a long held dream of having real breasts

10/14/2020     a long held dream of having real breasts
Hi, Tina. Thanks again for all of your support. Here’s another picture for the testimonial page. Please post it with the following quoted statement. “I’ve been using Natureday for several years. I look back at the pictures I’ve taken & sent, and marvel at the results I’ve achieved. Natureday has allowed me to realize a long held dream of having real breasts. What I’ve got is not like gynecomastia or “moobs” at all. I have real breasts. I wear bras in public. I wear camisoles to work. My downward peripheral vision registers the growth I’ve experienced. My anxiety about my body is way down even though I am visibly presenting as gender non-conforming. I can’t thank Natureday enough for offering the products that allow me to become who I have always felt I truly am"