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Date: 09-25-07

Dear Amy, thanks for encouraging me 5 weeks ago. You suggested that I take the liquid (90 drops) for faster results and I can really see and feel the changes. My breasts are filling out. My bra (38A) is really tight. My measurements have gained at least a 1/2" across the tips of my breasts. My wife and I were going to see if I can find a playtex half size bra because I am not sure that I could completely fill a "B" cup yet. My nipples seem to be jutting out a little and I do have some tenderness in my breasts along with what feels like a dull ache in my chest. Are these all good signs. I am wondering how long until thy really get rounder looking. I think they look a lot better than when I first wrote you. I have been on the program now for almost 12 weeks. The last 2 weeks things have really started to be noticeable. Thanks again, Lonnie

Date: 09-24-07

Dear Amy my last post was on 8/21 and It has been almost a month sience I Recived my last order and as promised here are more pitchers.It was geting harder to hide my breast growth from my girl friend but she loves them so much we went bra shoping. well buy for now. I will keep you posted om my growth thanks again Scot

Date: 09-24-07

I have known I was different for some time. My facination with breasts has existed for as long as I can remember. Over the years I have developed quite the collection of Breast Forms and Bras in different sizes. I am a tall trans man that likes to dress at home. During a web surfing adventure I found some social networking sites that referenced your product. After reading the testimonials on your site I hesitantly / excitedly placed my first order. Growth began mostly under my arms on my first round of product. I took a reduced dosage for fear of growing To Large To Quick. I love my breasts now but at the time I worried about much they would grow in a short period of time. I know I am an MtF Trans and as such I have researched synthetic hormones. Hormones can reduce your male function, my wife & I like the function of my penis just the way it is. I have not experienced any problems with erections with your product. In fact I think that I am hornier now because I feel more comfortable in my skin. I do reserve the right to at some time later take synthetic hormones, but right now your product provides a bridge between Medical science and Traditional herbs. Since the FALL season is changing I feel like I am ready for my next growth spurt. I have been very satisfied with you product so far. I have taken relatively small dosages and now have soft bouncy breasts that I am totally in LOVE with. Your product has helped me grow as an individual and for that I am thankful. PS my wife loves the smell of your soap:-) Regards., ZOE

Date: 09-21-07

Dear Amy, Hello again! Long time, no talk! Well, it's officially been a year since I've been on Fulfillment, and I've only grown three inches. I quite drinking caffeine, and made sure to take in extra protein. I recently decided to get a personal trainer to help me lose some weight (I'm currently at 5'0" and weigh 131lbs and am 29% body fat....the goal is to get me to 119 lbs. and 21% body fat), and our goal is to lose 1 lb of fat per week. I still want my breasts to grow, but am feeling discouraged. Should I continue to take Fulfillment? Would I see any results while I'm losing weight? Is there a way to speed up the process? Thanks so much! (please don't use my name...thanks!! :D )

Date: 09-17-07

My name is Dan, and I have taken about three bottles of your liquid and I am very saticfied with the results. I have always have big breast, I started out with a C cup and I am now a very large C. I was wondering were I could get a two piece bra like Jayme's. The under piece and the over piece? After I get a bra like this I plan on sending pictures.

Date: 09-11-07

Hi amy,jayme again. Just a couple more pics of my amazing development thanks to your formula.These are taken 6 weeks after my last pics i posted to you and yes they are still growing.My girlfriends can't believe the size i have reached and how perfect the look and feel.They said they would have to be a DDcup.Will they keep growing and are these results permanent?I love them,they feel so big and soft.Thanks again.Jayme. On my friends computer,its ok to reply. Hope the pics turn out ok. Big Male Breasts

Date: 09-10-07


Date: 09-09-07

I'm just writing to say that I was skeptical at first, but after 1 month on your product, I have gonr frome flat chested to filling a A cup! My nipples are also sensitive and easily enlarged when stimulated. What a feeling! I should have started years ago. My goal is to reach a "C" cup so I will place another order and continue to use your wonderful product. Thank you, Greg

Date: 09-08-07

i have another couple of questions for you. well, i am coming up close to using the liquid and cream everday for almost 3 months now. the question i have is: will my breasts start to get firmer or will they just feel like they always do now of just soft and fat? they have enlarged quite a bit than when i first started using your product. but it just seems to be more of a fat redistribution. is this normal for breasts developement in males? or will they start to firm up more like a regular gg's breasts? hugs, pb.

Date: 09-06-07

I love what natureday has done for me. I'm looking forward to get bigger. My girlfriend loves them to. My goal is to reach a D Cup. Thank you natureday

Date: 08-27-07

i started using the liguid or pill so wonderfull about six week and already see more growth in breast. i have been small breast zize 32a now i have full zize 33a i going to keep using your product. now i can't tell you how happy i a'm how fell about them look better and fell more confidents. thank you so much for helping.

Date: 08-27-07

Thank you for that compliment. I have been using natureday since march last year. With the first year of and on and experiencing some growth. Only lately have taken Natureday liquid and capsules on a daily bases, and see the resullts. My boobs have grown another 1/2 inch in the last 3 weeks, so it does work. It is slowly, but than My boobs do look very feminine, which is what i expect. NO i really have see my boobs through my shirt and loving it. [email protected]

Date: 08-27-07

Hello Amy, I've used your products for just 1 month and have incredible results, I'm a 42 year old male that for the most part was completely flat chested, I gained 1 1/2 in less about 3 weeks after I quit using because the rapid gain made me a little uncomfortable. After I continued to grow another 1/4 in. Amy my "new' chest has been really exciting but I'm to big now.2+ in.after 9 months my size has not changed,if there anyway to reduce this size? I heard you say excersize, but this seams firm my breasts more and my nipples are erect alot.Amy any thoughts from you or your other customers would be appreciated. You may post my eMail
Response: [email protected] If you are uncomfortable with your size we recommend you to do Peck muscle exercises to reduce the fat in your breasts.

Date: 08-26-07

My second month with fulfillment has been very exciting. My goal is to develop the largest most pendulous breasts that I can have naturally. Fulfillment liquid has started me happily toward the goal. After one month of use, I have added two inches to my bustline. When I do a breast exam, I can feel a very noticeable difference in the size of my mammary glands. The shape my breasts are round instead of the triangular shape that men normally have. The sides of my breasts are fuller too. My nipples have also developed into a larger more feminine shape too thanks to fulfillment. I will be ordering this product for a while.

Date: 08-24-07

After having pneumonia and losing 21 pounds in 11 days, I went from a C cup to a B cup but thankfully I didnt lose any of the size in the nipples. I may order again to get back up to the C that I had. Time will tell the story.

Date: 08-22-07

I am very happy with the first month of using the liquid and pills I am male with diabetes and the growth is slow. I sending you a before and after picture. Please don't use my email. You can use my my name and pictures. I would like to thank you again. Your product does work

Date: 08-22-07

Hi its Jayme again,sorry it took so long to reply,my friend went away so i couldn't use their computer.You wanted pics of me without my bra on.I hope these turn out ok.They are getting bigger every month. I think im now a full Dcup.They feel very soft, natural and bouncy.Your welcome to use the bra pics if needed.Thanks again.Jayme.O.k to reply,on friends computer.Will they get larger?I think im happy with the size they have reached.Big,bouncy and very soft!Thanks again.

Both After pictures

Date: 08-21-07

I recieved some of your supplements from a freind.I was very skeptical about your product at first but i was amazed by the growth that I have seen on my chest.just wanted to say that your product works and i will be placing my own order soon, I have a picture to show of my growth. thanks again and keep up the good work :) scot

Date: 08-21-07

Dear Amy, I wish to thank you for your product and most of all thank you for your responses to my questions. I started taking the liquid, capsules and using the cream and soap in late January. I have used everything I had ordered (an eight month supply plus an additional 6 month supply of liquid plus 4 extra jars of cream) except for about a quarter of a jar of cream which I will definitely use after my showers. After some experimentation, I found taking a dropper of the liquid sublingually (I would hold the liquid under my tongue for at least 5 minutes for it to be absorbed) and 2 capsules in the morning immediately after I got up then again right before I went to bed worked the best. This schedule gave me the most noticeable growth and that beloved tingle in my breasts telling me they were growing. At the beginning the growth was very slow, but steady. I have achieved a consistent growth of approximately 2 inches across my nipples. To my amazement, I have discovered through journaling about my process, I have a cycle or have developed a cycle in this process. The interesting thing is that a day or two before new moon and again at full moon my breasts will swell an additional inch or so and remain that size for approximately 5 days. After the 5 days, the swelling subsides and they return to their now normal size. As I am still growing a bit, it is becoming more and more difficult to hide my breasts particularly at the peaks of my cycle even thought I wear a tight sports bra. READ MORE

Date: 08-18-07

Nature Day Breast enlargement is the best thing that ever happened to me. It helped me grow bigger breasts in just two weeks

Date: 08-16-07

Hi amy I wanted to give you an update on my breast growth. I am a 35 year old male and after 3 months of taking the liquid, along with the capsulesI now I fill out a 38B cup bra rather nicely.I'm very pleased with the results from your product. My wife loves my new breast and wants them even biger.My goal is to fill a C-cup. my wife wants to order more product for both of us. her goal is to go from a B-cup to a D-cup well so long for now we will keep you posted on our gain thanks again alan and sherry

Date: 08-14-07

Absolutely amazing. This is day seventeen on the liquid and cream and I am absoutely amazed. My breasts are feeling full and growing!!!!! I measured my self before starting and have gained one and a half incehs acroos the nipple since I began only two and a half weeks ago. I am very please and hope to continue to grow, hope to be at least a C when done. Will keep you updated as things progress.

Date: 08-13-07

Hi Amy, I thought I’d finally share a little with you and all the doubting Thomas’s out there that don’t believe. You can post this if you want but not my email address. I stared taking the liquid & pills in 2004 and stopped after about 6 months of use, my wife was happy with the results. I’ve recently started again as my wife wants ‘bigger’ ones to enjoy. I must tell you the growth seems to be faster this time and I can really see the difference much faster then before. So all you out there if you really desire breasts then be prepared for the results, as it will surprise you! Allen

Date: 08-13-07

I like to thank you for your product it does work. I have some growth in the breast area and can not wait to see more I have ordered the cream and one more bottle of the liquid I am a crossdresing male and I wanted real breasts for a long time and I have read the testimonials. I will send pictures when I see the more growth. It has only been three weeks since I started. Please use my name but not my email address. Thank you again Richard

Date: 08-13-07

Here I am again with another update. It has been two weeks now and my breasts are still growing. There isn't as much of an increase this week as there was 3 months ago, however there is an increase. My chest measurement is still 44" (which I'm sure will remain the same). My bustline measurement is 47.25". I have an extra note for those who are scepticle about this product causing weight gain. During the use of Fulfillment, I have lost 3" around my waist and still my breasts are getting bigger. I hope that you have my before pictures that I sent. I would like for them to be posted so that when I send my after pictures, people can see the difference. I may have sent them from this email address with the name Abby.

Date: 08-10-07

Hi, My breasts are about 42B; the left one has awalys been smaller.I am on my second bottle of the liquid and first jar of the cream. I have noticed that my breasts are growing quite fast. If I stop both the liquid and the cream now, canI expect the growth to stop?I am not ready to go all the way femme; not just yet.
Response: If you want the growth to stop, then yes stop taking the products and you will only continue to grow a week more.

Date: 08-06-07

Hi Amy! As promised, here's a progress report on my chest growth. Recently, I've had to slow down use of the liquid to massaging drops on my chest because I accidentally spilled 1/2 of a tablespoon on my floor. But now that I have the large cylinders, I can improve my growth potential. What I'll do from now on is, the first thing in the morning, pump for at least 15 mins., then place the hot towels on the chest or after a hot shower, apply the soap, small drops of the liquid, and a dab of the cream on the breast area to stimulate the growth. Here is a recent picture: on August 4. As a bonus, I have new cleavage from the pump and your products thanks to my training sports bra! Thanks again Amy for offering a product that does what it says! [p.s., ...and please remove my e-mail from my first post; I'm getting illicit, weird e-mails from unknowns!

Response: Same as (06-06-07)

Date: 08-05-07

A small update on my progress. My breasts still have not gained in size since my last growth spert. They are heavier and shaped a little different then the way they were when I started. I can't keep my hands off myself now. Love R you can use this if you want. please no name or e-mail.

Date: 08-05-07

After I received the order for Fulfillment, I began using it as suggested on the bottle. I am surprized. My breasts are getting larger, rounder and fuller already. My nipples are a little bigger and more perky too. This is exciting. I feel the tenderness that is described with breast growth. My measurements this week are: Chest: 44, Bustline: 47. I measured the same as the last time and the tape might have been a little tighter. I will send pictures after one month of using Fulfillment. I am also beginning to feel slight movement as I walk and move too. I'm looking forward to seeing what a difference can be made in a month.G

Date: 08-04-07

I have been taking the pills and liquid since the 10th of July so it has been almost 3 1/2 weeks. I went back to read the letters and some of them state what my question is. I seem to be growing more under my arms fasters then my breasts, is this normal to worry?? help before I stop. thank you V.
Response: Yes, breasts sometimes start growing under the arms and then they grow out.

Date: 07-30-07

dear natureday, thank you so much in your product magnificence.

Date: 07-30-07

Well Amy, it has been three weeks since I have received my first order of Enlargement Crean and drops. As I stated in my last post THERE IS GROWTH. I do not have much body fat as some people do so I can say what I got is really from your product. I am moving to a 36 bra now. I had been in a 34 but with the growth I have received I must move to the next size. I really did not believe this product would work, as I satated before, but not I know it will work. As long as you follow the procedures there will be growth. I thank you and you company for the wonderful product and I will order again as soon as I finish with this post. Hugs & kiss Michael
 (07-29-07) Hello Amy I am writting to say hello to you and to tell you that I went from a 48C to a 48D and I even went out and bought a 48DD Bra as I noticed that I have become a real full figured Lady as my Breasts have become larger under my arms and the D cup is alright but when I tried on the DD Cup It feels Better. This was because your Bra Sizing chart recommended that I should go to the next size cup. I am glad you includede that in your website. I am not there as far as filling all the way but shall I say VERy Very Close and I will have to make an order quite soon as I am out of Liquid Drops and Tabs. I have had many write me from your site and I do recommend it if they are serious about Larger Breasts. I am constatntly recommending your product to all the other CDMs like myself. Thank you for making it possible to achieve what I wanted to do for a Long Time and naturally. Thank you again Joann

Date: 07-27-07

Hi , Well it's been awhile since I last wrote. There has been some progress over the last 7 months, but it has been
slow due to a high body metabolism. My goal was a an A cup size. The last time I wrote was at around 37.5 inches, and I
am now at 38.5 inches. I'm almost there! I am quite pleased with my progress! Ron

Date: 07-26-07

Hi Amy I had awonderful surprise today, I knew I was a 44B so as a spur to my ego I sent for some 44C bras. To my amazement I found I filled them, now I am aiming to get to overflowing/ d cup. Keep up the good work, I shall have to send for more cream shortly, its like dynamite??? Regards Phil xxx

Date: 07-24-07

Hi Amy its me Mark (Margo agian its been alittle three months now .I started with the liquid and now am on the pills too. Its wonderful my breast are relly growing and I love it your product is great I am in a size 38B bra and dont plan stopping there my goal is 38DD or larger. Your product really works and is the best out there for the money. I plan on continuing use and grow bigger and more beautiful fuller breast. Here are the after pictures I said i would send. please use them in your testimony section along with this testimony. Wow i really fill my bras now .I take your product and drink protien shakes aswell as still take two Estroven extra strenght a day. I can't wait to send you more pictures as my breast get bigger. Thank you and your wonderful products.

All After pictures,For more of Mark click hereMargo

Date: 07-17-07

I started fulfillment about 5 months ago. Within the first month I started to see a change. At that time I was still drinking about 5 cups of coffee a day. After talking with Amy I cut back to about 2 cups in the morning and thats it. So what you see is 4 months of fulfillment with 2 cups of coffee a day. I have gone from a 36 1/2" chest with an AAA cup, (always had a litttle breast) to a 39" chest with a full B cup. I love it!!!! Have stopped for awhile but am going to start up again to reach my goal of a full C cup. I am a closet crossdresser and this has made me really feel like a lady when dressing. This company really has it together. Photos are of before and after about 4 months. Thanks, T. in Ca. Kindly withhold my email. (07-22-07) Your the best and so is Natureday Products. I don't know if you can add this to my testimonial, but I forgot to say how and what I was taking. I was using the pills ( 4) a day along with about one and a half dropper full once a day. Also used the cream. Had gone through one bar of soap, but again did not use very often. On my next order I will get more soap as I think it is helpful if used regularly. Thanks again for running such a great site and business. T. in Ca.

Date: 07-16-07

A suggestion ^ is to stress to your potential customers that the results ARE permanent. It may be possible to lose some of the growth one gains through dieting and exercise, but little if any breast tissue goes away once the breasts have grown. I know - I never had any intent to become a woman, but I thought it would be fun to "try" your product in 2004. I grew nearly 4" in less than 3 months just trying Fulfillment. Oh, it was fun, but once the fun was over I've been trying to regain a man's appearance through a very rigid diet, exercise, and strength training program. I never dreamed that three years later I would still have breasts, nor did I ever dream that the more weight I lost, the more prominent my breasts would become.

Date: 07-16-07

I started out taking the pills and liquid then I ordered more of the liquid. Ive been using your products off and on over the past several months. The hardest part was cutting out the caffiene and soda but I made progress as you can see. Like others I started applying the drops directly on my breasts. I hope to keep growing because I always wanted to have breasts, I have grown about an inch and a half. Thank you WRS (**please dont give out my name or email**)

Date: 07-15-07

Hi Amy: Well it has been three weeks since I received my order of Breast Enlarement Cream and drops. I did not expect much when I first started, but after using the cream twice a day (once in the morning and again before I go to bed) I will have to admit THERE IS GROWTH!!! I went to town today and my bra I always wear was fuller than it has ever been, and also there was BOUNCE. I had to hit every pothole I could to feel them bounce. I am on my way to reaching my goal of 36B. Just two more inches and I will be there. If this is not reached by the time I run out of cream, I will reorder. Your product REALLY WORKS. Thank, Michael

Date: 07-13-07

Amy - Helpful Hint - I have grown 1 1/2 inches in 2 months. I have a technique that works well. I apply a hot wash cloth or just get out of a hot shower. I then add use some of the soap on wet breats, I add a drop or two of liquid and massage in. I then apply some of your cream. I then put on a sports bra (get one the size of your chest below your breasts - as they are tight). This helps keep the breast warm and the product where you want it. In the morning I then go for a run and as I get hot and sweat it helps the product become absorbed. I can feel the tingle after doing this a day or two. I also do this after I shower at night and sleep in the sports bra to keep the products on my breast and keep my breasts warm. Hope this helps others -

Date: 07-11-07

Hi Amy its been a few weeks since i last used your products due to a bout of flu, i had a look at the website yesterday and the testimonies spurred me on. I tried the hot towel technique followed by the cream for the first time, WOW what a difference it makes, they seem to swell as you look at them which bodes well for the future. When i get fully into the regime and get the tingles back i will send you some snaps, till then many thanks for giving me my sanity back, or not as the case may be. Regards Phil

Date: 07-09-07

Amy- sent my last e-mail on 5/15/07. I was then a 40C and told you my wife was ordering more product for both of us. WOW it has really worked. I told you i was concerned about continuing but my wife won out. We have both been using the products now for almost 2 months. My wife is now a 40C and I am a 40CC. Yes bigger than my wife- so I have stopped for now waiting for her to catch up. I still wear minimizer bras in public to make me look smaller but now they are impossible to hide and we get lots of questions. I tell everyone about natureday and what it has done for both of us. We both can't thank you enough. My wife loves it and so do I. Of course we get a lot of stares from people too. It's only natural. Thanks so much

Date: 07-07-07

Hi Amy, It is Saturday 07/07 and a nice date to give you an update. My Breasts have grown out, and have firmed up quit a bit. My nipples have grown and are also firm and feel larger and firmer. I have ordered another 6 bottles of Fulfilment and keep taking it and rub a few drops into my breasts every morning and evening as well. It all feels very feminine and wonderful to have breasts. Till soon, regards, Alexander.

Date: 07-05-07

This is my first testimonial. I use liquid and pills only 8 weeks . my breast have been enlarged much bigger. nipps, almost always erect and my areola has become more larger and round.It is excited that the distended feeling I never had.The products really work!Thank you,Amy. The photo is my 8 weeks breasts

Date: 07-03-07

my breasts r now 34D after using natureday.thanks AMY.u r the one taht showed me the way and u helped me to fulfill my dream of wearing bra,panties and lacy thongs

Date: 07-01-07

This is my second testimonial. MY first is in male breast stories 06-24-07 here.I have made nice progress since then and it's only been one week. Like I said in my first testimonial I was taking three full droppers a day. I'm a big man and had small man-boobs. But the way they move and feel now is completly different. I first started to grow under my arms and now I really feel it in my breasts. Even though I have'nt gained a cup size yet. my breasts are fuller and heavier. When I lay in bed I can feel them move from side to side when I roll over. WHAT A FEELING TO HAVE. I SHOULD HAVE DONE THIS YEARS AGO :):):). When I lay on my side they look like my girlfriends breasts do. OH SHE DOES'NT KNOW YET. My nippels are very sencitive now. My areolas have grown to the size of a half dollar. I ran out of my first order. I have already ordered another months supply of pills and drops. I've change my doseage to 60 drops and three pills a day. I will take another picture today and one more when I finish this order I will take another picture. THANK YOU FOR MAKING MY DREAMS COME TRUE. WITH ALL MY LOVE ROBERT FEEL FREE TO POST THIS. PLEAS DON'T POST MY NAME OR E-MAIL AND PLEASE REMOVE MY E-MAIL FROM MY FIRST TESTIMONIAL. I GOT SOME WEIRD E-MAILS FROM PEOPLE. AGAIN THANK YOU VERY MUCH.

Date: 06-28-07

I had only used natureday from June to October '06 and May and June 07. Not only do I have breast tissue, but I have nipps, almost always erect, and very noticeable when wearing golf shirts, t-shirts. etc. I have ordered another 3 month supply, and, looking at the pics, I am wondering how much more breast growth I can get away with! That is why I love the self-adhesive bras. They pull your breast tissue from the sides, and give you marvelous cleavage. Like I said, if you don't want real breasts, 24/7, don't use Natureday, buy breast forms.
I took the pills and liquid for almost 4 months, and quit when I had a tiff with a girl on another site who did not believe the results. I ordered two months' supply in April 2007, and almost as soon as I began to take the liquid, my breasts began to feel very warm, and seemed to be more full. Much of my development has been towards my underarms, which is fine with me, because I am am the stage where I can't wear golf shirts or t-shirts in certain situations. The second pic shows the true results! I have a set of free-bra ( similar to nu-bra), a set of D cup self-adhesive bras that clip together. I LOVE my cleavage! Thank you for your product! WARNING: if you are a male, and not sure you want real breasts 24/7, DO NOT take Natureday. Buy breastforms because you can take them off. These girls are permanently attached. (and I love mine) thanks, w.

Date: 06-27-07

This is my second Testimonial and i want everyone to know that fulfillment really works i'v been useing the pills, cream, soap, and liquid for three months and although my breast are not to big right now i'm going for a full c cup or bigger thanks amy Love A

Date: 06-25-07

Hi Amy, This is John 42 years old crossdresser,I I always wanted to femme myself as I am a male who wanted to be a female since I was a child.I wanted to have a set of breasts for a real feminine feeling and I always wear a bra all day long under my regular clothes but the bra wont get filled but now my chest looks like a female chest and when i wear a bra I really feel like a woman. Now I can wear all types of Bra which I always wanted.I was afraid of actual hormons in tablet form because of the side effects I have been using your products for about five months. I have used the liquid, the tablets and the cream.I got good results,I am attaching my pics to be posted in testimonials,And I thank you again for the wonderful products,I always recommend this product to Crossdresserd and transvestites. Thank you regards John

Date: 06-20-07

Amy, Its been another month since I gave you an update. I thought I was going to stop but since I still had half the bottle left I thought why waste it, actually using the product feels good. I like how the breast area feels while it is growing and while using the liquid my breasts are more bigger. My areola has become more round and just shy of a half dollar size. Now that I have small breast it has been really hard to hide them, but I do so much enjoy the way they feel and look. They sure do wiggle and jiggle. Thank you, Houston

Date: 06-16-07

my breasts have grown now i am a woman with boobs

Date: 06-11-07

Yesterday afternoon and evening, I have experimented with the concept of placing hot towels on the chest area to open the pores, like the other users have done recently! I'm surprised to say that I'm seeing some change already, because I have done it twice in one day with both the soap before the shower, and the cream afterwards [note: I rubbed the soap on my chest completely for 5 mins and then thereafter, placed the cream on it completely when I left the shower]. I'm still getting that same softness on the chest area, but now I'm getting more sensitive nipples every time I squeeze and tickle them *giggles* and the reaction to that special spot [SHHHH!] is pretty strong! Will doing that same method with the cream and the soap twice a day help? Also, I have been drinking the 30-90 drops in the morning with the pills and they've helped too! Is that ok? And dropping a drop of that liquid in your mouth I hear is also helpful! Can I do that? Already after one week of use, the next part is going to be more fun...except for now, I'm almost out of the soap and the first bottle of Fulfillment because I used it too fast. hehe. But, I'm still going to order more soap, cream, and a lot more liquid! Wish me luck! Eman again from Houston, TX [I'll have some images as growth improves]

Date: 06-09-07

Hi amy,this is Jayme again! i have had some wonderful results with your formula. This is my update after 12months. I now fill out a Dcup bra and they feel huge! Thanks for everything.I am getting many comments on how large and natural they look aswell!I have attached some pics of me in my new Dcup bra. Im am using a friends email,but its ok for you to reply. Thanks,Jayme

Date: 06-09-07

Hi! I can actually feel a difference now, it seemed to happen all of a sudden. Its been three months. Unfortunetely I didn't take a picture when I started, but I will take a picture now because I plan to buy more and continue for a few more months. I'm hoping there is the potential for them to grow a lot because although they did grow a little, I started off small. Even medium sized boobs would be perfect :) I guess I can't put in a testimonial for the free three months without having a before and after, but I will put one in a few months. Thanks for everything!

Date: 06-08-07

Hi Amy, I wrote you on 6/2/07 about myself and that I was a Plus size with somewhat Bosoms but Thanks to your product and staying on a non-caffiene diet, along with protein bars and using the Cream, drops and tablets with a Hot towel, so as to open up the pores of my breasts and Massaging the cream in until its absorbed. I am very proud in sending you, a up to date photo of my accoplishments, Thanks to your wonderful and great product. Amy Thank you for your kind words. Joann P.S. I will keep you up to date on any further developement :)

Date: 06-08-07


Response: Same person as (02-18-07)

Date: 06-06-07

Hi! I have begun using the liquid, soap, and cream on June far after 10 days, I'm seeing growth in the chest area; nonetheless, my chests are softening and I'm expecting a DDD size for it. I've been really hooked on the liquid. I drink a drop and also rub a half-drop on the chest--i'm pretty excited with what will happen from here on [i'll actually order some more liquid frequently]. In the meantime I've started eating high protein bars and have blended a high protein drink with soy nuts, soy milk, low fat milk, orange juice, yogurt, and fruits! Will that work? In addition to the protein, is 15 grams ok, or more will do the trick? I have also used a pump as an assist, and I am planning to order a larger cylinder [5" radius x 10" length] to improve my growth! Overall, we'll just have to wait a few weeks and see what happens! Thanks! [feel free to publish my name and e-mail] Eman

Date: 06-04-07

Here is my testimonial that you wanted. I started using this product when my chest was flat and now my breasts are growing and now starting to feel full an are sagging some an soon I will need a training bra and I engoy this product. I keep taking my pills and liquid an cream. I want big and beautiful breasts and I am on my way thank you by now. I will send you the money for my pills and liquid with my testimonial.

Date: 06-03-07

I must say that your products are incredible, I ordered again, because, I love the results, I used the cream on my breast, and a little more on my nipples, and now they are puffy and perky, my cousin also likes your product, altough it is pretty difficult for him to hide his enormous nipples in pblic, he likes em, we used the cream as you said, and now his aureola doubled in size, got very puffy, and the nipples... red, perky all the time and VERY sensitive, your product... simply a miracle to us. I will keep ordering until my boobs get to the maximum size... ^^ Thanks a lot.

Date: 06-02-07

I always wanted to femme myself as I am a male who wanted to be a female since I was a child. I had finally had taken the steps, Thanks to your Product which I could afford as I am unemployed and partially disabled. I was afraid of actual hormons in tablet form because of the side effects which I worry at my age of 58 so I purchased your cream only and used it. I believe its only been three weeks or so and I had noticed my breasts deveveloping and becoming firm. Its so wonderful for me to be able to achieve this. I recently joined an organization called Tri Ess and have spoken about you product to everyone. I just used a little on my fingers and massaged it into my breast & nipple area until it had absorbed into the skin and I was waited patiently for my results. The cream fragrance is so pleasent. I really have to commend you and your company for this wonderful product I have noticed a growth of about an inch and I had purchased a new bra and found being a plus size that I had went from a D to a DD. I will continue to use your product and when I can I will purchase the liquid form. Thank you JoAnn my new email is

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