aka michelle

07-14-11     aka michelle
just a normal guy but i have always wanted to have or grow nice roundtits i would like my its to be a very large d cup or dd cupstarted on the natureday program a few weeks ago starting to see resulys as areolas are getting bigger and darker and my tits are just starting out and hope to get much bigger today i put on my first bra and what a joy it was putting on my bra knowing that thanks to natureday that soon i will have even bigger tits and wearing a bra fulltime everday just the same as a woman wears her bra michael aka michelle ps in closing i just like to ad that it is fun and nice feeling just going bra shopping and i like to tell all you guys who are thinking about a bra just get yourselves to a bra fitter and get measured for a bra it is that easy and after a short time of getting used to you will find that it is a very good feeling wearing a bra as itis you just have to get used to the band going around your back and the straps going over your shoulders and remember a good fitting bra is what makesthe tits happy