Amazing results from not even a week of use!

04/01/2018     Amazing results from not even a week of use!
I can't believe how fast your products work. I have been just using liquid and soap as directed for 4 days and I can actually feel it sculpting my once flabby man boobs into actual beasts. I bought more liquid, pills, and even cream because of lovely results. I'd love to give a testimony as well once they get to my desired size (which seems like it won't be as long as I thought). My only question right now is how exactly to achieve female like nipples from your products. I see a lot of people in the male testimonies with wonderful female nipples that are far thicker and erect but not much detail to how they grow. I'd greatly appreciate any help in that area if possible. Thank you so much for the wonderful product, I plan to purchase more as I progress :)