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Date: 05-31-07

I have been using your products for about five months. I have used the liquid, the tablets and the cream. I am a small framed person and do not expect real large growth but have developed real breasts. You do have to be patient, however, as growth is not instant. I have experienced wonderful feeling in my breasts while using the cream - great sensitivity, new awareness and occasionally they even get in the way a little! Perhaps the person who provided input on 05/17/07 might share the maker and purchase source for his two bras. Please do not publish my name. Thanks.

Date: 05-30-07

Thought I would I would let you all know about the growth that I have received from your product. It works, its amazing how fast the growth happens. I will continue until I have reached a b cup. If people are not sure they want breasts they better not use this product! Please do not use my personal information, just say I am from Texas.

Date: 05-28-07

Greetings: Just got my 2cd order and this time i added the cream and i must say the cream works great in just two days of useing the cream i have seen a fuller look in both breast and rounder as well the lquid and pills are also great too my whole chest is allot bogger (maybe 2 inches) and more sentive and inculding the nipples and i can,- it seems like actuly feel the tissuses growing and my breasts getting bigger daily this is a wounderfull product thank you Amy. here are pics of just wheni started and as of today.

Date: 05-27-07

I just want to thank you I love my boobs my girlfriend she is 20 and i am 17 and she just wanted me to see what it is like to have boobs and I said can I keep them and she said yes

Date: 05-24-07

Thank you my bosoms finally taking form and becoming wealthy I am charmed with it(him,her,you) I expect to follow(continue) with my treatment tablets and drops it(he,she) is what mas me to worked
thank you Amy

Response: Same person as 01-17-07

Date: 05-22-07

Amy: I've been using your product since NOV. of last year and have had pretty amazing results. Some slow because I use caffeine just can't seem to help it. I've been with out any of your product for about a month and a half, however it seems some days to still be working IE feelings of growth. Is this normal as I'm still short of my goal and thinking of ordering more product? I've been taking double the dose to off set the caffeine. But if the body has residual product built up I really don't what to have DD cup in a couple of years. Also I've used the liquid on the nipples but little growth in area. They are very sensitive, which is great and much of the time very erect. Just look a bit small and light in color. You and the staff have been great. The main concern is continued growth after discontinuing the product. Thanks MLH
Response: Your breasts will keep growing for about 2 weeks after you stop taking our products. (same person as 5-18-07)

Date: 05-21-07

I wrote to you quite a long time ago - it may have been even 2005 or early 2006. I think it was around the first of last year that I ordered and used 2 bottles of your liquid drops. I was and am still very pleased with the results. It was just a start :). It's been quite some time now since I last used the liquid, but the little growth has been an exciting part of me ever since. I wanted to give myself time to think more about whether or not I want to go back on your liquid. As I'm sure you can tell by now, I wouldn't be writing to you this evening after all this time, if I wasn't still interested in further developing a more feminine chest. I have a few questions, perhaps if you have time you could answer them for me. I'm wondering what I can expect going back on Natureday for a month for sure, quite possibly 2, maybe even 3 or 4? I should describe to you that when using a measuring tape around and over my nipples 'snug' but not tight I measure 43 inches. Under my breasts I measure 41 inches around. I think that's good. :)) I do have some soft breast tissue and some puffiness under the arms. When I stand sideways and look in a mirror my breasts do perk out - it's obviously different than it was 2 years ago! :))) I have a very tiny bit of sensitivity to cold and really no visual difference in either of the nipple areas. :(( If I am sitting down, for
some reason, everything seems so much fuller. Is that suppose to be? This is where I stopped and what Natureday gave me. Guess I'm like many ladies, it's very nice, but I'd like more! You know what I mean? J.

Date: 05-18-07

Amy: Couple of questions, I've been using Nature Day since Nov. 2006 and have had some very nice results. (THANK YOU) I've use the liquid on the nipples. and hey are very sensitive which is great and very erect a lot of the time agin great. But now real change in size, and thy are really light in color almost blend in with the breast. You and the staff have been great.Thank You MLH

Date: 05-18-07

My boobs are growing so fast! Sincerely, I love your products, they bounce a lot, I love the feeling, my nipples got puffier... is this normal?, anyways, now that they are puffy, they are VERY sensitive, and you remember my cousin? your product worked on him! and very fast! he's terrified and amazed at the same time, that he got his nipples and aureolas extemely puffy in such a little period of time, now when he comes, I can see his big buds below his shirt, altough he didnt like it, at first... now he loves it, but he only got his nipples and aureolas puffier, are the nipples going to grow?, because we both want bigger nipples, we love our big and sensitive aureolas, but we want big nips too ^^, Thank you amy! //please dont post my email//

Date: 05-17-07

I have always wanted enormous breasts, and now I have them. The growth has been spectacular. My nipples get extremely hard whenever I play with them, and the orgasm is so much more fulfilling. My wife has a set of 50D, and I would love to get them to that size. I stand in the mirror and watch the nipples get hard as I rub them up and down. I will continue to share my story with you until I get the results I want. I don't have any pictures, but the tits speak for themselves. Thanks again for such a wonderful product!

Date: 05-17-07

I got the last 6 bottles of liquid about 3 weeks ago and the progress is in full swing now. I am begining to round out on the sides and they are filling out in the front. I'm still having the exquisite feelings around the nipples and areolas and deep inside the breasts. I just hope the growth keeps on going until I run out of the liquid and maybe by that time, they will be where I want them to be. The nipples are really touchy and feels good at this stage. Thanks for all this.

Date: 05-17-07

I use one bre to help in projection underneath the 38c bra. My breast a more supple and a joy to play with. I love the way they bounce and feel. Can't wait for them to get bigger.

Date: 05-16-07

hi amy i am a guy with great results, my breast is very noticeable i love it and my boyfriend enjoys them and he is using your product for 3 months now and we see a change in his breast i like thank you for the product, pleasing wade

Date: 05-15-07

Amy- i thought i had finally achieved my goal after 4 rounds of product- I can now fill my wifes 40C bra- in fact she says i fill it more than she does. I have used your products 4 times now-each time waiting a few months to accept what growth they have brought. it is amazing. i love my size and so does my wife. we own our own catering buisiness, employing 60 people and they all see my growth. i now wear minimizer bras and loose shirts at work but at home i love wearing tighter low cut- to see my cleevage. problem- my wife has now ordered more product for both of us- wanting us to both get bigger. i love my size now-the way they bounce and jiggle and in bed the way they fall and flop and i guess i'll like them even more even bigger- i have no back problems or anything yet- just a lot of stares whivh i guess is natural -what do you tink about growing them bigger??

Date: 05-12-07

Hey, well, My boobs have grown a lot since my last mail, ^^, but I have a question, is there any way to enlarge the nipples? cuz me and my cousin, we both want to have bigger nipples ^^, but my cousin doesn't wants breasts :S, he only wants nipples xD, Do you know a way to enlarge them? (w/o surgery of course) Thank you amy^^, I love my new boobs, thank you! ^^ -Leo

Date: 05-10-07

in the beginning i didn't think this would work- but my wife encouraged me to try it. I already had large brests due to gynecomastia so was already probably a 38 B when i started. ordered the cream drops and pills- at first nothing happened- for about a month- and then things really took off- WOW -my nipples grew longer and the area around them bigger and there was definitely MUCH growth. My wife noticed what was happening and said i should get a bra to wear around the house so we did- a 38C. couldn't believe it. i continued the regimen until it was finished and they continued to grow. i have been out of the product now for 2 months but they have continued to grow- I'm now a 38 C and love it- but there is no way to hide them- so i must wear a bra all the time.-- love the big bounce - and my wife loves the stares we get. i get a lot of questions but i really don't mind. we wonder how big they will get

Date: 05-10-07

Hi, I've been taking fulfillment for about 6 months, and have seen great results. The sensations are incredible. In fact mildly orgasmic! :-) I have never experienced any sensitivity in the breast area before using your product. I'd continue fulfillment for life just for the wonderful sensations! LOL! Since my goal has always been an A size, I am still about a 1/2 inch shy. I know not everyone is going to acheive the same results since we all have physical differences. Can one reach a point where no matter how much one continues to taking supplements growth just has it's limitations? I had a bad cold during the wintertime which took some growth off the bustline. I ended up losing about 10 lbs of weight, and consequently about a 1/2 inch off the bustline too! I'm happy to report that with a months use, I am back to a solid 38 inches. When I started my bustline was around 36 inches. I'm satisfied with two inches growth so far! I have been using fulfillment everyday consistantly. I started with the pills, but just didn't notice the progress as much as with the liquid & cream. Should I be going back on the pills? Have I been on the program long enough to expect sustained growth, or should I do things a little longer? Thanks for giving me a break on shipping for the last order. I'll be ordering again soon since I am getting down to my last week of fulfillment. I'll send some pictures soon! Thanks for answering all my questions! Ron

Date: 05-08-07

Hello , just wanted to write to you to tell you how wonderful your products are. Started on 2 of the Expedient packages and had wonderful results. Am enclosing a picture for you to see. Dont know if you will use it or not but just for your info. Am planning on ordering more product soon. As you can see I have developed fairly well and am actually looking forward to getting a little more development. Love, Toni.

Date: 05-05-07

I wanted to let you know that I reached and passed my goal. My first goal was to reach an A cup, thinking it would never be done but worth the try. Skinny as I am and being flat chest starting off was the coolest feeling. I have felt and seen my chest grow into little mounds and over time become more round and larger. After a couple of months my breast became really round and perky and started feeling the growth under my armpits. At that stage when I would walk or run they would bounce around and jiggle. I had no problem hiding them with an a cup so I decided to go forward more. I then reached a small B cup and the past couple of weeks had been really fun, feeling my breast and looking down at them and seeing what I have done. I now have a really good pair of breast and they sure do feel great in my hands and I like the feeling from them bouncing, jingle and flopping around. I maybe should had stopped at an A cup because now they are really hard to hide in public. I have been a happy customer from day one and to the end! Thanks for your great service and product. Thank you

Date: 04-28-07

.Hello I am writing this today,tolet you know that this a product that dose work.I recived my frist order on 01/27/07,and started with the liquid then the pills. Althought I did have some growth from other producds,it took about three years to get some growth,and I had to watch what kind of diet I wanted to do as not to lose growth in the breasts.I needed to lose some weight to lower my cholesterol. The last product I used was an estrogen only producd did work in helping with my reshaping,I was not going anywhere after two years and I needed to find something to to give me more growth. I started on the 27th Jan at a 36b/c cup(36in under the breast 42in over the niples).Now it is three months later and am 38 in under the breast and 42 in over the niples(both mersurments are without a bra. I have a picture I took about two weeks ago and some I took today 4/27/07.Well send some more later.George

Date: 04-28-07

Hi Amy. I have a bit of a funny story for you. Some time back, I came in from work and my wife was standing at the door with no one else around. I walked up to her and said, "nice tits". I had always wanted to say that to a good looking lady. Now today, after my having achieving a 38C bust, she walked up to me and said, "nice tits". I guess what goes down comes around. It sounded sort of funny but again I was glad to hear it. We are enjoyiing them, hers and mine. No name or e-mail please.

Date: 04-27-07

I've been using your products for about two months. Firdt tried cream then liquid. Would prefer to use cream again! My cup size is about a B-cup maybe bigger it fills up nicely. Just on question, like to go swimming laps, with my breasts being larger, should I be looking into a womens type swimsuit?

Date: 04-26-07

I bought a couple packs of "pills and liquid" to see. Quickly I felt that my breasts changed. The ends of breasts became firmer and sensitive. I stopped during a few weeks, because I found the growth too fast. Later I decided to take again the treatment. I finish the box, but after, I will stop definitively. I do not want truly to have big breasts, a man should not have some. I want to be comparable with those which deplores their too developed chest. Thanks a lot

Date: 04-24-07

Hi! I have been using your product for 1 month, and the results are incredible, my boobs grew a lot, first, I was flat, then the nipple turned more sensitive and it was pointy almost all the time, then the aureola started to grow, it was a GREAT feeling, and now, my boobs are starting to get bigger, they bounce a little when I walk, and my nipples stay pointy all the time, I LOVE YOUR PRODUCT, I have reccomended you to all my friends that want boobs for them. Finally, I've got a question... Can I enlarge my boobs to any size I want? or there's a limit on the product capabilities..., because I want to get my boobs REALLY BIG, I love to play with my nipples, they're so sensitive ^^, Thanks a lot, Please don't include my email and name...

Date: 04-24-07

My name is Brian I just want to say I love you at natureday you are so honest and helpful I have been on your product now for 2.5 weeks I cant believe the growth I am now in a full a cup bra my breasts are so round and full they are so beautiful to look at.I am going for a b-c cup I have promoted your product to everyone I know Amy I am in awe as to how well it works I will be ordering more shortly at that time I will have the before and now pics anyone who would like to ask me questions about how well it works you can use my email again Amy thank you and natureday Brian.

Response: [email protected]

Date: 04-23-07

I emailed you last week incredulous that I had seen so much growth so fast. This week, there is something to show. I have filled my B cup bra already and the nipples are getting darker and fuller. The growth I have is tissue and not fat. When I am lying on my back, I still have breasts. When I put them in a bra, they stay there, even if I am active. THIS STUFF WORKS! I'll be hitting you up for your free deal in a month or so. I think I'll have a set of BOOBS to show you then. My wife is loving this too and is looking forward to additional growth. Thanks!

Date: 04-23-07

Amy, I have used your product for two months and have seen great results. Pills, Liquid, and the Cream. Not only have I grown over an inch but nipple size, sensivity, and feeling have increased. I love going down the stairs and feel my tits bounce as I go. I love it when my wife sucks and plays with my breasts - I feel soooo sexy. Now I know why women love to have their breast played with - what a feeling!!!!! I am 52 years old and will keep going until I get to a full B cup. Sorry I did not get a before picture - I didn't think it would work. Great product and I love your testimonials. You are a wonderful company with very high integrity - something you should be proud of. DR

Date: 04-21-07

This is the size that I have settled out at. It is a 38 C with huge nipples, which I really like, and we are enjoying them a great deal. I have recently ordered 6 more bottles of the liquid to see if it is possible to increase the size a bit more. Any advise would be appreciated. Thanks, this stuff really works. No name or e-mail please.

Date: 04-19-07

hi guys this product works ima young transvestie i used the products pills and the crean also the liquid i started i drop a day plus 3 pills a day plus the cream om my chest results after 3 months are amaizing i only used quarter of the liquid bottle chest measurements were 34 across chest now im 36,5 waist im 26 my rear was 34 now im 36 i assimilated this hormone too well. my girlfriend is astonished she cant believed it grew more hair on my head i also gained 10 pounds i was 120 now im 130 i look more shapier question i still feel my breast growing even do i stop taking your hormones what could i do just to keep what i have because i think is great enough let me know amy guys or girls if you want breast this stuff works take my word for it bye please post this bye (04-20-07) one question i stop using the product because i think i have great results but i still feel them growing what could i take or do to stop them from getting any bigger please let me know thanks bye

Date: 04-17-07

Hi, I've just recently started using your product, so far the results have been fantastic thanks! However i'm in a profession where i have to be tested regularly for drugs etc, i was wondering if this product will show up on tests? Thanks
Response: Our products will not show up on any drug test.

Date: 04-16-07

MY Dearest AMY Can't believe the results I'm having using the soap, and the breast cream. I'M also massaging in a circular motion around 200 times for each breast. Really gets the tissue growing. Since last e-mail I sent you, I can feel the tissue growing. I feel a warm tingle all the time now!!. I can see the results all ready. I'M leaving the soap on all night after I lather up. Then apply the cream , really feels warm. I'm really getting a very nice set of BOOBS. So Ill end for now. Love L

Date: 04-16-07

Hi Amy. It is hard to believe that it has been 1 1/2 years since I last sent in my testimonial on breast growth. On 10/08/05 I sent in my story along with a picture of the results that I had gotten. I have been off the hormones, however you can see by the picture that I have not lost any size, as a matter of fact I have grow some. I do fill a B cup and need to wear a bra all the time because of the bounce. My wife is so proud of them that she wants me to wear tight shirts to show them off. She also wants me to go back on Nature day to see if I could get them up to a D cup so we could wear the same bra. I will have to think about that. I love my breast now, and to have them bigger?? The bottom line is, if you want to grow breast Nature Day is the way to go, however, make sure you want them forever and not just a temporary fling. Don't use my name or E-mail ok? Thanks.

Date: 04-14-07

I have been watching the testimonials for over a year and finally decided to pony up my money and take a chance that your product would really work. I have wanted breasts since I went through puberty. I have tried a number of things (including horemones) with various degrees of non-success. After just three weeks on Natureday, I have actually grown 1 inch in the bust. I had to check the tape measure twice to make sure I wasn't just kidding myself. I am so excited to see how big I can ultimately get. I now fill to overflowing a bra that I used to add breastforms to when I wanted to look "chesty". I hadn't told my wife I was starting Naturday yet. She knows and is supportive of my desire for breasts, but I didn't want to let her know that I had spent the money till I saw if anything happened. When I showed her how my bra was fitting today, she told me that she had already noticed I was bigger, but thought maybe I was just gaining weight. I didn't take a before picture, but once I have something really worth showing you and the forum (I hope, I hope) I will do so. The women on both sides of my family are quite big chested, so I anticipate the possibility of getting something at least in a C cup or so. Thank you in advance for helping me to attain something that I have wanted in my life for over 30 years!

Date: 04-09-07

Hey Amy What can I say the products are real I have grown from a 44 1/2 to a 46 Im hoping to be a strong c cup I can fill a small b cup I hope you can use this on your testimonals please dont use my email address.......

Date: 04-01-07

Amy; Please do not show my personal info. I have definitly grown. I have gone from a 38/39 to a 40/41 1/2 in just a short time. They are now most assuridly female breasts. I am a heteroseual man who just wanted his own female breasts. My wife and I both are amazed at the growth and enjoy playing with them.

Date: 03-26-07

Hey, this is my second time using your product. I had to wait a year to order again. But here we are. This time there are real results! I even measured myself. I went up half an inch! lol. Also, I am always open to suggestions on how to get bigger breast faster! Drop me a line!

Date: 03-24-07


Date: 03-22-07

This stuff is amazing and I love the way you can feel it working. Looking down my shirt and seeing two round mounds that jiggle is awsome. Even without a shirt it feels great to walk or run. Now I want to try to grow another 1/2 inch or at least make my nipples bigger.

Date: 03-20-07

WOW a lot has happened since I last posted. I'd like to start with the fact that although it may take me some time, I will answer any questions that any male may have by my e-mail address, [email protected] It's been about 2 months since I stopped taking your product, and the growth that I gained has not reversed. I gues the BIG news is that I told my girlfriend! We've been dating for several years, and I couldn't lie to her any more. I told her about natureday, the product, my experiences, and even my personal stash of bras and etc... she was very understanding, and although she doesn't necessarily LOVE what I'm doing, she agreed that if it makes me happy then she's OK with it. I'm pondering the idea of doing one more round with the product, but I'm unsure as to exactly how much bigger I want to go. Believe it or not, I think I have outgrown my "b" cups... which is very exciting! As an after-thought, I'm toying with the idea of induced lactation

Date: 03-20-07

I have been looking at your testimonials for a while, and was curious but sceptical about the results. Recently I had the opportunity to speak with one of your custommers that shown me a nice pair of litle boobs. As I did not feel completely satisfied, he then gave me some of your product to try. Whoow ! Dear, I can tell you it works ! I applied treatment for 2 weeks (the only product I had) and what a surprise ! I have had a flat chest. I now have formed breast (breast measure grown about 2 inches) and I feel them bounce when I walk or jump. They are much more sensitive as well. I cannot go further if I do not want to have problems in public. Anyway, thanks for the results.

Date: 03-18-07

I didn't go though my last order that fast! LOL! As far as progress, I seem to be averaging between 1/4 & 1/2 inch month; however, initially there was significant growth in the first three weeks. I probably have a high metabolism, so progress is going to be slow? I'm at an almost A, and the goal is an A or A plus. I thought I would try the cream to see if it would speed things along? As far as taking the liquid it works great just putting under the tongue region, and gets quickly absorbed into your system bypassing the digestive tract. Since it has a strong almost celery taste, I've found it mixes quite well with V-8 tomato juice. You can hardly even taste it! Just a few tips you might want to pass along to customers! Feel free to print my response, but please omit my name & address at the top!

Date: 03-16-07

I had used natureday product for one month and had great results. I was planning on ordering more, but is there a difference in taking it consistantly or not? Because with my next order, there would be a 1 to 2 months gap in between.

Date: 03-15-07

Hi Amy, I was so very pleased with the fast delivery of my Success Package. My breasts and nipples and aureolas have responded beyond my expectations, and my breast are showing some more growth. I have been a very satisfied customer for almost 2 years. Started with nothing and now am in a C cup plus. I have been asked if I ever injected the liquid into the nipples and breast. I have not, just painted the nipples and aureolas with the dropper and sublingual daily. Have you had anyone mention this type of application for the liquid? Would appreciate your opinion. I don't know if I will make a D cup by July but I am filling my C cup more and more. I would love to be a D for my birthday. Hope you are well. Amy, thanks for the great service. Hugs Doug p/s Flavia and gecko will send me a DVD of the documentary.
Response: Douglas, thanks for your email please do not inject the liquid into your breasts!

Date: 03-13-07

hi amy i been on your breast cream for two weeks now as you can see my breast are growing great. i wish i have know about your stuff a long time. i like to be a woman on partys or want ever just to have fun. now i will have real breast in my bra insteant of rags in them

Date: 03-12-07

Hi Amy,This is Mark and I just placed another order for your products(Expedient & Cream). The last time that I ordered, you replaced the pills with another bottle of the liquid. I must say that using the liquid and the cream worked a lot better and I was wondering if the same substitution could be made again. In the first month I had no improvement in my bust size, but in the last month I have gained about 1 1/2 inches in my bust. They are really starting to perk up. I will have to post an additional testomonial, since my last one only stated and increase of 1/2 inch. You have a great day.M

Date: 03-09-07

Hello AMY. I have bean taken 2droppers and 2pills morning and 2pills afternon and 2droppers and 2pills and creama befor bed.I am a male but have allways fellt i am a female.I have taken female hormon and nothing happend but now it is happend whit this wonderfull product you have.Kind regards from Sweden.

Date: 03-07-07

Hi Amy, It is now about thirty days since taking my first liquid and cream,and what a difference it has made to my breasts I have increased one and a half inches. They are so soft and my C cup Bra is fitting lots now,I have found that massaging them actually encourages them more so they get massaged three time a day. Thank you Amy for everything love you...........Bob

Date: 03-04-07

Hey!! I just wanted to say wow and thank you!! I realy couldn believe how my breasts have developed!! I am a 25 year old man who always thought i was in the wrong body. But anyway after 1 month of using ND i know it not much but i filled a 38 A bra (was my girlfriends) your product is GREAT!!! THANK YOU !!!

Date: 03-03-07

Hi Amy: First, Thank You for your professional manner, and quick response to emails and product orders. I first contacted you about a year ago and ordered the liquid. I now use the liquid and cream, and soap. I just measured my bust line and it was 37" under the breasts, and 41 around the fullest part! I love having breasts! Thanks for all the help. I did not think to take before photos, however, here is one from today. Please do not share my email at this time. Thanks again, Dave

Date: 03-02-07

So far I have been on the program you have described and results have been good I have been very dilligent , about the daily routine since Jan 23rd Therefore -- I have been on for 35 days I started 36" band & 38" Chest As of tonight I am still a 36" band size -- and I am now a 40-3/4" in the chest a gain of 1-3/4 " in 35 days ---- Not Bad !!!!!(02-28-07) Thanks Amy: Just read all the testimonials from other "men, I will try the liquid and pills soon. I have had tremendous results with the cream and soap. I have grown to a "C" cup and have wonderful sensous nipples. Looking forward to what the pills and liquid will do to them. I am so relieved to see so many men who want breasts. I have not emailed any yet, but will do so. Thanks for being there and being so approachable. DD

Date: 02-27-07

Hi Amy, Today has been a month on the product. I have gained a half inch in my measurement around the chest. The sides of my breasts are starting to fill out and they are turning into little mounds. Cutting back on the caffine and upping the protein intake has really made a difference. My goal it to eventually fill a B-cup. My wife has bought me a bra and it finally has something to hold up! She loves my little boobs. She rubs and squeezes them all of the time! I think she likes them more that I do. I will keep you updated on the progress. Thanks again for a great product.

Date: 02-25-07

I have been on the liquid and pills off and on for about two years. I love the effect and the feel from the results and the fullness that seems to be more prevalent while on the liquid. I am to the point now where I must wear a tight undershirt to conceal the fullness and my larger nipples and live for the weekend so that I can let them loose and be natural. I do plan on continuing the growth and wish you could add something to help the possibility of lactating. Thank you very much. Gina from Dallas. (Please do not use my e-mail address.)

Date: 02-24-07


Date: 02-21-07

Amy, It sure is nice to go to the website and see the pictures and hear the progress the customers have wrote to you. I was skeptical as well when I first used your product, I thought maybe even a little growth would be nice. Never dreamed of growing to a B cup. I have found wearing a small sport bra keeps my chest pretty tight in the breast area and keeps them from moving around. This has help so much out in public. I have been off the product for a couple of months and still have not lost any mass in my breast, if anything they feel more round. I am going to attempt to grow them bigger in four months from now. I just want to have fun with the size I have now and then I will go a little bigger. Thank you, Satisfied customer

Date: 02-20-07

Amy Just wanted to write and tell you that I am happy with the results so far. I wish they were a little bit bigger but a 1 inch growth and some rounding in a two months is impressive. My shirts are getting tighter up top. I am writing to ask if I place another order how soon will it be before it gets to Korea? I will be coming back to the states in a couple weeks. If it takes to long I will just wait until I get back to the states to order. If you want to use the first part in your testimonial page that would be great just leave my name and email out please. Hope to here from you soon. J

Date: 02-18-07

HI AMY I HAVEN'T WRITTEN TO YOU FOR AWHILE.......MY BREASTS ARE COMING ALONG ( SLOWLY ) BUT THEY ARE GETTING MORE SHAPE/MORE ROUNDER - I CAN'T WAIT TILL YOU CAN SEE NIPPLES PROTRUDING IN A REGULAR SHIRT....WHEN I WEAR AN UNDERSIZE BRA I HAVE GREAT CLEAVAGE.......IT SEEMS MY LEFT NIPPLE IS GROWING FASTER THAN THAN MY RIGHT ONE - I WISH THEY WERE THE SAME SIZE.....I'M A SKINNY GUY WITH NOT TOO MUCH BREST TISSUE TO BEGIN WITH - SO WITH THE TISSUE YOUR PRODUCT HAD TO WORK WITH IT'S DOING A TERRIFIC JOB. KISSES, BABS Click here for my cartoon(02-17-07) Hi Amy, I am going to send you some money to buy more of your products, I think that they work fine and I an seeing results so I am sending you a money order to you today for the 6 month supply, and I want all 6 liquids because it works great. I have been feeling great and I am starting to show and its wounderful I feel great about my self. I thank you and your company on what use have done, and your products work really good. I go by the name Kim. I am waring an A cup bra and feeling great about my self. Deron (Kim)

Date: 02-17-07

The past couple months I've seen some great improvement. If I measure I see a lot of change. Breasts are a funny thing to size, by various measurement standards I'm a 40C but I'd like to see a little more rounding out so I've placed another order. I hear people say all the time that herbals don't or can't work for breast growth and they're just plain wrong, I've got proof!

Date: 02-16-07

Hi Amy I woold like to thank you so much for sending my first order of cream and liquid,I have ben using it for seven day now and notised a dierance all ready in growth.altho there is not a lot of feeling at the moment just the odd tingle,I have allways had rather large brests anyway so now I can just about fill an C,Bra.I now have to ware a bra all the time becous when I walk about they bouce to much,is this a normal feture.....thanks Amy once again Bob.

Date: 02-10-07

Hi Amy; Have not updated you in a few weeks so I thought I would. I have been using the product for 1 Month and have had tremendous success. I have grown over a inch from a truly flat chest and now I "jiggle" when I walk or hit a bump in the road when driving. I love the feeling. This stuff really works, if you are in any doubt about growing your own breasts then do not use it because you will grow them once you start the product. Thanks for your always quick responses and assistance.

Date: 02-10-07

Hi Amy, Well what can I say other than WOW! I have been using the liquid for 15 days and have now started taking the pills at the same time, plus of course the cream. I started with a completely flat chest and I mean that truly, now have some growth which is beginning to notice quite well, my chest has increased by one inch and the small breasts that have formed are a real treat, looking forward to them continuing to grow. Again many thanks to you and all, a dream of many years is finally coming true for me. Kindest regards Paul
ps if you wish to post this then please feel free to

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