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Date: 12-03-04

Hi Amy, my progress has been a bit slower than others, however the pic's tell the story. Persistence has paid off and I am defiantly growing my own breast, its great. so if progress is slow don't give up, it will happen. I have gone from nothing to an A cup, my hope is a C cup.
A great product thanks V.P. Int.

Date: 12-01-04

Well I did not believe it so I did not start by taking pictures. I should have as now I will have to pay for my reorder. When I started taking the product I was flat chested. After almost completing my first order Have developed and continue to develop. I am now a full B cup and looking forward to the next size. My wife enjoys playing with my boobs and I enjoy the new feeling. I wish I would have believed that your product would be the one to increase my breasts. I will be reordering. Paula (paul)

Date: 11-13-04

Hi Amy, Well, it's been 3 months and I still can't believe I now have breasts, I'm almost a B cup. When I started my wife was more sure about it working then me but I took the chance and WOW am I leased! I hope I qualify for the free 3 months as my wife wants them bigger ha ha! But I'm game for it since I have my own business. I tell you I'm surprised at the "mass" that has developed since I've a big chest anyway; when I wear a bra and we walk together my whole chest "jiggles" just like hers' does, I am truly amazed. Anyway, here is a before picture and a couple of 3 month pictures. I hope mine get bigger like JJ in Baltimore. Thanks for the hooters, R in Seattle

Date: 11-01-04

Dear Amy; I wrote to you before about my wife wanting to turn me into a sissy and i am enjoying it more and more, since taking your nature day liquid and pills I now have small boobs and she has me wearing a bra, I really enjoy being a girl and we are going to order more of the product to keep my development progressing, she bought me one of the pumps a while back and that has also helped, when her friends come over she dresses me like a girl and we have great times, never knew being a girl was this great but i wish she would have forced me sooner, I can't get enough of wearing bras and panties and skirts and pantyhose and I am like a young girl, admiring my new little boobs, thankl you so much for everything, Vicki( my new name she and her friends have given me) Transgender, Transsexual, Crossdresser

Date: 10-10-04

Hi Amy, I know you say the men should wear a bra, but you give no info on as to what type? Can you give a little more detail? I assume that a jog type bra the compresses the breast is a no no. Thanks for the product. I can feel/see it is working slowly/ Everything is getting more rounded. Thanks again -A

Date: 10-09-04

I started taking the liquid and pills as directed on Sept 14th, as you can see I have had tremendous growth they became much rounder and heavy. It really hit me last week while on my friends speed boat the were bouncing up and down it hurt.You were right you need a bra to support them.I just want everyone to know,please be prepared mine are getting hard to hide glad winter is coming.And if I wear a bra all that does is lift and support but it's very noticeable.It's what i always wanted just did not believe it would work so fast. JJ baltimore .

Date: 10-20-04

Amy,Thanks for the 3 month free supply, I shaved the hair off my chest so you can really see the growth and the definition. I really have clevage now believe me It's almost to much to hide but they do feel great. They bounce when I walk and hang when I'm bra less. The only problem when I wear a bra is that the uplift is more then noticable.
I'm still a little shy because it happened so quick,my girlfriend says I need a sports bra to keep them snug when in public, I will take the 3 month supply and send another photo I really can not believe they will get any bigger.
Just a warning to all the men out there,this works so be prepared. JJ Baltimore

Male Breast Enlargement

Date: 10-07-04

Hello Amy, I wanted to write and tell you Thank You for your products. I don't care if the liquid tastes yucky or not, as long as it works. And for me it DID WORK. I'm a 51 year old disabled male, in a wheelchair since age 16 from an accident leaving me paralyzed from the underbust down. But I bought your Two Month Expedient Program, and I double dosed the liquid for the first week, taking a dropper in the morning and another at bedtime, while also taking 3 capsules throughout the day. One in the morning, one mid-day, one at bedtime. After the first week I only used one dropper of liquid at bedtime along with the same 3 capsules throughout the day, So the two month supply was gone in a month. I started it on 8/20/04 and finished on 9/23/04. The before and after photo shows that it did work for me. I think if it worked this well for a paralyzed person, that it will only work better on healthy men and women even better. Thanks again for a great product. I'm a 38A+ working to be a 38 full B. I would love to reach my goal. To anyone doubting the product, just try it, and see. V. Penna.


Date: 09-21-04

Hi Amy, I've ordered my 2nd months supply and so far the results are beyond belief, meaning I HAVE BREASTS! I am now a A+ and almost can fill my wife's B cup bra! So THANK YOU AMY for giving us such joy. My wife enjoys them (my breasts) so very much ha ha and to me it's wonderful! I think very soon I'll be having to wear a bra full time. R in Seattle

Date: 09-21-04

dear amy, my bf and i both love breasts. he has always wanted a pair of his own, so he can experience the same pleasure i do. we found your website ,and decided to use the drops and the 1 month supply. in just 2 weeks he showed a very big difference in the breast and the nipple size. and by the end of the month he fits into an a cup. we both want them to get bigger , cause the bigger the better. i would totally reccomend your product to anyone wanting to go up in size. thanks for having this product available! sincerely,


Date: 09-20-04

Hi Amy: I hadn’t written since I got my three month free supply of product. I’m continuing to take your wonderful product. I love how it has and continues to change my breasts after three and half months. I’ve started to use the pump. I love it but confess that I haven’t used it as often as I should. I’m sending another photo for your web site if you like. Thanks again for the free three month supply. I hope my photos encourage both males and females out there to try your product. Though the results are wonderful in the first month they are even better after three.
Hugs to everyone that I’ve chatted with in your posting area!!!!! Kelly

Date: 09-19-04

I am very happy with the progress that I am making. 30 days will be up on the 23rd. of this month and more pics will be forwarded.

Date: 09-15-04

Hello Amy, I had ordered you two month expedient program. I double dosed the liquid the first week, while taking three capsules a day also. After the first week, I only took one dropper of liquid daily at bedtime, and continued taking three pills a day. The liquid is all gone now, and I have about another week of pills left. I have had growth, but definitely want more. I took some Before photos, and when I finish my pills next week, and take After Photos, do I send them to you at this email adrress [email protected] ??? I'll wait to hear from you, V.

Date: 09-10-04

Hi Amy; Well, today is the 15th day after I started the Fulfillment regimen. I'm extremely happy with the results to date. I'm not being overly optimistic, but tomorrow I sending you an order for 3 more bottles of Liquid Fulfillment. (I won a few bucks at a casino today and I like to put my winnings to good use.) Today I bought a "A" cup teenager's bra, and completely fill it, much to my surprise. I've been reading some of the comments in the Forum, and think that we who are using Fulfillment should be thankful, and patient, considering that HRT(Hormone Replacement Therapy) costs thousands of dollars and takes up to 3 years to developed breasts, not to mention the adverse side effects. Todate, I've used 1-1/4 bottles of Liquid Fulfillment and 1 bottle of Pills. I'm using 2 droppers full and 3 pills, A.M. & P.M. to achieve the results shown in the pics. I'm really looking forward to additional development and assure you that I will continue my present regimen until I reach the results that I desire. I'm one extremely satisfied customer. 3 photos are attached: One was taken the day I started using Fulfillment, on 26 August '04, one wearing the "A" cup teenager bra, and one without, both taken this evening, 8 Sept. '04. Please feel free to post any or all. Thanks again for a wonderful product. Your friend in Las Vegas. Bobbi

Date: 09-05-04

I am totally amazed at the breast development that I have after only 10 days of use. I hope the progress continues. If it does, there are two things that I will have to do, first get rid of 30 pocket t-shirts and second find someone who would like to have a $200.00 pair of breast forms that I bought 3 months ago. Photography is one of my hobbies and I'll sent progress pics every 15 days if progerss is noticable. When I do, please feel free to post them as you see fit. Since you take such a personal interest in your replies to your e-mail, did you ever consider post your picture on your web site along with a short profile? I'm sure your customers would love it. In the future all of my correspondence to you will be signed with my femme name, Bobbi. Thanks again for a great product that really works. Have a GREAT holiday weekend, Bobbi

Date: 09-01-04

Hi: your products seem to be working for me and my wife is soon going to order me more, i was just wondering, my wife wants to feminize me and transgender me, she says that there are a lot of others that write you and are being sissified by their wives even wearing bras and panties, was just wondering if this is so or is she just telling me this to help me accept my new role as her sissy mate, she is about to order me more products and they do seem to be working s my breasts are growing, thank you from her and me for your help.

Date: 08-27-04

Amy, just a short note to let you know just how good your product is. Yes I am growing boobs, not as fast as I would like but they are growing. I have been taking 2 droppers in the am and 2 caps then 2 caps in the afternoon. (any suggestions?) I have increased from a “A” cup to almost a “B” I don’t recall the exact date I started but I am on my third bottle of liquid. So must be about 70 days. I have tried MANY other products but none have done any good. I am now growing the boobs I have wanted since I was 16 I am now 70. If you have any suggestions to increase the speed of growth please let me know. I will have some photos soon and will send you some. THANKS, THANKS, THANKS, St

Date: 08-25-04

I've been taking your product it has changed my life. I've always had male breasts but now I have much rounder fuller breasts. They are definately becoming a handful. I hope these photos qualify for the before and after. I will continue to use your product and can't wait for future results. A very happy, pleased customer and fan. I am totally sold on your product. I've gained three inches in the bust. Instead of having the wedge shape male breast I now have round full breasts. They feel so good to the touch I can hardly keep my hands off them. They are a handful... giggle. My nipples are much more sensitive to the touch. I can't wait to see what my breasts will be like in another two to three months. I've been ordering a bottle of liquid and pills each month. I have so much confidence in your product I have now placed an order for your maximum package including the pump. I can't wait to try it. I really feel that I will have nice size breasts without surgery or hormones. I have a wonderful start. You have really changed my life. Thank you for your product. Hugs and Kisses.....GMS/Kelly PS. I've already ordered your $215 package. I have that much confidence in your product. Hope I can get the three month maintenance. Can't go back and recapture the before photo.

Date: 08-23-04


Date: 08-17-04

Hi Amy, Tonight I was going through your FAQ's and realized it would be very helpful if you had a "What to expect during the first month" Q & A for males as it is all new to us. For me it was the nipple stimulation within 24 hours, 3 days later I felt the "full feeling" of the breast area as the enlargement process worked. Now it's been 10 days of taking your product according to my wife's' instructions (morning: 2 liquid, 2 pills; afternoon: 1 pill; evening: 2 liquid, 2 pills) and the results are fantastic! I have been wearing to bed (a soft rayon underwire 36B) and this morning my breasts felt so full and so large, God the feel was so wonderful. I am so surprised that I can fill the B cup already; when we went for our evening walk today I felt my beasts bounce and move on my chest, again I felt so excited. My wife is all smiles about your product and the closeness it has given us. She is thrilled and touched that I am growing breasts for her enjoyment. She kids me now that soon I will be enjoying all her bra's and will want to give me my shorts and wear her panties also. Actually today I let her talk me into wearing one of her bra & panties sets and I must say it did make her so happy. So maybe I will, who knows the future. All I know is that we are so close now, more like sister and best friends all in one and the enjoyment between us is beyond description. Wait till you see the pictures, you'll flip for sure. I think I'll get one with my wife holding my breasts, boy she sure loves them! Thanks so much, R. in Seattle

Date: 08-05-04

Amy, I just wanted to say that your product works just like it says on the site. Not only is there fast results with Fullfillment but your customer service is the best as well. I am a very happy customer. Thank you, Houston

Date: 08-05-04

I used a six month supply of your product last year but could not reorder because of tight budget. I did get some growth and it has stayed even after i ran out of liquid. My girlfriend liked the idea of me growing breasts as well as i did so i am back again and this time you have pumps which i have been using. After doubling up on the liquid the first week and now it has been about two weeks i have seen an increase in mass on my chest. I can feel them bounce now when i move quickly which is nice. My girlfriend thought it would be good for me to offer pictures of my progress which i will. She wanted me to ask if the growth would develop me bigger than what runs in my family naturally? If they will continue to grow bigger as long as i keep taking the product then i will be in trouble. She said i will have to keep taking the product and get larger and larger until she is satisfied with my size. I have to offer my pictures to you to be used as a model of what can be accomplished through your products. I am becoming transgendered and i keep myself shaved at all times and i have bikini tan lines so i will have to maybe get a five o'clock shadow and include my chin in the future pics so you can tell its really a guy. I also have my nipples pierced which i hope wont keep you from using the pictures or i would have to remove them for future shots. Darla from Kansas City.

Date: 08-05-04

Hello, First I must say I was very skeptical about your product having "heard" that nothing really works except surgery. But my wife has worked with herbs and knows they DO work. We talked about your product and I decided to try and grow breasts for my wife to play with since she enjoys feeling my chest. The reason I'm writing is that in 3 days time (I started this past Monday) I've noticed a change; my nipples are pointy and I also notice a puffiness below them. I cannot express how surprised I am that it is actually working! I did take a picture before I started and maybe I'll send you some later when the growth continues. Sincerely, Richard in Seattle /(08-05-04) Hi Amy,Thanks for getting back to me and I know what you mean!!!! I am truly shocked that it is working so well AND so fast, who would have thought there would be results in so short a time. I've been double dosing since getting the product (liquid & Pills). Needless to say my wife can't keep her hands off me ha ha; now I know how it feels for her and the best is yet to come! R.

Date: 08-03-04

I am 74 years young, old man. Ever since early in my life, I have been fascinated by what I consider the most beautiful part of a woman; their breasts. Dreaminghow I wish I would be so lucky to be able to have my own. You made it possible! My shipment from you (pills and liquid) arrived on June 24th at which time I took the 1st photo. Now just a little over a month later I have shown a three inche growth in diameter as shown in the second photo. I will be continuing using the pills and liquid for at least another three more inches. THank you Fl.

Date: 07-30-04

Amy,I can saw growth the third day I have been leaving them pumped up. It has been about a week and I notice my nipples are bigger. I like the feeling of the growth. I hope to see more growth in a few weeks. Thank you so much this product is great

Date: 07-26-04

I placed an order two weeks ago. I wanted to ask you if you received the money order and sent the product. I placed an order for the 1 liquid bottle of full fillment for $28.00.I was amazed by the growth that I have seen on my chest. I am skinny and with only one bottle I have a body builders chest with a womens curve. I wanted to stop since there is a nice diffrence but I like the feeling of the growth in my chest and the look of it starting to round off.After the first week, I seen and felt it growing. I cant wait to get the second order. Thank you so much. Houston

Date: 07-16-04

On my first three bottles of liquid: I double dosed the first bottle and gained 1". I double dosed bottle three and gained 1/2". How should I dose the next three bottles you just shipped to me? G

Date: 07-13-04

Tank you for posting my comments on your website. Sort of strange seeing comments from me on a breast enlargement site from CUSTOMERS. :)Anyway, I think I'll just do without the breast pump so that your site visitors can see what the product can do without the pump. It's day six and I have small, but perky little breast. I'm very pleased with you product and hope to have pics very soon. The 3 month supply would be very nice.Again, Thnak you, Satisfied in Texas

Date: 07-11-04

Hello Amy,Today is Friday and I recieved my order of Fulfillment on Tuesday. So, not being able to wait any longer, Tuesday night I took a single dose (1 dropper 3/4 full) of the liquid and Wednesday and Thursday I took a single dose in the morning and a single dose in the evening. With just those three days using your product, I can already see a large difference. I'm very impressed! It looks like my body is going to accept your product very well. I would like to wait until I get some very noticeable results to help increase my chances for the FREE offer before placing a testimonial and pictures on your website. So far with the results I have achivied with your product, I think you will be quite impressed with me in a couple of weeks, mabe less! Thank you for creating such a great product and as of now I am very pleased! Yours truly, Satisfied in Texas

Date: 07-06-04

Dear Amy, I have taken all of both the tables and the liquid all in one month! (expedient). In this time my breast have become more round and fuller. I currently where and have been wearing a crop top stretch bra.(FOR THE LAST 18 MONTHS) This was recommended by my doctor at the time, a young female doctor who had immigrated from Hong Kong to Sydney Australia. What would happen was that, just about every time I got a cold and got sick, it would got down into my chest. So she recommended I wear a crop top bra to keep my chest warm. I suggested a stretch tee shirt or singglet but no she said we only want to keep your chest warm, not you whole top and over heat you. Me a man wearing womens clothes, that was hard take! So I started wearing a crop top and found that my chest was staying warm and I was not getting really sick every time I got a cold or the flue. No ending up in hospital getting pneumonia The problem was to find a top, what size to fit, discreat and where to buy it from? I looked on the internet but NO body makes bras for men with no breasts. Finally I found a woman's crop top to fit which was a bit lose! Since taking your product my breasts have gone from a 104 centimeters to 106 and become more round fitting the crop top much better. I have gone from basically no breasts to almost an A cup! And looking around more men need to wear bras and have some of your treatment. I will probably be ordering more of your product in the future but I would not take a double dose again! I have take some pictures. If you look day after day, you do not notice difference, but if you look at the start and the finish there is a difference. I am very happy with the effect your product has had on me. Thanks, ME-

Date: 06-28-04

D Amy, I just wanted to let you know that I received my second order of fulfillment liquid and pills. I have been off of it for a short period of time and now I am going back again. When I placed my order and was waiting for it was like waiting for Santa Claus to arrive. It is nice to have that sensation back again. OH yea by the way I noticed that natureday now has breast pumps out know. I think I am going to purchase some on my next order. Pass on to them how much I am enjoying the changes. I am enjoying reading everybody's testimonials as I know what they are enjoying as well. Amy please publish this if you would like. I want to share it with everyone who hasn`t or even has tried. ITS GREAT FOLK!!! TRY IT YOU'LL LIKE IT. Happy R (Nice pic Hu? )

Date: 06-25-04

Hi Natureday, Thank you for your product I have been taking Fulfillment for just over three weeks now, I was proberly taking about double the dosage daily in the morning before breakfast and I do think I can see a result I started using at the beginning of the month 4/6/04 my breasts were saggy and plump with no real shape so I gave it a go and now they have become more rounded and a lot firmer my nipples are are more sensitive and harder and I could not be happier if only they get bigger ,so I was thinking if I use the pump I could see even better results I might just have to get one one day, any how thanks again and if you feel my breasts could get the three months supply free that would be fantastic thanks again, BB

Date: 06-24-04

Hi Amy, I just got my breast pumps a few days ago, and I'm giving them a try. According to the instructions, it takes 8 weeks for full results, but I'm using them a little more often than the two 15 minute periods per day. I'm using them 3 or 4 times a day for 15 to 20 minutes each just to see what happens. Perhaps that may give the results you advertise in 3 weeks. Any way, I'll send before and after shots. I'm just wrapping up 3 months of fullfillment at twice the normal rate, and have half a bottle left. As prommissed I will send the final after shot for the fullfillment. Allthough I did not get as big as I wanted in 3 months, I did see a full cup size increase as advertised. (My diabetes has much to do with the slow developement in my breasts.) The pumps should help greatly. Thanks, Th

Date: 06-23-04

hello just wanted to drop a line and say thank you for your wonderful product. i am a male and have been on the liquid for about a week and have noticed a big difference in my chest. I am very excited and will be placing another order this time the pills and liquid. Your product has worked so well for me my wife wants to get it also. feel free to post this if you want. anyone who tries this will be very happy just try one bottle and you'll see. Thanks again A.

Date: 06-16-04

great. may the continued positive energy in the testimonials inspire more men to do a little exploration. BTW i'll be training for a marathon in a few months, and i'm expecting the size/shape to reduce - i'll let you know how that goes. for me, this is just play - with some very nice bonuses - not really a lifestyle thing so it will be nice to know how much ultimate control i have over the shape, feel, and feelings-from ;););););););) my breasts. Perhaps i can write something later that will open the door to the more tentative visitors to your site ;) E-

Date: 06-16-04

Dear Amy Hon, I am very pleasure to say that i am sending my husband's breast growth testimonail- pl. reveiw and you can use on web, if you satisfied. My self very exciting when i touches my husbands breast now, becuase itis developping. Actually first i took the picture of my husband nick name Ritu after use of your Fulfillment Liquid one and half month. Really am very wondering growth by your product, because my husbands chest was very flat and bony,I am interested to grow breast like me, to him. Atually he having almost 36 A Cup. and growing. usually he wearing Lovable and Vanify Fair underwired bras at night, on holidays and when he stay at home. At first he did not accepted to wear bra, beuse he is public person in city, but my serious request by me, he is wearing bra. It is pleasure me and he too.More over i recommand your product, who are having facinate thinking couple. best regards, renuka AP, INDIA

Date: 06-14-04

Dear Nature's day: I've been using your product for 15 days now. It has done everything you promised. My nips are more sensitive, my breasts are moving towards a rounder more feminine shape, they are filling out on the sides and bottom of curve. I'm very excited about the potential to enlarge my breasts even urther. I find it hard to keep my hands of my new breasts. For the first week I took two doses of liquid each day plus three pills. Then went to one does of liquid and three pills a day.Feel free to use my testimonial . I only ask that my true identity be withheld for obvious reasons. Sincerely, GMS

Date: 06-12-04

Amy, thank you. i hadn't realized there was a postal day of mourning. it'll probably arrive monday. hope so. you know - more than the change of shape and fullness and such, which is nice, the main thing I've discovered is that my breasts, and expecially my nipples, have become far more sexually significant - the sensations are much more intense - it's like a whole new erogenous zone. I had no idea that my nipples and toes were connected like that ;) who woulda thunk that a moment of craziness would have led to such a discovery but what can i say - got a whole new set of horizons to explore - i guess thank you is in order - but it doesn't seem enough. ;) cheers, -e

Date: 06-09-04

I am sending this testimonial to let your customers know how well your product is. I had a lot of questions in the back of my mind as if it would work for me and if so how fast. I purchased only one bottle and started out with the double dose in the morning and just one before supper. On the first day I had the neatest feeling as you could feel something working on you. After about 3 days I started to round out. It started all over my chest and then by the second day it moved to the sides of my chest area or under my arms. By the second week of double doses I was starting to fill outward. Every time I turned around I had my hands on myself feeling of my new boobs. After taking a dose of fulfillment about a half an hour later I could feel it working on me. Its a great feeling. I seem to notice in an hour that they would start puffing out. When I ran out of fulfillment my nipples were just starting to get hard with a lot of feeling coming to them. It was a hell of a time to run out. I am going to purchase a two month supply next and a new pump with it. I can say this after not taking it for about a week that my new breasts are getting a little smaller as I am burning the fat cells from my work outs every day. In closing I would just like to say if you have always wanted to know the feeling of having boobs then this is it. If you have doubt about it then do just like I did and try just one bottle. If it works on men then you can imagine what it would do for ladies. If you are a guy that would just like to have a nice set of pecks then try it for a couple of days and see. When I get my next order of fulfillment and pump I will let everybody know my results. Amy I would like to here more results from your customers. I even read how it works on women. You can see how it worked for the lady on your web site. I am a very, very happy customer. Signed, Happy R

Date: 06-02-04

Amy, One more question. I am going to get a money order ready. If I was going to put it in the mail today from M- how long would it take to be processed and then shipped. My next order looks like it will be the liquid / pills and the new pump that you have out. I couldn`t send you a photo of me before because I couldn`t wait and they were already get larger. I am going to make a testimonial soon. I want to share my results out to others. So far your product is doing just like it said on your web site. I can feel a difference under my arms and the fulness in my breasts. I think you sold me the first bottle as a teaser for me as I have to have more. R-

Date: 05-30-04

I wanted to give you another update on my breast growth. I've developed to a full 36B-cup now. My breasts have become more round on the sides and bottom. Definitely look like natural female breasts, my skin is softer and healthier, body hair grows back less, nails grow quicker, head hair grows in thicker and longer, and my penis has grown longer and thicker. My penis measures 8.0 inches long and 6.0 inches circumference when fully erect. Your product has increased blood flow to my penis, thus it has grown 1 inch larger. Sexual arousal has increased, sensations in my breasts, nipples, actually throughout my entire body are incredible, and my sexual performance is increased as well. I love it when my girlfriend plays with and sucks on my breasts and nipples. She can get me sexually aroused very quickly. She loves the results your product has had on me. I wear bras most of the time now, Victoria's Secret "new body by Victoria" full coverage and demi styles are the most comfortable bras, nice support, yet sexy. We now connect better on an emotional level. We highly recommend your product to couples! Love XOXO Kris (a.k.a Kristina)

Date: 05-20-04

Hello Amy;It has now been one month since I started using your product. I am very happy with the results so far, I have a small frame and very little if any natural body fat and as you can see from the 1 month picture where I had a little growth. Now I completly fill a 36 A cup bra and I have more mass in my Breasts than i have ever had. The curve under my Breast is much longer and when I wear a Bra it really brings out the size also when I have a semi tight pull over shirt on my breasts look like a body builder that has large pecks (chuckle).I am looking foreward to three more months of using your product. I really think I can grow to a B cup. That is my goal.
Thank you again. Regards Robert (L.A.)

Date: 04-12-04

I ordered a three month supply a few months ago and started to take it. After about one month, my wife found out and made me stop. She has a hard time trusting other people on the Web. I still have the two bottles of pills and I have almost talked her into letting me start back. Can I start with the pills and continue the process or will I have to start over and allow time for Fulfillment to get back into my system? It has been about 3 weeks since I stopped the liquid and I am at maybe a half of a cup. I am very satisfied with the results of only one month and would like to have a complete "A" cup. Can you please advise me of what to do? Even after the 3 weeks of no Fulfilment will I be able to full a "A" cup bra after only one bottle of pills or will it take both bottles? Robert

Date: 04-05-04

Hi, I've been on Fulfillment for 13 days, and there is nice filling out of the outer areas around the breasts. I will post more pics later. My friend is legally blind, and noticed the increase both visually and tactally.

Date: 04-19-04

Hi Amy, Wow! I can't keep my hands off myself now! I'm going to have to file a sexual harassment suit against myself! This is so cool! More updates to come! 2 months remain! Thanks for a great product! As you can see, there is a full 1 cup size increase as your product advertises. I take an A cup bra. I had hoped for more, but am satisfied with the results thus far given the diabetes. I have a couple of weeks worth left in my supply of Fulfillment, and have allready started using the pumps you sent me. I will send an after shot showing any growth after the use of the pumps for 3 weeks, as suggested by your ad, and 8 weeks as suggested by the manufacturer's instructions. Keep your fingers crossed. Thanks, Th-

Date: 04-04-04

I recieved some of your supplements from a freind and these are the results so far. I hope the same amount of growth continues. Your product is amazing....ty!

Date: 03-24-04

Further to your request for male testimonials to post on your website, Please find below an update on my progress since starting my course approximately ten days ago. I have also attached a photo to this email for you to use and and how you wish on your website. Please confirm safe receipt of this email and attachment. "I am a male who has always dreamed of having large breasts. Like many in my situation, I have tried many products, none of which produced any results. When I saw your website and started to read all the feedback from your male customers, I realised that this product did produce results, so being a little sceptical I decided to order just one months supply to begin with. Like others, I doubled the dose of the liquid each day which I took in the morning after breakfast along with one tablet and then took a further tablet after lunch and one before going to bed. During the the first week I noticed little difference or feeling, however after approximately 10 days, my breasts were really starting to develop and take a larger shape and become very tender and sensitive and are starting to take some shape. I am now half way through the months supply and everyday is better than the previous. The question I have is how much will I develop, and while I appreciate that this will vary from person to person, I would love to hear about any customers who have really achieved a huge increase in bust size, have you considered starting a forum on your website? In the meantime, I am attaching a photo of my results which were taken after about ten days into the programme. I really excited and will of course keep you posted. Thanks for a great product that works!

Date: 03-20-04

Amy. Thanks for your timley reply. I waited a month to send you any pics as I wanted to see if there was any growth to show you. Well it appears that there is a little. My breasts have firmed up a bit . That happened after the first 10 days or so of taking your product, and now I really do fill an A cup bra. I will send you an updated picture in April when I finish my second bottle of liquid.

Date: 03-17-04

Hi, Just a brief note to let you know I'm at day 18 of Fulfillment, and I'm starting to see a visible difference. It's very exciting! I'll keep ya posted! Steve

Date: 02-28-04

hi i am Ray from Cali. i am a male that has always wanted breasts. i had tried many different enlargement pills over the last two years.with no results to speak of. i even contemplated breast implants but was kind of nervous. my wife told me that she saw your site on the web so i looked into your product. and decided to give it one more try. and to my surprise your product is everything you said it was. after three weeks i started to feel a little sensitivity in my nipples. and my breasts started to get a bit rounder. not the wedge shape of a male but the roundness of a female breast. after two monts i have gained one and a half cup size. i wear a bra as you suggested and my size is a full 38 b. if there are any doubting thomases out there and are truly serious about growing you own breasts then please try nature day fullfillment i promise you will not be sorry. very satisfied p.s. not for the testimonial i would love to purchase at least two more months of you product to get to a c cup but am unemployed(got laid off this week) woul i have to start over again? or do you hav a payment plan that i can get on. I am so very happy with my results and woeld truly love to get to my goal as soon as i can. please advise as i trust you very much and will follow your advice. your very happy friend Ray

Date: 02-19-04

I wanted to give you an update on my breast growth. I now measure 36" just under my breasts and 41" across the fullest part of my breasts. I fill out a 36B bra rather nicely, especially the Victoria's Secret "Sexy Balconet" pushup bras that I recently purchased. I'm very pleased with the results from your product.kjI purchased size 8 women's jeans and some sexy blouses to wear with them at Kauffmann's and JC Penney, also a little sexy black dress, just could not resist. Looking forward to another shopping spree at Victoria's Secret for some more sexy lingerie, the sales girls are great about letting you try things on, especially when you model it for them. I also wear pantyhose, stay-up stockings and women's shoes. I tend to dress like the women I see everyday and work with, casual yet sexy. I have always felt like a lesbian trapped in a male body until now! Feel more at ease with my body and inner feelings if you know what I mean, hope you do.
P.S. Just placed another order for a six-month supply. Love XOXO Kris (a.k.a Kristina)

Date: 01-20-04

As a male I have always wanted breasts, so I doubled up on the dosage with my first order and seemed to develop rather quickly. I then went to Victoria's Secret where the sales girl was very understanding and great about fitting me for a bra, size 36B and also convinced me to purchase matching panties. I want to become a fuller B-cup or maybe even a C-cup if possible, so now with my second order I'm following the recommended dosage so as to control my breast growth better. My breasts feel better when wearing a bra, however, during the day at work this would be way too noticeable, yet without a bra my breasts do ache by the end of the day. As I continue to develop I may have to a least wear a compression sports bra during the day for support. I would recommend your product to both men and women who wish to develop their breasts. Lady's if you want the best of both worlds, then convince the man in your life to use this product it's awesome! I have noticed that your product has also increased sexual arousal, size and firmness of my penis! My girlfriend loves the results. Amy I will keep you informed of my breast development as I progress. XOXO Kris (a.k.a Kristina)

Date: 12-13-03

I have used about 1/2 of your product and breasts seem to be filling out. Bra's that fit loose are now full. I took pictures before I started and again now I will compare results when I get pictures back. What is very noticeable is wearing a push up bra, then you can see very clearly the change. A lady friend of mine had not seen me in a month, and she was suprized at the growth. David

Date: 11-12-03

It has been three weeks since I started Fulfillment and I wanted to tell you of some of the changes I have noticed. When I started using Fulfillment, my chest was the normal male wedge shaped, and now, I have noticed the wedge shape is gone. My breasts have grown, only about a half cup size, but are much rounder than when I started. They appear to have filled out in the upper portion of my chest, which is nice when wearing a bra because i can actually fill out the cups depending on the bra. I have also noticed some difference in my nipples, increased sensitivity and a small amount of growth.Your product has done what the product said it would do. I am amazed and don't know how to thank you for your company developing it. After reading some information on breast development, I think I was expecting too much too soon. I am going to order a two month supply the next time. I well let you know if there is anything new in my "development". Thank you again for a wonderful product. Sincerely, Stephano (aka Stephanie)

Date: 09-18-03

I just wanted to let you know, its' been two weeks now and I have noticed some definite changes over the past three or four days. My breasts have actually started "to bud", the area around my nipples have started growing into tiny mounds. I have noticed a bit more rounding, which is how I came to notice their mound shape. I have been taking the liquid in the morning, along with the capsules three times a day this whole time. It has been amazing! I can no longer wear a tee shirt any more. I am going to continue and will let you know how my progress is going. Hugs to you! Thanks ever so much! Joe-

Date: 07-05-03

I have received the Natureday package and I have been on it off and on. My work some times keep me from eating only one to two meals a day. I have been taking the liquid for about two weeks straight now and about one week off and one week on. I have been tying to stay on time with the liquid and just started this week on take one two pill with the liquid per day. After the time lap within a month or so I have a bust and cup size of 34 b with a slight curve on the outer breast and some curve in the inner buts with a four finger up lift from my rib to the center of my nipple. Just wanted to drop you a line and give ya a little info. Thank You Nicki

Date: 05-19-03

My girlfriend and I have been very pleased with the results of your product, in just 9 days. After taking a combination of the liquid/capsules for a little over a week, her breasts have firmed immensely, as well as having grown larger. As a young male, I've noticed a dramatic difference in my chest area. When I scrunch up a bit, I have "very" noticeable breasts. It's a really cool feeling. I'm really happy that the product worked so quickly, and effectively. Every morning we're excited, because we can each take the 3/4 dropper of liquid again, as well as have 16 hours to divide the 6 capsules evenly amongst the two of us ;) We add the Fulfillement liquid to a mug of hot water with 2 teespoons of sugar. It tastes really good! We're also drinking a lot of Rose Tea, which I think is having a positive effect. We're going to order another NatureDay Expedient plan, probably by the end of the week. Thanks again! -Paul and Paulina

Date: 05-20-03

We discussed the testemonial idea together, and agreed it would be fine if you used the message and our names. I wanted Paulina to write this e-mail, but she couldn't come up with what to say, though she's watching me type it right now ;) She says she "is" in fact, really happy. I think your product could have mass potential for couples. Males don't necessarily have to take Fulfillment to enlarge their breasts very much. I ordered it for that purpose, but now realize the added sensitivity and increased sexual stimulation is just as pleasant. Thanks again. -Paul and Paulina

Date: 03-04-03

I am a male that has always wanted breasts. I didn’t think these pills and liquid actually worked, but decided to take a chance. I surfed around, but this product, was the cheapest so I bought a 1 month supply. I couldn’t believe it, but in just 3 weeks I started to see a change in the area of my breasts. After the pills are gone I want to reorder, cause I have already went up to a small hand full. Thank you! Mark from NC

Date: 03-01-03

It has taken a couple of weeks now, but I am starting to see my small breasts are getting firmer and a little fatty. I have always wanted this female shape. Jim-:)

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