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Date: 02-09-07

I'll admit, being the typical product skeptic I am, I didn't think this would work that well, but, even from me, I can honestly say that it does! The growth was with the three months package, but it wasn't until about the end of the first month that I realized the hard way drinks that advertise as "caffeine free" are still loaded with it - watch that. Still, even with that little mess up, I got some pretty good growth in. I hope I can get even bigger to where a shirt can't hide it no matter what I try, and I also hope my areolas can expand more (any tips?). Again, this stuff really works, and if you've always wanted to have breasts like me this is the product to use. PS - please leave my e-mail private. I put it on here still in case you had to contact me, but I'd appreciate it if it was private.

Date: 02-07-07

Amy, I ordered my cream and fullfillment 5 weeks ago. I started that first night with both,felt nothing at first and the same for the next couple of days, I did notice that my nipples were staying hard and the color was getting darker. FYI,prior to ording i measured 38" under the breast and 40" across the breast. I am a straight male who always wanted to have breast like a woman, now with your product, AND YES GENTLEMAN AND LADIES IT DOES WORK. Only after five weeks I now measure 38" under the breast and 41" across the breast,that is a gain of 1 inch and yes my nipples are getting very sensitive,starting to grow longer and as my girlfriend says fun to play with. Oh, and the feeling of her playing with them is unbelievable. Now I know how a woman feels and yes it is a great feeling. Currently I can wear a size 36A bra with little room to spare. I would like to get to a B cup or a C cup so that I can feel them jiggle. I hope that my nipples get longer because the feeling of my nipples rubbing against my shirt is great, is there a secret to getting them longer? I am putting 2 drops of the liquid twice a day on them and of course using the cream also. I know that this process takes time so I am very patient and wanting good results. I also want to know before putting in my next order if the pills will make a difference? You can send answers to these questions to my e-mail address. Again I am very pleased with your products and will pass on to my friends both male and female the OUTSTANDING results I have been getting.(01-29-07) Your product is amazing only been on it for one month and i notice a big change in feel my chest. Hope to receive my next supplement soon cant wait to get bigger i feel the jiggle already thank you for making my dreams come true

Date: 01-28-07

Hello Amy,This stuff really does work effectivley, (as below), my friend is continuing to grow, been 7 days off the product, his chest growth is begining to change from the original gained 'flab' to a firmer sort of tissue, but not losing any size what so ever. Would this be normal? Or is this what will happen before it begins to receed?Thanks

Date: 01-28-07

Hi natureday, just a note to let you know that I have been on your products now for 4mos. (Oct. 06). The first 8-9 weeks not much happened!! Since then I went from a 38 flat to a very firm, perky, hard nippled large 38C :) I really don't need to wear a bra, as my boobs stand out all by themselves, but I love wearing all the different types. I can only tell everyone who is thinking of trying your products that they DO WORK!!! I did two droppers twice a day, and 3 pills throughout the day...Thank you so very much!!! I'll keep you posted on my progress, I'm working towards a large Dcup. If anyone needs to email me they can, and I will be happy to answer any questions they may have!!
Response: [email protected]

Date: 01-24-07

I have a friend who thought it sounded interesting and liked what he saw, so I gave him a bottle of the liquid. He used nearly the whole bottle in just over a week, and was terrified with the results (you know what they say about curiosity and playing with fire...) Anyway I told him not to worry since it should take at least a month+ for sustained results, he has been off it for approx 2 days but the problem is his breast and nipples continue to grow. How long should it take before it starts to have no effect and seeing a reverse of the whole experience? Will it be a complete reverse? Is there anything that can be taken or done to help in this process?

Date: 01-23-07

Hi Amy! It's been awhile since I've written; I must say, I am loving what Fulfillment has done for me. I was originally a 34B (possibly even a 32B) before I started using this product; now (if I've measured correctly), I've gained 3 inches AND firmness!! But, I must ask...I've been on this product now for 4 months (17 weeks, roughly) and have only seen a 3 inch growth in that time period (plus the firmness). I haven't been able to buy the pills, so I took your advice and just ordered the drops. I take 3 droppers (about 3/4ths full) every day. In addition, I lay on a heating pad every night for 15 minutes in hopes to make my breasts grow faster. Is there anything else I can do? I expect some money to be coming in, so I'll probably make a larger order in the next few days. What combination of products do you suggest? Also, I think my weight might be fluctuating (I'm trying to tone up); I'm not quite sure though. Help! Thanks for everything!!! I still really love this product, and will be ordering soon! -A believer!
Response: Protein shakes and no caffeine will help your breasts grow faster.

Date: 01-22-07

Hello Nature Day, I'm a 42 year old male that has always dreamed of having breasts, after being a little skeptical I ordered your product a month ago. The results have been incredible after using the pills and liquid for 4 weeks my chest grew from 93 cm (almost flat) to 98 cm my nipples are larger and continue to grow. The whole experience has been really exciting. I stopped using nature day for a while because my "new" breasts were becoming more noticeable than I was comfortable with for now. Growth seams to have continued even off the product! Will this growth remain permanent if I quit using this product? and can I slow down or take something to reduce my breast size if I get to big? Thank you I love your product! Carrie R
Response: Your growth will sustain if your breast tissue has had adequate time growing. We would recommend you to do some breast muscle exercises to reduce your growth if it become to much to handle.

Date: 01-19-07

Dear Amy, Champion order (1 pill, 5 liquid) being mailed in today. Very satisfied with results though slow but sure. Really showing under my tighter shirts. Nipples sure have fine connection to groin area. Thanks for the product. Sam

Date: 01-17-07

my better results I obtained them with the use of the tablets and the express plan because I do not function everything that buy in my second order I expect enclosed answer photo of my finalize processing advance, thanks.

Date: 01-16-07

Amy, I've been taking your products since Nov. 2006 and love the results, I've seen 2 1/2 inches in growth, however it has slowed down a little. But I'm still taking 4 pills and 2 droppers a day hoping to fill a B cup and then enjoy them I think I can keep them from the world as I am a man and plan on staying that way (JUST A MAN WITH BREAST) I have taken almost a 6 month supply in 2 months, is this going to be a problem? I hope not because I have already found most of the GREAT affects of your products. Softer skin, and stronger and longer libido and orgasms.

Date: 01-15-07

Hello Amy, Sorry with all the e-mails, just had to tell you that you are right, the results are physical! I already have noticed unbelievable growth, nearly an Inch in 10 days! What a great product, it really does work, the testimonials are hard to believe....but they are so true. Thanks so very much. It is actually rather a bit scary, (but great at the same time), if I was to stop for awhile would these early stage results 'un-do' themselves? Regards Tim (sorry if you have already received a copy of this, think I accidentally sent it last night with no subject)

Date: 01-14-07

Amy; Due to the fantastic results I have had, I just ordered another bottle of the liquid. I had thought about the pills, but, based on your email I stayed with the liquid. You have a great product and I will tell others about it.

Date: 01-13-07

Hi First of all may I say how marvellous fullfillment is, very aptly named as it gives such pleasure to us transgender boys/girls. Regards Phil. xxx(01-13-07) Hi Natureday, I just wanted to send an email. I sent one about 2 days ago, and I hope you received it, but if not, here is what I wanted to say. Let me start by saying THANKS NATUREDAY! I am a 39 year old transgendered male. I have always wanted to be more feminine, and now growing breasts, I can say that I am. I purchased a two month supply back in october of 2006. I received my product and began taking them on 10-14-2006. When I started, I measured at 44" inches around the chest, and 47" inches around the pectoral area. I ran out of pills quickly and then I ordered the breast cream. All your products work great. I now measure 49 1/2" inches around my breasts. I will order a 6 month supply very soon. I hope to reach a full C by summer, and maybe a D cup by christmas. With your products, my dream of becoming a woman will come true. If any man or woman wants to have nice breasts, then they should order immediately. ; I have tried some of your competitors products, but none have made any difference. Natureday, Thank you. My female name is LAURIE. you can post my email if you like
Response: [email protected]

Date: 01-12-07

Hi Amy; Well there appears to be something going on. I can fell a puffiness behind my nipples and they appear to be starting to become defined. Is that normal after 6 days? I cannot believe the changes already.(01-10-07) Hi Amy i used you product for a while it works very well my breast has grown really well it the best i am transgender male to female when i wear a push up bra i have lovely cleavage beautiful thank you for every thing my female name is Alicia Ann / Hi Amy i like to thank you for every thing i am a male to female transgender i tryed every thing for breast growth nothing worked not even hormones just look how big they got oh my god i so happy my girlfriend loves them i love them i hope you post them on the site i am so proud you have a product that really works i am in a D cup i want them bigger i will not stop till i am where i what the to be thank you very much my female name is Alicia Ann

Date: 01-09-07

Hi amy, i just wanted to say that before i told you that i took the liquid for 7 days and started to see growth. I felt then that they were growing to fast and it was kinda scary but i figure that was because i never put any chemicals in my body that isnt suppose to be there, the most i take is an asprin. Since then my breast are still visible and i have great cleavage. I have got so comfortable with this that i am ready to go to the next step and place another order soon because i have always wanted them bigger. they feel so wonderful and 100 percent natural because they are. i never experienced any pain or anything other than a little itch from the tissue growing. i just love them and i must have more of the liquid and i think that i am gonna add the pills to my next order as well. thanks so much for a wonderful product. the diva of W. Texas(01-08-07) Amy, I just wanted to say that you are right, I have been off the liquid for four months and my breast have not changed in size, they are still a small B cup. One of the best feelings for me is to wear no shirt in the house and feeling them jiggle as I move around. I am planning on placing another order in a couple of months and wanting them to grow more rounder and fuller. I have been really good at hiding them in public at a B cup and I know it may get harder the bigger I grow them. I am willing to take the risk. Thank you!

Date: 01-04-07

Hi Amy i like to thank you for every thing i am a male to female transgender i tryed every thing for breast growth nothing worked not even hormones just look how big they got oh my god i so happy my girlfriend loves them i love them i hope you post them on the site i am so proud you have a product that really works i am in a D cup i want them bigger i will not stop till i am where i what the to be thank you very much my female name is Alicia Ann

Date: 01-03-07

Please do not use my real name, but the one jar of cream has made results I didn't expect. I'm getting ready to start the second jar of breast cream. The results are noticeable after five weeks. Is there any way short of a doctor to have the results go away if I want it to happen?

Date: 01-03-07

Amy, I have read most all the documentation on the website etc, and what many others have to say. Also I read about what is posted on the site about estrogen. Well I have been on the liquid and pills for about 5 weeks. I had borrowed some for a week before my order came in from a freinfd. I can tell you that after about 5 days I started getting very sensitive nipples and tingling in them even more intense after 2 weeks. Then they startedetting larger the niples and both breast. They seemed very perky looking and larger.I take the 3 pills a day and a dropper at night. I even tried a few drops onto the breast and rubber it in. I started growing so fast that it kind of scared me! I stopped taking the liquid and pills for about a week and I was still growing. Also in only 3 weeks I noticed all my skin on my entire body, not just the breast is much much smoother and softer. So the web site says 3-4 months for this, yet in my case it was very quick. Well I started up again in weeks 4 and 5, I noticed that even if I missed a day or two as soon as I take the pills I get very stong tinkling and very errect nipples all day long. Is this normal for this much this fast? I went from a 38 not even an A cup to a very full A cup going to B in about 4 weeks. And the appearnace of my nipples and breast are very feminie looking already. I seem to even have a lot of hair loss in the chest areas too. Is my body just reacting very fast to the product and will it level out some? I will write back and send some pics to you soon. Dave

Date: 01-02-07

If you rub the liquid on your breasts, should you use a dropper, or half a dropper on each breast? I used your product for about 2 years and went from very flat chested to a good full "B" cup. Now I have decided to go for a "D" cup. That is why I have placed this order. I have been off the product for sometime now and they have held their size. I still use the pump . it got 3 cracks along the bottom right after I got it but I duct taped it all up . It works fine but kind of rough on the breasts. Your product works fine but it took me some time..So this time I will rub it on the outside and see if it will speed it up. Thanks from a very satisfied customer. D.
Response: A few drops 2 times a day is fine.

Date: 12-31-06

Amy, Is there a point in time when the breast is as big as its going to grow. I have had some very nice growth, but the last 3 weeks nothing. They haven't shrunk, but there isn't any growth at all.
Response: It takes longer between future growth spurts, the growth does slow down after about 10 months.

Date: 12-30-06

hi, i been on your product for 3 months and i noticed a great change in my breast i have just ordered more drops and pills thank you

Date: 12-23-06

To All at NatureDay, I am a 44 yr old male, had alittle bit of breasts and I was very sketical that any product could really enhance breast enlargement, BUT You people at NATURE DAY are The Real Thing. I took some pictures of myself (6/01/06), before I took my first pills, liquids and cream,I had purchaced a 6 month supply and measured out at 38" just under breasts, and 40" over the nipples, A 2" differance as you can see in the photos included. I had some difficulty believing that it might work, but about 2 weeks into the recommended dosage my nipples became tingly, and tender to the touch. My wife noticed that my cheast was getting larger, but to this day has no idea how I achieved such large breasts, well I kept up with the pills, liquid and the creams till it was all used, missed aday or so here and there, but NOW when you look at my pics(12/21/06), you will see DEFINATELY there is GROWTH. My breasts NOW are 44" over the nipples, and still 38" under breasts, I AM A BELIEVER, and will re-order again VERY soon. I do not want to stop with just having 44" breasts, going to shot for 46" breasts or larger!!!!! To Everyone wanting breasts, you may develop breasts with this product and the only side effect I have is Larger breasts!!!! Thank You All at Nature Day, Thank You, K. Denise
(12-22-06) hi just to say how it is going, i stared on 11 13 and have seen good grouth to about an a cup i think. love the way they feel, cant wait to get bigger my wife still has no idea what i am doing, but got to say any one that wants breast this stuff works! will have pics later

Date: 12-20-06

Hi There I've been using fullfillment for around a month, and have had very nice results all ready up to an strong A cup. However no changes yet in the nipples other than more senitive,doe's this need more time or the cream? So far I've used the lliqiud and the pills. The feelings are just unreal as they seem to just streak from the outer edges of the breast to the center. Just for your info your product should or could have the following WARNING label( BE SURE YOU WANT THEM FOR IF YOU TAKE THIS THEY WILL COME) MLH

Date: 12-19-06

I hate to keep bugging you with my questions! LOL! When I measured myself today, I was surprised to see I had gained a 1/2 inch. When I read your experience from the webpage on how you gained a cup size after going through the sustain period on the pills, I thought maybe I should not be so greedy & just stop now.

Date: 12-18-06

I had ran out of the liquid and was out for about 1 and a half weeks until I recently got another order in. Upon taking the liquid, it seemed that things went into overdrive. The growth is really fast now. Within about 45 minutes to an hour after taking the liquid, my nipples get puffy and tender and it lasts for about an hour and a half. Good feeling!!! My breasts now lay against each other while I am in bed on my side. My wife really likes it and I do also. I think I will keep the liquid on hand for at least another year......Thanks

Date: 12-18-06

I'm not quite close to quiting yet. I still have that elusive 1/2 inch to 1 inch to go! I've only just used the 3 droppers of liquid at the end of the day since I have to get my coffee/ caffiene fix in the morning. So far in 4 weeks I've gone from completely flat chested to somewhere between a 36 AA size & a 36 A. I probably have about a half an inch to go before filling an A. There has also been an increase in nipple size & aereola size. There is noticible growth the first week, and by the third week things start really filling in. It does require some patience! One of your readers suggested the transdermal method of liquid absorbtion. This works great! I find that if you take hand towel soaked in hot water & open up your pores on the breast area, it quickly absorbs the few drops of liquid. You can control the development of the breast by applying the liquid to certain target areas that you might want to fillout more. This product is real, and really works the way that it says it does! I did have doubts since I am always a little bit skeptical! There are alot of natural products out there that are alot of hype, and it's difficult to discern what really works? Since I have tried some natural supplements for other things in life, I'm prone to having some adverse reactions to some of them. I can confidently say that you're product has no such bad side effects in the month that I've used it! Feel free to post this testimonial! Thanks, Ron

Date: 12-17-06

Thank you for the compliment. I am pleased so far with the results that you product produces. I can hardly wait to be a C+ or even a D. I like the way my breast stick out over my narrow waist. They really stand out in a V neck sweater. I wear a V neck without anything under it just to amplify the results. I hope my shipment comes pretty soon, not your one bottle, but the other I ordered. I guess I am too much in a hurry for the D. Here is the photo I promised.

Date: 12-14-06

Is it normal for my skin to become soft all over my whole body? well i must say (it is different) But at the same time it does feel good. I thought that my skin would just get soft in my chest area , not my whole body. I do like the feeling. thanks, k

Date: 12-12-06

Dear nature day, My name is Dan and I have used your products for a while and have had great results. I heard that you could put the liquid directly onto the breasts and rub it in and it would get a better and faster result because you do not have to digest it . Is this true?
Response: Yes, it will speed things along if you drop a few drops on your breasts daily.

Date: 12-12-06

Hi my names jayme, im 26years old and transgendered m/f. I have had some wonderful results while taking your formula.I was taking hormones for 18months with little results but now they have doubled in size,they feel very natural and soft aswell. I think im around a B-C cup!I have attached a picture taken around 6th months after starting. Feel free to use it as an example on the web site. Thankyou so much, jayme. Ok to send back to this address,on friends computer.

Date: 12-11-06

I couldn't believe the growth and nipple sensitivity I have experienced. What a product. I have gone from a nearly A to a nearly B cup bra. Wow!!! John G

Date: 12-10-06

Amy, My breast have really grown to a nice B cup size, they have become more rounder and fuller. I have been really happy with my growth and the feeling is indescribable. For me I am really happy with the feeling of my breast without wearing a bra.I am very thin and my breast are really noticable, when I go out in public I wear a Sports bra under my shirt to keep them from jiggling, but as I want to grow them bigger is their a better way to make them flatter when out in public? I am hopping another month on the liquid my breast will grow out a little more, my nipples have started to get longer and wider from the last bottle, is this normal?
Response: Yes it is normal for the nipples to get larger and more sensitive.

Date: 12-09-06

hi there i love you products i have been on pills and liquid for last 14 days and i have seen a huge difference in my breast they are softer more dimension nipples perkier and just overall my breastes feel sexier my bf says he can tell a i got in the pump and cream and i cant wait all i have to say if this is what your products can do in 14 days you will have me as customer for life

Date: 12-08-06

Also, I read under the male testamonials that the drops could be massaged into the breast? Would you recommend this? Is it stronger than digesting the liquid? Thanks for your help! I can't wait to receive my order! I've been on Fulfillment for 12 weeks, and already my breasts are at least an inch bigger, and much firmer as well! I love this product! Sincerely, F

Date: 12-07-06

Hi Ami. I just want to tell you and anybody trying for boobs this stuff works. Once it gets going the effect is electrifying. the sensations tou get are indescribable at times when you are least expecting them and can only enjoy them without others knowing your pleasure. I look forward to further growth in the near future, only regretting that I failed to take a before picture to take you up on your great offer. Ragards Phil

Date: 12-06-06

I have recently discovered that the Natureday liquid can be used for massage. I was amazed during experimentation that the liquid absorbs right into my breasts in a matter of seconds with little rubbing. After a few drips from the dropper massaged into each breasts my breasts are noticeably larger the next morning. even though it absorbs right away if anyone else wants to try I would recommend giving your breasts a nice and stimulating massage of about 10 minutes to make sure it all flows properly deep into your breast tissue, that and it just feels really good. since you avoid digestion this method is much more powerful and faster then drinking it, Natureday is wonderful for having this miracle liquid, you just can't do this with pills.

Date: 12-06-06

Hi There: I have already recieved my second order and a couple of questions. I ordered twice because I figured it would not work,why waste the money WRONG at least so far there is something going on or growing on.My breast have always been very sentsitve and always wanted them bigger both are happening. Thank You For Your Time MLH

Date: 12-05-06

I ordered the liquid & pills combined 3 weeks ago, and have seen increase of about a half an inch. Since I have a modest goal with this is no bigger than a size A, it shouldn't take me long to get there. I wish I had before & after pictures, but the results came a little sooner than anticipated. Once I reach my goal, should I discontinue? Is there anyway one can focus the increasing the size of the nipples without increasing the cup size even more? There has been a small, but noticeble enlargement in the nipple area. They look a little bit different than before I started. I've been just taken two of the liquid droppers a day. Since I don't have the breast cream yet, I did get creative an add a few drops of the liquid to regular skin conditioner & apply after shower! LOL! Probably not as good as the real thing! Let me know when you get a chance? Thanks! Ron

Date: 12-05-06

hello, NATURE IS RAELLY WORKING! I CAN FEEL MY BREAST GETTING BIGGER AND FEELING MORE FULL! ITS BEEN ABOUT A MONTH!! ive ordered my second lot but it hasnt come yet...its been a week and a it possible that its been lost somewhere while it was being sent over? please help me thanks!!

Date: 12-04-06

Amy: I love your product. I went from being flat chested to now having an A-cup. My goal is to fill a C-cup and feel that I am well on my way to that goal. I really noticed growth after I started using the breast cream and am very happy with how things are going. Thanks. Randy

Date: 12-03-06

I must tell you that I have develped small but deffinitly breasts. When standing I can cup my hands around them and if I lift them even slightly up and let go. OUCH!!!! I now understand how my wife reacted when I did it to hers may times. I guess if all men knew this, I'm sure that they would be gentile or women should drop them and find someone who cares. When I walk there is a juggle and definit shape in a tight shirt. I wonder just how big they will grow. Love Bob

Date: 12-01-06

I would have to say that a picture is worth a thousand words. This tissue growth took place in aprox. two months. I can talk about it all day but I think like most of us seeing is believing! Nothing happens over night. Be patient and continue with diligence. Success will follow.

Date: 11-29-06

First of all I wish to be unnamed. I am male. You know what they say about curiosity...well it got me! I am in good condition and until this past September I was thin, flat chested and had inverted nipples. Guess what???? Im still thin but my nipples are no longer inverted and my breasts are growing. I was very skeptical and just knew I was getting ripped off. IT REALLY WORKS!!! Your description of how it works is right on. With patients and giving it time to work I can see very obvious tissue growth. Im thrilled. I have aprox two weeks left on my order and I will send my before and after. You will like what you see. I do have one question. How far can I take this? Can I continue the tissue growth? You may use this in your testimonials if you wish. You may also use my pictures in afew weeks if you wish.

Date: 11-27-06

I hope you don't mind the bother of the questions but we are wondering how long the pills stay in the system. I have been out of the pills for about 3 to 4 weeks and my wife says she can still see some growth going on. Also here here is a picture for you which displays my nipples pretty plainly.

Date: 11-18-06

Amy, my wife and I have been wondering if my nipple development will keep getting any larger. At this time they are huge compared to most and we were wondering if it would continue. We are not alarmed by it but it does seem sort of odd. Immediately behind my nipples are areas of what feels like glandular development which are about 3 to 5 inches in diameter and very pronounced. My wife says it is similar to what she experienced during her development but somewhat larger. It does not hurt or seem abnormal in any way except the extreme size. The sensitivity is nothing I had expected but really nice when she plays with them.

Date: 11-14-06

Had I known my nipples were going to get so large and prominent, I might would have had second thoughts about all this. The feeling is beyond description but now I find there is no way to hide my nipples unless I wear double pocket shirts and a "T" shirt underneath. My breasts are now a solid "C" cup and we are having fun with them. Thanks, P No name or e-mail please

Date: 11-10-06

Hi Amy, After some time off of the pills, cream & liquid, I began using all three again at the beginning of October. It was like a jump starting the process at a faster rate of growth than had happened when I started earlier in the summer. My breasts have more volume and depth than before and I can definitely tell that there is tissue development because of the way they feel when I massage the cream into the breast. One of the most pleasurable positions for me is when I am laying on my side and look down and see my breasts touching each other with a considerable amount of cleavage showing! I would have never thought this would be possible and I have dreamed of this since I was young. My bra size is 44B now without extra space in each of the cups. You have made my dreams come true. Thank you so much! I have included a photos for you to see my results. Sincerely, B

Date: 11-06-06

I must admit this has been one of the strangest experiences of my life. My wife and I decided to order the capsules and the liquid as part of an experiment to spice up our sex lives. We figured that it was a small investment monetarily and could pay large dividends in the excitement levels and anticipation we experience behind closed doors.Our goal was simple, we wanted to enhance the pleasure that I felt when my wife amused herself with my nipples. I have only used fulfillment for four days. In these past four days the effects have dramatically altered the course of our sexual perceptions; and perception is an incredibly powerful sexual aphrodisiac.Let me begin by detailing my little adventure. Before I began using fulfillment my nipples experienced about the same sensitivity as my lips in response to a kiss. While this was yet pleasing my wife intimated that the sensitivity of her nipples far surpassed the sensitivity of her lips. She wished I could understand what she felt. The race was now on, I pillaged the internet in search of something safe that would increase the acute sensory tenderness of my masculine nipple. After an hour or so I stumbled onto your website,, "eureka" I thought. Perhaps if I could temporarily mimic the feminization of the breast tissue that all women experience during puberty I could understand the heightened sensory awareness of the femine breast.
I am pleased to report that after only four short days the sensations that I am experiencing in my now slightly expanding puffy nipple are nothing less than incredible. However, there has been somewhat of a catch. After only four days I am forced to discontinue use as fulfillment has already began to cause noticble growth in the glands and soft tissue of my breast.This little expedition is not over as my wife has began taking the liquid extracts and capsules. There has been one startling side effect perhaps your male and female customers should both be aware of. With the exhiliration coursing through my veins and the increased level of excitment one would expect the time till climax, for a man, during intercourse, would decrease. This has not been the case, performance was enhanced in all regards especially in the strength and longevity of climax. This was of course beneficial both to me and my wife. Grateful Regards, A loving husband and father

Date: 11-03-06

Using all of the Natureday products, Fulfillment liquid, capsules and Fulfillment enlargement cream and the pumps, my breasts have grown beyond all expectation. From less than a A cup to a Full B cup was amazing and now I am looking forward to a C cup.

Date: 11-02-06

I just wanted to say THANK YOU. my breast have gone from boy nubs to an A cup. when I first started dating my b/f he did not like my nubs. Now after using your produuct he and I love my breast. i can now fill out my bra and his friends cant keep their eyes off my breast. I went from an oh hum tranny to a nice full sized he/she Its wonderful. We both love your product. ( so does all the people now looking at me) I can send pics if you would like. I am ordering more supplies now THANK YOU Becky M

Date: 11-01-06

I recieved your product on 10-20 and started taking it that day I have went form a 42 over 41 to a 43.5 over 41 just by the liquid alone. I have been going by the fast results dosage and it has only been 13 days. I am hoping to get atleast to a c cup when I started I was already almost a full b cup with no outher prior attempts at growing them larger though I had wanted to. I had been leary as at the time I believed hormones or surgery were the only way to go biger. I am amazed at the results so far.

Date: 10-28-06

Hi Amy! Just wanted to let you know that I started using the liquid and cream about 2 weeks ago, but I've already gone from a 31.5/33.5 to a 31.5/34. That's a half inch already!!! Thanks! I'll send pictures soon! Kyle

Date: 10-26-06

Hi Amy, How are you? I am writing to update my progress. Before I started the liquid I measured a 48-50. Now I measure 48-52. I believe that is a true A cup right? That is what they look like anyway. I have a question for you. Can I get the pills alone or do I have to get the [email protected] together? I love the size of my breasts but my nipples still need some work! Thank you for your help. Phil

Date: 10-24-06

Hello Amy, just wanted to inform of my progress. I started out a 48-50 measurement and now i am measureing 48-52. I still want bigger areolas and nipples. I want to fill out now and keep my size. Can i just get the pills alone, or do i have to get the liquid also?

Date: 10-23-06

My breasts are very notisable no matter what shirt I wear, I try to make them flat as possible and wear tight sport braws under my shirt. I have been really happy with the growth and size I have gained but still in the back of my mind I think I should have stopped at an A cup.

Date: 10-22-06

AMY My breasts are coming along nicely, growing like weeds- when does the nipples start getting sensation of tenderness (Like in some of the letters) - I know - I want everything all at once - Please put up with me.......

Date: 10-21-06

my last two orders were for the success pack first , then i ordered two liquid & 1 jar cream and have about a handful starting to show.

Date: 10-19-06

I have been using the soap every morning, working in it until it feels dry, then I take my shower. Don't know if thats the correct way but it seems to be fine for me. I have also enjoyed using your enlargment cream these past years. I started out with a measurement of 46 inches around the breast area. Today I have a measurement of 51.75 inches with a nipple of appro. 3/4 of an inch in diameter. For an old 76 man like me, I believe thats very good. Amy I THANK YOU very much for your help and guidence. F.

Date: 10-14-06

Just wanted to say that I've been taking the tablets and liquid for 2 months and have seen slow but noticeable growth, having ordered the cream and been using it for just 5 days I am already seeing the difference with growth and filling out under the arms, I am so thrilled you would not believe, I have struggled with my gender for years and always felt I was a woman trapped in the wrong body, well your products have gone a huge way to helping me achieve the initial stages of the person I so wish to be, I feel so good now that I'd say you have transformed my life in many ways, eternal thanks.

Date: 10-07-06

I have been on the program about 3 months and the results are starting to show a marked amount of growth. The first week went as such: Day one, nothing. Day two, a bit of deep itch or tingle behind the nipple. Day three, very defined feelings behind the nipple. Day four, a lot of fullness in the whole breast but mostly in the nipple/areola area. This continued for the rest of the week. Week two, some more of the same but less prevalent. Week three, my nipples are starting to grow at such a rapid rate it is a bit alarming and my areolas are spreading and getting darker quite rapidly. Week four, More of the same. If my nipples get much larger in diameter and length, this will look a bit odd unlesss the rest of my breast start to grow. Week five, Ah, the breasts are finally starting to fill out, albeit slow, but they are gaining. Week six, the breast are starting to fill back on the sides below my arm pits and rapidly filling above my nipples which are still getting longer and the areolas are still spreading. My areolas are now about 2-1/4 inches in diameter and my nipples are about 1-1/4 inch long. This looks a bit funny but my wife plays with them a lot and the sensitivity is beyond description. It just about drives me crazy when she plays with them. We are enjoying them a lot. End of the second month, some breast growth but not as much as I had hoped. End of the third month, I am fiinally into a 38B and things are getting more interesting, especially with my wife. She is acting like me when we were first married. She doesn't seem to be able to keep her hands off them. That's alright because the feeling is indescribable. I am out of the liquid now and taking 2 pills three times per day. I will order more liquid in the near future and hope to get to maybe a C cup or larger if it all works out right. I am a completely heterosexual male, very happily married, have always thought my wifes' breast are absolutely beautiful and we decided to see if I too could have them. It is indeed working and this has been a very enjoyable experience so far. Your products do work and I will stay at it for some time to come yet. Thank you for this, it is fun and has made us even closer. P. No name or e-mail please

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