asking me so how does it feel having tits

04-19-11     asking me so how does it feel having tits
hello i am a normal straight heterosexual male however i have tje desire to have very large tits or as large as possible i confibed in or with my wife about my desire to have tits i did not and do not want implants or augmentation so my wife turned me on to natureday have been using your product for about six to eight weeks now with some really good results and have began budding and my wife now has me wearing a traing bra i just simply love my developing tits and just cant wait for them to get even bigger and get into a regular bra my wife now just cant stop teasing me about my tits and keeps asking me so how does it feel having tits do i like my tits and how do i like wearng a bra in answer to my wife yes i like having tits and have adjusted very well wearing a bra and hard to say what i like more my tits or wearing a bra getting bigger and fuller and thank you natureday for it as my tits are getting bigger i have changed my name from danny to danielle i am really excited about to soon go for my first bra fitteng i mean bra fitting in the meantime my wife is giving me an education about bras and wearing a bra last but not least my goal is to become a full d cup yes natureday you may post my email danielle