Adhesive Stick On Bra Cups Review

10/05/2017     Adhesive Stick On Bra Cups Review
Adhesive stick on bra cups/ I find them very attractive After I saw that you sold these adhesive stick on bra cups I bough a pair and the following picture is just one of them and I must saw I find them very attractive and best of all I feel so natural with them as if I should have large breast some time a go. But I must say that the natural breast is the best way to go.  I enjoy looking at the guys breast photos on your web site and really drool and I have two favorites and these are 07/16/2013(shaved chest)and 09/08/2014 and the person have a piece of paper between his gorgeous breast,"I Love Natureday" There are of course others that are nice and likable but these two stand out as the most attractive male breast the kind I like to get. Thank you for all the pictures. 10-10-17  I have seen my picture of me having my adhesive Bra cups attached to me I must say I do look nice and guys can look nice with breast, I hope to add on later days. Hope that you share these photo with others, I don't mind people seeing my  breast with cups. Go for it and make a comment about my breast. The real breast is so much nicer.