Now I'm beginning to understand why you ladies need that sports bra! I will definitely be reordering within the week! My nipples continue to be very erect and sensitive after wearing an undershirt all day that rubs the nipples. To be honest...when I read some of your stories about growth in a couple weeks I had a very skeptical response. But I swear to the readers that this is NO BULL! I can see and feel a difference.I am not a heavy guy ( 5'10" 190 lbs) so this is something new and exciting for sure. Expect an order from me payday( I can't wait!).e-mail address withheld please

Date: 10-17-08

Hello Ami, ordered your product on the 18th of sept, started taking flax oil supplement on the same day, received my order on the 6th of October and took 3 dropper s right away and for the following week then started the pills and liquid , I am so anxious to see what happens, will keep you updated. Well it's been 8 days, and the results are absoutly incredible, I can feel the filling in on the sides along with my nipples getting longer and wider , not to mention the sensations I feel they are out of this world, even if it did not give larger breast, I would still order this product just for what I feel in my body….I cant describe it but it is awesome. since it is working in giving me breasts, is an added bonus.I know I will be giving you more positve results in the future. Jo Ps you may use this in you testimonials if you wish , just no email address for now, possibly later, would be nice to chat with others using your product

Date: 10-14-08

Amy, Need a couple of bottles of the capsules...Have a week + two days supply left. They are still growing nicely...2.5+ inches now...getting rather full and heavy. The tissue is very soft and pleasant to hold.......waiting for the tops to fill in....From my breast bone under each breast measuring up, I measure a little over 5 inches to the nipple...I need two hands
cupped to cover the breast and that leaves the nipple out an inch or so...uncovered!!! Nipples growing slowly, can see new growth there and have noticed small veins around the tips of the breast. Needless say it's quite a treat. I'm glad I started this project...I feel perfectly comfortable wherever I go, and they are VERY noticeable. My band size is 46 inches and around
the nipples I now measure 56.5 inches...It blows out everything in the bra size charts that I've seen. That's over ten inches different. Have found that a 46C bra is nearly perfect now. However, depending on the cut and type of bra I need the fill in at the top of the breast to fit perfect. Not to laugh, but I literally fall out or overstuff of my old bras......sorta neat huh? I'll stop when I get near the 46D mark...I would be very happy with that. You don't need to print this, just keep me in mind....this is the most
interesting project I have ever been involved in. Love it, especially when you can play with yourself and thoroughly enjoy it. As you have said, "very erotic".Love ya much Bob

Date: 10-10-08

Amy,I know it's onl;y been a week since I recieved my order, but I can already notice the difference. At alost a week I can see that my breasts are more full. I had some develope due to hormone replacement therapy and I think this will help a lot. Thanks so much! Forever changed! L
Dearest Amy, I just wanted to give you another update. I know I have only been on your product for only little over a week, but the last couple of days my breasts have felt more full and today they have actually felt sore like they did when I first started developing. I am really excited! I usually have incerts in my bra to push the girls up but today it actually hurt to have them in there. I am very pleased with the product!!! Thanks agaon. I will send you more pics of them in a couple of more weeks! Feel free to add me to you list of testimonials and happy customers!I am still growing and loving it. Friends are noticing it as well. I am finally becoming who I am supposed to be. Thanks for the tears of joy Changed forever! L

Date: 10-08-08

Amy. Just thought I would drop you a note about growth. Have actually lost some around for awhile and then I realized why from major chest work outs. At least I think I know. It has begun to really fill out across the breast area. Along with the sponginess, it has really taken on a very female breast like shape although smaller of course. Measured myself yesterday and now measure 451/2 thanks Hi Amy again, Need to finish my message. Anyway, now I am a firm and I do mean a firm 451/2, lately I have been experiencing small or dull little pains behind the nipples. Don't know what that means,but I have noticed a very defined closing of the gap between the two breasts. Not just by enlarged mass but the same amount of protrusion out, and towards the middle if you grab what I'm saying. What this all means is that the width of my breasts are much wider and more defined. I do agree that the liquid works quicker than other means. I do think a good partner to the liquid is the soap. Thanks

Date: 10-07-08

Hi Amy, I hope you are having a great weekend I want to just give you an update on growth. I'm really very glad I have used your products, Just thought I would let you know that I have had my first out growth. . After taking allot of time to realize I wanted breasts, I very much enjoy what I now have. Although they still can be concealed there are some people who know me, that have told me ( I must be back in the Gym working out as my chest looks bigger.) if they only knew. My breasts have really spread out. They now are wider than my hand fully extended sideways. The shape is now very female breast like, and very soft and pliable. My nipples have enlarged in width and have not reduced in width. I really am waiting for them to punch out more. Once that happens, I will stop. My total increase in over the nipple measurement is 453/4 inches. This is from 43 inches and really probably more like 42 . 43 inches was when I stated to keep record but was after I had started. Anyway great products. I admit to always wanting breasts although I am all male. Love my chest now and look forward to gaining alittle more. Thanks Amy for all the support you have given me during my little trip oh by the way Amy, I really like the shape my breasts are taking. I now know what you mean by filling out. They are doing everything except go out .They are filling out on the top, sides and below but not out yet, Love ya Hugs John

Date: 10-05-08

Amy; thought I'd send you this message to let you know that I've been off of natureday for almost 3 months and haven't lost any size at all.

Just realy love my titties. Thought I'd send this pic to show. Lots of love. Bobie Bo.

Date: 10-04-08

dear amy hows this for only six weeks of your fantastic product my breasts are so soft to touch i wake up eargerly every morning to see how much they have grown i just love my breasts

Date: 10-04-08

Does fulfillment work ? I am an alive proof as so many others, I think.I join an animated picture (readable by most of net navigators) after 9 months...

After audio testimonials, why not video testimonials ? and a BBC (Big Boobs Club) with all the big-breasted volunteers?. Around my nipples I started from 44.5 I am now 47.5 . I hope 50 and more ! Kisses Amiel from Paris-FR ([email protected])

Date: 10-02-08

hi i started the liquid and pills about 6 weeks ago i noticed some changes i then odered the soap and cream. before i started the cream and soap i was 40inches after useing all of them together in about 3 weeks i grew to a 42. i love it.please do not use my name or e-mail if i keep useing your product will my body start making estrogen on its own.

Date: 10-01-08

Dear Amy Please do not use my email but did want to write you. Orderd 2 bottles of liquid and one of pills on my first and only order. I took 3 complete droper fulls of liquid a day for a week and then went a week off and then the next week 3 full drops again two finish the bottle. With no special diet orno caffien cut I cant believe the results. I have nipples that can cut glass on a cool morring, and I would admitt that I am growing in on the sides of my chest. I would not guess that this would happen so fast. I wish I would have had before and after photos for the free 3 mo program. I am wondering if I took the other Bottle the same way what would I would achive if I needed the pills afterwatds. Thanks Amy J

Date: 09-30-08

Hi Amy, Just wanted to say thanks. I am a straight, happily married monomogous male, and I have been on naturday for 5 weeks. I have always wanted a larger chest on my somewhat skinny frame. At 40+ I didn't thing it was possible. I didn't get a starting picture, because I wasn't sure how quickly it would work. Well from measurments, I can say it is working! Under breast at start and now is 37". Over nips at start was 38.5". After 5 weeks over nips is 41.5" and they are plumping up quite nicely. Most of the filling out seems to be between the under-arm and the nips, though there is now softness behind the nips, where there was only previously harder-muscle tissue. While they still look like "pecks" they stand out more than ever, and are starting to get more "round" and I look forward to see how they will end up. I started the first two weeks with three dropper fulls each night. Then went to that plus 3 pills after lunch. I am also taking a pre-natal vitamin and 2-3 flax-oil supplement capsules daily. Is it normal for so much appearant growth in this short of a time? If so, will I peak early, or will they grow this much in the comming weeks too? Thanks so much for a reasonable and very effective product. Please do not use my name or e-mail. Thanks, G

Date: 09-26-08

Well its been a couple weeks and ive increased 1.5inches looks promising ! Thank you k (james)

Date: 09-26-08

Hi, I purchased a bottle of your pills& liquid,I was not know if they would work. I took a chance, I noticed growth after the second week.I ordered the same thing again , I am half way through the bottle of liquid and it is starting to show. how much longer will it take before my nips start getting more sincetiveand my arels start to enlarge? thank you I did not thank it was possible.

Date: 09-25-08

I have been on Natureday for a little over 3 weeks and have seen amazing results so far. I was one of the people that said no way this has to be a hoax or really not work... well sorry to spoil all the peoples thoughts that this may be fake. If you dont believe me simply order a bottle of liquid and see for your self. If you stick to all the recomendations listed here on the website you too will have a great start to new breasts. I have started a journal of sorts about what i have been doing and how things have gone for me so far i have noticed softer smoother skin not just with my breasts but all over my body, my nipples have always been a bit sensitive but they are gaining more sensitivty, just waiting for them to form up like a womans. Im looking forward to more progress and just cant wait... I personally do not like the taste but i do look forward to my daily doasage. Thanks to Amy with her wonderful words of encouragement and the Natureday Breast enlargement product line thoughs who want larger fuller breasts can now have them. My upper chest is filling out more right now more than the roundness and protrusion of the breasts. I dont have the best light nor do i have the best camera but if i need to resize it or what ever please let me know. The eve more fun part is that i am feeling the tightness in my chest again im only hoping that its another growth spurt. I get to measure again in two days, but for the purposes of letting you know where im in at i have grown anther 1/4 inch to 47 1/4 around my nipples but i really feel the growth in my upper chest right now. My growth is to me outta this world in my mind. Im even more than happy to pay later i just dont wanna interupt my growth. If i had my car here right now i would take the picture of what the other person did to my car to prove that im not blowing smoke. Again thanks for taking the time to read.

Date: 09-22-08

I wanted to say love the products, being using them now on and off for one year. I don't have any before pictures of my breast, before beginning on your products. ( no camera at the time) This are my breasts as of around one year or so worth of product usage. I am hoping they are turning out ok, if you could let me know Amy know they are doing would be much appreciated. Rob/ aka Veronica

Date: 09-22-08

Larger, bigger, heavier, my breasts grow week after week.. I began with natureday eight months ago... Yes the are mine and real! How will they be after two years ? Anyhow I want to go on...

I like when they fill my hands and those of my friends... I would big breasts. They are growing, I will let them growing... That fits me too much! Amiel (from Paris - [email protected])
Response: Same as testimonial dated (07-02-08)

Date: 09-21-08

hi i have just finished my first three months course of pills and liquid and have noticed my breasts have grown and become more bigger looking forward to my next order ps the pills say three a day but there are only ninty in the bottle lots of love brian

Date: 09-21-08

hehehehe Ok so I cheated a bit I just had to know and I find it hard to believe but either I didn't measure right the first time or I'm just cross eyed but I'm the same around my rib cage but I have gained an inch to 47inches around my nipples... OH MY WOW!!!!!!! Concerns is that my right side (the smaller one) is still considerably smaller and I'm still using the cream on it. I have also noticed that my skin is so much softer and not just on my chest my arms face and well everywhere feels softer an smoother. My nipple area seems a lot more softer and react more than normal, my nipples are in a more semi soft state almost all the time now and from time to time get really hard.... even when I I cant wait for them to start growing in to a more womanly shape...... well enough for now if you can give more advice as to what more I can do to help my smaller breast catch up to the other one. As soon as I can get the pictures off my phone and on the computer I will send you some. Thank you so much for such a wonderful product I will be placing another order as soon as I hear back from you with maybe more advice as to what I need to do to help the smaller breast catch up. Thanks for the encouragement and thank you so very much for such a wonderful product so far it has met my personal goals to at least start breast growth. Its kinda funny even though i do not agree with the taste I look forward to getting off work and taking my dosage and i kick back and wait. Like i said i don't know if i took the measurements wrong but a whole inch in one week. I'm really blown away with that and cant wait till next week to see what happens then. And thanks again J....

Date: 09-20-08

Hi Amy...It's been sometime since I wrote. I've been guilty of not adhering to a good schedule of pill taking so I didn't expect much recently. However, when my girlfriend and I returned home from a lunch engagement she looked at me and said "wow, your nipples are REALLY showing thru that shirt you have on!" When we are alone...she spends alot of time now playing with my nipples (more than before) and the feeling is fantastic! She is blessed with very large and very sensitive nipples. I now know and really envy how women have these sensations all the time. I'm holding back sending any pics about my chest since I want a real 'WOW' kinda pic but maybe I shouldn't. I know without a doubt that I have more to cup with my hands than I ever did before and it's not because of any added weight (there is none). As soon as I can I will get back into a rigid schedule of taking my supplements. I'd like to get to a point where my girl will have to agree that I need a bra at times! Keep sending in YOUR stories gents!-John ...e-mail withheld

Date: 09-16-08

Amy, Here's a progress report for you.....4 days short of two months and as of this AM, I measured slightly over 2 inches in growth. My nipples and areolas are finally starting to enlarge, needless to say they are extremely delicious to fondle. My breasts today are very tender, so much so, I wasn't able to get my morning play time in. Also noted small veins around the front half of each breast into the nipple area....They are GROWIN!!! Can't tell you how much I like them and the feel...what a treat. Believe me they are explosive...... Many Hugs Bob

Date: 09-16-08

Natureday, Hello, in a month of using your product I have increased from a A-cup up to a B-cup. I am pleased with your breast enhancement product. I have enclosed a doulbe re-order. Thanks so much. Sincerely, S.

Date: 09-14-08

When I got up this morning by breasts felt very tight, is this normal? I know that I have grown over an inch in the past month but I never felt this before. Thanks
Response: Sometimes before a growth spurt some people feel growing pains.

Date: 09-09-08

Amy, Thought I'd check in to let you know I'm doing very well....still growing, but somewhat slower than the first month. It's now been 47 days that I have been on your program. Feels like another surge may be on its way, nipples are extremely sensitive and colored. Also, the breasts have bulked out to a very FULL two handfuls. They have also become very pliable and can be shaped into any bra now. I'm still on the same program and taking your product daily. I'm very proud and pleased with my progress. There is no doubt that I have boobs....when I go out they jiggle, bounce, the nipples get as hard as rocks. I hate to say it but I do love it very much.....they are truly a joy. As far as I can tell by measuring, and it's difficult by ones self, I have added well over an inch around the nipples...Looking for another inch and a half....and then I'll be very happy. Many hugs and love ya much..... Bob

Date: 09-01-08

Hi Amy, first Thank you for finding you and let me feel and become a lady. I have been asked by Males and other Women are they real and I can proudly say yes the are mine and real. Asked how I tell them of you. I started out with practicly nothing and now I fill a 44b bra even in the process of loosing weight the ladies grew. I was with a girlfriend the other day and she knows what i started with and we where talking to another girl and she asked about the ladies and my friend said yes she is a girl now got Boobs. I tell all how that ask about the products and give them the site name yours of course. One problem is they are getting harder to hide. Not a real problem. I wear a bra all the time now. And to look done and see the ladies there is great. Thank you for having this wonderful product and will continue to keep going. I do notice that when I visit friends that I haven't seen in a while they notice I have developed more and most say your bigger. I just smile. Dale

Date: 09-01-08

Sitting here being bored so I thought that I would ask another question. I should have asked it before but forgot. I have been coming right along. I wonder how much more on the sides and to the middle my breasts can take. The skin is getting tight now over the top.Around the armpits I have a very noticable crease line between the armpits and outside reaches of each breast. I wonder if you can tell me if I'm getting close to growing out. My aereolas are finally starting to darken and my breasts are really starting to point outward and filling inside. Does this indicate an up and coming out spurt? Allot has been done already. Thanks Amy.> Hugs John

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