04-09-11     Bl
Hello Amy: My name is and I'm trying to get my new bearings with my new breast-goals and with your product. I prefer to communicate via this e-mail address and to not disclose my name to the public. I'm a 71 yr-old male in generally good health. I'll be married 50 yrs on the 8th with a wife I choose not to share this issue with. I'm sure that I've had a mild on-set of gynecomastia for several years; puffy nipple area and creases below both breasts. Small breasts in other words. Well, like many of my contemporaries, I have a great fondness for breasts and would be (am) inclined to grow them for purely personal satisfaction. I stumbled upon your product on'line and ordered my Express Bottle of Fulfillment Liquid. On the 6th day, it was all used-up (yesterday. My new repeat order should arrive today saving me from missing a single day. I checked my measurements and took a "before" photo in hopes of have a testimonial after some results appear. Actually, some results are already apparent upon my inspection; Areoles are darker and nipples are easily aroused with rubbing. My under-arms are filling-in with slight creases from under my breasts to my arm-pits. I can easily induce a lot of jiggling by shaking my arms. Small gains to be sure but good signs of potential growth. I've read and reread the male testimonials. I guess my next step is to cut-back to one dose of liqid at the end of this week. Should these doses also be reduced from 2 droppers to one dropper each; or, not! I wish to maximize my growth at the most economical means. I Liquid the "faster"eans or should I combo-it with the creame? Just thes two (or 3 ?) questions. Eventually, I expect to be noticed by my wife and to express my concerns equal to hers and ask my Dr. to confirm my gynecomastia in broad terms. We've never discussed this but this avenue seems reasonable to me. Until we talk again, p.s. my e-mail can be published.