07-11-11     Anthonny
Hello Amy! I am Anthonny, of Brazil. I am using the 4th glass of Fulfillment in 30 days, and taking 6 capsules a day. I use the cream all nights. I feel already firmer the base of my futures breasts. I have been having some soft pain around of the nipples. My wife, when it sucks my nipples, she says that they are already different in the texture of the skin and in the turgidity. She is liking the idea of seeing me with breasts and using bra for her. I wait that in two or three weeks it can order the pictures of the "then", once the one of the "before" sent already to you. Don't lose them, please, because they were deleted of my machine and I don't have them more. I am satisfied with the results, even if are small. They can publish this deposition, without mentioning my e-mail. Thank you. See you soon. Hugs Anthonny