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Date: 04-23-06

hi been week on pills starting now feeling breasts are pushing outwards,when stand in mirror in the mornings have arms at my side,starting to see cleevage without forcing my arms etcs.. how long will breasts join 2 gether, now im using both products? with thanks leo

Date: 04-21-06

Hi Amy, I just wanted to let you know that i am wearing a T Shirt to work today and I notice little bulges through my shirt and a tightness in my chest. I am soo happy with the result so far, specially now I am using the pump aswell. Thanks Amy. Regards, Alexander

Date: 04-18-06

Dear Amy---it is so amazing to stand in front of the mirror and look at my beautiful breasts that natureday gave me---when i lift my tits into my hands, my hands are totally FULL and RUNNING OVER---i am busting a full C cup bra right now and will soon have to graduate to a D cup---i can't wait til graduation!!---i am working on my nipples to ensure they stay perky--i'm loving every minute of this--- thank you for making it possible----pacey in NC

Date: 04-17-06

Amy, I am really amazed at your product so far. The growth has far surpassed anyting I have tried in the past. My breasts are now getting larger and more soft and fleshy just like a womans real breasts. Just one question though, is it normal for my breasts to get sore while I taking your product. Thank you. Please dont use my name if you do use my testimonial though.

Date: 04-15-06

I just completed the 2 mo. plan and am very pleased with the results. I went from a B cup to almost a full C. I would like to increase the fullness more below my nipples for a rounder more feminine shape. Please let me know what to use and how to do that. You may use without my name. Just sign me D in Ga.

Date: 04-12-06

It makes my breast feel wonderful, and after five days, a noticeable fullness has happened. I expect that the Fulfillment liquid and Cream work well together and I am very happy. I now measure to a solid C cup. The changes since I started in July are really mind boggling, and I will send some pics on my one year anniversary of using Natureday Breast enlargement plans. Since your recommendation to go all liquid Fulfillment, a real surge of growth has happened. It never ceases to amaze me the surprises that pop up and out.. Thanks for all of your support. You are absolutely the best. Thanks Amy. Hugs Doug

Date: 04-08-06

AMY, NOW That I've been using your product for almost 3 months, I can say now with out a shadow of doubt, You have the Best and the Fastest breast growth PRODUCT on the market today!!! Your Help and Support is the Best by far, in the industry today. Thank You for all the help and support you have given me in my Quest to Achieve my life long goal of having Breast. L

Date: 04-04-06

just had to drop you a line to let you know how happy I am with the results to date. Every morning when I look at my chest I am overwhelmed with the results in a few short weeks. I can understand the feeling newcomers have when the first tingles start and the buds appear. As for years now I have been taking eostrogen tablets I have passed through that stage and having found fullfilment have stopped the hormones. The rate of development is by far faster than by the other route with the added bonus that I feel great physically and mentally. Many thanks to you all at natureday for my satisfaction.

Date: 04-03-06

Like most, I was skeptical of the product as I have tried many other "herbal" products in the past with little to NO result. I ordered the 3 month Natureday Success Package on a whim to see if the testimonials and the pictures on their site were real or a bunch of hooey. I am here to tell you both the pics and the testimonials are real. After showing my girlfriend the site she said "Why not give it a try?" with a sly look on her face as if it wasn't going to work. After 3 months she now says "Nice Boobs Honey" with a satisfied look on her face. She is encouraging me to continue on in the hopes that I may one day wear her DD bras w/o any inserts. :) Now after three months and measuring myself tonight I am happy to report that I have to move up to a D cup as there has been a 2" development. Thanks to Amy and Natureday for their wonderful product and being so close I get it almost overnight. For those of you that are skeptical...what have you got to lose other than a lot less than some of the other so called "herbal" remedies? Signed, K

Date: 03-31-06

I received the order the following friday the 17'th in the afternoon and immediately started using the liquid and also a daily regiment of two pills. It is now the 31'st, just 2 weeks and I cain't beleive what I'm seeing and feeling. These things have grown almost 2 inches and show no signs of slowing up yet. They have started by filling out on the sides to the point that my arms will no longer hang straight down to my sides. They are now begining to fill out in the front and gaining inches on my chest rapidly and are now able to jiggle like little mounds of jello.They also have gained a sustantiale amount of weght and are now very noticeable and feel great. My project is nowhere near completion, so, I will be writting back again later with some photos of the progress,from start to finish,of the proof and results. I guess, now, people will be refering to me as, "Michelle", the shemale, Ha,Ha !!.

Date: 03-29-06

Hello Amy, I just want to thank you for the prompt delevery of my order. As I have told you before, I am growing nicely and I am very satisfied with the results after 3 weeks. My girlfriend now has given me the challange to have size B cup boobs by Easter, so with the bottle of liquid I received yesterday,and another 2 months supply on the way, I am going to experiment and take double doses for the next 2 weeks. She will buy me a nice satin and lace bodystocking and or bra. We always go away every year for Easter and climb Australians highest mountain, Mount Kosciuosko ( 2500m). This year she wants me to show my boobs to the world.

Date: 03-29-06

I am sending a note to tell you how excited and pleased I am with the products I ordered. I am a man who has always wanted to have breasts, and I have been using the liquid and pills for about 5 weeks. In the first week, I could tell a difference in my nipples, which became firmer and more pronounced. For a short time, I didn't really notice much other change, and then, as though overnight, I was aware of a softer feel; and when I measured, I had grown an inch. When I walk, I can feel them jiggle a bit and it is really exciting to me. I am looking forweard to continued growth and thank you so much for this wonderful product. David in NY

Date: 03-26-06

Hi , I have just end the “Three months supply of fulfillment”. I was very flat fefore taking the supply, and now i feel a significant change and sensitivity and i enjoy the results of this experience. I took the liquid in first month, pills in second and third months, as you said. My chest size has increased by just 2 cm between the 4th and 6th weeks, and then no development until the end of 3 months. Is this a normal reaction? I wish to get a full Acup (minimum) or a Bcup and i am impatient to get this.Please tell me what products i need to take to reach the aim (cream or pills or liquid or both). I then will order what you recommend. Thank you.

Date: 03-22-06

Hi Amy, Just to let you know I have just sent off my order for my second bottle on "Fulfillment", I cannot tell you how thrilled and amazed I am at the results of the first bottle. My breasts seem to still be developing, even if it is a few months later. Recently I had a male friend visitor from Germany, and when we were at the pool, he kept look at my Tits, finally he had to ask me, what had happened, he was Gay so I told him and he was shaken, he had to feel them, and actually took a picture. I am so thrilled and happy with my new look, and love fondling them, it has made a great change to my life, Many thanks, Tony.

Date: 03-21-06

Hi Amy, It's been 10 days now since I started and this morning my girlfriend noticed the growth in my nipples. They are double the size when erect and very sensitive. My chest size has increased by about an inch. have to measure tonite. I will Keep you in informed. One question I mearly running out of liquid, do i continue with capsules or is it better to order more liquid ? So thank you for this wonderfull product and i will keep taking it till i am satisfied with the size i want. regards A.

Date: 03-20-06

I wanted to drop a line and express how great your product is. I am a married heterosexual male that had for a while now has had a secret desire to acquire breasts. Though occasionally I had joked about getting a job done on my chest with my wife, she seemed more turned off by the idea then most of the married men who provide testimonials. Well after curiously looking on-line to find methods of growth one day I passed by your website and much like most intrigued window shoppers I decided to actually enter the store and browse around. Like all the other sites I read the testimonials and looked at the pictures. Impressed by how many there were, but it was more of the personal content which had grabbed me. "Well If this product is that good" I said to myself, "then it must be rather pricey.". Well off to checkout and if I would decide to buy it, how late would my house payment be if I purchased it. Not at all, I found out. To my surprise it wouldn't even set me back more then what I spend on lunch in a week. So I purchased your expedient package to try it out. But what to say to the wife...? would divorce also come at a cheap cost as well? When I received the package I decided to be up front and tell her what I had purchased. WOW, you know that look that you hear about in movies and from all those middle aged married men that your warned about, well let me tell you first hand it's everything they say it is! But my wife being as great and wonderful as she is let me start it, well more of like I'll start it and continue getting the looks. Well 12 days have passed and I am seeing growth! Tingling here, sensitivity there, everything you read in the testimonials. Now I know that my experience is truly my own and that my progress is not all that like I am feeling out a bra or anything, but now as I am typing I can feel the side of my chest touching my bicep, something i have never felt before. I am not a big guy, actually a very fit in shape 20 something with very low body fat to speak of. Well the wife actually seemed to not mind the growth, feeling my chest during our intimate moments, asking if I had taking my dose for the day and even comparing stories of her growth. She seems to be as curious as myself, wondering where my chest is going to end up. I will continue to use your product till I have ran out of what I have purchased and see where my wife and myself would like to end up with the results, I hadn't planned on logging my growth so there are no photos attached. I simply wanted to express my gratitude for your product that works. I really appreciate the fact that my week of no lunch was not in vein. If pictures are desired just email me a request for them. Yours truly, funny skinny in shape married guy with boobs!

Date: 03-18-06

Just wanted to see when this order shipped. Really excited about how well your product is working. Only been a couple weeks since finally getting my first order and been taking 2 dpolets and pills a day and growth is amazing thanks can't wait to see them in a few months. sincerely jason

Date: 03-17-06

since being on UR products i have seen and felt a significant increase in the mass of my chest/breast.They are filling out more from my armpit and the top of my breast and do definately see an increase in size as i glance down 1000 times a day. giggle Seem to be feeling myself up alot more then i used to before UR products started changing my chest to breasts.

Date: 03-15-06

I am totally sold on your product and have ordered on two separate occasions and was very happy with the results, which I still enjoy and know that I can experience further growth and the wonderful sensation I feel during the growth process. Thank you Amy.

Date: 03-14-06

Dear Amy, I just wanted to say that the Natureday products that i have ordered are doing a great job i started on 2/11/06 it has been 3 1/2 weeks and i can feel the change my breast have gotten heaver and rounder. I just wanted to say thank you for helping me make my dream come true.

Date: 03-13-06

I looked down at my chest in the shower today, and I noticed that there was a definite distinction , a valley had formed between them as two knolls seemed to be rising up on each side of it. Each breast had been expanded or fuller or rounder or stretched or swollen or whatever you want to call it, but there were definitely two beautiful mounds forming on my chest and it definitely reesembled the initial stages of female breast development. Like a teenager, I ran for the tape, and discovered that my chest had expanded to 37" and, although they are not protruding yet, I know that they will be soon, and they seem to be perfectly proportioned to one another. When I apply pressure underneath them, the entire mass can be raised up and pressed together - not like pushing loose skin around, but more like a woman's breasts delicately packaged into a push up bra (I can hardly wait until I am able to do that). But for now, I am thrilled to see myself beginning to develop the breasts I have always wanted since I was a child

Date: 03-09-06

Dear Natuready. I got Natureday's success package. I am so pleased with the growth i've had in the last 7 weeks or so. It almost 2 month sand I've had about two inches of growth and its a fun experince seeing things change shape. Everymorning waking up and felling fuller in the cheast. It is definitly spoongy feeling. Its a great feeling tingling in the nipple and little good burn that doesnt hurt because you know its working. I will send more pics in a few more months with the progress. I want to grow these little mounds at least another 2 inchs. I was surprised it worked but I guess i knew it would by all the other testmonies but ive just enjoying the experince in growing. But the first 2 weeks I was double dose the liguid goodness and three magic pills. After the first day of use I could start to feel a difference in my chest. Then after 2 weeks I took a pill in the morning, liguid right before dinner and pill again before bed. I ran out of liquid a week ago. I have about 1 more week left on the pills. Would the cream be better then pills and liquid? Well thanks for this amazing product. John

Date: 03-09-06

HI AMY JUST WRITING TO SAY THANK FOR A VERY GOOD PRODUCT. I WAS A VERY FLAT CHESTED MALE SO I STARTED TAKING YOUR ON 1/30 /06. NOW MY BREAST ARE STARTING TO GROW. I"LL BE ORDERING MORE OF YOUR PRODUCTS. THANK BILL(03-08-06) I have been using your liquid for a week now and the growth has been amazing. I have already gone from a small B cup to a full B cup.

Date: 03-06-06

Hi Amy, Just a little note to say hello and hope all is well with you. I'm in my third month with Natureday, and I am pleased with all the changes that have occured in the past 5 weeks or so. My breasts are getting softer and more fleshy, and are changing shape. Love the way they float, and the nipples are very sensitive. I am surprised by this growth spurt.

Date: 02-26-06

Dear Amy, I wanted you to know that I am very happy about my results with fulfillment. My breasts have rounded out and grown over one inch. I am wearing a bra with a B cup and filling the leisure bra and close to filling a support bra. I now feel naked without my bra on, I need the support! I stopped after one month because the change was so fast that I didn't know when I would stop growing and if it was healthy to have tissue grow and change so fast. It's wonderful. I will keep on your products until I don't grow any more. I am now going to start again since my breasts have had a month to relax.

Date: 02-26-06

Dear Amy, In June 2004 I bought a Platex 48B. I was so flat that the cups just hung there in folds. Now I filled up the bottom half with real me. Natureday is the difference. I get up each morning and there they are. What a pleasant experience. Another order coming shortly. Thanks, Sam

Date: 02-22-06

I just want to give you a big hug and a kiss and thank you for your help. The Natureday products have been great. I started the program on Thanksgiving Nov. 24th 2005 a day I could remember forever and my growth in the 3 months has been simply amazing. You are always skeptical about things, but somehow I knew from your emails before I started the program it would work. Now I am living proof. With the help and assistance of one of your other users of Natureday products I have had an amazing transformation. My daily routine is a dropper full, three pills and the cream. My breast measurement before the program was 38" nearly a A cup and now after 3 months I am 40" and a full B cup. My goal has been from the start is to become a C cup and with your help I now know I can reach my goal. I can now wear a 38B bra and feel confident and proud.

Date: 02-21-06

Hi Amy, Have I got good news for you. We went away for the weekend Donnie (or should I say Debbie) wanted to go somewhere special with me because he felt sure he was going to bloom over the weekend—it didn’t happen!!!!!!!! When we got home Sunday night he was really down. We both got into our teddies and got ready for bed. When we got up Monday mourning he was taking his teddy off while talking to me when I saw them. He looked at me with a big smile on my face pointing at his chest and he went absolutely nuts when he saw them. They don’t stick out real far yet but you can most definitely see he has breasts. I see they didn’t allow you to put my story up in pink. That would have really made me feel like a girl. Can you please make my testimonial pink. Thank you!

Date: 02-16-06

Dear Amy; I just had to write you and both tell you how well Natureday's Liquid Fullfillment works. I have been taking it a little over two months and Im in awe of how much growth Ive gotten from it.its simply amazing...I have been taking double dose two weeks and single dose one week then repeat that.Im so excited and very happy.. I just had to send you this letter and tell you and others how Liquid Fullfillment works.... THANK YOU AMY..... thank you so very much......

(02-10-06) Hi Amy--Thanks for your note in my order--All of the products I ordered are fantastic--I love using them--They do work well for me and that has really been a thrill for me-I discovered Natureday and you are helping me realize a dream come true--I totally fill out a 38C bra with no room to spare and eventually may have to go to a larger size--I love it!!--My breasts are rounder, fuller, and firmer--My nipples are developing greatly and when they become erect, i feel like i am going to bust out of my bra--I can actually see my nipples even if I am wearing a bra and a shirt--When I am wearing a shirt without a bra, I have a definite curving figure in my bust--It is so exciting!!--Thanks for such great products that has helped my breasts develop even more and that makes wearing my bra even more so wonderful--Love, Pacey

Date: 02-08-06

It has been almost 12 days since I last measured. To those of you men out there who are weary of trying this product, I recommend it. IT REALLY WORKS! Most of the other testimonials say things like "I felt tingeling in my nipples and the tissue around my breast!" AND IT IS TRUE !!!!!!!! I have had no soreness, but I am going to order a bottle of the pills soon. I love the way they feel, soft and my nipples are alot more firm. I would like some suggestions from you (Amy) or anyone who can recommend a way to increase the size of my nipples around. They stick out more now but I also want them to get round. This stuff is the best! I have recommended it to a few of my friends. You'll probally hear from one of them sooner or later. I would like you to post this in the testimonials and also include my email address [email protected] so if any other people out there have questions I can answer them! Oh, and one more thing Amy! I LOVE MY BREAST THANK YOU SOO MUCH! ~Jamie

Date: 02-03-06

Thought You may want to use these Pictures.. This is me from 11/1/07 to 2/3/06.. Am very happy with the way they look so far from no chest to an A Cup (about 3 inches of growth).. Really took about two bottle of drops and the pills. I feel great and more awear of my body so much I go to the gym 3x a week and lost 38 pounds Feel sexy and happier for I wanted to do this for a long time..But now that I started want to get to a B cup and stay there.

Date: 01-29-06

I have wanted breasts for a long time, however did not think it was possible, being a rather large male. When I started to look for chemical treatments, I was scared about side effects like possible erectile dysfunction. However, I found your web site and read the testimonials and the product information and etc., and after thinking about it for a few days, I ordered your products (the expedient plan). I decided to go for it, and diet and lose weight at the same time to try to cover up some of whatever changes may occur, and blame it on the loss of weight if and when someone asked me what was going on. For the next 2-3 months, I took your product irregularly, skipping a day or two here and there, and I am pleasantly surprised with the results. It took only about a week before I noticed a slight change in the shape and size of my breast, mainly in the nipple/areola area. I continued to take it, and after the first month, I had experienced a firming and filling of the breast, not necessarily a size difference, which I believe the size was checked by the loss of fatty tissue in the area. The second month I ordered the cream and the large breast pump, which I began using as well. It was during this brief period with dual usage for about a week that I experienced rapid growth, and decided to quit the pump and cream until my liquid, and afterwards, pills were finished because I was afraid of my breasts growing too rapidly. I finished the liquid and pills 3 weeks ago, and did not re-use the pump or cream, yet I have found another surprise; MY BREASTS CONTINUED TO GROW. They have slowed growth now, and I can fill out an A cup with REAL breasts, not just fatty tissue. The only side effects were a slight soreness in the breast, and breast growth. The benefits include a better and increased sex drive, extraordinary feeling in the breast, breast growth, no feminization of the rest of my body, loss of weight, I stopped drinking caffeine, a higher confidence level, and I am happier with myself and more comfortable with my body than I have ever been. No one has noticed the breast growth yet, or at least no one has said anything yet, which is very encouraging to me. So encouraging that I am planning on re-ordering your product and continue growth. In short, Natureday products have kept up to their promise and more. IF YOU ARE A MALE WHO WANTS BREASTS, THIS STUFF WORKS!! Dumbfounded in Dallas

Date: 01-24-06

HEY GUYS THIS STUFF REALY WORKS. HERES PROOF. IN JUST 4 MONTHS I GREW FROM 1/2 INCH THE FIRST MONTH, TO 2 INCHES. WHAT A GREAT FEELING. Well I told you they were getting larger. But i'm not done yet.You were right, first the sides grew and now the rest will fill out. The area around the nipples is getting softer now. Will send more pictures later. L.

Date: 01-21-06

Hello i recieved my seccond order of pils & Liquid today thankfully i was almost out i had gotten a two month supply as a gift from a friend i have tried lots of diffrent pills and methods before with no resulti started the program not knowing what to expect and alittle after 10 days like my friend said i started seeing results i am encloseing 2 Sets Of Pics i hope they are good enough for your site the Free Three Months would be a plus cause im going as far as i can thank you so verry much. Moon Wolf.
Click here to see his pictures

Date: 01-17-06

Hello Amy I letting you know about my new female looking body. I was afraid a first to continue my treatment after 6 week of growth. My shirt was showing my breast too much for me to feel confortable around my coworkers. I decided to continue and what a supprise i have bigger breast that most women around me at work. I heard one say to her friend that mine were bigger than hers? ha! I try not to wear tight clothing so they don't show. I love the way my dresses fit now when i cross dress. I have about another week to finish the liquid and i hoping that they still grow a bit more. Thank you for a good product it does work on males! John

Date: 01-08-06

I believe the cream is working GREAT. Since I ve started using it the breast mea. have gone from 46 to 51 inches. Thanks for all your doing. Fred.

Date: 01-03-06

Hello Amy... I had to write and let you know Its only been 2 weeks and already my bra is a little too tight. I took a before picture and will send both before and after photos soon as my bust is grown enough. I hope I qualify for the three months supply.... Again Thank You for being so prompt in sending my order................................... Bri.

Date: 12-27-05

I really love what your products have done for me. It has been a full month now and can’t believe the effect it has had. My measurements have increased by the overall difference I see in the mirror is outstanding. Have a wonderful day. D.

Date: 12-26-05

I am sure you remember the first time I finally managed to measure myself. I felt so silly getting the math wrong. Now I am up to 33/38 and loving it. I was so disbelieving of this result I decided to cheat the measuring tape. Of my own amusing, I attempt to get myself down to 37, my breasts yielded softly enough but decided to spill the rest of their mass out, blocking my view of the tape, I love to watch my fingers disappear as I rest them under my bulging chest. I hope to have a hard time seeing my feet soon. I have a picture of the dark side of my breasts, this term taken from astronomy, the dark side of the moon is not really dark it is just never visible from earth because its round girth hides that portion from view. Thanks!!!!
.....................(12-19-05) Hi Amy, I haven't heard from you on the breast cream report I sent to you. I have used about half the jar and have noticed a half inch increase in my overall measurement. Not only am I doing the whole breast with the cream, I let a creamy cover on my nipples for about 10 minutes before massaging it in. The effect is a real softening of the nipples. Can you receive email greeting cards? If not, I wish you a Very Merry Christmas and a Most Happy New Year. I appreciate all that you do and have done for me/ Merry Christmas D

Date: 12-14-05

Hi Amy Hope all is well The breast cream arrived on schedule. Here is a progress up date my breast are doing quite nicely Taking the herbs along with using the breast pump and now the breast cream they are getting rounder and growing. I can now wear a bra and getting close to a B cup. This product is great. Do you still have all the pics I sent you previously . Will send you new ones after the new year. Have a Happy Holiday season

Date: 12-08-05


Date: 11-25-05

I have had severe gyneocomastia for a number of years. However, after using your products for two months, I now have more definition to my breasts. Great products.

Date: 11-23-05

Dear Natureday: I have been using fulfillment for just over 2 months and have noticed definite growth. My breasts have become fuller and even jiggle a bit. They have grown about 2 inches but don't fill a B cup yet. I am attaching before and after photos so you can see the results. I hope this qualifies me for the three months supply. Regards, B Ps. please don't use my name. Here is in my e-mail that you can put up.

Click here to see his pictures

Date: 11-20-05

Hello Amy: This is really incredible, I have been on you plan now for just over 1 month.. I can just say guys if you want to grow breasts, this is the stuff to do it with.. There are a few things you need to know. #1 be patient, it does work. #2 take it as followed do what the tell you to do. It's like trying to watch water boil, it takes awhile it will work. I cut back on my coffee intake, and belive it or not i stopped smoking. When you want something you have to make sacricifes. I orderded the sucess plan. and i have about 3 weeks left on it. When i first started i measured under my breast it was 33" and over my breast measured 34" now i measure my self and im 33" and 35 1/2", im not sure were that put me, but i know i have brown breasts. My chest was hard before, now i feel my breast jiggle, i can even get a hand full...I didnt get sore nipples until yesterday, and today still the same, it's not uncomfortable.. So guys if you want breasts, this is the stuff to get, just be patient ok. my name R.. Thank you for a great product Amy, keep up the good work..

Date: 11-17-05

Hi Amy, I have been using your product for 5 months now and loving the results. I have realized since my last email that I made an embarrassingly silly mistake on my measurements I measured from 1 to the end of the other side when I should have been using the end of the tape or 0, so that makes me a 32 – 34 B cup. My breasts first started as circles not much larger then my areolas and those circles expanded and filled till I had very small B cups. They have not grown in cup size for over a month now they only seem to be getting wider and fuller. The shape is defiantly filling out and I have realized that the shape of my breasts is just as important to me as their size. Since they are soft tissue I know they can be coerced into a pleasing shape as they grow and grow. Could you advise me on good bras to help tame these beasts and make them grow rounder? I feel like I am starting to look like one of those females on the nature channel, the aboriginal types that have never touched a shirt or bra and just hang in a wild and visually unappealing shape.

Date: 11-13-05

I have completed my first order and are now in my first month of non use.I have sustained the growth I achieved and will order again shortly to continue.I am totaly in awe of my breasts and wish to enlarge them to 36 b which is my goal. This product is amazing.I consider a s a male having well balanced breasts to be sexually a females turn on, my partner adores them as I do hers

Date: 11-10-05

Hi Amy; Maybe you will receive my order in the mail today. It was cold this morning so i wore a v-neck t-shirt under my dress shirt. When I put the t-shirt on it felt pretty tight. I looked in the mirror and was amazed by what I saw :) Guess I need to make sure to put on loose fitting shirts from now on. It is pretty cool that is is working. I am having fun trying and enjoy taking the drops. It has been 16 days so far and and I am happy with the quick results. They are starting to feel kind of spongey. Really awesome:)! PS: please don't use my last name. thanks, andy

Date: 11-07-05

Hi, Everything seems to be growing really well. THanks so much.

Date: 11-05-05

Dear Amy: Just wanted to let you know the progress I am making with your male breasts enlargement program. I have been on the product for 18 days my nipples are very sensitive and I am beginning to see shaping and softness in my breasts. So far I am very pleased with the product and hope I qualify for my 3 month free supply a little bit later. Glad I found your web site.

Date: 10-25-05

Hi Amy, Well three months have gone by since I have been using Natureday Breast Enlargement products.I started out with the Natureday Success Program. The results were so amazing thatI continued with the Expedient Plan, the Breast Enlargement Cream and then purchased the Breast Pumps. I paid close attention to follow the instructions, and any questions I had were addressed and answered promptly. The products are top shelf and as you can see the results speak for themselves. I just finished using my pumps. Thank you Amy for your support and encourgement. Doug

Doug's E-mail

Date: 10-24-05

After being on the Fulfillment package for three months now, I feel compelled to write a testimonial for Naturday. Guys, the stuff really works. How much change you'll experience depends upon one's body I'm sure. However, in my case, I was surprised at the results I achieved. I have frequently imagined myself with breasts over the years. After seeing the website, now that I'm in my late 50s, I decided that this is the time to see if I can make the fantasy become a reality. I'm here to tell you that I did it. Again, it really works.Guys, if you've wanted breasts you can have them with Fulfillment. Be warned though; if you're only simply "curious", don't try the product. It's permanent and once you've taken the steps to create breasts there's no going back. You have to want breasts and be comfortable with the idea and the changes your body will go through. It has been quite an experience for me to see the development take place. It is a bit strange to see them "jiggle" a little when I walk and to feel my breasts push up against my shirt. Now, the growth didn't happen overnight. It takes time and if you're impatient it'll seem like forever. I've been taking the pills and liquid for three months now and you can see in the pictures that there definitely is a difference. I don't have a man's chest any longer. I can honestly say I have "female" breasts, a fact that becomes more real whenever I look down at them and know that they're real. It is an interesting experience to find that they feel real when I handle them and to have the same "feel" as when touching a woman's breasts. I submitted my pictures to take Natureday up on its offer for a free 3 month package of Fulfillment. I intend to take more pictures at the end of this next three month period to show further growth and send them in to Natureday. That said, you should know I'm a real person. I live in Eastern Indiana. If you want to ask me any questions, you can send me an Email at the address below.

Howard's e-mail


Date: 10-19-05

Hi Amy, I sent in a new order ( Oct 16th) which should arrive any day. Love your product. It seems to be working well for me. Give me a note when you send out my shipment, so I can look for it. Thanks. Bob

Date: 10-12-05

I am letting you know so you can be on the Lookout for my Order to expedite it out to me,. Thanks. The products work great. My Breasts are really developing into great looking breasts. Richard

Date: 10-08-05

Hi Amy. I have been your program for eight days now and I I'm very very impressed with my resualts. I started to feel fullness in my breast area only after three days and my nipples stick out all the time. When I wake up the first thing I do is look in the mirror and see growth. I'm so pleased that my breasts are growing and even my girlfriend noticed them last night and she has no clue that I'm on your program. All I can say is, that your Fulfillment( Pills and liquid ) really works I'm also using the breast pump and what a GREAT feeling it is. I'm not going to take my measurements yet( three more days ) I know that I have grown. Thank You Ricki

Date: 10-08-05

have been using the breast cream for five months and still cannot believe the breasts that I have grown. My wife has always wanted me to have them so she could play with them, so she brought six jars of Perfect Woman for me to try. I figured that it was just another gimmick, but to please her I started to use it with amazing results. One month ago she took me to a piercing pallor and paid to have rings put in because she was so happy with them. The nipples are very sensitive to the touch which is a real bonus. As you can see in the one picture that I fill out a B size cup. Friends have asked me what is happening to my chest, which is becoming very noticeable especially when wearing a bra. I have told them about your product, and how happy I am that my wife bought it for me. I'm sorry I didn't take a before picture, but I felt no way was I going to grow breast. Boy, was I wrong. I became a firm believer quick. Please feel free to publish the letter and the pictures, however If you use this testimonial do not use my name or E-mail address anywhere that can be read by the public. Thanks.

Date: 09-28-05

again thank you amy, will let you know either way in another week. also, to let you know, I can see a increase in my breast size and have had to purchase a bigger cup size bra. your products do work again i thank you and so does my partner

Date: 09-28-05

Hi Amy. I am so pleased at the quality of the breast pumps and the Perfect Woman Enlargement cream. Your products perform as advertised and I am looking forward to submitting the pictures after my three month completion for your web site and testimonials and the three month free gift package. Would you like pictures of me using the pumps as well? Now one question: Direction on the cream jar says one-half teaspoon of cream once a day. Is that for both breasts? Where is it applied. to the nipple or the whole breast? I not much up on transdermal use.

Date: 09-24-05

Hi, I have taken six bottles of pills and three bottles of liquid and am very sattisfied with the results what must I do to maintain this growth. Thank You Please answer soon so I do not lose what I have acheived.

Date: 09-22-05

Hi Amy, I know you will be happy to know that the girls have now all but completely changed me to a girl. Every where but work I'm in a dress high heels and make-up. They are transforming me from a man to a woman and there's not a whole lot I can do about it now. I now have little mounds that make me a girl.I know now that I should have believed you now I'm becoming part of your gender. They are still giving me the 3 droppers full every day so I guess I am drinking my words. And yes Amy guys can grow breasts.. You can have the other gentleman email me if he wishes. Thanks for letting me become a girl. PamelaHi Amy, Well the girls took your advice a cut my dosage back to two a day. I think you missed what I was trying to tell you. They are changing me into a girl more and more each day and thats not what I want. They have all kinds of pictures of me and I know they will give them to my male friends or my boss if I don't continue to go along with what they are doing. It's too late now for me because I've already drank my words and the results are standing outward. They are very noticeable now and I'm worried they are going to get even bigger. Do you really think I enjoy being tightly laced into a pink corset and made to wear very high heels from the time I get home from work. I have to do all the housework now also. I feel like I'm becoming a slve to these girls. WHAT AM I GOING TO DO? I know I told you at first that I liked wearing bras and panties but now I have breasts to fill out a bra and now I'm in a corset and dress. What do you suggest I do. The girls and I are waiting to hea r from you. Like before we will go along with whatever you say. Tell me what I should do!!! Pamela

Date: 09-21-05

hello -i am a make and have been using your product (pills) for a little over 4 days, and have noticed substantial changes in my skin texture - very soft and smooth. my hair is definetely different too - hass gotten very curly. also - i swear that my lips are forming another outer layer. is this a normal event, after only 4 days? i haven't noticed any real changes in the chest area, other than my aerolas have gotten a bit puffy and swollen. thanks!

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